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  1. WALA open (not a bad choice for In-Sync)
  2. Looking at this recent open has got me confused about which newscast branding is the correct one... KTRE 9 News (voiceover/1st chryon) or KTRE News 9 (anchor/other chryons)?
  3. Took a bit of photoshop work but this is the best I could do for a recreation...
  4. Kind of was hoping they were using "Beyond" for the open this morning...
  5. UPDATE: It's a soft launch tonight, only for a "sneak peak" (plus a quick look at the opening) woman_injured_after_southeast_memphis_shooting___localmemphis.com_-_Google_Chrome_2020-10-11_22-44-02.mp4
  6. Yikes, talk about halfway... I agree with dma37dude (YT), this is terrible. At this point, they should've gone completely in with "Glass V.2" instead of using parts of 2 different packages.
  7. So, KCPQ's Apps are showing a slightly modified logo (sharper corners than current one)... I guess it's time for a new logo... (new vs old logo)
  8. Probably not because WCAU already has Steve Kramer for their voice-over work.
  9. I wouldn't say NEW as since they implemented the gfx almost 9 months ago...
  10. WLWT "Eyewitness News 5 at Noon" open from 2001 (surprised to hear Bill Ratner's voice instead of Scott Chapin):
  11. and apparently it wasn't her decision to leave also...
  12. Update on the sale of KFMB AM/FM... It was completed as of today (3/17). https://radioinsight.com/headlines/185323/local-media-san-diego-closes-kfmb-am-fm-purchase-sells-760-to-iheartmedia/
  13. WOI launched their TEGNA app and website today along with what appears to be a new "Local 5" logo (below the Hourly weather)...
  14. Wow, what a huge upgrade from the previous gfx. I'm also a bit surprised that they kept "The Tower" rather than switching to a SAM package.
  15. Here's the new gfx in action... The L3's seems like a big downgrade as to what they had before imo.
  16. WCYB-TV in Bristol, VA just became the 1st former Bonten station to switch to the new gfx package...
  17. Welp... here's the finale you've been waiting for.
  18. It appears that as of Friday (8/23), WKBN has switched to the Nexstar CBS Weather GFX...
  19. The NBC Montana stations recently began using the sidebar and ticker from the previous gfx package.

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