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  1. WPLG and WTVJ 6:00pm Intros 1996. 1996 Snippets of Miami Tv news WSVN Deco Drive and 10pm news intro 1996.
  2. WTVJ 1989 Commericals/ News intro and close WTVJ 1986 Commercials and News intro WPLG 1986 Commercials and News intro
  3. WSVN 7 Sports xtra, 1994, Jim Berry's last day at the station before he went to work at WBBM in chicago, he would later come home to work at WFOR where he currently is today. BTW If anyone can find clips of Jim during his tenure at WBBM, I appreciate it.
  4. WTVJ 1994 Jennifer Valoppi's first day.
  5. WPLG Nightbeat 2000 WTVJ 1993 Year in Review Unknown year, Attempted Murder at WTVJ crew, footage courtesy of the NBC program I-Witness Video. Unknown year, NBC News 'now' covers Miami TV crime stories.
  6. 1989 San Francisco Earthquake coverage.
  7. No news intros but a collection of news clips from reporter Tom Sussi. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6_dPCmGD3z-NIWVZaBmPeg WWTV/ WWUP 9 & 10 News 1993
  8. WJXX 1997, before their full-scale news department launched there was this. ABC 25 Tonight. Plus you'll get to see the construction of the then-new home of WJXX that sadly didn't last very long.
  9. Can't get enough of the premiere of the WSVN Newsplex? Well here's some snippets of a full days worth.
  10. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I give you the BEST of South Florida television history. The premiere of WSVN Newsplex, debut on April 27, 1994.
  11. KUTV Newswatch 2 1977. This, among the many clips, and snippets involving the FBI's Most Wanted criminal Ted bundy.
  12. WPTV Newschannel 5 at 11:00 2003 WFOR News 4 South Florida 1996 WTVJ 1996 promo WFOR 1997 Florida (now Miami) Marlins 1997 Championship Parade
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