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  1. 10.4 is still bars and tone. MeTV (10.2) is HD though, which it wasn't when it was WCMH's 4.2. I was going to say Quest isn't HD, but it might just be this show. On my 48" set their crystal bug and Quest's in-show promos are definitely HD.
  2. That and ownership probably. Notice there are no Tegna, Sinclair, Nexstar, Gray, or FTS stations in that list, and he even admits Scripps stations can be hit and miss. But there are bad stations in "good" groups as well as vise-versa.
  3. A little late to the party here, but regarding the opening of an master control hub in Denver. Through the Tribune acquisition they have actually lost two stations that were master control hubs: WATN in Memphis and WISH in Indianapolis. To make up for that and to possibly consolidate their other hubs, building one from the ground up in Denver doesn't sound so cooky. WXIN is a Tribune hub, too, so I guess they could transition the WISH hub there, but who knows.
  4. Some stations (mine included) don't have a "hard out" on their 5pm hour. The break between the 5:30 and 6:00 is usually around a 1:45 give or take. As long as meters are hit everyone's happy. In fact, I think all our shows except the weekend ones start off the clock by around a minute.
  5. That building is in a rather rough area of Dayton.
  6. Yes. The former West Virginia Media Group stations still haven't been hubbed, but I think their traffic operations have been. Good to see Nexstar dumping Brutus, Tribune's proprietary master control automation. I haven't heard any good things about it. Nexstar seems to prefer Florical automation for the master control for its stations.
  7. Now in Columbus (OH) there is a crawl running on WBNS saying Spectrum viewers will lose 10TV if a new deal isn't met...
  8. I happened to be flipping through the channels and saw Daily Blast Live on WBNS. It was on after James Corden instead of an infomercial.
  9. In Columbus (Ohio) both WBNS and WCMH have drones, but I'm not sure how often they used them.
  10. I don't think that should be airing yet since it shows Tribune cities...
  11. For the 50th anniversary of the launch (July 16, 1969), CBSN streamed the coverage in real time, later posting the entire thing to YouTube. Included is the CBS Morning News, a WCBS bottom of the hour local update(!!!) as well as the commercials, and of course Uncle Walter anchoring from Cape Kennedy. https://youtu.be/zYnF31el-ik
  12. But, but, but a novelty name for the process that Tegna puts their stations through to bring them in line with corporate standards. EDIT: Why does putting "-itis" on the end of "TEGNA" autocorrect to that definition? I didn't type that.
  13. Gray adding NBC and CW affiliations to KEYC (Mankato, MN) in the form of a new low power station, KMNF. https://www.keyc.com/2019/06/24/keyc-tv-adding-more-network-affiliates-this-fall/
  14. Last I knew during live NBC programming they will route network master to a pre-select or some other source in the control room, and when it's break time the TD will simply switch to that source when the director says roll break/fade to black to master and the TD. Dry Creek return may even be a source on the "Today" control room switcher. In essence the control room is always "hot", but the network signal isn't being switched between the (for example) "Today" control room and the server the commercials are running out of.
  15. As of yesterday the move to Dry Creek is complete. NBC network master control is out of the Dry Creek facility with a backup facility at Englewood Cliffs. R.I.P. 30 Rock BOC

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