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  1. WCAU 1985 Move Bombing (audio only coverage) 1994 KFOR promos 1990 KAUT FOX 43 sign off KTSM 1995 Newscast If you're wondering what the earliest instances of the CBS news special report graphics look like in '97 look no further WUAB 1991 Newscast
  2. Even more 9/11 broadcast. WBOY WCYB, Tri cities TN WOOD/WZZM Grand rapids MI Tulsa, mainly KOTV KNTV, San Jose Oakland San Francisco WFAA Dallas Ft. worth
  3. Even more from 9/11. KTTV Los Angeles KNSD NBC 7/39 San Diego WLEX Lexington
  4. More vintage 9/11 clips. From Connecticut & Montana.
  5. WTVF 1986 We Share the Spiiiiirit, promo.
  6. Vintage WVNY clips. WWLP 1993 News 1991 Bay area news coverage of the solar eclipse. WLOX 1994 Newswatch Some vintage news bloopers, and a rare news clip from WJET Erie, PA. WTVD 1992 Newscast
  7. I know this is the wrong category to post this theme has a direct link to KETV's 1989 news theme which begins at 1:40 mark
  8. KMOX TV 1986 last days before the switch to KMOV. KLAS 1987 sunday morning news program
  9. KGO Channel 7 News 1985 WEEK 1991 News snippets WBFF FOX 45 news commercial 1995
  10. WHOI 19 Eyewitness News updates 1991 WTAE 1984 6 pm news WFMY 40th Anniversary special 1989
  11. WBOC 1990 Sign off. WHO Flood of 93 coverage. KSTM 1999 Newscast WFMJ 1992 Newscast
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