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  1. Noticed Sukanya Krishnan hosting on CBSN tonight.
  2. So we’re about a month and a half in with the Kerry Drew/Bianca Peters pairing. What’s your opinion of them? Personally I don’t like Bianca Peters. She flubs a lot of pronunciations especially of NY cities and landmarks (She couldn’t pronounce Ronkonkoma or De Blasio correctly) and I don’t like the chemistry between the two compared to Antwan/Teresa, Ben/Juliet, and Suki/Jenn.
  3. Good catch. This is what it said on 9/8/19:
  4. I’ve watched 3 1/2 of news on FOX 5 this morning and they never mentioned anything about a Noon newscast. Guess we will find out in 4 hours.
  5. Last year, all of the guides had the FOX 5 News At Noon listed to debut and it never happened. We’ll see if it actually does this time around. You’d think they’d promote it somewhere.
  6. My guide lists a new show debuting next Monday called “The Noon” Is that one of those new daily variety shows or is that FOX5’s new Noon newscast they’ve been planning for years now?
  7. Raegan tweeted she would be hosting all week so I expect it to be her and Kerry until next week
  8. Kerry Drew and Raegan Medgie hosted Good Day Wake Up this morning.
  9. Ryan Kristafer will be replacing Baruch Shemtov on GDNY starting August 12th. https://pagesix.com/2019/07/17/ct-reporter-ryan-kristafer-heading-to-good-day-new-york/
  10. Page Six TV aired. Don't think WNYW got the memo that they are starting a Noon newscast.
  11. Duke Castiglione has left FOX 5 NY to join WCVB in Boston as a Weekend Evening Anchor and Reporter.
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