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  1. 7 hours ago, ScottSchell said:

    Thank you.  And that's what I'm wondering I was looking around online and found this made my a guy named Jeff Seed when he worked for Hothaus Creative in Houston, Tx. I doubt that this will be the graphics but it looks really good.


    That looks like a custom version of what KTRK is using now. Here's a comparison:




  2. 30 minutes ago, J1975am said:

    For a show that is formatted to run 5 times a week (w/maybe 170-200 episodes a season)??? I don't see that happening.....


    If it turns out to be true, then Judy Justice could produce less episodes than Judge Judy - maybe around 13-20 episodes per season.


  3. 7 hours ago, ScottJ said:

    Her quote in the THR article makes it sound like the new show is going to start in the fall of 2022, not 2021. "But I'm not tired, so Judy Justice will be coming out a year later." That sounds to me like Judy Justice is coming out a year after the Judge Judy originals end, so it doesn't look the new show will be a direct replacement for the current one on existing affiliates. Plus there's no guarantee it'll be syndicated. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it's not. Let;s not get too far ahead of our ourselves.


    I think I've figured out where Judy's new show will end up...



    CBS All Access


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  4. 11 hours ago, Gavin said:


    Okay... And most FOX O&O even with the ditching of box kite (now I know what it's called) still are using it reminiscently on there logos and mic flags 


    It seems like Fox wants to kill off the boxkite logos, but something is keeping them from doing so.


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  5. 16 hours ago, Weeters said:

    Unfortunately, the job of switching over the weather graphics tends to fall outside the responsibilities of the art department. Not many designers know how to use WSI, and there already aren't many artists at these stations thanks to hubbing. It's left in the hands of weather producers, presenters, and meteorologists with various levels of training on WSI to accomplish in time between their normal duties.

    For groups whose graphics are hubbed, you would think that the graphics hub would be responsible for setting up the graphics in each weather system; or if there are, that they would have artists that also have experience (or at least given some training) with Baron, WSI, etc.


    16 hours ago, Weeters said:

    I'd imagine that most of the time, they're not even aware there's a font change. They're just told to make the weather graphics look a certain way.

    Aren't the meteorologists provided a style guide of a new graphics package in the event of a graphics overhaul? It should document what fonts to use, not to mention providing example screenshots showing what each element should look like.


  6. 2 hours ago, Georgie56 said:

    The current look has aged pretty well into 2020. I think it may get a small refresh beyond the font change that already happened.


    Someone mentioned on here that there will be a "Look Y" launching sometime before the 2020 Olympics. I'm predicting that this could be it and that NECN just happened to be the first to switch to the new look. After all, their new logo is the very first one to include NBC's peacock.


  7. 11 hours ago, newsbot said:

    Nexstar doesn't even live stream its newscasts on many statons.

    And the ones that do live stream, I can’t even watch their recent newscasts on demand!


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  8. On 1/10/2020 at 6:36 PM, J1975am said:

    Something weird occurring on KLFY in Lafayette, LA again: They are running the new Nexstar close, but mentioned in the background are cities/towns in the Nashville, TN viewing area.


    Should be for WKRN in Nashville (WKRN & KLFY are longtime sister stations going back to the Young Broadcasting days)...


    Anyway, here is a screenshot (I didn’t take the photo this way; somehow that’s how it came out after I uploaded it, and you’ll also have to zoom in closely to look at the cities in question).....2335296C-AFF6-4381-B7DE-8E9D7CFE27FE.thumb.jpeg.88f0eeec9cd57aea18fe5b27d39cb04b.jpeg


    Nexstar's graphics hub is based in Nashville, which would explain this.


  9. 9 hours ago, ns8401 said:

    WXYZ has a new investigative logo that matches the new look:




    Replace the font in that logo with Proxima Nova, and that would look exactly like something from a Tegna station.


    (Ironically, Scripps did say they wanted a "Tegna Lite" look)

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  10. Considering these factors:

    • Cable and streaming services, obviously.
    • How possible is it to obtain a network affiliation?
      - If the new station is only serving a portion of a larger city, how could you convince the network to allow you to be their secondary affiliate? (Like how KNTV was the Bay Area's secondary ABC affiliate serving San Jose, alongside KGO)
    • Could it be run entirely by one person; news department, ad sales, etc.?
    • The new station would have to some type of automation. But let's say the station couldn't be completely automated. For example, NBC wants all of its affiliates to immediately switch to the network feed for an impromptu presidential address. Could you control the station remotely?
    • FCC approval
    • Getting advertisers
    • Presentation.
      - How and where are you going to get a new set for newscasts (assuming the new station will run an in-house news department)
      - What will you do about your station's graphics?


  11. 8 minutes ago, TheRyan said:


    I wish I could give you 5 thanks because this might be the best comment in this whole discussion.  Great comment


    Thank you!

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  12. The new Scripps look isn't that bad...






    ...if it was made for a small-market station, or if this were a fan mockup, a cheap VideoHive template, or even a PowerPoint template. But for Scripps stations? Most of which are major broadcasters in major markets?



    From everything I've seen of this look so far, it's way too boring for me to handle. Actually, it's so boring that I've actually ran out of ways to criticize these graphics! And since Scripps now owns WPIX, these ultra-underwhelming graphics might be coming to New York City!!! Take a minute to think about that.


    That being said, I'll be shocked if these graphics manage to stick around for 2 or more years. In fact, I expect this new look to meet the same fate as Raycom's 2013 red/white/blue look: It'll only last for about a year and a half (or less), then decommissioned mid-rollout.



    B              O              R              I              N             G




    17 hours ago, TheRyan said:

    I think everyone here wants the best for the Scripps stations.

    Not me. After an issue that I had one year in a student program at WCPO, I stopped caring. The FCC can revoke their license for all I care.

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  13. From my understanding, Linear Drift is Nexstar's graphics hub and a standalone motion design agency. Some of their work is created exclusively for Nexstar stations (the WISH/WTNH and CBS/ABC/FOX/NBC looks for example) while others were commissioned by non-Nexstar outlets (such as the WLEX and CBS O&O looks). I believe that only their non-Nexstar looks can be syndicated to anyone.

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  14. I just came across this video and I figured you guys would be interested in this.


    So when Dayton's WKEF and WRGT moved into their then-new building some time ago, they left their old facilities just standing there. Someone managed to gain access and took a look around...



    The building may have been torn down since then.




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