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  1. As was posted on the KFMB thread, the news staff are fostering a dog (Scoop) until it gets adopted. Now, WUSA is building out part of their newsroom for a play area for dogs (to allow folks to bring their dogs to work) .
  2. H4UL4U

    Out & About

    Yesterday was WBNS reporter Maureen Kocot's last day after 24 years.
  3. Two examples are Grass Valley iTX and Florical Acuitas. Rather than having separate PCs running playlists, cacheing, ingest, QC'ing, prep, etc. it's all in one system. Even EAS and CGs for legal IDs and snipes are from the box as well. Harris I think even makes a system that will do that on top of clips for a newscast. They just seem to streamline a lot of things that all have to connect to each other in one integrated "box".
  4. Or better yet eliminate hubs. They were practical a decade ago when master control first went tapeless, and the computers that ran the playlists and other equipment could be controlled from a hub. Now channel-in-a-box systems eliminate the need for a traditional master control. For live programming they easily interface with a traditional (or virtual) switcher that can be manned as required by existing station staff. I work at a hub station, and when stuff goes down it sucks troubleshooting whether it's something on their end, or a piece of equipment at the station because there is so much back-and-forth.
  5. H4UL4U

    Out & About

    He was at the helm of the team at WCMH when for pretty much the only time ever they were the clear #1 station. I did not know he had Alzheimer's later in life. That is tough, but at least he is no longer suffering.
  6. I agree, especially with Jacksonville being in a hurricane-prone area (and to a lesser degree Greensboro where the CBS hub is), but with these hubs having been in place since 2008 it's hard to go back now. I think, though, it's relatively easy for an individual station to switch their Crispin automation to spoke mode, and operate locally.
  7. A post on the broadcasting subreddit says that KUSA's master control is soon going to be hubbed from TEGNA's centralcasting hub in Jacksonville. I did not realize KUSA still had in-house master? Wonder how that will work with all their translators.
  8. While that sounds fine and dandy and oozes of warm, fuzzy nostalgia, don't count on it. The rights fees for MLB telecasts nowadays are way too rich for any local broadcaster. That's not even going into how viewing habits have/are changing. Heck, a few years ago WKYC surrendered Browns pre-season rights to WEWS.
  9. Makes sense. If the duopoly is forced to be broken up the plot will definitely thicken. Most of the former LIN stations are hubbed from WISH. Full hub, too...not a centralcast/centralized monitor deal. Same with WXIN for Tribune.
  10. DGA (Director's Guild of America) is another one that represents control room directors at top market stations and at the network level too. And while it's not broadcast specific, a handful of stations' employees are represented by IBEW, too.
  11. Rhetorical question, but why on Earth is the camera shoulder mount and not a normal studio camera? Looks unprofessional and good luck trying to read a prompter like that.
  12. H4UL4U

    Out & About

    Doug Adair is still living. As of the writing of this post he is 89.
  13. Monitoring hubs only as far as I know.
  14. The legacy hubs are still there. In fact, if you're looking for a job the Spartanburg hub is hiring.
  15. They may keep the stations hubbed that are hubbed (most but not all Trib stations are hubbed), but switch from Brutus to something more mainstream like Acuitas from Florical, or whatever Nexstar uses. And yes, pre-MG Nexstar utilized regional master control hubs. These are full-on hubs and not centralized monitoring like Scripps, Tegna, NBC, Fox, etc.
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