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  1. WMAQ Today in Chicago 1980 WBKO Newscenter 13 promo unknown year. WRGB Newscenter 6 Morning News update 1991 WNEV The New England News 1985
  2. WREG News 3 1983 WJZ Eyewitness News Noon intro 1983
  3. Loma prieta quake 1989 coverage Oct. 17-18.
  4. WLFI TV 18 Lafayette Live 1993 WNEP Newswatch 16 1994 WBAL 11 News Tonight 1995
  5. KCPQ, KZJO News intros over the years.
  6. WLNE ABC 6 News 1997 WRGB Newscenter 6 1990 KSTP Eyewitness News 1990 WKTV 2 News 1990 WFLD FOX News Chicago 1994 WFXT FOX 25 News at 10 promos 1994 WCIX (WFOR) 6 Action News promo 1994 WDAF Newschannel 4 prime time promos, I believe this around the time of KC's Big switch, 1994.
  7. WEVU (WZVN) 5 P.M. and 11 P.M. Newscasts 1988
  8. In case the Chris Sloan vintage clips comes down on YouTube, you can find him on this. https://archive.org/details/@chris85?tab=uploads
  9. WMBD Newscenter 31 Newsbreak and promo 1985
  10. WBOC Delmarva report 1988 KPLC SevenNews 1984 KGWN Newsource 5 Newsbreak 1995 WBOC Delmarva report Newsbreak 1998 KTVO Image campaign 1995 KGWN NEWSCHANNEL 5 2000 WWLP TV 22 Blooper reel 80s
  11. Okay finally rounding out the last September 11 coverage clips. (Tulsa, OK) KOTV/ CBS news KTUL/ABC news WTVR Richmond, VA WBOY Clarksburg, WV WNYT Albany, NY. only part 1 of this clip KFSM Ft. Smith, Fayetteville AR KMTR, Eugene, OR WKBW, Buffalo, NY Coverage From Tallahassee, Florida. Canadian and the Twin-cities (Minneapolis-S
  12. Next on the 9/11 broadcast list, KY3 Springfield, MO. And behind the scenes of 9/11 as it happened from the CNN center in Atlanta.
  13. September 11 coverage from MIAMI. (though video quality is between good and bad) WSVN (FOX News/ 7 News) https://youtu.be/0dH9Y7346Po WPLG (ABC News / this btw is during the transition from Eyewitness News to channel 10 news) https://youtu.be/u9baYP6xGvo WBZL (WSFL) coverage from WPIX. https://youtu.be/DvVAZ03mJnc
  14. September 11 coverage continues, now from Dallas and Seattle. This is only part 1, check out their collections.
  15. September 11 coverage From Jacksonville, Fl. Little Rock, AR. And Madison, WI.
  16. C'mon, I mean Denver's 7 logo would've look better than this bland logo.
  17. WMAR Channel 2 News Night side 1987 WTTV Indiana Nightly news 1987
  18. Very sad news. Longtime Today show weatherman Willard Scott has passed away at the age of 87. https://www.nbcmiami.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/willard-scott-legendary-today-weatherman-dies-at-87/2544452/ We send our condolences to Willard's family, and thank you for giving us the best history making, entertaining, and charming weatherman.
  19. From the George McKenzie collection, I bring you Vintage WPTV newscasts. enjoy. https://youtu.be/uHcRy0E6X_o https://youtu.be/TereMtTSFVs https://youtu.be/J2P2tokE67k https://youtu.be/TQVc2MFBUnc
  20. WLUK News 11 1991 KCBS Channel 2 News 1985 BPME Station News/ Anniversary image promos 80s
  21. WPLG & WSVN 80'S News Bloopers. (Just for the record if you thought '89s we didn't write the headlines was hilarious, just listen to the WSVN 7 on your side parody)
  22. As we approach the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we begin the compilation with broadcasts from Los Angeles and Rochester, N.Y.

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