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  1. That just doesn’t look right, at all. Yep and WKRN delayed again until after the Election we were told on Friday. They want to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect for air and the ND isn’t happy with it just yet. It’s getting there though, they have tested it and producers are training on it. WKRN is NOT getting set updates but a new studio floor, which will have the newscasts done from the newsroom this weekend while that’s being done. Not us. Probably someone else.
  2. WFXG has separated themselves. They are owned by Lockwood and operate themselves entirely in-house, they even expanded newscasts recently.
  3. I can comment further on this, they broke ground on the facility back in 2017. It was supposed to be ready by March 2018. When the Gray-Raycom merger happened, construction halted. It took them all the way until now to finally finish the building, primarily because Gray had already built the shell but it sat there for years with weeds growing around it, so they had to commit to finishing the facility. The putting green was not a local choice, that came from Hilton Howell, the president and CEO of Gray who primarily wants to use it for a company outings and other purposes. That’s the other reason why they’re getting a helipad, when the station doesn’t even own a helicopter. Gray has put entirely too much work into the building to make it a showpiece, not necessarily for the benefit of the station or for the news department itself. The news department staffs less than 50 people, in fact staffs less than 20 people. However the newsroom reportedly can fit a staff of at least 2-3 TV stations. The building is entirely too large, especially for how small the station staff is. They wanted it to be larger than WJBF only to prove that they have the bigger studio building. This does not mean that they’re ever going to expand the news department or have new newscasts on WAGT, which they pretty much integrated in with WRDW to the fullest extent. In fact, when I was still working there the two stations had separate websites, but now they’ve merged the two with the redesign. They also have put further de-emphasis on WAGT, going the the extent of branding all of the newscasts other than maybe two of them by News 12. The GM is a snake in the grass, and their news director who has been there for quite sometime is a horrible person and rules the newsroom in fear, it’s why the station has such high turnover. You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. And WRDW/WAGT will remain the dog station in the market. Knowing full well the station from my time there, I say maybe less than 20% of the building will be used. The cafeteria, the full size Planet Fitness, the patio and veranda, and the putting green will just collect dust and dirt and leaves. It also doesn’t surprise me that Gray poured so much money and resources into the building and amenities but is cheaping out on equipment and vital things needed for air. That’s the Gray way. When it does debut, I wish them well because the building is sorely needed and the moldy fire-prone shitty ass building they have now needed to go decades ago, but I don’t have high hopes of it changing how awful the entire operation is. It will be amazing to see when WJBF is still going to outperform them with far less.
  4. I’ve admittedly neglected the forum and I apologize. As I mentioned on Discord... No they haven’t. I think they’re still working out a few kinks and bugs. There was some setbacks with weather graphics also, especially with Hurricane Delta now. Plus, they’re focused on having no hiccups for our zoo fundraiser tomorrow so I’m sure they’re coming just they’ll be a bit late. They don’t want to rush it because they want it all to be perfected on air. Another thing to know, graphics changeover is not as simple as pressing a button, There are so many things that go into it like templates having to be re-created, purging the old graphics out of the system, Training the producers on the new graphics templates, building out new templates as we go. They’re gonna have to redesign the bugs and tickers to fit the new graphics which is another process, our control room is gonna have to make sure that all the graphics can punch up when cued. It would be one thing if it was only a slight update, but these graphics are gonna be so radically different than what we have now especially the lower thirds and how they animate that’s going to require a little bit longer to make sure it’s perfect. And we’re also doing all of this during a pandemic with a lot of people working from home, and at least two new COVID-19 cases on the staff so things in general are just taking a bit longer. UPDATE: I did see the new graphics today briefly on a sponsor ad. Change at WKRN is imminent, maybe early next week? That also won’t be happening. Nexstar is keeping NewsNation’s look separate from the local stations. In fact, WKRN is getting the KOIN package because of it’s similarities to the NewsNation look. I would suspect more stations will get the KOIN package (minus stations here and there that go with the older network affiliate packs) versus get something new entirely.
  5. That looks very similar to what WKRN might be getting color-scheme wise. October 1.
  6. As mentioned on the Discord, WFLA is set to get these graphics soon, exactly what date is not yet known. I can confirm WKRN will also be getting these graphics, a blue/red variant, by October 1 and possibly new music as well.
  7. I saw a promo tonight at work on WTVF that had a 5 background that looks like it could be the new graphics for something called “NewsChannel 5 Now”. I don’t know what that is, but it looks like, at least based on that promo that the stylized 5 logo and the red rounded rectangle are staying. That was the one and only time I’ve seen something that resembles new graphics though, if I see it again I’ll make sure to grab a screen grab.
  8. I give it maybe 6 months to a year and the contract will be terminated because WISH-TV aired content that Family Broadcasting considers objectionable and against their moral fiber. But does he really? Call me skeptical but anytime a big wig at a cable news network is “part of the story,” that is usually the network trying to milk it for ratings. That would be an absolutely sick thing to do, but let’s be real, do we put it past CNN and Jeff Zucker? “I have COVID-19, but I feel fine and I’m going to continue working from home.” But are we sure it’s because of COVID-19 or is it because of new management? Let’s be real, WGCL has trouble keeping that male anchor chair filled. And another one to add to the irrelevant former Trump ass-kisser—-uh I mean FOX Newsers list including Megan Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling. Drain the swamp.
  9. People are too busy calling and complaining about our meteorologists getting the forecast wrong. I doubt they’re paying attention to typefaces.
  10. I still say it should be called Beacon, and I will stand by that statement.
  11. You know what is extremely redundant on local TV news broadcasts in 2020? Time and temp bugs.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks this set is going to get dated very quickly? From the angular glass windows behind the anchors and especially separating the weather center and weather pod, to the actual columns and bones of the set looking like they come from the 1980s. I honestly think it’s flashy and nice, but I do feel like this is going to get old very quick.
  13. Oh I heard it, a few times. They totally lifted that track off News Music Now.
  14. I'm wondering if WTKR/WGNT, WPIX, and WTVR have been approved to keep their graphics packages because Scripps doesn't plan on keeping them in the fold.
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