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  1. WKMG has finally debuted the updated graphics at noon with adding the ClickOrlando.com monkier to the open. However, no theme changes unlike its other sister stations
  2. WJXT has debuted the graphics at 5pm yesterday in addition to ditching The Edge. They are now using Inergy but no signs of the WJXT Signature.
  3. Along with the graphics switch, WSLS is no longer using Aerial as it was changed to Guardian.
  4. Some insight: https://youtu.be/z5h3tjyhTBQ So far as I know, this “News 4 Nashville” title has only been used for the 10pm weekday open. So if anything, it’s probably nothing major.
  5. Mark Peeples is the voiceover here. Replacing longtime voiceovers while getting replaced at the same time.
  6. WSPA did receive new graphics earlier this week but it’s not the CBS Nexstar ones surprisingly. It seems like a hybrid that has the old look still involved. Pretty nice if I do say so myself.
  7. Sinclair's CBS12 in West Palm Beach has a 3pm newscast, but it's only a half hour.
  8. That explains alot when I go home to Mobile for vacations and I hear 2 different vo's during the newscast. Thanks Mike and Tyrannical
  9. I’m surprised the VO is now Steve Kamer instead of that other guy (don’t know his name) that was doing the breaking news and weather first opens. But Kamer has this tone that feels like it’s the real deal and personally, I think it’s a righteous fit for WKRG.
  10. To answer, Heart of the City is no more. Jim is still there and it is CBS Enforcer Series 2. Although, they could’ve done at least a different version of Enforcer(especially from the New Generation Series). With this update, it takes them up a few notches to be like WFSB. That makes me think, maybe WFSB might go that route as far as an update is concerned.
  11. Yoshi is very disappointed that he was mistaken for a fungus.
  12. https://forums.tvnewstalk.net/index.php?threads/the-sinclair-ization-thread.14525/page-32 They actually had it for a while, ever since late October. IMO, it looks better without that flag in the L3's, it has a cleaner feel to me.
  13. A few non Tegna stations are using This is Home. WAAY 31 in Huntsville uses it with their slogan even being "This is Home". Fox 10 in Mobile, Alabama has been using it since Super Bowl LI. Erie News Now uses it(very poorly imo). And kota territory news uses the theme as of recent months. It will not be a surprise if more stations starts to use it, especially the stations in smaller cities.
  14. Actually, they reverted back to CBS 42 quite some time ago, but it be nice for a new 42 instead.
  15. I think it was before the Predators got in the Stanley Cup Finals.
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