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  1. WAY better than NewsNation. It was so great to see Shep again, something of normalcy. Shepard said he will be moving to his new set soon. I love everything except the graphics, they don't look like something NBCArtWorks would normally do, awkward lower thirds and huge CNBC logo just looks weird to me.
  2. I was hoping they would get Shep a nice new set. The renderings look awesome, can't wait to see it tomorrow!
  3. Same on my guide. Glad to see Kendis and Lindsey together in the morning, I'm surprised they didn't brand those 2 hours. Now they just need to figure out a replacement for AMJoy and the schedule will be set. I still wish they'd give Richard Lui an MSNBC Live slot from 10p-Midnight ET on weekends but that's wishful thinking.
  4. Actually Ali requested the move and has said "I love it". He teaches during the week in Philadelphia which is why he wanted to move to weekends, I was hoping they would let him anchor from the new Comcast Center in Philly but we probably won't ever see that.
  5. If any of you are interested in looking at more pictures and renderings of the NewsNation sets, Clickspring has posted them: https://www.clickspringdesign.com/portfolio/wgna-newsnation-2020/
  6. I wondered that too, cost wise it would make sense to give it to Alex since her show is so popular but I'm gonna bet it stays rotating. According to David Gura's LinkedIn he is still with NBCU News Group, they've really underused him in so many ways. His weekend show "UP" was great, I love Ali Velshi but that wasn't the best spot for him, I'm surprised David hasn't made his way over to CNBC since he came from Bloomberg. I figured the "NBCUniversal News Group President" would know if David was still around!
  7. New changes coming to MSNBC early weekday mornings and weekend line up. Morning Joe will be getting a new lead in, Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt starts September 21st at 5 am ET (M-F), she will anchor from D.C. Because of that change Yasmin Vossoughian will move to weekends and host MSNBC Live on Saturdays and Sundays in NYC from 3-5 pm ET. On September 19th MSNBC will debut American Voices With Alicia Menendez, from 6-8 pm. ET, followed by The Week With Joshua Johnson, from 8-10 pm ET, both new shows will originate from NYC and will be on every Saturday and Sunday. This Sunday will be the final episode of KasieDC. They will now have an open hour from 2-3 pm ET. These are smart changes especially the new weekend shows, they have really been promoting Alicia recently. I was hoping they'd put Joshua on weekdays . I wish they would give Richard Lui an MSNBC Live slot from 10 pm-12 am ET on weekends for those of us out West.
  8. They are awesome! I didn't like the angle of the stedicam during the open however, weird angle I thought, otherwise awesome open.
  9. So maybe I missed this but is NewsNation producing news through out the morning/day for online streaming? One of the producers says he'll be producing digital morning news casts. Elizabeth Chmurak will be anchoring morning "news updates", you can see the graphics they've made for NewsNation Now. I wonder how they plan to use this.
  10. I hope they do and by the time they do launch a morning newscast I would bet WarnerMedia has dropped all news on HLN by then, WGN could pick up Robin Meade and she would fit the no opinion / no politics format, plus she could 3-5 hours a day 5 days a week no problem. Although I could see them launching something before and/or after NewsNation before they do mornings.
  11. Just wanna make myself clear, they wouldn't be giving up an hour of primetime shows, they would be placing a 30 min newscast as soon as the 3 hour primetime ends, so either 10 or 11 depending on the market since primetime begins at 7 or 8 depending on where you live. They would still get plenty of advertising money. Also 10:30 / 11:30 would work too.
