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  1. Starting Monday, WMYD will simulcast Scripps News' Early Rush from 6:30 AM to 7 AM, leading into their WXYZ-produced morning newscast.
  2. A couple late Detroit changes: Black-Ish has left WADL and has been replaced with What The Bleep Is That? and a relocated Pawn Stars. As for where Access Hollywood ends up, we have an answer, and it's WXYZ, which is using it to replace the prime access airing of Pictionary (which goes back to being an overnight exclusive).
  3. Actually, Comics Unleashed remains intact following the repeat of the 11 PM newscast, but that will be it for syndicated programming on WWJ.
  4. Detroit changes effective September 11 (some changes may come earlier or later) WJBK: Entertainment Tonight replaces Access Hollywood in the same timeslots and Person, Place or Thing replaces You Bet Your Life in the same timeslots. WDIV: Drew Barrymore replaces Rachael Ray. WMYD: Early Rush (from Scripps News) at 6:30 AM, bumping Just for Laughs Gags back a half-hour, which in turn, bumps a run of Justice with Judge Mablean to replace paid programming at 3:30 AM, People's Court and Mathis Court from 10-noon replacing Judge Jerry and bumping We the People to replace Pawn Stars in the 2 AM hour, Judge Mathis replaces Relative Justice in the 7 PM hour. WADL: Paid programming at midnight, 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM and 2 PM is replaced with additional runs of Storage Wars, Justice for All, Supreme Justice and Law & Crime Daily respectively, and two additional runs of Bob's Burgers in the 4 PM hour bump the two Stoarge Wars runs in that hour back an hour to replace The Liquidator. WKBD: A simulcast of CBS News Detroit's 7 AM hour replaces Forensic Justice (gone from the schedule entirely) and Scene of the Crime (replaces paid programming at 4 AM), Dr. Phil and Hot Bench replace The People's Court and Judge Mathis from 10-noon, the 1 PM run of The People's Court is also replaced with two Divorce Court runs as America's Court slides in at 12:30 PM to replace the existing Divorce Court run there, Cutlers Court replaces the 3 PM run of Judge Mathis, the two runs of The Neighborhood move forward an hour to make room for Equal Justice and bump Last Man Standing's two runs to 1 AM (replacing Modern Family), two runs of Family Feud and 48 Hours move into the slots vacated by the loss of The CW, Dateline replaces their Now newscast, The Simpsons is reduced to one run and bumped forward to 3 AM to replace Drew Barrymore (Seinfeld takes the 3:30 AM slot) to make room for The King of Queens in the 2 AM hour, Top Secret Files replaces The Balancing Act at 4:30 AM, and a second run of Seinfeld replaces Forensic Justice at 5:30 AM. WWJ: Drew Barrymore is replaced by an extension of their 9 AM news, Dr. Phil is replaced by two additional runs of Family Feud, and Entertainment Tonight is replaced by a repeat of their 11 PM news.
  5. Not sure if this has been confirmed yet, but over on another forum I found out that Entertainment Tonight apparently will take over the 2 PM timeslot on WJBK, moving over from WWJ to replace Access Hollywood.
  6. When WWJ relaunched their news operation earlier this year, they started their morning newscast at 5 AM, and this remains true as of now. Surprisingly, WJBK still has a 4 AM start and WDIV and WXYZ still start at 4:30.
  7. Among markets in Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Traverse City-Cadillac are Wheel first, then J!; while Flint-Saginaw, Marquette, and Alpena are J! first, then Wheel.
  8. Some more Detroit updates I found for the week of September 26, all WMYD: -iCrime: 11 PM and 3 AM -Ring Nation: Sunday nights (technically Monday mornings) at 1:30 AM -We the People: 11 AM and 11:30 AM
  9. More Detroit updates: -Magnum PI (2018): WWJ, Saturday nights (technically Sunday mornings) at midnight -The Rookie: WXYZ, Saturday nights at 11:30 PM -911: WMYD, Saturday nights at 11 PM iCrime, Ring Nation, and We the People are not cleared here.
  10. As of today, WWJ-TV has rebranded from CBS 62 to CBS Detroit, and First Forecast is now NEXT Weather.
  11. Here's what's changing in Detroit: WJBK: Sherri at 1 PM, replacing The Real. Two additional reruns of Judge Judy will (for now) replace Wendy Williams at noon. WDIV: Jennifer Hudson at 3 PM, replacing Ellen. WXYZ: Pictionary at 1:30 AM (yikes!), replacing DailyMailTV. WMYD: Karamo at 4 PM, replacing Judge Jerry. WADL: Rick Wiles Today is replaced at 4:30 AM by an additional run of Forensic Files and at 7 AM by Recipe.TV. The First 48 moves to noon, replacing Dateline (which will still air at 1 PM and 7 PM). Replacing it in the 2 PM hour are Impractical Jokers (which moves from WKBD) and Friends. Paid programming (??) at 12:30 AM, replacing one run of Friends, and at 3 PM, replacing one run of The Liquidator (which will still air at 3:30 PM). WKBD: To replace the departing Impractical Jokers, a second run of Funny You Should Ask will be added at 8 AM. Replacing 2 Broke Girls in the midnight hour is American Housewife. Replacing Mike & Molly in the 4 PM hour is The Neighborhood. A second run of Seinfeld will be added at 2 AM, replacing The Goldbergs. Despite rumors, Schitt's Creek will still be at 2:30 AM. WWJ: Reruns of Nick Cannon will inexplicably remain at 3 PM. Both half-hours of Drew Barrymore will still occupy the 4 PM hour, and encores replace The Doctors at 3 AM. These changes are likely interim, as both WWJ and (to a lesser extent) WKBD will have to do some shuffling to accommodate the launch of CBS News Detroit.
