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  1. Patrick was the best fit for the mornings. It seems like the management don't like his anchoring style, but they love the robotic Kate Chappell. I'm sorry, she is not anchor material.
  2. If the rumors are true then good riddance to Chuck Todd. He's not a good moderator and asset to NBC. People on the left, right and center can't stand him. As for Guthrie, MTP would be a promotion for her and Craig Melvin can take her place as Co-Host with Hoda. But it's FTV Live, lets take it with a grain of salt.
  3. What do you guys think of the Digital Newscasts, The morning is great with Terrell, Val, Tracy, Roz plus the fill ins, especially the hot topic conversation in the WCL studio. I really like they include the weather and traffic personal more on the newscast. The 7pm is Cheryl Burtons best newscast as she's more relaxed. Do you think these newscasts are worth it or no? I would rather watch Local in the Morning instead of networks. Also, are they going to end social distancing and go back to normal seating. The newscasts especially the morning and 7pm flow better when everyone is at the desk.
  4. I agree the set looked really lazy and cheap by the end of its run. They have so many green screens and huge monitors with lack of panels. The afternoon and evening anchors are fine. The morning news saw so much changes within the last 2+ years. Michelle has gotten better but I cringe when Patrick anchors. Plus, Idk why they keep using Kate Chappell as the main weekday fill in, she's not even weekend morning anchor material. They really should start poaching talent from ABC7. Overall, WMAQ has gotten lazy and cheap with their sets and don't care about trying to catch up to ABC7.
  5. I'm excited for a new set, it has been way overdue. The set they were just on was changed and updated so much that it looked lazy. Btw Alicia Roman is about to have her baby this month, so i'm guessing Iisha takes weekday mornings while Alicia is on maternity leave, while Pete doubles up on weekends.
  6. Larry and Phil especially don't like doing the 7pm newscast by the looks of it. Phil has to stay later than he wants. Plus, they abuse Phil when Tracy is off and he has to do Sunday nights and Monday mornings.
  7. Terrell Brown just cursed on the digital newscast. He said "worked their asses off". They are trying to be like WGN Morning News and it's a better alternative to GMA. Terrell and Val's chemistry if perfect. The Evening Digital newscast is almost unbearable. First of all. Cheryl Burton is on that newscast and I'm sorry. she is ditzy and annoying and should not have that much airtime. Also Phil, Larry and Cheryl Scott look like they don't want to have that digital newscast, it seems like they don't want to be there. Greg is the only Meteorologist that wants to be there. The Morning newscast is perfect, great chemistry and they all want to be there.
  8. That came into my mind. Just to clarify, I don't want Cheryl Burton and Rob to leave. Rob's good where he's at and move Cheryl Burton to a lighter newscast.
  9. With Cheryl Burton out and Judy anchored from home. Karen Jordan gets a well deserved exposer to anchoring election coverage next to Alan Kreshesky. Karen is so underrated and should be on weekdays instead of Cheryl Burton. I know Karen has nepestism, but she also has talent and is professional unlike Cheryl. Also Rob, who is a good anchor was off tonight and Ravi filled it for him. He's a great anchor, but doing coverage like this isn't his forte.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/c/BrokenNewswithErinandMegan Former WBBM-TV morning anchor Erin Kennedy and Morning Meteorologist Megan Glaros have a joint YouTube channel talking about what happened after they were laid off in May 2020. Really interesting stuff from a couple minutes I've watch. They're going to have a bunch of guests on like Darrick and Marissa. They already had Lionel Moise on. They really spilled the beans on their experience in the industry and how it works. They also talked about how relieved to be out of that industry. You should check it out.
  11. Alan and Cheryl Burton are off tonight so, Liz Nagy and Judy Hsu did the 5pm while Karen was out in the field. Do you think Karen did not want to anchor tonight or do they have plans for Liz Nagy as she's been filling in more since the digital newscasts were started.
  12. Tomorrow marks 2 years since the passing of Dick Johnson. I was really sad when he passed as he was underrated and one of the best journalists I've seen. NBC5 should have given him top spot as he had great chemistry with everybody.
