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  1. They're using another Giant Octopus syndicated look: https://www.giantoctopus.com/copy-of-bold-news-syndicated-syndic. HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS???!?
  2. Next station that gets the graphics won't even use a logo at all.
  3. Several of Tegna's stations have excluded their websites from the Wayback Machine for some reason. I noticed this with WZZM, WXIA and WKYC's websites, but some have not been excluded yet (such as WUSA, WFAA and KXTV). Any particular reason on why they would do this?
  4. That looks like a custom version of what KTRK is using now. Here's a comparison:
  5. You know what else got lost? They also got the Tegna graphics: https://youtu.be/AeFsLjpr9S0 And WQAD may be next because they're a different logo on their website right now.
  6. If it turns out to be true, then Judy Justice could produce less episodes than Judge Judy - maybe around 13-20 episodes per season.
  7. I think I've figured out where Judy's new show will end up...
  8. It seems like Fox wants to kill off the boxkite logos, but something is keeping them from doing so.
  9. That was adapted from Raycom.
  10. For groups whose graphics are hubbed, you would think that the graphics hub would be responsible for setting up the graphics in each weather system; or if there are, that they would have artists that also have experience (or at least given some training) with Baron, WSI, etc. Aren't the meteorologists provided a style guide of a new graphics package in the event of a graphics overhaul? It should document what fonts to use, not to mention providing example screenshots showing what each element should look like.
  11. Someone mentioned on here that there will be a "Look Y" launching sometime before the 2020 Olympics. I'm predicting that this could be it and that NECN just happened to be the first to switch to the new look. After all, their new logo is the very first one to include NBC's peacock.
  12. I'm actually wondering the same thing. Could there be a possibility that NBC could expand these graphics onto the rest of the O&Os in the coming months?
  13. And the ones that do live stream, I can’t even watch their recent newscasts on demand!
  14. You know this isn't going to end well when even its' host is confused about this.
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