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  1. Correct, MLB Network & NHL Network share the building. You’ll occasionally see them share each other’s studios during special broadcasts like the draft or all star games. So where will WNJU go? If they are going on the 3rd floor they only have 2 options. Studio 3B (formerly NN) or the old Studio 3E space but it appears to be storage.
  2. This caught my attention and would be very interesting if true. Like her or not she is a rising voice on TV, and has played an important part in increasing MSNBC’s non-white viewers, which as we know advertisers pay more and more attention to. If this happens I’d bet it will be part of a major reshuffle of primetime and could happen around the time Rachel ends her nightly show.
  3. Sad to see Kendis leave, he was VERY underutilized for the last year and a half or so. I could see him joining CBSN with its updated slate or CNN+ for a streaming news show, he'll do great no matter where he goes. Another top tier departure..... Which would be a good thing, if done correctly. MSNBC can do informed perspectives/opinion AND hard news if they put the right people in those roles but the recent departures suggests they will mess it up, losing most their audience, again. Maybe Phill Griffin didn't want to stick around for what the 3rd?, 4th? rebuild in dozen years.
  4. I think they’ll for sure take Chuck off MSNBC, the viewers don’t like MTP Daily. Meet The Press is in 3rd place (total & prime viewers), so maybe NBC wants to make a change before the midterms. Who knows. NBC News Universal News Group has not been utilizing talent like they should recently, they have a lot of good, young talent on the bench just sitting there. Odds are they’ll lose some of them to competition who will give them a regular spot.
  5. So what’s going on with MSNBC programing tonight? No Ayman, are they limiting broadcasts from 30 Rock again with COVID outbreaks in the building? SNL had huge changes announced today, it wouldn’t surprise me if The Tonight Show went back to no audience and if Today limited the Plazza to less people while still requiring proof of vaccination.
  6. Stephanie Rhule anchoring The 11th Hour tonight. I finally decided who my first choice would be to take over The 11th Hour if I was running MSNBC, Kate Snow, she has a similar style, let’s guests tell the story, mellow presence and would do a damn good job. They could have her do Monday-Thursday so she could keep doing Nightly on Sundays. Just my opinion. I’ve noticed that too, Garrett Hake does a great job hosting the hour, hopefully MTP Daily’s time is coming to an end.
  7. I’m guessing MSNBC would put him where Lawrence or Rachel are, one thing to consider is time slot, 11PM ET/10 PM CT is local news for the networks, putting Shep on before that would help with viewership IMO. Either way he’d be great for MSNBC and give their news coverage some serious credibility. I’m happy to see Chris Jansing anchoring tonight, makes sense why they kept her in NYC and didn’t send her to Kentucky for coverage.
  8. “I’ll show myself out, until we meet again, that is our broadcast for this Thursday. Thank you for being here with us, and for all my colleagues at the Networks of NBC News, Goodnight.” -BW. I am sad, I will miss seeing Brian every night. Growing up I never missed Nightly, Brian was my hero and why I got into news. I’m excited to see what his next adventure is, Brian certainly proved that any kid can make it to that anchor desk.
  9. Brian Williams on his 2nd to last night, announced he has a new podcast called “We Interrupt This Broadcast”. Brian will take a look back at major stories that tested the news industry and how those who broke the news guided the nation, episodes include events such as DDay, 9/11, Princess Diana’s Death, Columbine School Shooting and more. Season 1 AND 2 are available now. Congrats to Brian on his new venture!
  10. This could be interesting, Don Lemon may have played a role in altering Jussie Smollett he was going to be arrested. I know this is coming from the NYP and other more right wing outlets but this is serious grounds for termination if true. CNN needs to investigate and if these claims are found to be true ACNN needs to fire him. Who knows, maybe we’ll be getting 3 new hours of programing on CNN. https://nypost.com/2021/12/07/don-lemon-did-not-mention-own-role-in-jussie-smollett-trial/amp/
  11. I’m actually shocked, I would’ve bet they’d find a way to keep him. Let’s hope the firing trend continues and cleans up a few more messes. It will be interesting to see what the full investigation finds and who it names…
  12. Just noticed this. Lindsey Riser was filling in this afternoon and said "I'll see you again tomorrow morning at 7am" so she's still there, but I'm not sure about Kendis Gibson, they've really under utilized him since he joined MSNBC. Side note: Lindsey Riser is 26 weeks pregnant, I wonder who will be filling in for her? Hopefully she can continue to come into 30 Rock with increasing COVID risks.
  13. Michael Smerconish will be covering for Cuomo next week as his suspension continues. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cnn-taps-michael-smerconish-to-fill-in-for-chris-cuomo-next-week/495248/
  14. He needs to go, along with Jeff Zucker and Brian Stelter - who really stuck his neck out for Chris, especially with the whole "many people here understand why he (Chris) did what he did, plus his office is several floors above the newsroom...".as if location of someones office would prevent them from controlling/interfering with coverage. And who could forget "if we open up the journalism ethics book, there's no rule for this" (referring to Chris not covering Andrews accusations). Can't wait to hear what Zucker's fiction writers come up with for Brian to say Sunday and somehow defend all of this making Chris look good. I hope Jake Tapper takes over the time slot, if not him maybe an external hire would be best. Clearly CNN needs new leadership and some cleaning.
