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  1. Longtime WJBK anchor Sherry Margolis is retiring next week. She has been with the station since 1984.
  2. WADL, for now, is still airing Cops weeknights from midnight to 1 AM.
  3. May 29, the first night that Detroit saw protests, when it ended up erupting into the first riot in the city since 1990 (as early as a few hours before sunset when police car windows were being shattered), I was very impressed with WJBK's coverage. They stayed on well past their 11 PM newscast, and in fact, well past midnight. WDIV only covered the riot starting at 11:30 PM and decided to stop coverage at midnight. WXYZ never even bothered covering it. The rioting continued the following two nights, although to a lessening extent, and on May 30, past-11 PM news coverage was shorter, and was non-existent on May 31 despite Lafayette Coney Island in downtown losing one of their doors to the riot that night.
  4. Right now, WJBK in Detroit is having Huel Perkins anchor in studio solo, while Monica Gayle anchors from her home.
  5. Jeopardy! has always been seen on WDIV/Detroit and WTOL/Toledo since day one of the Trebek version!...currently it airs on both stations at 7:30, but back in the 80's, WDIV aired Jeopardy! at 7:00, and WTOL aired it in daytime during it's first couple seasons on the air. For WDIV, Jeopardy! has long been the leading program in it's time period.
  6. You could also blame constant preemptions in a lot of markets thanks to the impeachment.
  7. Fox Corporation is apparently in a dispute with virtually every small-sized cable provider in the country. https://www.facebook.com/wyandottemunicipalservices/posts/3069526503061527?__xts__[0]=68.ARDKh5gyD4JgkSJFMbDOIAZvi9pWOEXfwN5kf5wBZUIYSAy6LFzw1Ly3PIQtyzlR8n8BQtuHkQ3KSmwJzDjAA7rsSNdH5mgbLmEe0u3QJ2wajh6bcFin4fXJ9UMaPiJeaouXAGlerXS-Ec8NZ1-L0JCzOC_2FieELj7Wwh3AIYe8WjKe2gz3bMhd1ewbxZiix1vIhjgNFkiSmHOoG6EloFzdv2yqxmkClciFHVo4_xz2Xg2G9ftrPRja3yAlEFiHD391PeUjaD-2OpmA1hWj0jz14Jol6Etb1tIUZqfuiU52tf4Ymj7NF5wgZVsQMxrkrdDtvO3-QuFFsse4AA7Bsg&__tn__=-R
  8. Very controversial news is coming in regarding Kevin Adell, the owner of The Word Network and WADL-TV, serving Detroit and Mount Clemens. Boycotts have even been called. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/10/15/kevin-adell-nabj-bishop-george-bloomer/3976858002/ Any opinions on what should be done?
  9. America Says will air in Detroit. WKBD will air it Sundays at 5 PM. WKBD is also airing FYSA on Saturday overnights.
  10. At least this is the first useful post from you that I've seen, unlike your others which contain suspiciously fake information.
  11. Starting September 16th, WWJ will pick up Mel Robbins at 3 PM. The infomercials are just as I had expected, placeholders.
  12. Detroit WJBK will replace Steve Harvey in the 2 PM hour with Access and the newly-renamed ExtraExtra. WXYZ will pick up Kelly Clarkson at 3 PM, replacing Pickler & Ben. WMYD will pick up Tamron Hall at 11 AM, shoving the two episodes of The Verdict one hour earlier, replacing Caught In Providence; and will also pick up Judge Jerry in the 4 PM hour, displacing Live PD to the 7 PM hour, replacing Funny You Should Ask. WADL will pick up the newly-minted weeknight Bob's Burgers airings in the 11 PM hour. WWJ will pick up 25 Words or Less in the 9 AM hour, displacing Dr. Oz to the 4 PM hour, replacing Face the Truth. The WWTBAM/Family Feud hour at 3 PM will be replaced with infomercials.
  13. 25 Words or Less will be airing sometime between 9 AM and 6 PM, as well as at 6 AM, on either WWJ or WKBD. Still no Detroit station for Judge Jerry yet.
  14. WXYZ will air Kelly Clarkson at 3 PM, replacing Pickler & Ben. They will also air Tamron Hall at 9 AM. What will this mean for Kelly & Ryan? Also, who in Detroit will be carrying Judge Jerry and 25 Words or Less?
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