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  1. H4UL4U

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    One more from my small collection of early 2000s news footage taped off cable on S-VHS...WCMH 5pm show the Monday after the OSU-Michigan riots in 2002 (November 25, to be exact).
  2. H4UL4U

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    So is Nexstar keeping both WDCW and WDVM after all, or is it undecided like the Indy situation?
  3. H4UL4U

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    There is a hyperlink to the Bloomberg article in the second paragraph of Scott's article.
  4. H4UL4U


    We launch Bitcentral for the noon on Friday. From the tech side everything's gone great. I had my worries Ignite wouldn't play nice with it since everything with Bitcentral is RS-422 connected and Ignite prefers IP based connectivity, but so far, so good. To supplement Create's rather limited editing abilities the station sprung for Premiere building-wide. Even the Bitcentral trainers attested to the fact that Core is really meant for simple VOs, teases, national PKGs, and for logging, and for everything else to use Premiere.
  5. H4UL4U

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    Much like @PTVNews every station I have worked for has been 100% PCs using either NewsCutter, Edius/Stratus, and most recently Premiere for editing, and iNEWS or ENPS in the newsroom. Even our creative services and art department are 100% Windows. That being said, I have visited two stations -- KSTU and WXYZ, respectively -- that used Final Cut Pro on Macs for editing.
  6. H4UL4U


    Media General was hit hard by the recession of 2008-09 when they were still a small ownership group (even by 2008 standards...maybe 14 stations?) Most of that was due to them holding onto unprofitable small market newspapers in the south for too long.
  7. H4UL4U

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    When my station added a 4am show all the news folks (reporters, photogs...all editors are part-time) went to 9 hour shifts with an hour lunch break, and they took an engineer away from day shift and moved them to mornings, but didn't add staffing to their original shift (real fun when someone's on vacation). I know ratings aren't everything, but there are a lot of days the 4am doesn't register with Nielsen because there aren't enough people watching!
  8. H4UL4U

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    I thought WJW and WKYC were too? Regardless, as our shark said a station has to decide if it's cost-effective labor-wise to add a newscast union shop or not.
  9. H4UL4U

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    There is a very opaque American flag underneath the bug, none at all in the supers that I've seen.
  10. H4UL4U

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    I don't have any photographic or video evidence, but WSYX/WTTE in Columbus, Ohio debuted new graphics tonight at 5PM. I know it's "hip" to hate on everything Sinclair, but the graphics are nice, especially the transitions. I did not see any opens to see what they look like (i.e. how "customized" they are for Columbus).
  11. H4UL4U

    KFMB Slow Death Thread

    A lot of stations teach their reporters to not report on the air or in their stories the scanner traffic they hear, so perhaps they or the desk were listening, but couldn't report on what they were hearing.
  12. H4UL4U

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    Lots of stations do digital only stories, and are beginning to hire digital only reporters and even producers.
  13. H4UL4U

    Out & About

    Both stations fight between each other for #2 and #3. Duane Pohlman is at WKRC now. IMO, WSYX is unwatchable, and it has nothing to do with Sinclair's must runs, etc. They just do a lot of low-brow/lowest common denominator type stuff that is straight out of 1994. ("What's in your fridge that could kill you and your family...on Fox 28 News at 10...")
  14. H4UL4U

    KFMB Slow Death Thread

    You know...without the wrap or whatever it's called those just look like white rapist vans now....don't take candy from anybody driving it now, kids.
  15. H4UL4U


    Being close to Nexstar's corporate headquarters in Irving helps.

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