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  1. That would be news as Kris just left KARE 11 all together. Seems he may have landed a lot quicker than most thought he would, good for Kris. https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-lifestyle/kris-laudien-leaving-kare-11-after-four-years-on-sunrise
  2. A programing shake up at MSNBC: Weekday changes: José is leaving 10AM and moving to 11AM, Chris expands to 2 hours, Katy moves to 3PM and Hallie leaves to focus on NBC News Now, the open 10AM hour is expected to be given to Ana Cabrera who is joining MSNBC. 10AM: MSNBC Reports (rotating anchor) 11AM: José Díaz-Balart Reports 12N: Andrea Mitchell Reports 1PM: Chris Jansing Reports 3PM: Katy Tur Reports Weekday changes begin Monday, February 13. Weekends are also getting a shake up: Live programs now being a hour later with Katy Phang at 8AM (moving from the 7AM hour), Johnathan now gets both days but only 1 hour, and Ali moves to a new spot. 8AM: Katy Phang 9AM: Johnathan Capeheart 10AM: Ali Velshi Weekend changes begin Saturday, February 18. I’m happy to see consolidation of dayside hours but unclear as to why Andrea still has an hour, could’ve really cut costs by going to three 2 hours shows with 1 anchor. Weekends now have even less news, I’m hoping they put Saturday/Sunday Today at 7AM, to at least have an offering. Full email from Rashida Jones here: https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/msnbc-announces-dayside-programming-changes/522058/
  3. Some interesting changes... So after reading the press release the new schedule will be: 5AM-6AM: Early Start (NYC) 6AM-9AM: CNN This Morning (NYC) 9AM-12N: New 3 hour show co-anchored by John Berman, Kate Bolduan and Sara Sidner (NYC) 12N: Inside Politics (WDC) 1PM-4PM: New 3 hour show co-anchored by Brianna Keilar, Boris Sanchez and Jim Sciutto (WDC) 4PM-9PM remains unchanged The 9PM hour still doesn't have a permeant host. 10PM: Alisyn Camerota (NYC) 11PM: Laura Coates (WDC) Victor Blackwell will return to Atlanta for This Morning Weekend, Pamela Brown leaves her weekend show (new chief investigative corespondent), so Jim Acosta will expand til 7 on Saturdays and 8 on Sundays, I'm interested to see what programing they put on after that, obviously too early to end coverage, maybe CNN International? I'm curious as to why CNN thinks they need 3 co-anchors and 3 hour blocks during the day, I'm glad they didn't go the MSNBC route of a new anchor every hour but it seems overdone. The changes will roll out over the next few months but are expected to be done by the end of Q1, I wonder if the newsroom set has been taken off the air for these changes and not CNN This Morning like many thought. Anyone else think Licht could launch new graphics with these changes? The current look is almost 9 years old and works fine but since he's changing everything else...
  4. NBC continues to roll out it’s new on air branding centered around the new peacock, and we’ve got a new vanity card, which the network calls a “curtain raiser”, complete with the new logo, update chimes and animation. After seeing what they plan to do with the peacock animation and color variations, I really like the route they’ve gone with it, the new vanity card has some of that “in living color” vibe to it in my opinion and comes off less corporate-ish than the last one. Full article here: https://www.The Other Site.com/2022/12/30/nbc-rebranding-vanity-bug-snipe/ New vanity card:
  5. Oh that's an interesting idea. Switching the ABC affiliate. I was raised in SD so I find this very interesting. I'd like to note that its not a duopoly, more like a trioploy. Gray owns 3 stations in Sioux Falls and a total of 5 in the entire state, the only 2 they don't own are KNBN and KELO. The Sioux Falls market is not big enough to have 5 local news options if forum adds independent newscasts. No matter what happens all the rest of the stations in SD won't be able to compete at the same level KELO does as they have 2 things the rest never will, Legacy and Patience. KELO is number 1 for a variety of reasons but the main reason is they're consistently reliable. They have the best of everything and always have the best coverage, I remember as a kid anytime severe weather was passing through, my Dad would say "better turn on KELO" and thousands of people across the state said the same thing. KELO also has the advantage of being the only station available across the entire state. I wouldn't be surprised to see an affiliation switch, it'd be fun watching a shake up happen in that market/state. Forum seems to have a plan, one that hopefully make sense soon.
  6. Just realized I typed a 3 instead of a 5. They both average around 500,000 - 560,000. For comparison CNN does 600,000 - 650,000 for the same slot both days and Fox does 1.4 +/- M (sat) & 1.7M +/- (sun). Either way MSNBC is in last, at this point I have no faith in them adding any news, they've passed up several opportunities to do so. I'm sure they'll have an opinion host announced by the end of the year. I'd love to see David Gura come back, "UP" was very popular before they placed Ali Velshi in his spot. I've corrected my mistake in the initial post. • • • • • • • MSNBC has a nice new desk for its election coverage. Seems to be a digital display in the front, hopefully they can change out the flag/stars and use it for normal programs. They are also using update election lower thirds, clearly inspired by NBC News NOW’s graphics, and I actually like them, very simple and clean, just imagine how good they’d look without the election info below it, make a few tweaks regarding the time and live (which is awkwardly placed) and they’d be very nice L3’s.
