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  1. When did WNBC start a 7pm newscast? The guide still shows Access Hollywood but News 4 at 7 has been on all week. I’d have guessed this was impeachment related but it’s a standard newscast... no special coverage.
  2. It seems like perhaps MTP Daily might be moving to streaming only on Peacock when it launches in July... the details are fuzzy. And NBC News and Sky will be launching an international linear rival to CNN, the launch of which is to be announced. No mention of MSNBC yet and how it fits into either Peacock or the NBC Sky venture. Will be interesting to see how it all integrates. https://deadline.com/2020/01/peacock-streaming-platform-includes-new-nbc-news-sky-international-news-network-1202833403/
  3. Now that the searchlights of 21st Century Fox are no longer part of the brand identify of the New Fox network, they’ve rolled out a rebrand earlier this Fall. I’m curious whether this abstract logo will find its way into local station identities and when the searchlights will start to disappear from local stations with the dated, so-called “kite” logo. more on the rebrand here: https://www.creativebloq.com/news/fox-entertainment-rebrand

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