  13. Agreed. This station has always had one of the best graphics in this market, if not, the country, next to Hearst. The outgoing graphics were 7+ years old and they aged well.
  14. It is really unfortunate, but he maybe wants a job with weekends off or wants to have 8 hour days and not do both GMA and WNT. He doesn't do that much on Weekend GMA anyway and the second hour of GMA on Saturdays is pointless. It's just to give the anchors more time anchoring. They can easily get put on ABC news live. The regular anchors of ABC news live are not the best besides Linsey and Terry.
  15. Cheryl has gotten a lot better, especially since being paired with Larry on weekdays and more experience so she doesn't bother me. I'm saying with Greg, if he wants to move up more or get a weekday job in a top market, they're are openings. WABC needs at least 1 more also as Sam's schedule is limited and overworking Brittney and Jeff is not a good idea. Plus Cheryl, Greg and Danielle Breezy from Nashville are the most often GMA fill ins, although Danielle and Cheryl are both in too good positions to leave their current jobs.
  16. The Rob Marciano situation is still weird. He hasn't been on GMA (both weekend and filling in for Ginger on weekday) for months now. But he still doe WNT and ABC news live. Last week, Sam filled in for Ginger and did Weekend GMA from Florida, yet Rob Marciano was in Florida for WNT. So is he leaving ABC or stalled contract issues?
  17. Don't get me wrong I like Mark McGinnis. His forecasts are simple and not over the top like Greg, even though Greg is good, he just needs to stand still more and stand a little further from the camera. But with openings in Philly, I think were Cheryl Scott grew up in that area as Cecily Tynan was her inspiration. Wcvb has an opening as Harvey Leonard retired and no one has replaced him officially and another meteorologist is Pregnant. Greg and Cheryl Scott's fiance are from the Boston/Southern New England area. I can see one of them jumping over to Boston or Philly. More likely Greg since he's on the weekends and can get a weekday job in those 2 markets. So if one of them is leaving, bringing back Mark McGinnis makes since.
  18. Is there a reason they brought back Mark McGinnis as a fill in. I'm surprised he's filling in again since he lives in Milwaukee area and has his own company. I know it's extra money. but with the gas prices, I'm surprise he said yes.
  19. We all know Fox News is conservative channel. Is Fox Weather more conservative or neutral?
  20. Wouldn't Mark, Stacey, Ravi, Greg, Phil, Karen and Val need to be quarantined since Val sat next to Terrell and sat in Tanja's seat Monday and Tuesday, Ravi sat next to Val Wednesday morning, Karen Wednesday at 11am, Mark sat next to Val Thursday morning, and next to Stacey Thursday at 11am, Friday and Today. Phil did Monday through Wednesday and Greg did Thursday through Saturday. Unless the anchors and Meterologists can't interact with each other as here and WABC has still one of the most strict Covid Guidelines.
  21. Mark McGinnis returned to ABC7 today after a 2 year hiatus due to the pandemic filling in for Greg. They must be short staffed bc, Cheryl is doing Weekend GMA for the second weekend in a row and Tracy Butler is MIA during the sweeps as well as Tanja and Terrell.
  22. I don't think she will want to go back to weekends, she's a weekday morning reporter/fill in anchor/fill in traffic. If they go the solo route with Mark Rivera. which is highly unlikely , then they have to cut down on the weekend morning newscast. For a while they will probably use Samantha Chatman, Tanja, Diane, Liz, Karen(if needed and Val(if needed) until they find a permanent replacement. Diane hardly fills in on the weekends anymore since she got promoted to weekday reporter and fill in on the weekday morning show.
  23. I think Stacey Baca is leaving the station, I didn't see her announcement but she said 2 more months and Mark and Greg were saying that they were going to miss her.
  24. I think that's why some stations WABC and WLS are hesitating to go back to normal sitting. If I was an anchor, I would rather be distanced than sitting right next to someone.
  25. With Larry and Cheryl Scott both off, Phil is doing all the evening shows, very underused meteorologist, wished his talents weren't wasted on the weekends, like Karen and Ravi.
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