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  1. And for the first time ladies and gentleman, FOX 3.
  2. If WLEX went to Nexstar instead of Scripps, this would have been an excellent successor to their previous Linear Drift package (and far more superior to the current standard Scripps crap).
  3. CBS O&Os will get a new look at the same time Disney/ABC adopts a standardized package for their entire group of O&Os. ... When hell freezes over.
  4. One of my biggest issues with this is the fact that the market is WAY too small to support an independent station with news. Also, since Nexstar is trying too damn hard with the failure that is NewsNation and is still in a stalemate with CNN, WJMN loses here because they really don't have a resource when it comes to national or world news. Nexstar stations lost access to CNN Newsource in 2020 when NN launched and trash talked CNN, much to the dismay of Nexstar's over 200 TV stations that relied on them. NN barely covers anything nationally worth running, doesn't cover breaking news, and national news that WJMN could get outside of NN is limited to markets where Nexstar has a station. So for instance, a major breaking news story occurs in Atlanta, GA and WJMN is FUCKED. It's also unclear how WJMN reports anything happening globally. I still don't know how Nexstar's other independents or CW stations with news do it. NN has a partnership with Reuters, which still hasn't been given to the stations. Aside from that, what do they do?
  5. They did consider changing the call letters of WJZY to WYQC but they threw that decision out in the 11th hour. ^ THIS The only people that seem to be complaining about it are TVNTers and local news junkies. I've heard from my source that they have actually had viewers send emails and call and use the correct name, which is astonishing given the fact people don't pay fucking attention. "I need help from QC News..." "Hey Queen City News..." "Is this Queen City News?" I'm shocked it caught on as quickly as it did. The station is also supposedly launching a massive area wide promotions campaign in February. Billboards, bus wraps, benches, cable spots, radio spots, etc. They're going to stick random "Qrown" stickers up at bars with QR codes on them... I mean they're trying to get as many eyes on this as possible. Now if only they can work out the technical issues...
  6. I've mentioned this before in Discord. Over 2 years of market research went into the rebrand. Also, the brand "FOX 46" is and was seen as a joke since FTS botched the relaunch as a FOX affiliate and made the station a complete joke. Secondly, the station has never been taken seriously even in its years as both a UPN and WB affiliate. Thirdly, Charlotte is an odd market because research has shown viewers are completely turned off by UHF channel numbers, likely because of previous blunders with 36 in the 1970s and 1980s, plus the slow rollout of cable penetration in the mountainous northwestern part of the viewing area. WBTV and WSOC and their spots on the dial were always the easiest to pick up over the air and that's why TVs are still glued to them. WCNC went back to 36, yes that's true, but the Carolina's NewsChannel 36 era was actually pretty tumultuous for them and led to a sharp ratings decline. The blame was the brand. That's why every UHF station in Charlotte refuses to brand with channel number. WCCB, WCNC, WMYT (brands by cable channel 12), and now WMYT's sister WJZY. Is it stupid? Yes. Does it matter now in the age of streaming and digital TV? Absolutely not. Does it still turn viewers off to watch a double digit local channel? Unfortunately in Charlotte, yes. Fourthly, Charlotte-Mecklenburg County and a couple other counties in the viewing area skew liberal and blue. Because of this, anything tied with FOX is seen negatively because viewers don't and will never understand there is ZERO connection with local FOX affiliates and FOX News Channel. So because of this, WJZY is distancing themselves as much as possible from the FOX name and limiting the FOX name to network programming and network promos. An internal source I have at WJZY says that it's not even confirmed that they will even keep the FOX Charlotte name depending on how well the QCN brand is received. Also, with how disappointing the FOX network has been in the last few years, it begs the question how long FOX network actually has as a network. This is purely Speculatron, but I doubt the network will exist in the next 20 years unless they make some drastic changes, go all in on streaming, and get some better programming outside of sports. Losing their entertainment division to Disney has completely fucked the network over. Plus, with them losing TNF to Amazon, it also puts their other sports programming in potential jeopardy if streaming sports takes off and pays off when it comes time to re-up. Yes, FOX potentially could be outbid by Amazon for NFC rights and it would be 1994 all over again, though this time FOX is CBS. Fifthly, change is inevitable. Nothing is guaranteed. And with channel numbers now virtually meaning absolutely nothing especially with changes on the horizon with ATSC 3.0 and the world of streaming, it makes no sense for a station that has NEVER done well branding by its channel number to not ditch it and try something new. One thing I'm not understanding is why WMYT is still branded as My12, but I am also privy to the fact that WMYT is an also-ran and program dump for WJZY and therefore isn't seen as worth putting any effort into. I'd question how much of a future the station has and if it will even exist within the next 5-10 years.
