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  1. KERO 23 News 1988 KFMB News that Hits home promos '90s WTVH promo and News briefs 1990 WKFT Counterforce 40 1988 News gone wrong. WSVN 1985/6 (not News related) but an interesting clip, if not several from this YouTube user that might be of interest. The show is called Sunday funnies, but it contains WSVN promos, one of which you may be familiar with. WOTV 41 News 1993 (clip starts at 17:05) WXYZ 7 Action News Dec. 20, 1994 (9 days after Detroit's big affiliation switch)
  2. Southeast Texas News clips 1982 (2) KTBC channel 7 News clips 1989 WCNC News 36 Special Report 1989 WCNC Race week '88 special. The long island secession coverage, WCSH, WGME 1993. KABB FOX 29 News 1998 KCNC News 4 Colorado Today, 1995
  3. WXXA FOX News at 10 1997 KMOX? or KMOV? Turn to News promo. "Watch for St. Louis, We are on the Move"
  4. WHSV 1978 clips WDIV 1988-90 News 4 promos WDIV NEWS 4 Early 80's promos KDFW 1991 Gulf War news 1991 World Series champions local coverage from Minneapolis-St. Paul
  5. WNYT The 30 Minute News Oct. 4 1987 More great flood of '93 coverage.
  6. WJXT Eyewitness News 10pm and Noon 2002. Various News clips Columbine shooting 1999
  7. Very rare stuff from KDKA and WTOV 1979
  8. WSPA Eyewitness News 1986 KSNW Newschannel 3 Nightbeat 1992 KBMT 12 News 1986 close 9/11 News coverage from Hartford/ New Haven, CT. (Mostly from WTNH)
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