  12. I couldn't agree more, the CBS News devision needs a complete reinvention. I know the idea of moving the Evening News isn't a popular one but I really think CBS should move it to 10pm for every timezone (11pm for some stations), rebrand it as the CBS National News or keep it as the Evening News branding if you want, but mainly follow the BBC format of serious stories and a strong world focus. The main thing I would incorporate from the BBC is the rotating anchor format and I would have the broadcast originate live for all timezones, New York or D.C. would handle the Eastern and Central timezones and Los Angeles would cover the Mountain and Pacific timezones, I know that would add an extra cost but it would make sense with it being on later and being live so the stories are current. Late local news would be on immediately after at 10:30 (or 11:30), and the affiliates would get an extra half hour at 5:30 / 6:30 or whenever they air the evening news which would make up for the late news being on later. I don't know what they'd do on the weekends especially on nights with sports but they could figure something out, something like a 15 min broadcast on weekends would work since sports normally goes longer than expected delaying local news. In terms of Norah, I really liked her on CTM but have absolutely hate her on the evening news, it seems so forced and manufactured. The "breaking news" for everything is out of control. I grew up watching Katie and later Scott, on his last night I was holding in tears as he said goodbye, he ignited my passion for journalism and CBS hasn't been the same since he was forced out, Jeff grew on me and stared to find his groove when they got rid of him. In true CBS fashion Norah will be gone within 2 years from now and they'll be stuck again. Its kinda sad how they are the most watched network but in dead last place when it comes to news, they need to find a way to keep those viewers for network newscasts and that's why I really think the success of their primetime line up could be a great lead in and give CBS success at 10pm / 11pm. I know many of you don't like the idea and will bring up ad revenue, local stations, ownership groups and all kinds of other stuff but seriously, its worth a shot, they don't have much to lose at this point. The affiliates would get over it, adapt and benefit from an extra 30 min in the evening and could benefit from a strong lead in to late local news (yes I know they already have one from primetime). Local stations could even keep a news at 10pm / 11pm just on a sub channel or streaming online / CBSN local if they really wanted to keep that broadcast. We can respectfully talk about this if anyone wishes to as long as we don't bash the idea or me.
  13. I agree, the new COVID graphics look great. The lower thirds are more soft and the open could easily be adapted to live rolling news, simply swap out the COVID pictures and insert pictures from news as it's happening (just like ABC News Australia's open) make other subtle changes to fit MSNBC day time and it would be awesome. I also like how they are doing the headlines with the graphics and new format for them, the headlines stand out way more than they have in recent years, adding a newsy feel to MSNBC daytime which has been lacking recently.
  14. It will be interesting to see how CBS does weekends after all of this is over. Hopefully they’ll move the weekend news into the CBS “news hub” (formerly studio 47) it looks great on tv and worked much better than the cluttered, odd studio 57 newsroom set.
  15. I agree with putting Joshua Johnson on at 5P, they can do what ever they want with Chuck, I certainly wouldn't miss MTP Daily. Personal I think they should re-do the schedule to what I have below: Deadline WH viewers are familiar with John Heilemann so that would be a easy change at 4P, Joshua Johnson would be a refreshing change at 5P compared to MTP Daily, regular viewers know and love Steve Kornacki and he filled in for Hardball so it makes since to put him at 7P, moving Nicole Wallace to 8P would be great lead in to Rachel and she would bring in new viewers who don't normally watch MSNBC primetime, and lastly, since Lawrence O'Donnell has indicated he would like to retire in early 2021 (post inauguration) moving Chris Hayes to 10P would help his ratings with Rachel becoming his lead in and since All In is geared towards younger viewers he would be more poised to achieve that and receive a nice ratings bump from Rachel. Leave Ari, Rachel and Brian where they are and the focus on stability and filling the open slots on the daytime schedule daily left open by Ali Velshi and prepare for Andrea Mitchell to retire. Give Chris Jansing an hour or 2, expand Stephanie Rhule's slot and figure out what you want to do with Katy Tur, Hallie Jackson and Craig Melvin going forward then fine tune the weekends so you can really compete. The schedule would be: 4P-John Heilemann 5P-Joshua Johnson 6P- Ari Melber 7P-Steve Kornacki 8P-Nicole Wallace 9P-Rachel Maddow 10P-Chris Hayes 11P-Brian Williams
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