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  1. WSVN 1992 Hurricane Andrew, the documentary
  2. Here's WSVN talent sharing their emotions about Ed Ansin. https://wsvn.com/entertainment/wsvn-talent-remembers-longtime-station-owner-ed-ansin/
  3. WECA News open early 80s KTSM Early 90s open
  4. Not from the miami herald but from the Sun-Sentinel. Not much though. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/miami-dade/fl-ne-ed-ansin-obit-20200727-qrz2u6akifeudjakqxc7ywpdte-story.html?outputType=amp
  5. Now there is. https://wsvn.com/news/local/loss-of-a-leader-ed-ansin/ Hope this answers most of your questions. As WSVN will pay a weeklong tribute to his remarkable career.
  6. Let's not forget... And how sidney and ed got their start. Speaking as a south Floridian, thank you for all the years you help create, envision and pioneered WSVN and WHDH into what it truly means by definition. THE NEWS STATION. Rest in peace, Mr. Ansin.
  7. To also bring up the Tuesday/Peters fiasco, is the Tuesday 9 Theme for NBC affiliates.
  8. KTVU 1973 Margi Kangas Audition WHNT full newscast 1977 KCRA 1980 Promos Phoenix 1983-4 sports segments WUAB.10 o'clock news promo KBJR 1991 News clips WECT 1996 News, and behind the scenes
  9. WESH 1989 The eagle has landed 20th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. KPLC 7 News 1986 clips WVNY weather forecast 1988
  10. WSAW 2 1984 30th anniversary and Ident bumpers.
  11. 1998 Miami A.M. News montage, including a rarity from WSVN, at long last, the WSVN short lived 1997 theme is finally here!
  12. WTVJ/WSVN Weekend News prob. Late 96-97. WTVJ New set (last one from the old 316 N. Miami ave. Bldg.) 1997
  13. *sighs* since wyoming is a conservative state, why can't any station be referred to as Wyoming 24/7, ala Sinclair.
  14. WPLG channel 10 Eyewitness News 1993. https://youtu.be/DzRIAbIOEx4
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