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  1. We have a station meeting to announce the sweeps results for Nashville next Friday. I'll report back what comes of that. Nashville is very similar in this regard to being very competitive. It will be interesting to see what comes of this, especially since the last sweeps period put WSMV in last place for the first time ever. Ratings have improved a lot, but we will see just how much.
  2. Wow I have been looking for that SCTV episode for years. Great find! They did a fantastic job recreating and parodying the network shows. I remember watching this episode as a kid when TVLand ran SCTV reruns late at night.
  3. I don't know if this was previously mentioned but WATN in Memphis has gotten the new ABC package. It won't last long though because TEGNA. WATE in Knoxville got the package awhile back as well. That only leaves WKRN in Tennessee to make the switch. They're still using whatever WCMH/WFLA have or had. On the WISH pack front, at some point WIVB in Buffalo dropped their longtime Renderon pack for that one, a blue version.
  4. There's not a lot of "WOOD" on that WOOD set lol. But it looks like a great refresh overall.
  5. A set alone won't save a sinking ship. However, it does look very good.
  6. That's because that "Media General-era logo" has mutated into something rather hideous. That 3 with the CBS eye has been around since the crescent-era, then the crescent was removed but the 3 and a red-colored eye remained for years. Now, they've made the CBS eye larger, the same color as the 3, and off-set a little further away and it looks disjointed.
  7. PLEASE learn to use commas and periods.
  8. The selling point of that entire set is the archway. I mean my God, that's a gorgeous archway.
  9. I am glad they got a new studio and building but that set is pretty sterile and meh. The red flooring with the off-white walls remind me of something a Gannett station would have in the 1980s, not something a station would want to have in 2019.
  10. Karyn Greer is a good choice but pretty unlikely. She was, however, a main anchor at WGCL weeknights in the 90s when the station was WGNX alongside Steve Dawson, who later went on to WHBQ in Memphis and then retired. Maybe she's going back to WOIO? I mean Gray is trying to reinvent the wheel.
  11. If they don't give the main anchor job to Tracye Hutchins after years and years of being passed over, then that station is f**ked in the head.
  12. We have an answer. The promotions manager who used to work at WCNC thought the old WCNC mugs looked good and decided to use something similar and put the gold 4 on the opposite side. Well that's a thing.
  13. Sounds like Moving Forward got an update though, which sounds excellent since that package was starting to sound really dated. It's not terrible but it could be executed a lot better. The Your News. Now. slogan is not very original like Indiana's Very Own but at least gets them ready should Gray end up buying the station (a lot of ex-Raycom stations use that slogan). The graphics are pretty bad though compared to what they had, but I will say they were due for a refresh. I just had hoped their refresh would have been better executed. So here's how they seem to fair, at least to me on an A to F scale: - Music: A- (A very solid update it seems to the dated Moving Forward package) - Slogan: C+ (It's not the best slogan out there and is not memorable or original) - Graphics: D- (I mean this is just a what the f were they thinking, but I'll give them credit for keeping the same logo and color scheme.) It looks to me like they're trying to go for a more mobilized look and maybe borrow some ideas from the TEGNA pre-C Clarity playbook by using the sort of rundown format and having more info on the screen.
  14. It is a head scratcher, but I can ask about it. Honestly it looks to me like they were out of News4 mugs to send them so they sent them an NBC Charlotte mug with NASHVILLE pasted on underneath OR somehow it was WSMV's week and they still didn't send them a mug so the network dug out an old NBC Charlotte mug and made a modification just to say they had a WSMV mug even when they didn't. That is CLEARLY an old NBC Charlotte mug, and I highly doubt means anything. WSMV wouldn't be stupid to blow up their current brand and logo, especially since the weather department is keeping the 4WARN name and logo they've used for a long time now. The promotions director at WSMV is an interesting one nonetheless, and I think this was just a mistake.
  15. Ok let the resident expert who knows the station weigh in. Firstly, WSMV has branded as News4 for over a year now. That was instituted because Channel 4 News became long in the tooth and it made sense to shorten the name. The previous news director Denise Eck had the idea of making a Nashville-focused 10pm newscast that only covered news in Davidson County which is where the "News4 Nashville" name came into play. However, that largely backfired and the name is now only still around because they use the cold open at 10pm and decided not to switch back to the old 10pm open yet (which they still use on weekends). Secondly, I'm not sure where they (Seth Meyers) got that mug, but that IS NOT their logo and at most recent check the brand is still News4 and the logo is still the gold 4 logo always used. It looks photoshopped because that is clearly the old style NBC logo and clearly looks like someone plastered NASHVILLE over an old NBC Charlotte mug. Thirdly, do not expect them to return to Channel 4 News or The Scene at (insert time here) ever again. The station is starting to find some success under new management who intends to keep the name News4.
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