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  1. Scripps??? I thought we were talking about a Nexstar station.
  2. I don't think having separate L3's for anchors is the problem if it's done right. It's definitely the design in Tegna's case, as this is bordering on looking like KMSG's original set of overblown lower thirds. Hearst has used separate L3's for anchors since the first diagrid look, and they work very well. It also helps that they actually look decent. (They still do this with the current look, but it's been consolidated onto the same L3 background) Examples of separate L3's from the 2012 diagrid look: Regular L3: Anchor L3:
  3. Where are you seeing this????
  4. WLWT already has it on 5.4, but that could be a possibility.
  5. ...and now they're getting rid of it. WLWT is running a crawl on there saying that they will stop carrying ShopLC on April 30th, exactly one year later.
  6. Aside from all the other issues, I'm still confused about the music situation. So it seems to be confirmed that they're licensed to use News One, but that doesn't account for the other music packages that they used (though they all seem to be published through Warner-Chappell) which were also ripped from NewsMusicNow! Not to mention the video that Ianman linked to earlier (but now the video is private for some reason) where the intro used the "Community" cut from the 2000s Hearst-Argyle music (which last I checked was made exclusively for those stations). It's not even from the same publisher! (Newsmusic Central)
  7. Well then again, they adopted the 2007 WEWS graphics in 2012 after the Renderon look, so this wouldn't be the first time they've downgraded...
  8. It's not the same look. It just looks similar and is also designed by Renderon.
  9. WLWT will have it on 5.4 according to this: https://rabbitears.info/market.php?request=station_search&callsign=46979#station
  10. Was browsing through Tristan Bresnen's portfolio and I noticed a new look he produced for News Channel Nebraska. But it looks like a repurposed version of WFLA's graphics from 2016-2020 (that was also used on sister stations WKRN, WCMH and KELO). It's mostly the same besides it mostly being red instead of blue, as well as different looking Lower 3rds and Full Screens. Here's his case study: https://tristanbresnen.com/copy-of-currents-news-v2 WFLA 2016: News Channel Nebraska 2022:
  11. I'm not sure who originally made it either, but I do know that FX Group did the 2002 refresh. http://web.archive.org/web/20080923183829/http://www.fxgroup.tv/portfolio/wtvq/
  12. I just checked KOVR's live stream. The O&O graphics have not changed.
  13. FOX has a news division that's been around since 1996, and they still don't have regular newscasts on its stations (besides Fox News Sunday). If Nexstar does buy The CW, I wouldn't expect them to have any regular news shows either, even with NewsNation as their sister division.
  14. I don't know. I can't see John Christopher Burns doing a direct ripoff of another graphics package like that.
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