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  1. Coverage from an Amtrak derailment in Madison and some never before seen broadcast of the loma prieta earthquake.
  2. New WBBH open can be found on this from Craig Stevens fb page. https://m.facebook.com/pg/CraigStevensWSVN/videos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  3. WPLG Looking back at Laurie Jennings 30 year career. WBZL (now WSFL) 2001 newscast with a kickass news intro. WSVN 2001 News snippets
  4. KCTV 5 10 p.m. news 1989 KPIX 1993 newscast WFOR 2000 the final KISS concert
  5. WKBD UPN 50 10 o'clock news 2001. Channel 8 news snippet from Virginia. Unsure of which station.
  6. Oh now i understand. WLOV News 27 2001 promo WJHG 1996 news KARE 11 news 1995
  7. Listen the way YouTube is acting up nowadays, it's hard to search for vintage newscast. But luckily i found a ton. So let's get started. WPLG the one & only ID 1990 arguably THE GREATEST Station id EVER! if anyone wants to challenge that.... WPLG Eyewitness News 1990 11pm WPLG Eyewitness News 1990 5 pm WCIX (WFOR) Action News 11 pm 1990 WBZ 11pm Eyewitness News and Sports Final WNEW 10 o'clock news 1982 A question for all Chicagoans when did WFLD launched a 9:30 News? 1990 BTW.
  8. WGN Nightbeat close. 1980 conn. News stories WTVJ Ralph renicks career The beginnings of WTVJ WTVJ's first hurricane special.
  9. Well i can think of one perfectly good answer to end all answers...... Well that figures!
  10. As WTVJ prepares for its 70th anniversary, they're proud to show you some of its back in the day stories.
  11. KABC 1974 Newscast KABC 50 years of Eyewitness News 1983 WOOD TV Promo 1987 KDEB partial newscast 1992/3 Rodney King verdict WKBD 10 o'clock news 1994 in it's final month as a FOX affiliate. KPDX FOX 49 News 1997
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