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  1. From my new NOLA TV archive page, here are some WWL-TV newscasts from July 22, 1996. 12 PM w/Bill Elder, Don Westbrook and Phil Johnson: https://archive.org/details/wwl07229612pm 6 PM w/Dennis Woltering, Angela Hill, Mike Hoss (in for Jim Henderson) and Dave Barnes: https://archive.org/details/wwl6pm072296 10 PM segment w/Nancy Russo forecast, final story and repeat of that day's Phil Johnson editorial: https://archive.org/details/wwl07229610pm From WGNO, circa March 21, 2006: https://archive.org/details/wgno2006 From WVUE, the end of its 9 PM newscast followed by the 2001 edition of its annual "Weathering The Storm" hurricane preparedness special: https://archive.org/details/wvuestorm2001 All these came from tapes recently acquired by jacky9br (who posted the earlier WVUE Fox 8 9 PM news from 7/22/96).
  2. From January 26, 1981, a segment from WWL's Eyewitness Morning News w/co-anchors John Quaintance and the late Andre Trevigne. Features reports from Dennis Wolter(ing), Taylor Henry and the legendary Bill Elder.
  3. Via WPXI in Pittsburgh, an hour block of CNN Headline News from November 22, 1986:
  4. First segment of WDSU's 10 PM NewsCenter 6 from December 10, 1986:
  5. Featuring WDSU's version of the '86-'87 "Come Home To NBC" campaign ID:
  6. Long before WGNO had an actual functioning news operation that tried to compete with WWL, WDSU and WVUE, the then-independent Ch. 26 - like many indies around the country - carried prime time news briefs in lieu of traditional half-hour newscasts. For years during the pre-ABC era, these news briefs were anchored by Mel Leavitt (legendary WDSU newsman/sportscaster) who hosted public affairs programs on Ch. 26 in addition to booth announcing for the station, as you'll hear in the movie opens on this clip:
  7. From The SBC Archive, Peter Jennings' historic 24 hour coverage of the worldwide New Millennium celebrations on ABC (playlist in 12 parts): Dan Rather's coverage of the New Millennium celebrations on CBS: NBC's coverage of the New Millennium celebrations with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric, among many:
  8. Two more vintage WWL newscasts, beginning with the 10 PM Eyewitness News Nightwatch from March 2, 1993: From May 19, 2001: From August 23, 1987, an ABC-era WVUE News 8 Nightbeat tease with ads and promos:
  9. Absolutely shocked. Very sad to hear this. Sending my condolences to Glynn, Nancy's family, friends and colleagues.
  10. From June 5, 1994, WWL and then-ABC station WVUE's 10 PM newscasts: Continuing with that vintage New Orleans flavor, here's a partial WDSU Newscenter 6 at 10 PM from August 5, 1985 (courtesy jacky9br): Another partial newscast, this one a 6 PM WWL Eyewitness News edition from January 13, 1984 (again from jacky9br): From an overnight rebroadcast, a full edition of WDSU's 10 PM news from November 7, 1994: A pre-Katrina WWL newscast from April 22, 2005: WWL's Eyewitness News Nightwatch from Super Bowl 26 eve, 1992: And a WWL 10 PM newscast from April 4, 2002:
  11. Courtesy ewjxn, a squeeze tease for WDSU's weekend edition of Newscenter 6 at 10 from December 1, 1985. Talent ID's are also included. Stay tuned this Tuesday when the newscast itself (90% of it) will be uploaded on ewjxn's channel!
  12. Just saw. Thanks for pointing that out. The Marion Stokes link still works, though.
  13. Following up on a 1988 ABC 20/20 report on alleged visions of the Virgin Mary in the Yugoslavian village of Medjugorje (pronounced med-ju-gorya), here's a WVUE New Orleans update on the impact felt on the city's predominantly Catholic community. Nearly 2 years earlier, the station's former weekend co-anchors, Jim Bailey and Mary Lou McCall, presented a memorable series of reports on those visions, culminating in a prime-time special which aired in December 1986 (also on YouTube), public speaking tours at New Orleans area churches, and several interviews on WVUE and other media outlets.
  14. WDSU news teases and news/station promos from April 12, 1981:
  15. The YouTube user "toastymallows" features tons of WJW/WJKW Cleveland "Ohio Reporter/One Tank Trip" segments from the late '70s-1992. https://www.youtube.com/user/toastymallows/ From that same channel comes some rare film footage of WJW-TV circa 1971:
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