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  1. So has CNN canceled “SE Cupp Unfiltered”? I know her show hasn’t been on since before the pandemic but it seemed to do well. Maybe they’d put her on for an hour at 9pm on weekends?
  2. I wonder if they’ll drop the 3 anchors and move one of them to an earlier time slot.
  3. Depending on what MSNBC does with Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd's time slots, Morgan could easily fill an hour under the MSNBC Live branding. I don't see her getting a weekend time slot because she won't do opinion and MSNBC seems comfortable with its revamped weekend line up. I can honestly see her reaching the heights of newsreader or co-anchor on Today, her personality, delivery and style make her extremely likable and relatable. Morgan has a very bright future at NBC News / MSNBC.
  4. Good for Rashida, Let the changes begin..... Also, did everyone else see the NBC News app alert for her? That’s awesome.
  5. Here are some pictures and details about NBC's new space, still no info on the Meet The Press studio or newsroom yet. https://meridiandesign.com/projects/nbc-news-washington-dc-bureau-relocation
  6. “I think a lot of people will be devastated if he does leave the network, and are concerned that you won’t be able to find someone with his leadership style to fill that role.” Exactly what style of "leadership" does he provide? Outside of NYC what employees will be sad to see him go? If CNN returns to news after the mess he's created, that will be a welcomed change.
  7. David Gura has left MSNBC & NBC News. https://mobile.twitter.com/davidgura/status/1327315883677593600
  8. I honestly love Wolf and Anderson but I really wonder if they would be able to breakaway from the yelling panels, return to real news and drop the politics. Erin is/was better at business news. And let's be honest, Chris wouldn't have been moved to primetime if trump didn't win, he's good at arguing, yelling and hyping things up but that's what CNN wanted to increase ratings. I really like the people you mentioned but I don't know if they'll be able to return to real news. Zucker's got to go, the sports division is big money, only a matter of time before he ruins that.
  9. Natalie Allen was a big loss even for U.S. viewers. I was surprised John didn't leave after what happened with Isha, he loved LA. Sadly George already left CNN (though they still have his bio online), George announced he was leaving CNN on February 29, 2020 and I don't blame him, similar to Isha he said he was dissatisfied with the direction CNN has gone, they were both tired of talking about trump and politics all day, everyday, non-stop while other stories were ignored. I feel bad for Brooke but I'm not surprised, no one is better at creating viral, click-bait, shareable moment
  10. Pat Harvey anchored a CBS News Special Report from KCBS in LA. It appeared to be pre-recorded and aired around 10:30PM-11:00PM Pacific, I think but not for sure on the time. EDIT: From TVNewser; "CBS News aired a crawl at 1:30 a.m. ET. The network also aired a special report for the West Coast-only at 10:33 p.m. PT."
  11. WAY better than NewsNation. It was so great to see Shep again, something of normalcy. Shepard said he will be moving to his new set soon. I love everything except the graphics, they don't look like something NBCArtWorks would normally do, awkward lower thirds and huge CNBC logo just looks weird to me.
  12. I was hoping they would get Shep a nice new set. The renderings look awesome, can't wait to see it tomorrow!
  13. Same on my guide. Glad to see Kendis and Lindsey together in the morning, I'm surprised they didn't brand those 2 hours. Now they just need to figure out a replacement for AMJoy and the schedule will be set. I still wish they'd give Richard Lui an MSNBC Live slot from 10p-Midnight ET on weekends but that's wishful thinking.
  14. Actually Ali requested the move and has said "I love it". He teaches during the week in Philadelphia which is why he wanted to move to weekends, I was hoping they would let him anchor from the new Comcast Center in Philly but we probably won't ever see that.
  15. If any of you are interested in looking at more pictures and renderings of the NewsNation sets, Clickspring has posted them: https://www.clickspringdesign.com/portfolio/wgna-newsnation-2020/

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