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  1. And the ones that do live stream, I can’t even watch their recent newscasts on demand!
  2. You know this isn't going to end well when even its' host is confused about this.
  3. Nexstar's graphics hub is based in Nashville, which would explain this.
  4. Replace the font in that logo with Proxima Nova, and that would look exactly like something from a Tegna station. (Ironically, Scripps did say they wanted a "Tegna Lite" look)
  5. Considering these factors: Cable and streaming services, obviously. How possible is it to obtain a network affiliation? - If the new station is only serving a portion of a larger city, how could you convince the network to allow you to be their secondary affiliate? (Like how KNTV was the Bay Area's secondary ABC affiliate serving San Jose, alongside KGO) Could it be run entirely by one person; news department, ad sales, etc.? The new station would have to some type of automation. But let's say the station couldn't be completely automated. For example, NBC wants all of its affiliates to immediately switch to the network feed for an impromptu presidential address. Could you control the station remotely? FCC approval Getting advertisers Presentation. - How and where are you going to get a new set for newscasts (assuming the new station will run an in-house news department) - What will you do about your station's graphics?
  6. Both logos are on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/foxeastidaho/
  7. Does stolen logos count as knockoffs? I'm asking this because KXPI-LD in Pocatello, Idaho stole the logos of FOUR other Fox stations! (KSWB, WNYW, WTTG and WAGA)
  8. I just found this on NewscastStudio... https://www.newscaststudio.com/2019/12/04/cbs-oo-new-graphics-rollout/
  9. The new Scripps look isn't that bad... ...if it was made for a small-market station, or if this were a fan mockup, a cheap VideoHive template, or even a PowerPoint template. But for Scripps stations? Most of which are major broadcasters in major markets? NO!!!!!!!!! From everything I've seen of this look so far, it's way too boring for me to handle. Actually, it's so boring that I've actually ran out of ways to criticize these graphics! And since Scripps now owns WPIX, these ultra-underwhelming graphics might be coming to New York City!!! Take a minute to think about that. That being said, I'll be shocked if these graphics manage to stick around for 2 or more years. In fact, I expect this new look to meet the same fate as Raycom's 2013 red/white/blue look: It'll only last for about a year and a half (or less), then decommissioned mid-rollout. B O R I N G Not me. After an issue that I had one year in a student program at WCPO, I stopped caring. The FCC can revoke their license for all I care.
  10. From my understanding, Linear Drift is Nexstar's graphics hub and a standalone motion design agency. Some of their work is created exclusively for Nexstar stations (the WISH/WTNH and CBS/ABC/FOX/NBC looks for example) while others were commissioned by non-Nexstar outlets (such as the WLEX and CBS O&O looks). I believe that only their non-Nexstar looks can be syndicated to anyone.
  11. I just came across this video and I figured you guys would be interested in this. So when Dayton's WKEF and WRGT moved into their then-new building some time ago, they left their old facilities just standing there. Someone managed to gain access and took a look around... The building may have been torn down since then.
  12. This wouldn't be the last time KARK would rip off another station's logo...
  13. I just rewatched that section, but those graphics were actually for NBC’s former overnight news service, NBC Nightside. They do look similar though. Here’s the full open: https://youtu.be/xZQ1aMBNgvg?t=54
  14. I didn't see WESH's version in there. Only WTVJ's.
  15. In Florida, WESH copying WTVJ's Novocom look in the late 1990s... WTVJ: https://youtu.be/iDz4oiwQ_Rg WESH: https://youtu.be/-_RvbhzeRUs
  16. kfc513

    The "3" Thread

    Surprisingly, their website still hasn't updated to the new logo: https://www.wkyc.com/
  17. kfc513

    The "3" Thread

    Inside the station: As long as there isn't chronic talent turnover, they should be fine. Outside the station (viewers watching at home): The rebranding shouldn't make the station any worse than the "farm system" era, but they're screwed either way.
  18. Don't be surprised if it uses the same graphics as WUSA's "Get Up DC!"
  19. kfc513

    The "3" Thread

    Just wait 'til this logo debuts and viewer complaints start flooding into the station on social media!
  20. kfc513

    The "3" Thread

    Their soon-to-be-new logo? ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??? WHAT THE F$&% IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? THIS is where we're at with broadcast logo design? There are things in life that just doesn't need to happen. This is one of them. Now I gotta update their Logopedia page with this painfully underwhelming abomination that ANYONE can recreate in Powerpoint in just under ten seconds... It hasn't debuted yet and it's already giving every bad station logo a run for their money; yes, even this logo from station KXDF-CD. TROIKA EVEN MADE YOU A LOGO! AND IT'S 999,999,999X BETTER THAN WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!! (image below) 1. This logo is so underwhelming and bland that I cannot just sit on the sidelines and let WKYC or Tegna get away with this. 2. What works in Great Britain doesn't always translate well in here in the US.
  21. Well, the theme of their graphics has been the same since then (3D glass cityscape of Providence + blue/red color scheme), but their current iteration is technically a different graphics package from the original Renderon-designed look. Original: https://vimeo.com/15641672 Current: https://vimeo.com/172253765
  22. This open actually reminds me of WPVI's opens, with all the random footage.
  23. So I randomly came across WLBT's website, and their About Us page had this across the top. It looks they'll be the next to get the WMC/KLTV look... https://www.wlbt.com/about-us/contact/
  24. Knowing how cheap most of Gray's graphics packages look, this was the only thing that I feared would happen to the ex-Raycom stations when the merger was announced; and it's already happening in a couple of markets (Memphis & East Texas)
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