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  1. Just a little correction, it’s actually WGCL instead of WXIA
  2. So Martie Salt retired from the Big Red 9 today after 40 years at the station. https://www.wftv.com/news/local/orange-county/martie-salt-retires-after-40-years-keeping-central-florida-informed/VMAGU6L4CZF2NO52TOPJXXWBFM/
  3. WKMG has finally debuted the updated graphics at noon with adding the ClickOrlando.com monkier to the open. However, no theme changes unlike its other sister stations
  4. WJXT has debuted the graphics at 5pm yesterday in addition to ditching The Edge. They are now using Inergy but no signs of the WJXT Signature.
  5. Along with the graphics switch, WSLS is no longer using Aerial as it was changed to Guardian.
  6. Sinclair's CBS12 in West Palm Beach has a 3pm newscast, but it's only a half hour.
  7. Yoshi is very disappointed that he was mistaken for a fungus.
  8. It seems as if the full roster is on the NewsOn app, with the addition of WALA in Mobile/Pensacola, WNEM of the Flint Bay Reigon, Western Mass News of Springfield (currently, no morning or FOX 6 broadcasts on the app, yet.), and finally KVVU of Las Vegas.
  9. Hi, first post here. There a couple of updates from North and Central Florida. First, from THE Local Station Channel 4, Francesca Amiker has left the station and is now the entertainment anchor for Tegna's 11Alive for the Morning Rush. Second, from "The News Station" in Orlando (Fox35), Jackie Orozco left the station to be the weekend morning anchor on Sinclair's ABC 6 &Fox 28 in Columbus, Ohio. Finally, from WFTS in Tampa Bay, Rodney Dunigan(married to Jackie), has also left his station to anchor the weekend evening news on the same exact station where Jackie is.

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