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  1. I like Norah, she's a female journalist on television, right here in America, for CBS News.
  2. I'm glad that WNBC-TV will have the 7pm weeknight newscast again, this time which will be 9 days away!!!
  3. mooneyhill1

    WCVB-TV News Opens

    This album combined the news opening titles from WCVB-TV in Boston, from 1973 to today.
  4. Will 2 anchors get anchor closely together on CBS 2 News, when everything gets back to original normal? Will CBSN New York's newscasts come back in the mornings, weekends? Will traffic updates be back on the weekday morning newscasts?
  5. What happened to WCBS-TV's weekend morning newscasts & weekend evening newscasts streaming on CBSN New York?
  6. WABC Channel 7 Eyewitnesss News 6PM open - July 18, 1996 302193306_WABCChannel7EyewitnessNews6PMopen-July181996.mp4
  7. Here's a WABC-TV station ident from Summer 1996. WABC ABC Channel 7 ident - Summer 1996.mp4
  8. I don't think so, they both be anchoring together in the studio for real, in the WCBS-TV studio, not the CBSN New York studio.
  9. I say David Ushery is gonna be the leading news anchorman for WNBC-TV, for the 5PM & 11PM weeknight newscasts.
  10. When will the real main studio of WCBS Channel 2 be using again, if the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak ends for real?
  11. When will WCBS-TV's weekday morning traffic updates be back by having the station using the main studio, after the outbreak? And will Natalie to do that, or a new on-air member be the new morning traffic anchor?
  12. It could take weeks before the CBS Broadcasting Center in New York City will be fully operated again for real. And besides, WCBS-TV will not move out of the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City, and not moved to the lower part of the borough of Manhattan (where WCBS-AM & WCBS-FM located) for real.
  13. It could take weeks before the CBS Broadcasting Central in New York City will be fully operated again for real.
  14. CBS New York will re-open this Monday, but for now for the rest of this week, no 12PM weekday newscasts, but what about something else until back to normal?

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