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  1. None of that surprised me to be honest, I knew the WFXG stuff was going to happen because Gray wasn't going to continue producing newscasts for a competing station. I venture to say that WFXG's efforts will be very low-budget in comparison, however. Meanwhile the WJBF move doesn't surprise me because they've been wanting a chunk of the 7pm and 4pm audience for awhile now that WRDW/WAGT had all to themselves. What does surprise me is that they haven't picked up Tamron Hall or a decent lead-in to the 4pm. This station still relies on The People's Court and Judge Mathis for syndicated programming. Also, the WRDW/WAGT moves don't surprise me. Having worked there and knowing the egomaniac that the news director is, she doesn't want ANY station to have a chance to one up her operation even when her operation has been failing in the ratings for years. Having looked at the schedules for all of the stations, it looks to me like none of the stations picked up The Mel Robbins Show and none of the stations have Rachael Ray anymore since WRDW dropped it for 25 Words or Less. WFXG and WAGT-DT2 (CW Augusta) are both airing double and sometimes even triple runs as well as shows no longer in active syndication (The Jerry Springer Show for instance). Honestly, none of this surprises me in the least. What does surprise me is that WFXG is making an effort to make a name for itself in a two-station market largely dominated by WJBF with a distant and mostly dead last WRDW/WAGT. As far as their news goes, the production values are pretty awful, as well as their news content and their news team is very stiff and lack confidence. Also, Jay Jefferies is NOT a certified chief meteorologist. He's a weather forecaster who calls himself a chief meteorologist. It will be interesting to see if they further expand but my money is on them actually reducing newscasts eventually. They can't be making headway in the ratings. Heck, even when WAGT was a standalone operation they pulled in hashmarks for ratings most of the time.
  2. Here's a few pictures of their temporary setup upstairs in the Today in Nashville studio. Weather is being done from a monitor at the Live Desk. Tom did a Facebook Live earlier in the evening showing the production crew already ripping out parts of the old set. It looked like the weather center started getting dismantled and duratrans were being ripped out. https://www.facebook.com/WSMVTV/videos/908865392800444/
  3. WSMV-TV in Nashville is getting a brand new set designed by Z Space Creative. This has been previously mentioned on Discord, but today is their final day on the old FX Group set. They should be on their new set by late October.
  4. Definitely Baron, I can tell by the gray remote.
  5. I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times over, the only thing saving HLN is Morning Express with Robin Meade. Her show needs to be moved over directly to CNN and New Day needs to be cancelled. After that, HLN needs to either return to a rotating newswheel or needs to cease to exist.
  6. I think based on the graphics alone, KGPE has broken the mandate mold of each station HAS to have the package that corresponds with their affiliation For instance, if WJBF ever gets a new look I am for certain they will probably use the CBS version minus the eye element just because it goes better with their logo. It's exciting to see and makes me wonder what other stations will use.
  7. That's memorable, that's Me. MeTV.
  8. It did happen in February which led to a major management overhaul. I somewhat agree with you, especially since Gray owns WVLT in Knoxville and WMC in Memphis, it gives them a third station in the capital which is needed and technically fourth station in the state since Gray has a relationship with Sarkes Tarzian who owns WRCB in Chattanooga. Actually, while they are dominant they aren't dominant by much. They had some major losses in the demo and in overall ratings in May. They've also been making a lot of bad decisions lately as well as some major technical fuck ups. The Scripps fever has finally started to overtake them, and I don't believe they will continue being dominant unless major changes are made. Their on-air product is just stale, and they report news that's several days old that other stations have already reported on. The ONLY reason WTVF continues to dominate is their aggressive promotion, the longevity of their talent (which can only last so long), and their stranglehold on the older viewers. In the demo of 25-54, which is more important now, they don't do very well and are usually at one point or another each day overtaken by WKRN or WSMV pretty much in every time slot.
  9. I don’t think it will ever happen, but if it does it will be a sad day. WSMV was number 1 in the 1980s and 1990s. A few bad management decisions at WSMV and a few good management decisions at WTVF helped them improve. It was the bad management decisions at WSMV that helped WKRN, but it didn't help them much as again I stated their ratings remained stagnant and now they're regularly placing 3rd again.
  10. Is it far from the truth though?
  11. We got to review our rankings last week for Nashville, I was hopeful that they were going to send out detailed numbers to us but they didn't so I'll have to go off of memory. WTVF is still largely number 1 in most time periods. However, this is the first ratings period in years that WTVF did not have a wide margin in their gains. In fact, they took a huge hit in the demo of 25-54. They also were down year-to-year across the board. Probably their weakest May book they've had. WKRN remains number 2 but not by much. Their ratings remained stagnant and they didn't show much growth during the May sweeps. They were also pretty stagnant in demos, neither improving or failing. WSMV improved on it's demo numbers and rankings, pulling itself from 4th to 3rd. Demos are trending upward, and for the first time in a long time, WSMV won a time slot (6AM). WZTV remains a pretty distant 4th place, and was also rather stagnant neither improving or failing. One thing can be said about Nashville's TV market, it's HIGHLY competitive and no one station is doing better than another especially WTVF.
  12. We have a station meeting to announce the sweeps results for Nashville next Friday. I'll report back what comes of that. Nashville is very similar in this regard to being very competitive. It will be interesting to see what comes of this, especially since the last sweeps period put WSMV in last place for the first time ever. Ratings have improved a lot, but we will see just how much.
  13. Wow I have been looking for that SCTV episode for years. Great find! They did a fantastic job recreating and parodying the network shows. I remember watching this episode as a kid when TVLand ran SCTV reruns late at night.
  14. I don't know if this was previously mentioned but WATN in Memphis has gotten the new ABC package. It won't last long though because TEGNA. WATE in Knoxville got the package awhile back as well. That only leaves WKRN in Tennessee to make the switch. They're still using whatever WCMH/WFLA have or had. On the WISH pack front, at some point WIVB in Buffalo dropped their longtime Renderon pack for that one, a blue version.
  15. There's not a lot of "WOOD" on that WOOD set lol. But it looks like a great refresh overall.
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