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  1. FOX has a news division that's been around since 1996, and they still don't have regular newscasts on its stations (besides Fox News Sunday). If Nexstar does buy The CW, I wouldn't expect them to have any regular news shows either, even with NewsNation as their sister division.
  2. I don't know. I can't see John Christopher Burns doing a direct ripoff of another graphics package like that.
  3. The WTVJ look was actually done by Novocom. Not sure about the WESH version, which I'm pretty sure is a ripoff.
  4. I checked WKRC just now and graphics have returned to its newscasts (Lower thirds, bug, OTS's, etc.). Not sure about programming outside of CBS and news as of right now, but 12.2 (The CW) was airing programming from TBD when I last checked there yesterday evening.
  5. WFIE is gonna have to make up their mind on what graphics package to take.
  6. Where did you find these at? I can't find the new logos anywhere but here.
  7. Aside from KCPQ's questionable rebrand, Fox still can't decide whether to keep the boxkite logo or kill it entirely. Just when you think they're dropping the logo mandate nationwide, they rebrand one of their stations and make a boxkite logo for them (that the station will rarely use anyway). Fox News still includes the spotlights attached to its logo.
  8. Reposting this from another thread to point out how much effort Scripps put into this...
  9. Aside from the ABC logo, this is the first thing that I immediately thought of when I saw this (and what it's most likely based on as they're both owned by Scripps):
  10. All of Gray's graphics packages being made completely in VizRT could have something to do with this. (Although that shouldn't be an excuse because I know it's possible to make better designs in Viz, see Hearst's graphics for example) Someone on here linked to this older version of the graphics hub's website, which should provide more info: https://sites.google.com/site/graygraphichub/home
  11. ABC started using the new logo as their on-screen bug during The View today.
  12. Actually, if you right-click the image to a new tab or window from Mission broadcasting's website, the URL reads: "https://missionbroadcastinginc.com/stationlogos/wnac_tv_providence_logo__nexstar_styled__by_unitedworldmedia_ddxkyww-fullview_1623891723.png" Nevermind, it was already mentioned.
  13. Those weather graphics look like a ripoff of Raycom's 2014 Limerick graphics.
  14. I think that the extra time/temp on the extreme lower right is actually from the Today Show's Namedropper ticker.
  15. ShopLC went live on WLWT 5.3 as of Friday, April 30.
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