  7. The Cross Connection didn’t get good numbers anyways, seems like a great opportunity to shake up the entire weekend schedule which is posting horrible viewer numbers. Crazy to think Tiffany & Johnathan inherited Joy Reid’s former time slot and viewers of 1 Million+ and now the same slot has 500,000. Clearly it’s not working.
  8. Had to go back and look, a CNBC Original called “Generation Gamble” is airing instead.
  9. It appears to be the same desk just with a different base, specifically the base from the “What to Watch” table. Secondary table: Normal glass top with updated base:
  10. My guess is they are getting 1A ready for election coverage and need to get lighting, flooring and other elements in place. Hopefully Nightly moves to 3K when WNBC vacates it, NN deserves a real set and one the network can use for other coverage.
  11. Bummer, I always enjoyed watching Shep whenever I got the chance, he anchored very straight forward news, just like he promised he would. I’m surprised NBCU didn’t move him to streaming. Based off the reaction from social media, it appears people liked him and would watch him else where. I could see him anchoring a news hour on CNN *if* it was the right situation, pay and format. 60 Minuets or something streaming could be options. BBC News is set to launch new World News programs based out of D.C/NYC, that would be a great fit. As for CNBC, I agree, they should just join CNBC World, it’d be better than shark tank and a great alternative to cable “news” channels. Interestingly The News isn’t on tonight…..
  12. Network News Music has the full NBC News Daily theme, interestingly there's 2 of them, and a story behind why, "the main theme that was slated for use in the open and bed, was replaced in favor of a different cut of the package. The “Pop Culture” theme became the main theme." The themes were produced by the same people who made the Top Story with Tom Llamas theme. Have a listen: https://www.networknewsmusic.com/nbc-news-daily-theme/
  13. We finally have a name... CNN This Morning. CNN This Morning will launch from a temporary studio in New York while it's new set is being built. "The show’s new theme will be “bringing the world home” to the audience, the network will be trying some new technical tricks, and will keep viewers up-to-date with on-screen reminders of segments on the show that are still to come." CNN SVP of Content Strategy Ryan Kadro said. CNN TM will launch November 1st at 6AM ET. Sound familiar? Like what was said when Chris & Ryan launched CBS This Morning.... “We’re going to put the full power of CNN’s newsgathering on display because we can do that better than anybody” I'll believe it when I see it... More here: https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cnns-new-morning-show-will-launch-nov-1-as-cnn-this-morning/516430/
  14. Couldn't find a CBS News Streaming topic so I thought I'd start one so we can keep track of any changes. Today 9/6, CBS News announced John Dickerson would be anchoring a new show, CBS News Prime Time, at 7PM ET, which was previously branded as "Newshour" and featured a rotating group of anchors. John will anchor from Studio 57, the show will be live Monday - Thursday. Prime Time will go up against ABC News Live's Lindsey Davis and NBC News NOW's Tom Llamas. The graphics are what you'd expect and inline with CBS News' new graphics. Johns style is certainly different compared to his competition. Tonight was Prime Time's debut, below is the first couple minuets. TVNewser has more: https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/john-dickerson-tapped-to-anchor-cbs-prime-time-streaming-newscast/513632/
  15. I’m… surprised…. This looks amazing, love brining back an old theme, the L3’s are unique, and the open stands out. It’s nice to see CBS actually try, when they inevitably fire Norah this look will transition well. The CBS News streaming elements look great.
  16. Just my opinion but I'm expecting these sets to be similar to the NBC Boston and Telemundo Boston sets, small but versatile, heavy use of video walls/big tech. If either of them need a bigger set (debates, special events, whatever) they can use one of the other sets at 30 Rock or even CNBC if needed, my guess is they'll have a permanent newsroom flash cam & desk similar to set up NBC Boston and NBC Philadelphia use. Anyone else thinking Nightly News to Studio 3K? It would be a good use of soon to be empty space, plus 1A's recent update feels temporary and it could really use full redo again, 3C is being used by MSNBC but is thrown together, 4E is used by News Now which is working but won't as they expand coverage. Seems NBC is in the same situation it was in 2017 when they switched studios around.
  17. MSNBC is making some changes to its streaming service, The MSNBC Hub on Peacock. Effective September 15th, Zerlina Maxwell and Ayman Mohyeldin will no longer be hosting shows on the streaming service, Zerlina has been offered an "analyst" role and Ayman will continue to host his show on the weekends. This is the first time MSNBC has canceled a show on its relatively new streaming service. Speaking of weekends... MSNBC is seeing some of the worst weekend ratings since 1998, this started last year and it isn't getting better. Makes me wonder if a bigger change could be coming to the weekends. Go back several pages on this forum and you'll see how much weekends have changed in recent years. Seems like more opinion & less news isn't working out that well and maybe Kendis Gibson, David Gura, Thomas Roberts & Kasie Hunt (honorable mention of Jacob Soboroff & Richard Lui) weren't as replaceable as the network thought they were..... More details on the changes here: https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/msnbc-ends-peacock-shows-hosted-by-zerlina-maxwell-and-ayman-mohyeldin/512379/
  18. First look at the logo and overall design for Alex Wagner's new show, Alex Wagner Tonight. MSNBC join's CNN & FOX in having a primetime hour titled "tonight".
