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  1. I agree, the new COVID graphics look great. The lower thirds are more soft and the open could easily be adapted to live rolling news, simply swap out the COVID pictures and insert pictures from news as it's happening (just like ABC News Australia's open) make other subtle changes to fit MSNBC day time and it would be awesome. I also like how they are doing the headlines with the graphics and new format for them, the headlines stand out way more than they have in recent years, adding a newsy feel to MSNBC daytime which has been lacking recently.
  2. It will be interesting to see how CBS does weekends after all of this is over. Hopefully they’ll move the weekend news into the CBS “news hub” (formerly studio 47) it looks great on tv and worked much better than the cluttered, odd studio 57 newsroom set.
  3. I agree with putting Joshua Johnson on at 5P, they can do what ever they want with Chuck, I certainly wouldn't miss MTP Daily. Personal I think they should re-do the schedule to what I have below: Deadline WH viewers are familiar with John Heilemann so that would be a easy change at 4P, Joshua Johnson would be a refreshing change at 5P compared to MTP Daily, regular viewers know and love Steve Kornacki and he filled in for Hardball so it makes since to put him at 7P, moving Nicole Wallace to 8P would be great lead in to Rachel and she would bring in new viewers who don't normally watch MSNBC primetime, and lastly, since Lawrence O'Donnell has indicated he would like to retire in early 2021 (post inauguration) moving Chris Hayes to 10P would help his ratings with Rachel becoming his lead in and since All In is geared towards younger viewers he would be more poised to achieve that and receive a nice ratings bump from Rachel. Leave Ari, Rachel and Brian where they are and the focus on stability and filling the open slots on the daytime schedule daily left open by Ali Velshi and prepare for Andrea Mitchell to retire. Give Chris Jansing an hour or 2, expand Stephanie Rhule's slot and figure out what you want to do with Katy Tur, Hallie Jackson and Craig Melvin going forward then fine tune the weekends so you can really compete. The schedule would be: 4P-John Heilemann 5P-Joshua Johnson 6P- Ari Melber 7P-Steve Kornacki 8P-Nicole Wallace 9P-Rachel Maddow 10P-Chris Hayes 11P-Brian Williams
  4. Ali Velshi's new weekend morning show debuts tomorrow as he leaves weekdays, "Velshi" will be on from 8A-10A ET, I'm guessing the rest of the new MSNBC schedule will debut over the coming weekends. Does anyone know what MSNBC will be doing with the 2 hours every weekday Ali anchored/co-anchored?
  5. The new set has really benefited “KELOLAND Living” the daily lifestyle show they produce. Before the new set they didn’t really have a defined look, the furniture didn’t look good and the overall set up for them wasn’t good. now it looks like a real lifestyle show that could air in just about any market.
  6. Finally! I’m interested in seeing what Nexstar designs for them, KELO has a promo out saying “a new set, cameras and lights... investing more than $1 Million”. One thing I’ll say as someone who lives in the viewing areas is, KELO has always had the best talent, weather, graphics and now hopefully the best set, I wonder if they’ll get a bigger/better weather area then other stations since so many watch them for that, and of course will they keep the voice over of legendary former anchor Doug Lund?
  7. Gray doesn't need KNBN (NBC), they are locally owned and I doubt Jim would sell since he's been putting effort and money into the quality of the station. Gray already has 2 stations in Rapid City, KOTA (ABC) & KEVN (FOX). If Gray wanted to do something they could improve what they already have, maybe we'll see "Black Hills News Now"? They are getting by with the bare minimum in terms of stories, talent and amount of produced newscasts all while the quality, content and personalities at KNBN are picking up, they might be a small locally owned station in an old building with an old set, but when it comes to local/state politics, in-depth reporting and breaking news KNBN owns it. -- I live in Western SD so I watch these stations everyday.
  8. HLN had a good thing going for it, (think where they were just 18 months ago) Carol and Michaela still had shows and they were fresh and added energy to the network, it worked until CNN decided it wasn't good enough. I know they recently gave Lynn and Mike new shows but the pivot they've taken towards crime news has really turned people away, Lynn and Mike will only last a year or 2 and they'll decided to "pivot" again. HLN needs a new owner and a new brand focused on what made them relevant in the first place, headlines and real, non-political news. I think a real Headline News channel still has a place in this country and people would watch given the choice.
  9. Was just gonna post this! It was interesting seeing the CNN Breaking News stinger on HLN, I guess we got a glimpse of what would happen if HLN joined CNN. They will also be re-airing the entire impeachment hearing on HLN tonight at 7pm ET.
  10. Brianna Keiler is anchoring "CNN Special Coverage" exclusively on HLN as they carry coverage of the impeachment inquiry and the Presidents news conference, HLN will also re-air the entire impeachment hearings tonight staring at 7pm Eastern. Seems like a good way to show off Brianna and all she can do.
  11. I was thinking have it air at 10pm in every market. Who cares if it's from a few hours ago, it can always be updated if needed and they have the "western edition" it's the same thing they do now. Local news could come on at 10:30 in most markets unless they choose to have the EN on at 11 then local at 11:30. In terms of the 9pm ratings, the other night (10/21/19) CBS got 5.4M viewers. But they wouldn't need to eliminate any of the shows they have, just delay local news by 30 minuets.
  12. I have a question, if the CBS Evening News can't gain viewership and find stability, what if CBS moved it to a later time slot? I'm thinking CTV National News, BBC News at 10, CBC The National, that kind of route. I'm sure local stations and ownership groups wouldn't like the idea but it would set CBS apart from everyone else and have national network news when other don't, basically no competition. I don't know the feasibility of it or how late local news would work with the Evening News being on later (say 10pm in every market?) but theoretically it could work based off the success of other networks around the world that do it.
  13. A curved video wall would have been very cool! I agree, I don't understand why they didn't do seamless directly behind the desk to match the sides. And the kitchen feels like an after thought to me, I don't know how much they will use it but yes it could have been better. (and had a sink).
  14. The should just sell HLN and take the cash. Convert truTV to "Turner Sports" and have March Madness and the PGA Tour on the same channel, the advertisement dollar on that channel would be insane. And yes it would be sad, CNN/WarnerMedia/AT&T/Jeff Zucker have single handedly ruined what was once the greatest source of real news. I wouldn't be surprised if someone or a group had interest in buying HLN, either keep it the same "news by day, crime by night" or return it to Headline News. (what would HLN sell for?) Either way it seems that WarnerMedia/AT&T wants to cut costs and find some cash, and they won't let anything stop them from doing that.
  15. If you previous “liked” it on Vimeo you can still see it. I liked it and can still watch it.
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