  15. I would just like to express how sad I am about Brian leaving and yes I do mean sad. Brian was my hero as a kid and the reason I got into to journalism, I never missed Nightly and never miss The 11th Hour. Sad to see him leaving after 28 years, he certainly had a great career and made a huge impact on people and journalism as a whole. I’m hoping it’s Chris Jansing, she deserves it and has been filling in recently. Brian made it sound like The 11th Hour will be sticking around but with a new host staring in the new year. I’d say Chris Jansing, Jacob Soboroff and Alicia Menendez are probably front runners for his replacement. As for top story with Tom, that would be a better placed at 10pm when Lawrence retires IMO. Lots of change still to come at MSNBC.
  16. Brief look at MSNBC’s use of 3A for elections, the Virtual area looks nice. side note, is Brian done doing Elections or did he just not want to do this round?
  17. 1A is a freaking mess, it doesn’t look good at all, Clickspring really hit the nail on the head with 3A. I like how the new set looks using bright lighting but darker lighting (like on All In doesn't) show it off as well. If you happen to look at the Newscast Studio article you’ll get a laugh right away with “The show, which airs for two hours starting at 3 p.m. eastern, quietly launched from the new space.” Deadline Whitehouse of course begins at 4 PM Eastern. Any idea of how many desks will be used in 3A? So far we’re at 3? it’s amazing how quickly those LED floors caught on.
  18. I will be posting screen grabs form the new studio for each show, I’ll try not to go crazy with it, but this is how Chris Hayes is using the space. Also, Rachel remains at home.
  19. Tom’s new show, Top Story, on NBC News NOW stated tonight. He’ll be using studio 4E formerly used by MSNBC, looks like NNN & Peacock shows will be gaining a new space for coverage.
  20. Wow, the new set looks great! This is what I expect from NBC, looks like a lot of flexibility. Here are a few screen grabs.
  21. YES! I was holding out hoping they'd be doing some work. I'm assuming Clickspring is doing the new MSNBC Studio 3A (which appears to be nearly finished), might as well just roll right across the street to 1A. It'll be interesting to see what they do, if it's a full gut job or just tweaks again, considering NBC is using 1A for election coverage and major pre-planned events, will they specifically build the new set with those things in mind and make it more flexible for non Today Show use? I also expect updates to the upstairs set specifically for "Today All Day" and the 4th Hour's needs.
  22. Does anyone else wonder if Studio 1A is receiving some updates? I only saw the first 3 hours this morning and all of it was outside. I wouldn’t expect a major redo but updating the tracking panels, tweaks to the 2nd floor and figuring out what to do with the video wall covering the orange room is very realistic.
  23. You guys beat me to it. I assumed CNN's plan was to move MXP to CNN+, they could air the main 4 hours live (til 10A ET) and then air 1 or 2 hours of the "updated" version like HLN use to do with the show pre pandemic. Jennifer Westhoven (covers business), Mesllisa Knowles (covers entertainment) could either host their own shows or contribute to others. HLN recently started new promos celebrating Robin Meade's 20th year anchoring a national morning newscast, touting it's long history and friendly, familiar faces, that could help promote a move to CNN+. One more thing, True Crime Live with Mike Galanos hasn't been on since early last year and Lynn Smith who hosted On The Story left the network and news all together recently after her show was sidelined as well. Could WarnerMedia turn HLN into Turner's designated sports channel (mainly in primetime) now that they have the NHL? Considering HLN is in over 91.1 million households (more than 94.9 percent of pay television subscribers) in the United States, making it the most distributed American subscription network. I'm not saying go full on NBCSN style, but if they are looking for more viewers it's not a bad idea to put it on a channel everyone has. Although leaving it the murder-obsessed channel is it will make them plenty of money.
  24. I think Brian wants to work a little longer. I kinda just assumed that Shep would be Lawrence O'Donnell's replacement as he will be 70 in November, Shep could have Rachel for a lead in and would hand over to Brian which is more news/analysis anyways, if he replaced Lawrence at 10pm.
  25. For those of you interested in what NBC 10 Boston has done, I've uploaded 3 different opens. IMO, The 4:30 open looks the best, I'm not a fan of the tease graphics used at 5, and for "The Ten", the concept is a good one but I was expecting it to be 10 minuets straight of a local story, not a random feature story that doesn't have any apparent local connection, I'm surprised they didn't go with a full half hour of tradition news at 7 like other O&O's are or even something like KARE 11's "Breaking The News"... NBC 10 Boston News at 4:30PM Open. NBC 10 Boston News at 5PM, Breaking News Open. NBC 10 Boston News "The Ten" at 7PM Open.
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