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  1. A boatload of South Florida Newscasts heading your way.
  2. Non news clip, but historic nonetheless. WBFS 1991 it contains a near complete Grant/Combine Broadcasting theme early into the clip.
  3. WSVN 7 News at 5 1996 WTVJ NBC 6 News @ 6 1996 WSVN Today in Florida 1997
  4. Here are a couple of classic KDKA Newscasts.
  5. KATU Channel 2 News 1993 KOIN 6 News 1986 KPTV 12 10 o'clock news 1992 WDSU 6 News promo 1998 WHDH Get ready for channel 7 1991 WCVB 1987 promo, if this theme sounds familiar.....
  6. KLAS 80s Newscast WABC Eyewitness Extra 4:30 1983 https://youtu.be/HB4GqrwPy1k Cablevision News 12 newscast 1983 KIMA 1991 Newscast https://youtu.be/gEg5-ES-ghA KDKA Eyewitness News 1987 WCAX 1993 Newscast WDIV 1983 News promos and news snippets.
  7. In loving memory of longtime WTVJ Sports Director Bernie Rosen.
  8. Longtime WTVJ Sports director Bernie Rosen has passed away at the age of 93 https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/sports/legendary-former-nbc-6-sports-director-bernie-rosen-dies-at-93/2339829/
  9. Boy these vintage south florida clips keep on rolling from 1991.
  10. 1991 South Florida/ National broadcast of the gulf war.
  11. KHSL and KCPM newscasts from the early 90s WLOV 1991 News promo
  12. WIXT (WSYR) 1985 promo. WGNX 1989 Debut of Georgia's News at ten.
  13. 1995 OKC Bombing coverage, from Philadelphia TV stations. 2 WITI 1970's promos KGO snippet of the Moscone/ Milk assassinations from Nov. 1978
  14. I don't know whether to post this here or in the international thread, but here's a short intro from KCBS as seen from South Korean broadcaster KBS from 1987.
  15. 2 1975 WXYZ Promos 1985 MOVE House bombing coverage. WNEV 1985 news snippet 1989 Full Loma prieta Earthquake coverage, like you've never seen before.
  16. More vintage Duluth Newscasts from KDUH and KBJR.
  17. WVTV Super 18 Nine o'clock Nightly News 1990

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