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  1. Despite of months of their anchorings from remote areas, due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, will U.S. local tv news anchors anchoring together on local tv stations in the U.S. again later this year or in 2021?
  2. When will the real main studio of WCBS Channel 2 be using again, if the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak ends for real?
  3. When will WCBS-TV's weekday morning traffic updates be back by having the station using the main studio, after the outbreak? And will Natalie to do that, or a new on-air member be the new morning traffic anchor?
  4. It could take weeks before the CBS Broadcasting Center in New York City will be fully operated again for real. And besides, WCBS-TV will not move out of the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City, and not moved to the lower part of the borough of Manhattan (where WCBS-AM & WCBS-FM located) for real.
  5. It could take weeks before the CBS Broadcasting Central in New York City will be fully operated again for real.
  6. CBS New York will re-open this Monday, but for now for the rest of this week, no 12PM weekday newscasts, but what about something else until back to normal?
  7. My suggestion for WNBC to be the 7PM weeknight newscast for real: anchored by Chuck Scarborough & Natalie Pasquarella, weather with Janice Huff, and sports with Bruce Beck. It can be a very good idea.
  8. I know I saw watching on News 12 Westchester/Hudson Valley 4 days ago... It was legendary New York broadcasting weather forecaster Craig Allen, he was subbing in for Steve Teeling for the evenings.
  9. I think Bill Ritter takes Diana, for the 5PM weekday newscast, and he can still anchor the 6PM & 11PM weekday newscasts. Which could be a right idea!!!
  10. I say at 7pm weeknights, it will be News 4 New York @ 7PM with Natalie Pasquarella & Stefan Holt, Janice Huff with weather, and Bruce Beck with sports. Which could be a good idea, since Extra Extra will be shown on WNYW Fox 5.. Will it work for News 4 New York @ 7PM?
  11. I like Norah very much.
  12. Do you remember the Channel 2 News Tonight opening titles from February 11, 1986? 6c97efa574cf4ec3b68ae1fe7334c3a4.mp4
  13. Remember the classic News 4 New York 6PM open from April 29, 1987? Here is a video of the opening titles that time: 7bGHm28w9X9NlC5klgAg8.mp4
  14. If the set currently for News 12 Westchester/Hudson Valley located in Yonkers or on Long Island?
  15. I think FiOS1 News Lower Hudson Valley to be on Channel 1845, Spectrum News Hudson Valley on Channel 1899, Spectrum News NY1 on Channel 2009, and Spectrum Noticias NY1 on Channel 2010.
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