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  1. My apologies. Please let me know if my post can be deleted. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. WBBM Chicago's 10 PM news from February 28, 1983, airing immediately after the series finale of M*A*S*H and with live reports/reaction to the finale from cast members and Chicagoans:
  3. It is. WTVG in Toledo used it until switching to an updated version of Peters' "The Winners" later in '84.
  4. CNN Headline News from September 22, 1985 (joined in progress): A 90-minute block of CNN HN from April 20, 1988 (not 1985, as the video title incorrectly indicates): CNN HN w/Lynne Russell from Dec. 29, 1992: CNN HN joined in progress, with the top story being Michael Jordan's first retirement from the NBA on Oct. 30, 1993:
  5. WGN's Midday News from February 24, 1988:
  6. Also from the same creator, a report on the explosive finale of season 3 of ST - as if it happened on CNN:
  7. An extensive behind-the-scenes look at WJZ-TV Baltimore's Eyewitness News from 1992:
  8. The 1987 stock market crash ("Black Monday") as the story broke live on Financial News Network (now CNBC): Part 1: Part 2:
  9. Here are a couple of vintage WWL clips, beginning with a complete 10 PM newscast from Feb. 6, 1990: https://archive.org/details/wwl-eyewitness-news-at-10-pm-feb-6-1990-b Here's an open to a 10 PM newscast from Sept. 30, 1989 - shortly before the set and graphics from the above clip were fully implemented along with the first generation of Stephen Arnold's "WWL News" theme package: https://archive.org/details/wwl-eyewitness-news-start-mid-sep-30-1989 10 PM opens from May 19th and 20th, 1985: https://archive.org/details/wwl-eyewitness-news-nightwatch-start-may-19-1985 https://archive.org/details/wwl-eyewitness-news-nightwatch-start-may-20-1985 A 10 PM open from February 1, 2002 (the Friday before Tom Brady led the Patriots to their first title in Super Bowl 36 in the Superdome 2 days later): https://archive.org/details/wwl-eyewitness-news-at-10-pm-start-feb-1-2002-b A 10 PM newscast from December 14, 2003 (the top story was the capture by U.S. forces of infamous Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein months after the fall of his regime): https://archive.org/details/wwl-eyewitness-news-dec-14-2003-b From WDSU, a partial 10 PM newscast from Sept. 17, 1995: https://archive.org/details/wdsu-6-news-tonight-start-sep-17-1995
  10. One odd story comes to mind that I found a while back: for two consecutive Saturdays in August 1984, Lafayette, La. ABC station KATC pre-empted the network's primetime coverage of the Summer Olympics to show Saints pre-season games. Granted, those telecasts were produced by KATC's sister station WWL in New Orleans (a CBS affiliate, of course), but here's how an ABC spokesman responded to it per the New Orleans Times-Picayune, August 10, 1984:
  11. ABC News Nightline coverage of the opening night of Gulf War I from January 16th-17th, 1991, taped from WVUE (now a Fox station) in New Orleans: https://archive.org/details/abc-91-gulf CNN's coverage of President George H.W. Bush's State of The Union address from January 29, 1991, via Cox Cable in New Orleans: https://archive.org/details/cnnsotu-91 Nightline's report from February 22nd (again taped from WVUE) on the threatened coalition ground offensive against Saddam Hussein, which ultimately took place the following day: https://archive.org/details/abcnightline-22291 CNN Gulf War coverage from February 23rd, just hours before the ground war phase of Operation Desert Storm began: https://archive.org/details/cnngulfwar-91
  12. Partial edition of CNN Headline News with Peter Ford (at the time having left Australia's Seven Network to join HN, later leaving HN to join WSVN in Miami) from May 21, 1984 via KTTV in Los Angeles.
  13. From the post-Christmas Day 1978 CBS Evening News w/Walter Cronkite, Richard Roth reports on the "superstation" craze in cable TV. Features an interview w/WTCG (WTBS)' Ted Turner:
  14. So sorry you got booted off Vimeo, but I'm glad to see you've restarted on the Internet Archive. Hope you have better luck there, and I wish you all the best with getting the rest of your content uploaded there. Thanks for posting everything. I'll share the link to your page here: https://archive.org/details/@compubit
  15. I'm not positive, but I think The Disney Channel had their once-monthly maintenance periods for several years after going 24/7. Not sure if that remains the case today, but I know all the other premium networks still shut down for their maintenance once a month. The other day, I found this one from Showtime circa 1985/86 (not 1987, as in the video description):
  16. An updated version of the Disney Channel's maintenance sign-off (spelling "interrupting" and "maintenance" correctly this time) was posted a few days ago:
  17. A portion of CNN Headline News from March 11, 1989, which can be seen in segments on YouTube user "Polaroid"'s channel: https://archive.org/details/headline-news-1989-03-11 Also from the same YouTube channel but posted here in complete form, an hour block from Easter Sunday 1989: https://archive.org/details/headline-news-1989-03-26
  18. Formerly on YouTube but now reposted on my Archive.org page, here is an hour block (JIP) of CNN Headline News from May 24, 1988. Thanks to YouTube user "Memory Lane" (who has since taken down all his classic TV clips) for providing me with the original file for this. https://archive.org/details/headline-news-1988-05-24
  19. Sloan brings us a treasure trove of New Orleans newscasts from June 8-9th, 1994:
  20. In case anyone's interested in vintage Olympics coverage, you may want to grab these before they're gone. Feel free to move this over to Non-News:
  21. I've downloaded most of my New Orleans material off my YouTube channel, except for the videos I plan to re-rip in higher quality. Will be posting these on my Internet Archive page: https://archive.org/details/@cjh791982
  22. Wow. Very sorry to hear Sloan's channel got taken down. I really enjoyed it, and I hope he can rebuild it. I did manage to grab some of his videos, specifically the WVUE/WWL newscasts he posted and the hour block of Headline News from the day they moved to CNN Center in 1987. What happened to Sloan and other collectors is why I'm no longer uploading anything to YouTube. I'll add more New Orleans stuff to my archive.org page soon, along with some other materials I haven't yet ripped.
  23. Previously posted in B&W from the Vanderbilt TV News Archive tape, here is the full color broadcast of the CBS Evening News w/Walter Cronkite from October 10, 1973 - an expanded edition led by the news of VP Spiro Agnew's resignation.
  24. Found in the WJZ-TV collection on the Internet Archive, here is a full length closed circuit presentation of PBS' 1985 Fall programming promoted under the slogan "TV Worth Watching": https://archive.org/details/wjzpat003015
  25. How great it would be if we had anything like Headline News today. Just news, no opinions, debates, or sensationalism.
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