  12. Sherri Shepherd is coming to WJBK September 12th, most likely replacing Wendy at 12 PM.
  13. These "News Now" titles must be interim titles, but yeah I wouldn't be surprised if these will be produced at KTVT.
  14. WKBD has always had one airing of Schitt's Creek at 2:30 AM late weeknights, which is more proof of how little faith was put into the show's syndie run.
  15. What baffles me (other than how it ended up on a subchannel of a Me TV affiliate) is how sudden and abrupt this affiliation announcement was.
  16. According to this article, WJBK anchor Huel Perkins is planning to retire next year, and Monica Gayle may retire with him. https://deadlinedetroit.com/articles/28964/detroit_fox_2_anchor_huel_perkins_plans_to_retire_next_year_--_monica_gayle_may_follow
  17. This creates a precarious situation for WJBK. They have Wendy while Nick is on WWJ. Would WJBK be willing to take Nick from WWJ?
  18. WMYD will be airing Chicago Fire followed by Law & Order SVU in primetime starting September 20 to replace My Network programming.
  19. WMYD will air MacGyver at 6 PM on Saturdays, replacing Storm of Suspicion (and thus prone to potential preemptions for a few Saturdays per year for Detroit City FC broadcasts). WWJ will be airing Bull twice, 12:30 AM on Saturdays and 1 AM on Sundays. They will also be airing SEAL Team twice, 11:30 PM on Saturdays and midnight on Sundays. Zap2It had no listings for syndicated SWAT and The Good Doctor.
  20. WADL will be airing Highway thru Hell at 3 AM, The Liquidator x2 at 3 PM and Storage Wars x2 at 4 PM. They are also restoring a double-run of Friends at 9 PM, likely as a stopgap measure before it picks up MyNetworkTV on 9/20. Even though the Young Sheldon syndication website mentioned it airing on WKBD, it was nowhere to be found on its new schedule. Speaking of which, WKBD will replace the outgoing Jerry Springer by moving forward Judge Mathis, and in turn expand its late afternoon sitcom block by one hour using double runs. The 11 PM airings of The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men have been swapped between WKBD and WWJ. Apparently Access Daily will be airing on both WMYD (11 PM) and WADL (10 AM) and The Doctors will be airing on both WMYD (11 AM) and WWJ (3 AM).
  21. You Bet Your Life gets a late night timeslot on WJBK at 11:30. WNWO will have it at 3 PM. Going to WMYD and WUPW.
  22. Longtime WJBK anchor Sherry Margolis is retiring next week. She has been with the station since 1984.
  23. Fox Corporation is apparently in a dispute with virtually every small-sized cable provider in the country. https://www.facebook.com/wyandottemunicipalservices/posts/3069526503061527?__xts__[0]=68.ARDKh5gyD4JgkSJFMbDOIAZvi9pWOEXfwN5kf5wBZUIYSAy6LFzw1Ly3PIQtyzlR8n8BQtuHkQ3KSmwJzDjAA7rsSNdH5mgbLmEe0u3QJ2wajh6bcFin4fXJ9UMaPiJeaouXAGlerXS-Ec8NZ1-L0JCzOC_2FieELj7Wwh3AIYe8WjKe2gz3bMhd1ewbxZiix1vIhjgNFkiSmHOoG6EloFzdv2yqxmkClciFHVo4_xz2Xg2G9ftrPRja3yAlEFiHD391PeUjaD-2OpmA1hWj0jz14Jol6Etb1tIUZqfuiU52tf4Ymj7NF5wgZVsQMxrkrdDtvO3-QuFFsse4AA7Bsg&__tn__=-R
  24. Right now, half of the nation's satellite subscribers are without CBS. CBS O&Os? Out. Nexstar-owned CBS affiliates? Out. Meredith-owned CBS affiliates? Out. KSWT Yuma-El Centro, KVIQ-LP Eureka, and WXVT-LD Greenville-Greenwood. All owned by Northwest Broadcasting, whose stations have been off of AT&T services since freaking February. Watch ratings for Big Brother drop, and watch as other broadcasters may end up in new retransmission disputes, potentially cutting off CBS access to even more satellite subscribers.
  25. The irony of that, I believe WGCL has also been affected by the Dish-Metedith dispute. This may mean satellite customers in the Atlanta market may be without CBS in any form. Reminds me of what Dish customers in the Traverse City market in Michigan had to deal with at one point in 2015. They were left with only CMUPT (PBS) on Dish as the respective owners of 9&10/WFQX and 7&9/29&8 were both in the midst of disputes with Dish.
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