  19. Chris Cuomo sat down for an interview with Dan Abrams, it will air on News Nation on Tuesday the 26th. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/chris-cuomo-grants-first-tv-interview-since-cnn-firing-to-newsnations-dan-abrams/511414/ So IMO they want to hire Chris but aren't sold on him yet, by having Chris report on Ukraine and do this interview they get to test the waters, Chris will position it as "I'd do anything for my family and so would you", he'll admit it was poor judgment but is committed to "the facts and getting after it", all of those things he's previously used as a defense. I fully expect Dan to throw softballs and help Chris look good which is what NN wants. I also expect News Nation to hire Megyn Kelly, her YouTube show pulls in thousands to hundreds of thousands of views, putting her up against Tucker (8P ET) would make sense. She had Dan Abrams on her show 2 days ago, Megyn recently came to her senses and changed her stance on the 2020 election which I'm sure helped her case with Nexstar. Megyn at 8 and Chris at 9 or 10 would draw in viewers, and get people talking, I could see them moving Dan & Ashleigh around with Marni leaving the network (maybe CBS News streaming would be a good fit for her?). For those of you who say Chris has no credibility, just go look at his social media, its filled with comments similar to "I'd do the same", "we need you back", "family first", a good amount of people couldn't care less about what he did, NewsNation will rebrand him and limit his news coverage until its rehabbed. CNN's 9PM is still undecided and Alex Wagner hasn't started yet over on MNSBC at 9PM, leaving a void for someone to fill, name recognition with hard aggressive discussion/coverage will be the big draw. And let's be real, Megyn Kelly and Chris Cuomo anchoring election coverage run by the former director of elections at Fox, would be something to see and right now News Nation & Nexstar just want people to talk about them and generate buzz, even if it costs them millions.
  20. Couldn’t agree more @ThunderJay27 , NBC10 was amazing last night. Glad everyone at the station is ok. They finished airing the fireworks then went to a 30ish second promo for their storm ranger, then came back on for the breaking news with Keith & Tracy at the desk in studio live at 10:03PM, so they were on it right away. NBC10 stayed live til 12:35AM, and had the best coverage by far. Going to Jim & Jaqueline on the parkway and other reporters they already had in the area gave them the advantage over other stations who were left scrambling to send resources. Hearing the NBC10 reporters describe how they laid down on the stage, hid under a food truck, crawled under the platform and other stories of seeking shelter reminds us how dangerous this job can be, yet they continued to report and share essential information that kept people safe. Honestly, it was award worthy coverage in my opinion. I have a clip of them breaking in but the file is too big so I’ll figure something out.
  21. MSNBC showed off some updated breaking news backgrounds, the in-studio elements have been used before but they swapped the standard blue & yellow Reports background for a red background with an added “breaking news” vertical crawl. I wonder if it’s the new look or just used for major breaking stories since they, like everyone else, overuse the breaking news banner. Either way it looks sharp. Old/Standard breaking news look:
  22. MSNBC will be providing extended coverage on Thursday, the networks big names will come in for the night. Shame on Fox for not providing coverage of such a high profile event. I wonder if the networks will go straight to local news if the coverage goes late enough? If the hearing lasts anywhere around that 2 and a half hour mark, it would turn into a nice lead in for local news. I’m guessing ABC will do a special edition of Nightline? Colbert should/could do a live show as he does around special events.
  23. All the replies above this are spot on, couldn’t say it better. I think the gem of this article is: “As previously reported by The Post, O’Donnell’s predecessor Jeff Glor was making a modest $2 million.” So Jeff did it for $2M, they fired him, signed Norah for $8M for the same result, now have Norah at $3.8M. Seems like Jeff really got screwed.
  24. MSNBC is using “MSNBC Live” branding today, it appears to be temporary and just because of the holiday. Here’s the special graphics, logo and music for it, including the animated “Live” on the bug. It’s also interesting to see Lawrence anchoring on Memorial Day, especially under something other then his normal show, Stephanie Ruhle was also in under the “Live” branding.
  25. Congrats to Chris! She has earned this. Honestly, what can’t this Woman do? Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, overnights, special reports, breaking news, politics, sports, protest coverage, filling in on holidays, campaign trail, press briefings and more. She carry’s that network and she knows it. Chris deserves this more than anyone IMO, and don’t forget, she does all that while being 65 years old! --- Chris Jansing Reports premiers on Thursday, May 26th.
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