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  1. Ik im late but Welcome to the board.
    1. Williams1402


      Thanks though. Also thank you for following me.
  2. Well, I don't really think that it should be in areas within New Jersey. I mean it would've been difficult considering some areas of NYC are near New Jersey, but it could be possible if you could get NY1 in NJ.
  3. More like a couple years, but I hope it doesn't get as bad in the near future.
  4. That seems tragic for WABC to go through two of their anchors with serious car accidents. It's like 2017 is already troubling for them.
  5. Somebody mentioned that on this thread a while back. Although, it reminds me that Spectrum should have all cable systems get NY1 in every area of New York City.
  6. Well, you could use your phone unless it doesn't have enough space to record a video that's a minute or two long.
  7. I guess Youtube didn’t want people to screenshot their stuff from their TV subscriptions. What a shame. Although other cable services probably have better offers. Needless to say, the Doppler should’ve been photographed for evidence.
  8. And then they'll get other reporters to replace them... soon enough.
  9. To me, NY1's graphics has been the same since 2013. News 12 has been okay from what you've been saying. However, I can't access News 12's coverage because I don't have the channel in my area. Same with FiOS 1, despite having the cable system in my house.
  10. That's what every local news station does. They make sure they cover their precise locations alright.
  11. It seems simple, if you don’t have cable or don’t have an Internet TV subscription. I’ll rather go watch cable news if I wanted national news, not from a local news station that wouldn’t get everything.
  12. Why would anybody need to watch national news coverage from a local news station, if most of them could already get national news from their cable news channels?
  13. So... they don't have it anywhere in most of New York City (considering every borough is a TWC area)? Well that sucks. Well, at least News12 would probably become a better alternative that don't have TWC, even though it's not NYC-oriented.
  14. Just in Brooklyn within Altice areas? That seems very limited, especially for those who have FiOS outside of Brooklyn.

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