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  1. A curved video wall would have been very cool! I agree, I don't understand why they didn't do seamless directly behind the desk to match the sides. And the kitchen feels like an after thought to me, I don't know how much they will use it but yes it could have been better. (and had a sink).
  2. The should just sell HLN and take the cash. Convert truTV to "Turner Sports" and have March Madness and the PGA Tour on the same channel, the advertisement dollar on that channel would be insane. And yes it would be sad, CNN/WarnerMedia/AT&T/Jeff Zucker have single handedly ruined what was once the greatest source of real news. I wouldn't be surprised if someone or a group had interest in buying HLN, either keep it the same "news by day, crime by night" or return it to Headline News. (what would HLN sell for?) Either way it seems that WarnerMedia/AT&T wants to cut costs and find some cash, and they won't let anything stop them from doing that.
  3. If you previous “liked” it on Vimeo you can still see it. I liked it and can still watch it.
  4. Clickspring Design posted photos, renderings, (including a 360 degree rendering) of Studio 21L the home of AC360. They even detailed the "reverse side" of the studio. https://www.clickspringdesign.com/portfolio/cnn-hy21l/
  5. Here is the first look at CNN's newest studio.
  6. It must have been a major attack on TWC's systems, they didn't/couldn't use "The Lab" til Friday and I noticed they were in Studio 9 Today. On-air graphics such as radar loops, storm information, alerts, watches and warnings wouldn't work, L3's, sidebar and "Local on the 8's" graphics and information didn't/couldn't load. I'm glad they stuck it out and used a tiny studio with 1 camera and limited working mic's to keep people safe during severe storms across the south, it would have been very easy to not broadcast while they figured things out. TWC deserves a lot of credit for working thru the issues. It was obviously very coordinated as TWC was preparing for special coverage with upcoming storms. Hopefully, the FBI finds those responsible and prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law.
  7. Well some changes coming to HLN, Lynn Smith will now anchor "On The Story" from 12n - 2p ET and Mike Galanos will anchor a new show called "True Crime Live" from 2p - 3p ET both of those changes starting Monday Mach 11th. Susan Hendricks will take over "Weekend Express" starting on March 16th. No mention of what Shyann Malone & Elizabeth Prann will be doing, I'm going to guess rotation or co-anchoring the 10a-12n ET of Morning Express. All of the shows will remain in Atlanta. So a few things from my perspective, Lynn should be anchoring 3 hours, Mike should be anchor a 2 or 3 hours news show, not a crime show. The current schedule is nothing exciting at all, Carol and Michaela didn't have the best viewership or the best stories but the shows were refreshing and certainly better than 6 hours of MXP and 3 boring hours of entertainment and crime news from OTS like we're stuck with now. Don't even get me started on these new Original Series. You can read more here; https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/exclusive-lynn-smith-mike-galanos-anchor-mid-day-shows-hln/PQjR572Afzf0uBC0lI3REM/
  8. So I don't think that's where the new video walls are. NBC News Correspondent Morgan Radford was filming a segment in the Today kitchen last night and posted this on her Instagram, you can clearly see the old Kathy Lee and Hoda set still there. I believe the new video walls are in the opposite corner where the windows overlook the plaza. You can watch Morgans video & see the area I think the new walls are in. IMG_1152_TRIM.MOV
  9. Here you can see the Graphics and small set they are using. I really like the look, would be a great O&O package with some tweaks.
  10. Hello, I am looking for information on the theme music used on HLN's "Morning Express", "Michaela" and "Across America" all the current themes used within the last year. I'm guessing its a mix of production and custom. If you have any info on who created them or where to find a copy of them I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advanced. If needed I can post links to videos with the theme music in question.
  11. So Robin Meade's assistant posted this Instagram story yesterday. Robin appears to be doing a promo from the old studio. I can also confirm from her Instagram that Stephanie Todd, VP of Programming at HLN still works for the network as of now - even though her profile has been removed from the CNN page.
  12. it's worth noting that Michaela Pereira is anchoring from Studio 7 in Atlanta today, I find it odd considering her last day is on Friday. Could she be there in regards to a different role? It just seems like a waste of money and time to bring her to Atlanta, all the way from LA during the middle of her last week.
  13. I am absolutely shocked that this is happening, HLN seemed to be on the right track. Eliminating live news hours won't do a damn thing, if they wanted higher viewership then maybe CNN should have allowed HLN to advertise so viewers could find them. Getting rid of 3 really good and respected journalists is not the answer, the answer was to continue to add live news hours and new original programming. So did Carol just say screw it and quit right away? She didn't anchor yesterday or today and they removed her name from all the graphics. I'd be pissed if I were her, knowing I probably won't have another job due to age. (Sussan Hendricks has been filing in) If they want to have shows that are extended out with re-airs so the cost is low then why not keep the current line up and just add an hour or 2 to everyone? I really believe the first mistake they made was when they put Carol is Michaela's timeslot, I watched Michaela because of her natural morning person personality, I didn't want to watch a show about politics like Carol's often times became. HLN really needed a morning person in that timeslot and they needed to brand it as a west coast based morning show, for people in the west. At this point, the network can just go away or maybe someone can buy it for cheap now that its value just dropped and revive a real "Headline News" format that people can actually watch. Does anyone know if Brian Bell, (VP of Operations) and Stephanie Todd, (VP of Programming) - both based in Atlanta - are staying with the network?
  14. I hope they extend Michaela by 1 hour and just replay the final hour like they do on MXP, cheap and easy way of filling that hour. Headline News just hired a reporter from Miami and she is expected to fil in on the weekends, I hope it leads to additional news programming on the weekends. When you say "they don't want to try anymore" I have to disagree, HLN has great leadership with great ideas. Brian Bell (VP of Operations) and Stephanie Todd (VP of Programming) both based in Atlanta are trying, its the people above them such as Jeff Zucker and Ken Jautz who won't let HLN complete, hell even start its plan to become relevant again. I hope the leaders at WarnerMedia just turn owner back over to Turner so something successful can actually be done. S.E Cupp moving to CNN was the plan all along, and how she moved to CNN didn't seem to help her likability at the organization, it screwed over HLN and apparently, they had little notice. Headline News needs to focus on the experience of its anchors and the fact that they aren't based in NYC, they need to solely report on headlines and in-depth local stories and not constant arguing. If people knew a channel like that existed HLN would be competitive, they need to go on a marketing spree and finalize there lineup and plans and be allowed to execute them. I want Headline News to succeed.
  15. HLN should replay Unfiltered from 8-9PM and Crime & Justice from 9-11PM and then original seiers and Forensic Files for over night. OR they could give Mike Galanos a show from 5-7PM and move the ladies back 2 hours or just make it easy and give him a show from 8-10PM. Or at least add him (or anyone else) to the weekend so live coverage doesn't just end at noon ET, "HLN Newsroom" would go over well for the weekends. As a everyday viewer of HLN I want it to be successful but they need more live hours.
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