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  1. Courtesy ewjxn, a squeeze tease for WDSU's weekend edition of Newscenter 6 at 10 from December 1, 1985. Talent ID's are also included. Stay tuned this Tuesday when the newscast itself (90% of it) will be uploaded on ewjxn's channel!
  2. Just saw. Thanks for pointing that out. The Marion Stokes link still works, though.
  3. Following up on a 1988 ABC 20/20 report on alleged visions of the Virgin Mary in the Yugoslavian village of Medjugorje (pronounced med-ju-gorya), here's a WVUE New Orleans update on the impact felt on the city's predominantly Catholic community. Nearly 2 years earlier, the station's former weekend co-anchors, Jim Bailey and Mary Lou McCall, presented a memorable series of reports on those visions, culminating in a prime-time special which aired in December 1986 (also on YouTube), public speaking tours at New Orleans area churches, and several interviews on WVUE and other media outlets.
  4. WDSU news teases and news/station promos from April 12, 1981:
  5. The YouTube user "toastymallows" features tons of WJW/WJKW Cleveland "Ohio Reporter/One Tank Trip" segments from the late '70s-1992. https://www.youtube.com/user/toastymallows/ From that same channel comes some rare film footage of WJW-TV circa 1971:
  6. On the Internet Archive is a huge collection of Koppel-era Nightline broadcasts, via the Vanderbilt TV News Archive: https://archive.org/details/godaneinbox?&and[]=subject%3A"ABC Nightline" From 1980-83 and 1988-89, the Cronkite/Rather era CBS Evening News: https://archive.org/details/cbseveningnews-1980 Late '60s ABC Evening News, plus World News Tonight (1980, 1991, 1993, 1998-99): https://archive.org/details/godaneinbox?&and[]=subject%3A"ABC Evening News" As previously posted on the Marion Stokes documentary thread in the tape room, here is some of what's been digitized already: https://archive.org/details/stokestvarchiveexperiment
  7. Some of those tapes have already been digitized, as a matter of fact. https://archive.org/details/stokestvarchiveexperiment
  8. From January 25, 1981 (courtesy ewjxn): a partial WVUE New Orleans "Newscene 8" 10 PM newscast. Features ABC News reports on the freed American hostages and local coverage of Super Bowl XV, which the Oakland Raiders won that day over the Philadelphia Eagles in the Superdome, 27-10. http://youtu.be/4J0CYn4VD0U
  9. The name of the cue is "News at 6:00", composed by the late veteran film/TV composer Michael Small (ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, NIGHT MOVES, THE PARALLAX VIEW, KLUTE, among others). This was taken from his rejected score to THE CHINA SYNDROME, which was released several years ago on Intrada Records and quickly sold out. For anyone here who's into film score music, it's common for composers (with the exception of John Williams) to write a score for a film and then have it tossed when the director doesn't like what he/she's heard. As it turned out, this and maybe 1 or 2 related TV source cues were ultimately kept in the 1979 film.
  10. Also the voice of MLB Network since its launch. RIP Chris Corley.
  11. Jacky9br strikes again, this time with some late '80s-early '90s Baton Rouge material. First, the start of a WAFB 10 PM newscast on the day after deadly tornadoes struck the area. At 4:56, you'll see incredible amateur video of an explosion caused by the tornado: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGtUkLCcoro From November 29, 1987, WVLA's special report cut-in on the end of the Oakdale prison riots. This was days after the station changed their call letters from WRBT to WVLA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzoBGjUlLhE
  12. More from ewjxn, this time a 1978 WDSU 5 PM news open w/the NBC TV/Radio "Newspulse" theme: The late WVUE (later WDSU) sportscaster Buddy Diliberto recaps a thrilling finish in the 1977 UNO-Tulane basketball game...
  13. You're very welcome! Glad to help.
  14. Hal Riney did the voiceovers for these spots. He was also a legendary advertising executive who was best known for creating President Reagan's 1984 "It's Morning Again In America" ad, which helped catapult Reagan to a second term in office. Riney also produced/voiced ads for Ernest and Julio Gallo Wines and Saturn, among many others. https://adage.com/article/agency-news/a-back-hal-riney-contrarian/303207/
  15. Also from ewjxn's channel, but this time I've brightened the video quality of the original:
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