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  1. Yeah....WBRE could use an upgraded set....
  2. WBRE/WYOU Eyewitness News in Wilkes-Barre PA just debuted new graphics on today's 5pm newscast. I think that they really needed an upgrade. They kept News Matrix, which has been their music package since 2012. This is a quick record that I did, via their online stream. Here is the full 5pm/5:30pm compilation: Old graphics for reference:
  3. It sounds like the package "360". I also believe that the production company is 360 Music. Check out this. It was linked on the 360 Music Website, and features the same station in the video you linked.
  4. I'm looking for stuff in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Market. WNEP: News intros using original MCTYW; News from early 2000s WBRE: Signoff WOLF: News when WBRE produced "FOX56 News First at 10" There aren't many of videos from this market, likely because there aren't any major cities within the viewing area. I'm also trying to find: WPXI: More newscasts from 1994 to 1996, where they used MCTYW Esque. There are a few clips on YouTube, but I'd like to see some more.
  5. Hello! I love the news! :-)
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