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  1. Oh I heard it, a few times. They totally lifted that track off News Music Now.
  2. I'm wondering if WTKR/WGNT, WPIX, and WTVR have been approved to keep their graphics packages because Scripps doesn't plan on keeping them in the fold.
  3. Them or WKRN, right now it's a tossup between the two. Both have pretty much figured out what it takes to succeed. WSMV is probably the biggest success story after finishing the November 2018 book in 4th place and now competes with WKRN for 2nd.
  4. This new look and sound is going to kill WTVF in Nashville. Especially considering they've had two consecutively bad ratings periods in a row, they're freefalling from grace. How far the mighty will fall. Only time will tell when Scripps will finally ground their helicopter since they are the only ones in the market with one, I suspect this year.
  5. I’ve checked out some more newscasts on NewsOn and it looks like WRDW is starting to experiment with a few more cuts. The main theme (minus the signature) has made it into the evening newscast opens but it still doesn’t fit. The morning newscast is using the cut that they were first using mentioned previously. They also ran a breaking news open during their noon newscast yesterday that used a unique Breaking News cut. So it seems like they’re still experimenting, but the package as a whole still doesn’t fit the graphics or the opens at all.
  6. Set is EXACTLY what WSMV got, right down to the weather center. It’s also layout wise exactly the same. I am noticing the lighting isn’t very good on KCTV’s set, may need some adjustments because from the videos I saw the people are very dark. There’s also some issues with the video marquee boards (on the desk and in the weather center header) and you can tell the video in those was not formatted correctly since the logos are stretched. Honestly, that set should not have taken as long as it did to go on the air to have the issues they have with lighting and the other aesthetics.
  7. They do, but the news director is one of those who literally calls all the shots.
  8. Just over a year later and color me shocked... WRDW (which I went on a long-winded rant about on the forums this morning) switched to SAM’s Guardian this afternoon dropping Enforcer V.1. Before you get your hopes up though, just as done before, the ND selected the worst cut of Guardian to use over and over again (and uses a version without the signature that doesn’t fit the open). The graphics remain the same.
  9. Knowing how strong willed she is, she probably didn’t. I also noticed a few times it seemed like she wanted to cry but restrained herself.
  10. Am I the only one extremely disappointed she wasn’t reunited with Bob Opsahl for one final time? Also, did they mention him and her together at all? I don’t even see where he said anything.
  11. First off, you sound like a broken record. Secondly, they did. Several times.
  12. Gray’s seizure of WAGT inevitably damaged WRDW beyond repair and damaged the TV market as a whole. Though WAGT was a distant 3rd for years, it was an alternative to WJBF and WRDW. When WJBF took over, MG put in much needed upgrades and provided a lot of things then-owner Schurz didn’t want to provide to WAGT (the ability to air HD programming being one of those things). They did however maintain separate news departments and it wasn’t until towards the end of the partnership did WAGT start airing reporter packages from WJBF reporters. The feud between Media General and Gray had viewers take sides, with most of them siding with Media General and blaming Gray for putting a lot of people out of work which had an effect on WRDW’s performance as a whole but particularly with WAGT. The original plans called for WAGT staff to move into WRDW’s already cramped and old Georgia Avenue studios and they were going to make a “set” for them in a tiny little warehouse off the main studio. When Gray found they weren’t getting WAGT on-air people out of their contracts with Media General, they fought but ultimately lost. It put WAGT in a limbo for a time and finally Gray got the network, the programming, the transmitter, and the sales staff but nothing else. I also believe Gray incurred a lot of legal fees that were subtracted from WRDW’s budget but don’t have confirmation of that. Here is the one pro of the Gray-Schurz merger and WAGT coming under ownership of WRDW, it made WFXG finally put forth effort into creating a local news department (though it took years) with one of WAGT’s Meteorologists as Chief. It was a good move and made Augusta a 3-station market again. Outside of that, everything else has been a nightmare since day 1. WRDW tried to do the separate newscasts on WAGT to pretend like they were different but everyone could see right through it, especially since they used a part of the set that had giant “12” duratrans from a graphics package three graphics packages ago. Eventually WRDW realized that by co-branding and providing separate newscasts on WAGT, the numbers were being diluted and they were competing against themselves. So they dropped the clunky “News 12 NBC 26” branding for just “News 12”. They still (though I don’t know why) produce a couple of separate “NBC26” branded newscasts. Overall though, viewership is at an all time low for both stations and made WRDW a very distant 2, sometimes 3 behind WFXG. Some of the WAGT on-air people have resurfaced in freelance roles on WRDW like Paige Tucker (for different promotions) and Chief Meteorologist Chris Still has filled-in on weather. Outside of that, the news director has been vocal in stating her disapproval of hiring any of them permanently out of fear it will further damage WRDW and the stations as a whole. The final death nail for WAGT was Gray selling the far-superior digital signal and transmitter facilities of WAGT in the spectrum auction with plans to shoehorn WAGT onto a subchannel of WRDW. As it was explained to me by the chief engineer at the time, CBS would not allow WRDW to do this per their affiliate agreement so they bought a small independent low-power station that was a YooToo America (successor to America One) affiliate to put WAGT on. WAGT signed off for good, its long-troubled history over, and now what is being promoted (or lack-thereof) as WAGT is a tiny shadow of its former self on a very weak signal that everyone complains about not being able to pickup alongside WRDW’s equally bad VHF digital signal nobody can pick up. Gray is to blame for the misfortunes of both stations. Gray is also to blame for keeping current management in tact for so many years at WRDW that it has basically collapsed into a giant dumpster fire that even college students are catching wind to avoid working for. That station and WAGT will never recover from the merger, and will never recover from the years of bad decisions made. WFXG has a real shot at overtaking WRDW for good if Lockwood continues to invest in it and tries hard to do so. It’s very telling that Gray has all but halted construction on the partially-completed multimillion dollar new studio facilities of WRDW/WAGT, whether it be because of the Raycom merger or because of both stations performance. The facility is partially built and standing but weeds have grown up and metallic siding on the exterior facade has been weathered and is starting to peel off. It hasn’t been touched in many months. The only reason WRDW/WAGT is still number 2 is because it’s a small three-station market, it’s not because their news product is good. They’re trailing far behind WJBF and will never be number 1. WJBF has and always will outshine whatever WRDW puts out because they have a formula that works and they don’t try so damn hard to be the best.
  13. WTTV has actually made a lot of headway in the ratings by having name talent like Debby Knox and Chris Wright, both of whom from WISH. At last check, wasn’t WTTV like a strong 2nd in the market behind WTHR? If anything Tribune made a GREAT call, especially by getting Debby out of retirement and hiring name people to head up CBS4. Also, extra newscasts = extra ad $$$. Bottom line, I hope Nexstar leaves things largely alone there. WTTV/WXIN both have their own strong points, it would be a shame to see WTTV lose their status as a ratings contender, especially since they worked so hard in such a short amount of time to get to where they are.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks the new Scripps graphics and music may actually fit WPIX rather decently?
  15. There’s a reason why the turnover is so high in that newsroom.
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