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  1. Because KWQC didn't air another game in its place.
  2. No major graphics developments to report, but this happened to WKRC's news open tonight... I should also point out that the background where the date would normally appear never cued up.
  3. This is a spanish newscast. Why is their ticker in english???
  4. And if that is true, then they're most likely talking about the resolution the station as a whole is broadcasting at. Newscasts may not be in HD, but most other programming is.
  5. They've got nearly 200 stations under their belt, so the rollout will take ages to complete compared to a company who only has, for example, 60 stations. And then there's stations that use different graphics systems - so you have to either convert the graphics to whatever system they're using or send the station a system that the graphics were designed to work with and set it up. This was also the case with the previous graphics (Curves and Glass), and the rollout of that look took up its entire lifespan! (2014-2018) And it took so long that it wasn't even finished being fully impl
  6. Yes. All of the West Virginia Media Group stations used it.
  7. Same thing with KGUN in Tucson. They kept the Journal graphics long after Scripps took over and never used the V2 graphics outside of weather.
  8. I have no issues with either one, I'm just surprised that Giant Octopus is still in business even though they're nearly dormant. The graphics are fine. Although I should point out that KTBS' version of the lower thirds looks a lot like the ones used by WMC, WXIX and KOLO.
  9. They're using another Giant Octopus syndicated look: https://www.giantoctopus.com/copy-of-bold-news-syndicated-syndic. HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS???!?
  10. Next station that gets the graphics won't even use a logo at all.
  11. Several of Tegna's stations have excluded their websites from the Wayback Machine for some reason. I noticed this with WZZM, WXIA and WKYC's websites, but some have not been excluded yet (such as WUSA, WFAA and KXTV). Any particular reason on why they would do this?
  12. That looks like a custom version of what KTRK is using now. Here's a comparison:
  13. You know what else got lost? They also got the Tegna graphics: https://youtu.be/AeFsLjpr9S0 And WQAD may be next because they're a different logo on their website right now.
  14. If it turns out to be true, then Judy Justice could produce less episodes than Judge Judy - maybe around 13-20 episodes per season.
  15. I think I've figured out where Judy's new show will end up...

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