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  1. LouGrant

    The Tribune Saga, Part 3: New Sale Talks

    Apologies if it's been mentioned already, but does anyone think Berkshire Hathaway could be a potential buyer? They certainly have the money, and could easily get under the cap by spinning off WPHL/KDAF/KIAH, etc. to Fox and/or Tegna. Who knows whether they want to place a heavy bet on the future viability of broadcast TV, but at the right price maybe?
  2. LouGrant

    2018-2019 DMA Rankings (The Reboot)

    If that source is correct, Berkshire MA has apparently been moved from Albany NY to Springfield MA, which would explain the surprising increase for that otherwise slow growing DMA. This change would seem to make the legislation mentioned earlier in the thread unnecessary.
  3. LouGrant

    The Tribune Saga, Part 3: New Sale Talks

    Perhaps, but I think it's quite likely that if the sale to Sunbeam had never occurred, WLVI would have become the NBC station for Boston. Either as an affiliate under Tribune ownership or sold to the network, it would have become a much more valuable property and would still have its own spectrum.
  4. LouGrant

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    I bet the CBS affiliation is included in the sale of WSWG to Marquee, because it looks like Gray wants a very smooth transaction and the DOJ might object to one station (WALB) carrying all three of ABC-NBC-CBS in the Albany market. According to Wikipedia, there are two silent low power stations in Albany. If that's accurate, Marquee could buy one of them and set up a scenario with CBS using two full power rimshots and a LPTV in the city center, as Allbritton did with ABC in Birmingham. A COL change might be required for WSWG, since it's licensed to Valdosta which is technically in the Tallahassee market.
  5. LouGrant

    Gray Television - General Thread

    It seems you are not familiar with Madame Ng's Vietnamese massage parlor. Next time in downtown Seattle, I highly recommend a visit!
  6. LouGrant

    Cordillera Looking To Exit TV Business

    In general, I agree that a few conflicts should not scare off what would otherwise be a good merger, however I wouldn't think that it would be a very good use of Gray's resources to add the entire group when the three largest properties (by far) would all need to be sold off. Now, if Cordillera sells their stations to multiple buyers, you're right that Gray should be all over the Montana stations and KATC. They might have interest in Corpus Christi as well.
  7. LouGrant

    Cordillera Looking To Exit TV Business

    Anything is possible, but I doubt it's part of their plan. Yes, it is a great fit market wise for Hearst, and as far as I know the Cordillera stations are pretty competitive. It's a nice group of stations, however I just don't think Hearst is looking to become the next Tegna or Nexstar.
  8. LouGrant

    Cordillera Looking To Exit TV Business

    That's true, but I don't think Hearst would be interested in such small markets, if they are interested in expanding to new markets at all. The KSBW/KSBY thing is irritating, I grant you that.
  9. LouGrant

    Cordillera Looking To Exit TV Business

    Since the merged Graycom will already have stations in the three largest Cordillera markets (Lexington, Tucson, Colorado Springs), it would seem unlikely they would be interested in the group as a whole. Would Heartland be interested, perhaps? Maybe Standard?
  10. LouGrant

    The Hearst Thread

    Clearly, this is the precursor move to Hearst acquiring the Cox stations.
  11. LouGrant

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    A very fair point about Meredith's and Hearst's lack of recent activity, although perhaps there just hasn't been anything on the market which they were interested in at the terms offered? Let's say you're right that Hearst and Meredith are having similar thoughts to Cox about their future. Maybe one of them will see this as an opportunity to explore a merger with Cox themselves, if they also believe that upsizing up with a quality group will solve their future concerns. We simply do not know what discussions are happening in the boardrooms. I'm sure that people here want companies like Cox, Hearst, and Meredith to be successful and grow because they are concerned about the future of the broadcasting industry. Like all companies, those three are obviously mostly interested in making money, but they at least seem to give a damn about putting out a good product, and at least give the impression that they understand the responsibility of operating in the "public interest, convenience, and necessity" while doing so. The same cannot always be said about Sinclair and Nexstar, so the thought of them swallowing up one of the "good companies" is disconcerting.
  12. LouGrant

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    Funny, I've had the exact same thought that should Sunbeam decide to cash out, John Henry and the Globe would (should?) be very interested in exploring the purchase of WHDH. As for WFXT, I don't think it would make much sense for Henry or Kraft though. I doubt the Globe would be interested in tying it's brand to Fox, and I just don't see why Kraft would be interested despite his previous history (not to mention that the CBS Sporting Club at the stadium would be awkward.) Much more likely that WFXT and Cox goes to one of the larger established groups, but I agree with you that if the company is sold piecemeal that Fox would definitely be interested.
  13. LouGrant

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    True, but there is probably a more limited pool of buyers that would be interested in some of the market-trailing stations in the smaller southern markets that Graycom is divesting. Meanwhile, in a Hearst-Cox merger scenario (however unlikely that wishcasting may be) I think there would be many companies interested in WFXT and whichever of the Orlando and Pittsburgh stations would be sold. Nevertheless, I would agree with those who think Meredith is the most likely buyer/partner - it just seems to "fit".
  14. LouGrant

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    Regarding conflicts, would this really be as big of a problem as some are making it out to be? Gray and Raycom have 8 or 9 if I recall and it isn't stopping them. They have a plan as to what is being divested and probably have a good idea who they will sell them to. Yes, it would be preferable for all parties if there were few or no conflicts, but provided there is a plan in advance as to which stations to divest, I don't think it matters as much as other things.
  15. LouGrant

    FCC Eliminates UHF Ownership Discount

    This would seem to make the rumblings about a Nexstar-Tegna merger much more possible, and/or enable either of those two companies to purchase some or all of the Cox stations.

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