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  1. WOFL FOX 35 9/11 Newscast WTVJ 1979 Prelude to the Cocaine Cowboys. KSTW 1991 10o'clock news KNOE TV 8 News 1992 1992 Portland Newscasts Snippets 1995 O.J. Simpson Verdict rare FOX News Coverage. With a bit of Court TV material.
  2. 1981 Ronald Regan Attempted assassination coverage from Buffalo and Canada. WNET News 1981 2 KCBS Newscasts from the 80s
  3. WAVE 3 Commercials 1983. WFSB 60 years highlights. WGHP 1987 Commercials KSDK 1992 News promos Vintage Cleveland Material mostly from the 90's https://www.youtube.com/user/Thompsonnw KPIX 2000 News snippets
  4. KDKA 1997 Death of Bill Burns. 1950s Footage from WSJS, WTOB and WFMY. 50 years of Pittsburgh radio and tv.
  5. Some WBRE clips. WWOR Channel 9 News 1992 1992 KMOV idents. 1995 WGEM 1995 News. News clips from Spokane
  6. If you want to know the "dirt" on TV News, look no further than the 1976 snippets in this KOB newscasts.
  7. 1982 From Channel 4 WTAE in Pittsburgh. WRC 1986 the death of Len Bias WAVE 3 News 1986 WLKY 32 News 1991
  8. In loving memory of WPLG weekend anchor, reporter, and weatherman Todd Tongen.
  9. KNBC News snippets 1976. KMSP Jeff Baillon retires after 38 years. KPRC 1983 Channel 2 News WOKR Dick Burt's final newscast 1987 USA News Update with Jack Jones 1990 KXLY News 4 Spokane 1996
  10. KNBC News 4 LA 1983 KPRC 2 News Snippet KRCG 13 News 1995 KSTP Eyewitness News 1995
  11. WHDH newscast 1992 WGGB TV 40 News 1996 WOI-TV News 5 1998 KSTP Eyewitness News 1988 A couple of vintage WFMY material.
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