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  1. H4UL4U

    A day in TV license court

    13 GBP is actually equivalent to 16-17 USD currently.
  2. H4UL4U

    Out and About

    Speaking of Mark Johnson, he posted that longtime WEWS meteorologist Don Webster died this morning.
  3. H4UL4U

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    When Sinclair kicked the tires at Tribune they absolutely marveled at their technology. Tribune designed their own master control automation (Brutus) as well as their own newsroom workflow (Opus), and probably some other things. Perhaps in due time Nexstar will incorporate them within their existing networks of stations. I'm sure it's cheaper than licensing out to AP or Florical, and anything to help out the bottom line is a win in Nexstar's book.
  4. H4UL4U

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    The reason MG-Nexstar took a year was because of the spectrum auction. IIRC, the divestitures for that were announced very early on. Even though that was a big merger it was fairly cut-and-dry.
  5. H4UL4U

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    A newscast with a 0.4 rating can still make money. Plus certain advertisers only want their spots running during news shows (it is their money after all). When stations run out of inventory they add more news.
  6. H4UL4U

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    Has WKYC they blown up the format of their evening newscasts, or are they still more traditional? Based on those numbers a few posts up they're at least more competitive in the evenings, so if corporate/management absolutely had to blow up the format, better to do it on mornings where they aren't as competitive (I know...unpopular opinion...). A few months ago I tried to stream one of their evening newscasts, and had issues...WJW's stream worked flawlessly, though...
  7. H4UL4U

    Out and About

    She made it Facebook official Tuesday.
  8. H4UL4U

    Out and About

    Ashlee Baracy and Ross Caruso both work mornings. Your screename makes me chuckle every time I see one of your posts BTW.
  9. H4UL4U

    NBC moving network master to Denver

    How do the other networks do it? I know ABC is all cloud based, but last I knew they still operated traditional BOC facilities in New York and LA. Since they went to cloud based master control, though, they have outsourced it for the O&O stations to Encompass in Atlanta. CBS significantly upgraded their NOC in New York about 10 years ago. I have no clue about Fox other than it also is in Los Angeles.
  10. H4UL4U

    Out and About

    It's not that simple. If Eric breached his contract to leave* he would have to pay WHIO the money they would have payed him if he worked out his contract. Unless you are prepared to lawyer up, or have a damn good reason to breach your contract, you're pretty much locked in. It is a contract after all. ***I'm not saying he did. Just hypothetically speaking***
  11. H4UL4U

    Out and About

    Or maybe Eric is truly getting out the industry? Bit of a jerk move on your part to speculate he's going to replace Chris Bradley without any knowledge of the situation (outside of Chris's advanced Leukemia, of course).
  12. H4UL4U

    The Tribune Saga, Part 3: New Sale Talks

    That's the way a good company should be run. Only do M&A when it fits the company portfolio. I don't know too much about how well Meredith invests in the stakeholders of their markets. I've heard both good and bad about them. Sorry to drift away from Tribune, but the point had to be made.
  13. H4UL4U

    NBC moving network master to Denver

    There is a backup facility at Dry Creek. Skypath was re-located there several years ago as well.
  14. H4UL4U

    NBC moving network master to Denver

    From just skimming that Twitter account it seems NBC's technicians at 30 Rock have been working without a contract for the better part of a year.
  15. H4UL4U

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    I don't either. It was a poor attempt at sarcasm on my part. Tough crowd.

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