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  1. 10.4 is still bars and tone. MeTV (10.2) is HD though, which it wasn't when it was WCMH's 4.2. I was going to say Quest isn't HD, but it might just be this show. On my 48" set their crystal bug and Quest's in-show promos are definitely HD.
  2. Now in Columbus (OH) there is a crawl running on WBNS saying Spectrum viewers will lose 10TV if a new deal isn't met...
  3. I happened to be flipping through the channels and saw Daily Blast Live on WBNS. It was on after James Corden instead of an infomercial.
  4. But, but, but a novelty name for the process that Tegna puts their stations through to bring them in line with corporate standards. EDIT: Why does putting "-itis" on the end of "TEGNA" autocorrect to that definition? I didn't type that.
  5. Gray adding NBC and CW affiliations to KEYC (Mankato, MN) in the form of a new low power station, KMNF. https://www.keyc.com/2019/06/24/keyc-tv-adding-more-network-affiliates-this-fall/
  6. Certainly possible but the stations will see less of that back since each station will have to share profits among the others. One of the downsides of these large groups is that the good stations prop up the poor ones (fiscally speaking).
  7. OK, one more off-topic post . Since being on at WCMH Darlene Hill has said she went to Ohio State in the late 1980s. Her hiring still comes as a head-scratcher seeing how she was still freelancing in Chicago weeks before being on in Columbus. The Doug, Mona, Jimmy & Jym era at WCMH was before my time, but from all indications Doug Adair was a real newsman's newsman, and was also a good guy all-around. I don't really critique anchors too much because I don't want them telling me how to do my job. I also personally know Colleen Marshall. A hell of a journalist, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Her husband also used to work at WCMH as a photographer and editor.
  8. You said good anchors. Some of those folks are rejects, and for whatever reason they have an insatiable thirst for fame and take jobs wherever. Plus reporters in a large market will bolt for an anchor job at a smaller station. RIP Mike Bowersock. He was one of the good ones. Sorry mods for drifting off topic.
  9. WBNS is carried on cable in Miami and Wyandot Counties. Miami County is nowhere near the Columbus DMA, but Wyandot does border Crawford County, which is in the Northern fringe of the DMA, so it may be the same rural cable provider to parts of Crawford County. Same goes for places in Richland and Tuscarawas Counties as those counties border counties in the Columbus DMA.
  10. Who have been rejects from bigger markets? I don't think Colleen Marshall has worked anywhere else. Going back a ways, while yes, Doug Adair worked in bigger markets, he essentially worked at WCMH as a retirement job to be closer to home (he was from Xenia). I wouldn't exactly call him a "reject." Lots of folks have worked in the Columbus market to move on to bigger and better things who you probably didn't realize ever worked in the market.
  11. I'm too lazy to find the exact post about folks with 30+ years experience...Dispatch already took care of that to a degree. About a year ago they had a round of layoffs that didn't make the news. A dozen folks -- some even in sales (bad sign) were layed off or forced to retire. Others were in engineering or promotions. Willing to bet that zero members of their staff are surprised by this. I did think, though, they'd at least wait until after the election. EDIT: TEGNA saying they now reach 2/3 of Ohioans makes sense. WBNS is carried on cable much farther than the other Columbus stations.
  12. All of this is correct. Do the ABC O&Os have an internal bonded cellular grid like pretty much everybody else? Even so, WABC in the heat of the moment may not have been feeding.
  13. Nearly all of those folks mentioned by KDKA took buyouts.
  14. On top of being from NEO, didn't he call Browns pre-season games last year for WEWS? (Not sure if that means he was employed the team, by the station, or both?)
  15. With smaller staffs you don't need as many managers, or rather the structure doesn't have to be so hierarchical. That is happening not just in TV, but business everywhere. When news staffs weren't as big in the early days of local TV news the main anchor was also often the news director or managing editor, or the production manager was also an executive producer.
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