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  1. Aren't they already starting to do this on a local level with some newscasts? (read: on (most?) local 4pm newscasts where "The NOW" used to be, most of it is pre-recorded national material from Scripps News)
  2. Okay, so I was able to tally up what we're dealing with this fall... Monday Scripted CW originals (one moving over from AMC) Tuesday International imports (Canadian and British; sourced from CTV, CBC and Channel 4) Wednesday International imports (Canadian; both sourced from CTV) Thursday Unscripted originals (FBoy Island; moving from HBO Max) Friday & Saturday Unscripted CW originals (all returning from 2022 season, one of which (World's Funniest Animals) I'm assuming is a clip show) Sunday "Family viewing night" (starting with the 'I Am' film franchise, whatever that is) **Are those Canadian/British imports already available on streaming here in the states? **Also, what happened to the NASCAR docuseries?
  3. I'm not exactly sure when (this week?), but it looks like the new graphics are now live on WFMZ (and the GFX montage was restored on Linear Drift's website). A couple videos of the graphics in action... https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/berks/man-convicted-of-reading-homicide/article_b5de8744-ebf1-11ed-842b-6fb6317e0bc0.html#tncms-source=Homepage-Top-Stories https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/lehighvalley/40th-annual-historic-easton-house-tour/article_3672b62a-ebff-11ed-a859-b7721f5b503e.html
  4. Be careful what you wish for...
  5. I found a ripoff of the 2015 KCTV graphics... https://www.behance.net/gallery/161927613/NEWS-TITLE-SUCH-TV-DL-STUDIO https://www.behance.net/gallery/161925491/HEADLINES-SUCH-TV-DL-STUDIO https://www.behance.net/gallery/161923247/NEWS-ALERT-SUCH-TV-DL-STUDIO
  6. Actually, there might be some hope on that: During telecasts of the NFL Playoffs, the bug on the top right corner was refreshed. And it looks like the new peacock design, but with a white border added; so there may be some applications where the border will stay intact.
  7. Where did you find this? Is this real? I'm asking because can't find this supposed "new" logo ANYWHERE. It's not on WTVQ's website, any of their social media pages, nor their FCC public file. Not only that, but a reverse image search turns up nothing.
  8. What will WFMZ do without WLEX to piggyback off of? Linear Drift posted the answer (though WFMZ isn't using these yet)... https://vimeo.com/789817430
  9. Renderon put up a case study of the red/gold WJAX/WF- I mean, WISH graphics package: https://www.renderon.com/wish-tv Remember, the only thing that's new is the open -- Even the montages for both looks are identical!
  10. Does anyone know who made the Quincy Media graphics that launched around 2011? It was their standardized look, but it was syndicated to non-Quincy stations. Specifically, WLTZ; and I think I've seen elements on KGNS from around the time they dropped the "Pro 8 News" branding. Video below for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=358mg60zxqw
  11. Vivid Zero added the new O&O weather graphics to their gallery: https://vividzero.com/work/abc-weather/ Considering that nothing else outside of the weather elements have shown up anywhere, plus Vivid Zero has put up a gallery of what's already made it to air, could this mean that the long-rumored new O&O look is just standardized weather graphics and that the "much more to come on this project" simply means that the rest of the O&Os will be adopting it soon???
  12. Came across this gem... http://www.hopesandfears.com/hopes/now/media/214739-illuminati-conspiracy-news-hidden So, there was a designer who was employed by a conglomerate and did graphics for its stations, and for some reason he decided to hide cult symbols in some of those graphics. The station group in question was not named, but if you connect the dots in the article, you may be able to figure who it was...
  13. OK, I know the "let's make the secondary station more prominent than the primary station where newscasts are based at" thing has been done before elsewhere (remember FOX45 News on ABC22 in Dayton?). But it doesn't make any sense here. KCBS is the West Coast flagship of CBS with the combined 2/9 news operation that will be named CBS News Los Angeles, except now it will originate from KCAL, the independent station, while KCBS, the West Coast flagship of CBS, will be relegated to secondary status. If this isn't the definition of @$$-backwards management, I don't know what is.
  14. After some digging, TAG did make the 2003/04 "ring" graphics, http://web.archive.org/web/20071017021506/http://www.t-a-g.com/portfolio/onair_hearst.html Unfortunately, the video does not work. (Not sure if it was a demo reel or just a compilation of WESH using it, the link on their home page suggests the latter.)
  15. Look S? Is NBC Arthouse syndicating it now? I thought I read somewhere that they were done syndicating their O&O looks?
  16. Apparently, the folks at WHIZ forgot that FOX was split up from 20th Century (Fox) Studios (0:28 in the video). And the new station's logo is what happens when you combine the Fox O&O boxkite logos (specifically WNYW/WTTG/WAGA), The 2013 Tribune/Fox boxkite logos, and the Fox News Channel logo all into one.
  17. Oh s*it. Looks like I lied when I said... WCPO airs it at 12:05am Sundays and 2:05am Mondays.
  18. There's this article from when MyNetworkTV was two years into being a programming service, with this highlight from Nexstar CEO Perry Sook: "With MyNetworkTV, I get more inventory per hour than I would get from Fox or ABC, albeit at lower ratings."
  19. Some clearances I found for iCrime and Ring Nation... iCrime w/ Elizabeth Vargas - Cincinnati, OH: WSTR / Weeknights @ midnight - Dayton, OH: WKEF-DT2 (FOX 45) / Weeknights @ 11pm - Lexington, KY: WKYT / Weekdays 6am (27.2) and weeknights 1:30am (27.1) Ring Nation - Cincinnati, OH: No clearances / Apparently everyone here agrees with the petition! - Dayton, OH: WHIO / Weekday mornings 10am - Lexington, KY: WTVQ-DT2 / Weekdays 1pm
  20. THANK YOU This has to be the best comment I've seen about most True Crime shows!
  21. I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but apparently the overnight repeats of Top Story w/ Tom Llamas on NBC stations are now using the bug for NBC News Daily! It used to be the NBC News Now logo animation with the word "NOW" deleted. This screenshot was taken from earlier this morning...
  22. Several Hearst stations are now airing programming from their Very Local app in the former timeslots of Ellen and The Good Dish, as those shows have been (or will be) pulled from the airwaves; and their new shows aren't scheduled to premiere yet.
  23. Several Hearst stations are now airing programming from their Very Local app in the former timeslots of Ellen and The Good Dish, as those shows have been (or will be) pulled from the airwaves; and their new shows aren't scheduled to premiere yet.
  24. WLWT for MeTV subchannel (Cincinnati) [Hearst]
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