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  1. More like 20-25 years old. They moved there in like 1999-2000 timeframe.
  2. Will the Out and About thread be archived? It’s got a long long history and it would be a shame to see the years and years of posts disappear. @Weeters
  3. Monday via a post on their FB Page. https://www.facebook.com/wrdwtv/photos/a.376352478445/10158935514588446/?type=3
  4. I want to say this is a shame but he's been pushing false narratives and conspiracy theories for years and this cancellation is justifiable. The mighty have fallen, he isn't as respected as he once was at CNN anymore.
  5. And Connection/Premier is really just a V2 of Counterpoint since the signature is pretty similar.
  6. In light of Allen acquiring the also-ran ThisTV, it must be said. It doesn't get better... Than THIS.
  7. Official word from management inside WKRN, the new graphics will debut TOMORROW (Monday, November 23) at 4 p.m. SET YOUR BANDICAMS.
  8. Honestly this is what MOST Gray stations should be using and not the WMC pack.
  9. That just doesn’t look right, at all. Yep and WKRN delayed again until after the Election we were told on Friday. They want to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect for air and the ND isn’t happy with it just yet. It’s getting there though, they have tested it and producers are training on it. WKRN is NOT getting set updates but a new studio floor, which will have the newscasts done from the newsroom this weekend while that’s being done. Not us. Probably someone else.
  10. WFXG has separated themselves. They are owned by Lockwood and operate themselves entirely in-house, they even expanded newscasts recently.
  11. I can comment further on this, they broke ground on the facility back in 2017. It was supposed to be ready by March 2018. When the Gray-Raycom merger happened, construction halted. It took them all the way until now to finally finish the building, primarily because Gray had already built the shell but it sat there for years with weeds growing around it, so they had to commit to finishing the facility. The putting green was not a local choice, that came from Hilton Howell, the president and CEO of Gray who primarily wants to use it for a company outings and other purposes. That’s th
  12. I’ve admittedly neglected the forum and I apologize. As I mentioned on Discord... No they haven’t. I think they’re still working out a few kinks and bugs. There was some setbacks with weather graphics also, especially with Hurricane Delta now. Plus, they’re focused on having no hiccups for our zoo fundraiser tomorrow so I’m sure they’re coming just they’ll be a bit late. They don’t want to rush it because they want it all to be perfected on air. Another thing to know, graphics changeover is not as simple as pressing a button, There are so many things that go into it lik
  13. That looks very similar to what WKRN might be getting color-scheme wise. October 1.
  14. As mentioned on the Discord, WFLA is set to get these graphics soon, exactly what date is not yet known. I can confirm WKRN will also be getting these graphics, a blue/red variant, by October 1 and possibly new music as well.

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