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  1. It’s only one guy who runs the entire site and he likely does it as a side project. I sent him the entire V1 of Icon News by 615 a couple years ago and it took damn near 6 months to get up on the site especially because he has to hand select the cuts that go up and then edit in the chirp sound to keep the music from being flagged for copyright violation.
  2. I knew there was a third station!
  3. The opens and some elements have been updated to match the graphics in monitors on the station’s new set and the look of some of their recent promos. Inside sources say the station will debut an all new graphics package in February and that the updated elements are temporary. The 10pm is now known as News4 Tonight. More videos to come. IMG_0947.MP4 IMG_0946.MP4
  4. Honestly this is the best WDEF has looked in years. Won’t help pull them out of the ratings basement that both MG and Morris dug them into, but at least the crappy Videohive graphics are gone.
  5. Unfortunately, that won’t happen because Graham Media still utilizes WPLG as their graphics hub. BH is sort of an owner in-name only, Graham still pretty much handles day-to-day operations. It’s kind of like a Sinclair/Cunningham sort of arrangement. I don’t know if it was originally planned that way, but it looks like Graham has had a lot of trouble letting go and BH not used to running TV stations was like “F—- it.” The other thought about this and most likely reason is Graham probably sold to BH initially with the understanding that they would still be the manager and operator of the station, probably to reduce some of their debt load.
  6. Something tells me though that the news department will “launch” at WPTV in the interim. There’s no way, especially since we are going into the last month of 2019, that they will even be close to being launched by even this time next year. It takes time, money, etc. to build out a news operation. Look at WRDE, WJZY, WMBF for past examples of building out a news operation, it took them well over a year from start until launch. The way the news release makes it sound is that they will launch in a matter of months, but it’s more likely they won’t be able to fully launch a news department at WSFL until at least 2021.
  7. Why are you sticking up for Nexstar, unless you’re Perry Sook, uh... Gavin, if that’s your REAL name!
  8. I knew it! One more to go. There was apparently three of us.
  9. That’s one of my most favorite TV logos. I also love how it still exists to this day in all its retro 70s glory.
  10. Their only hope is if TEGNA or Cox/Apollo sell. Sinclair has assimilated KOMO, so no hope for that to ever be the same again.
  11. The WJZY/WMYT move to Nexstar is unsurprising to me. FOX initially wanted an O&O in a booming NFC market like Carolina, well it took one journey to get to the Super Bowl to spook Cam Newton and make the Carolina Panthers not as good of a team as previously hoped... not to mention the team’s internal struggles. Then you had all the money FOX poured into WJZY to build out a news department in a market LARGELY dominated by WBTV and WSOC. They brought in top-rated talent and took an alternative approach that flatlined. They spent the next few years trying to claw their way out of the ratings basement, even getting beat in competiting time slots with the former FOX station WCCB. In a five station market (which should only be at most three or four) WJZY was and has been almost consistently fifth place. Unsurprisingly, WCNC (TEGNA) and WCCB (Bahakel) have always been distant third and fourth respectively, so surely FOX couldn’t have thought their chances were stellar. What’s worse is that FOX had so many issues from the start (like a failed move to larger facilities, cost-cutting moves, management and talent turnover, equipment problems) and made so many mistakes in the WJZY launch that they ultimately never got a return on that investment. Dumping WJZY/WMYT for WITI and KCPQ/KZJO is the best case scenario, they just got better run, better rated properties for next to nothing when compared with the dumpster fire they just unloaded onto Nexstar. It will take a miracle for Nexstar to turn around WJZY/WMYT and even then it’s less likely they will be able to. Coupled with the fact Seattle is a WAY bigger and better NFC market than Charlotte. WJZY/WMYT should be grouped in with Nexstar properties such as WGNO, do not resuscitate, and sold off to whatever bottom feeding company will take them.
  12. As others mentioned in this thread, I can vouch that I learned the reason for this from my former news director. By starting the newscast 2 minutes early, you save time and can win the quarter hour on more hard hitting top stories or breaking news coverage. It’s definitely a consultant move and it’s one that all stations across the country follow. For example, a sample newscast starts with a 15-30 second pre-show topical tease, then you have a 10-15 second open, then you have an extra 5-10 seconds for the anchors to introduce themselves, then you toss in a minute for first weather, etc. By the time the hour starts, you’re already in to your first lead story. Your lead story is what will help you win the quarter hour. In markets like Nashville, ratings are done on the quarter hour and every minute counts. Wasting precious time on the intro pleasantries wastes time, but it’s unfortunately necessary. By doing it this way, you can ensure your station wins the lead-in and viewers won’t turn it off which is important if you want to win the quarter hour. A compelling lead-in that starts right at the top of the hour or half hour can make or break a newscast. If you started the top or bottom of the hour with all the wasted time at the beginning of the newscast, then you’ll basically be telling viewers to turn you off because you have no reason for them to watch. People don’t want you to waste their time, they want to know what’s going on the moment they tune in, which most of the time is right on the hour or half hour. Also, you mad bro? If this is what makes you want to metaphorically or even literally kill yourself, then I suggest some serious professional help. Stations have been starting before the half hour or hour for years, your screaming in all caps and angry aggression on this will only fall on deaf ears. It’s not going to change, this is a consultant driven business and consultants say start early.
  13. Interesting documentary, though I don't think it's the scariest of the TV logos I've seen. Probably the scariest IMHO is the RKO General station IDs from the 1980s, that is the stuff of nightmares!
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