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  1. Jeez move some these clips to the international thread.
  2. WVIR 11o'clock report 1996 WKZO Active 3 News intro (at the end of the clip) 1979 WTAE 4 Star News 1960's KDNL 1996 promos
  3. Thanks for (AT LAST) digging up this historical piece. Please, i hope you have more miami newscasts from the 80s or 90s.
  4. WFMY 1979 News Snippet WOTV (WOOD TV) 1981 Newscast at the end. KHON 2 News 1993 WOIO 1995 News at 11:00 1997 Various News coverage of the Hartford whalers final game.
  5. WTAE Action News 1979 KOMO 4 News 1985 KING 5 News Snippet 1977 KOMO 4 Newscast Snippet 1 1977 KOMO 4 Newscast Snippet 2 1977 KERO 23 News 1990 WSAW News 7 1992 WBZ News 4 1994
  6. The WSVN collection of promos and news samples. (mid-90s)
  7. WCPO 1985 News WTVJ Pope John Paul II Miami visit 1987 WDRB 1994 Promos
  8. I think this will answer your statement.
  9. YES! Welcome Back Sloan tv! Now if only we bring back the other youtube channel i mentioned awhile back.
  10. And yet another youtuber is gone, i don't know his youtube channel name, but he's mostly remember for uploading, Anaheim angels baseball games, world series games, the oj simpson Chase from different los angeles stations, the earthquake coverage ( loma prieta and Northridge) and the wildfires. I'm telling you. Just when you think you're in the mood to watch something good, then *snaps fingers* it's gone.
  11. Welp. Sad news. Sloan tv archives are gone from youtube.

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