  7. It's a master control issue, they're still trying to work out the bugs no pun intended because master control is giving the station the runaround that they aren't involved with making those changes even though the station has no way internally to make those changes. This is why you should never hub master control, ever. The syndie bugs are also sporadic, they appear on some programs but not all of them. Also the Top of the Hour ID bug also still hasn't changed. It's a transitional period. By the middle of the year, the FOX 46 brand will be completely gone. God willing.
  8. Really? Didn't GO recently design new graphics for KTBS, KRGV, and create the updates to WRAL? I also could have sworn Ruth Dial came back. Jesus my brain, how could I forget the Griffin stations? Forgive me.
  9. Actually, WKRN launched their new look AFTER WSMV. In fact, by order of launch, WSMV launched their new graphics first, then WTVF got the new Scripps look, then WZTV got the new Sinclair graphics, and finally WKRN got their new look around this time last year. They only use those for CrimeTracker, Weather Alerts, and Breaking News. Everything else is standard KOIN.
  10. Still, I think WRCB was (unless I'm forgetting one, don't shoot) the last one to really use Doc Morgan religiously in opens and promos. He was their main voice for like 30 years, I really do not agree with the direction on dumping him since Doc still sounds damn good. Eh Rey is good at what he does as a motion graphics designer... In like 2011. He still hasn't found his groove in the world of flat graphics. Also working for Nexstar corporate directly now with very little in the way of resources for the entire company (he has like one really small room of a few staff in Nashville working for over 200 TV stations), I can understand his work starting to diminish in quality (SEE: KOIN). The biggest blunder in the GFX industry was the hostile takeover of Giant Octopus by the company that brings you FX Group sets. The principal GO designers left and took their work with them. Anyone remember Blue Helio pre-Linear Drift? Rey Rodriguez was only one part of what was the amazing Giant Octopus, and without the other parts you get Linear Drift. Trying to be Giant Octopus, but not quite there. The new resurrected GO on the other hand seems to be doing quite well. I feel like this might have been designed by them, it feels too good to be an in-house job.
  11. The production music is temporary. A source I have on the inside tells me that that it's likely going to be replaced with a custom package by the middle of the year. They didn't say by who, but I can assume Stephen Arnold.
  12. Ditching Doc Morgan though for Eric Gordon is probably the only mistake I can find in this whole thing.
  13. WRCB in Chattanooga has dropped their longtime brand of Channel 3 Eyewitness News in favor of Local 3 News. Their new logo seems ripped off of Morgan Murphy station logos. They also registered the domain local3news.com. It looks like they ditched Frankly/WorldNow in favor of TownNews BLOX.
  14. More like 20-25 years old. They moved there in like 1999-2000 timeframe.
  15. Will the Out and About thread be archived? It’s got a long long history and it would be a shame to see the years and years of posts disappear. @Weeters
  16. Monday via a post on their FB Page. https://www.facebook.com/wrdwtv/photos/a.376352478445/10158935514588446/?type=3
  17. I want to say this is a shame but he's been pushing false narratives and conspiracy theories for years and this cancellation is justifiable. The mighty have fallen, he isn't as respected as he once was at CNN anymore.
  18. And Connection/Premier is really just a V2 of Counterpoint since the signature is pretty similar.
  19. In light of Allen acquiring the also-ran ThisTV, it must be said. It doesn't get better... Than THIS.
  20. Official word from management inside WKRN, the new graphics will debut TOMORROW (Monday, November 23) at 4 p.m. SET YOUR BANDICAMS.
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