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  1. From the Miami herald paying tribute to Michele gillen. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/obituaries/article252063673.html
  2. In loving memory of Michele gillen. If anyone wants to post more in her honor, feel free. God bless her soul.
  3. Here it is, WPLG Local 10 News on WSFL. (Well at least the intro anyway)
  4. Great News! Stephen's YouTube channel, along with his baseball clips are back, but on another link. The explanation is linked down below.
  5. WSBT Eyewitness News 22 1989 5 p.m. (skip to 9:14)
  6. WAAAAIIIIITTTT a minute! Same old BS for SB?! What did the station ever did to you?
  7. WDBJ News 7 2000 (skip to 14:48) KTNV 65th anniversary special.
  8. See if you can spot the difference in the Vintage WRAL news intro collection WKBW Eyewitness News 1985 WPIX The independent News 7:00 p.m. 1987
  9. Hi. Might need a bit of help, in deleting a clip that should not belong in the classic video current page, it is uh.... My fault actually.

  10. WPTF Promos and Newsbriefs 1980 WPTY News Break 1988 ( 7 years before they launch their full-scale News operation) WHBQ Eyewitness News 1992 WSVN 1994 news promo KVUE 9/11/01
  11. Any word on south Florida's sweeps #?

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