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  1. How great to see Erin back on the air! I think she’d make an excellent partner for Walter on weekend desk. Perhaps there’s a spot on weekday mornings, too. Matt and Tam stand watch for 3 hours. Over a shorter span from 4p to 6:30p, now seven different anchors share the desk.
  2. The new noon, 4p, and 5p teams are being promoted in banners on 6abc’s website.
  3. Agreed that Sarah would be an excellent choice. She has an established rapport with Rick from noon, and is among the lead reporters for major events like conventions and the Cosby verdict. I’m somewhat surprised that Nydia and Tamala Edwards haven’t subbed on the 5. Nydia’s reporting on the This Is America web series was really strong, and she frequently contributes to the 5 as the consumer anchor. Likewise, Tamala is an accomplished writer. I enjoy watching her and Matt in the morning - perhaps they don’t want to separate that team. If Sarah does succeed Monica, maybe they’d give thought to allowing Rick and Sarah an increased reporting role at 10/11, with Matt and Tamala adding the noon show.
  4. I believe the Rachael Ray show is moving to 2p. Millionaire has been cancelled. Perhaps Right This Minute moves to its late night slot before the replay of the 11p news.
  5. With respect, that’s likely because a good number of “the posters on this board” are employed by or have experience with stations in this market or others, and may be more keenly aware of the economics that drive business decisions in this industry. We are each certainly welcome to our opinions, but I do think we need to thoughtfully consider the perspective of those actually working in the trenches. Perhaps it’s the case that ratings aren’t the only metric driving business decision. Maybe the station profits more from producing and selling advertisements for a newscast than syndicated fare.
  6. Does anyone know why Wendy Saltzman’s biography has been removed from 6’s website, and some social accounts shut down? Assuming this means she’s left the station. Is she staying in the market?
  7. Walter, Alicia, Jeff and Melissa were on Saturday from 5:00p through to 6:30. Looks like there’s also a half hour of news at 7:00p after World News. Does anyone know if this is the start of a permanent Saturday expansion, or something special ahead of the Big Game?
  8. Erin O'Hearn's biography has been removed from 6's website. Sad to see her go - I enjoyed her reports. Anyone know if she's going to another station in the market?
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