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  1. Pretty nice they added in Talents finally at 10PM not just for 5PM
  2. OMG the intro and those drone shots so spectacular and new logo for GoodDay Orlando
  3. I’ll keep on eye on WKMG. I’ll post a montage once they get the graphics.
  4. Here’s the WVEN Montage of the 2019 graphics.
  5. Just a reminder WLTV is joining the 5PM & 10PM game on WAMI
  6. WVEN (O&O/Entravision) had a promo with the new graphics
  7. Slow News day in Tampa...
  8. Yeah it’s uploaded from my phone I guess it was too big to upload:/ any suggestions to upload a video?
  9. Finally the unique Intro of WVEN Noticias Univisión Orlando Mas Tiempo Contigo 5EF0BCEC-E92C-440C-B1C5-DCBB16B4F128.MOV
  10. Ok I got a closer look the promos every Entravision owned Univisión station created a new 11PM concept called Mas Tiempo Contigo (More Time Together) with no commercial interruptions of 15 minutes and on my local affiliate WVEN used a different intro. I’ll upload the intro tomorrow night.
  11. Not the briefs. It was something like that in this promo same graphics and V/O but different music from the Mandate.
  12. Wow WVEN in Orlando badly needs a new set even though they added a new Opening this month just the Univision logo and some sorta “circle clock”.
  13. No Both Telemundo Stations in Orlando and Tampa are separated than the Univision Florida Central which recently sorta separated of their names but shares stories from Tampa and Orlando to each other’s Newscast.
  14. WTVJ July 1992 Noon Intro http://www.wolfsonarchives.info/view/?id=84613&accession=WC23238&status=DIGITIZED&wc_no=WC23238&search_term=WTVJ &fileid=WC23238.mp4

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