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  1. Happen to come across this... A WGCL test website with the Gray template. https://gray-wgcl-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/ (replace "wgcl" with any former Meredith-Gray station call letters and you'll find a default Gray template for that station)
  2. Back in August, FOX 46 did a "Back to School" special from what appears to be a different portion of the new set.
  3. WALA open (not a bad choice for In-Sync)
  4. Looking at this recent open has got me confused about which newscast branding is the correct one... KTRE 9 News (voiceover/1st chryon) or KTRE News 9 (anchor/other chryons)?
  5. Took a bit of photoshop work but this is the best I could do for a recreation...
  6. Kind of was hoping they were using "Beyond" for the open this morning...
  7. UPDATE: It's a soft launch tonight, only for a "sneak peak" (plus a quick look at the opening) woman_injured_after_southeast_memphis_shooting___localmemphis.com_-_Google_Chrome_2020-10-11_22-44-02.mp4
  8. Yikes, talk about halfway... I agree with dma37dude (YT), this is terrible. At this point, they should've gone completely in with "Glass V.2" instead of using parts of 2 different packages.
  9. So, KCPQ's Apps are showing a slightly modified logo (sharper corners than current one)... I guess it's time for a new logo... (new vs old logo)
  10. Probably not because WCAU already has Steve Kramer for their voice-over work.
  11. I wouldn't say NEW as since they implemented the gfx almost 9 months ago...
  12. WLWT "Eyewitness News 5 at Noon" open from 2001 (surprised to hear Bill Ratner's voice instead of Scott Chapin):
  13. and apparently it wasn't her decision to leave also...
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