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  1. Two white house correspondents in nyc every Saturday. Are they going to share a ride? Relocate to washington bureau?
  2. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2019/05/29/nbc-news-now-launch/2/ The anchor blocking is tired and bland. Thought I was watching a CNBC market update for a moment when I saw the over the shoulder logo. Being an insert studio I guess you only have so many options. At least Signal utilized other NBC properties like Studio 1A or the 4th floor newsroom (similar in style to Snapchat's Stay Tuned). Has me wondering what's at work in studio 3B.
  3. Eh wouldn't say it's a lot better than CBSN. I've watched a lot of the signal broadcasts and they seem to be rather dull. Awkward fumbles in and out of breaks, irrelevant interviews, and constantly changing sets. It has a chance, but would love to see actual NBC News reports repackaged. Seems like a big waste not to pull on that.
  4. Should have moved her over to MSNBC. Worked well for Briwi As I said before.. Steve Kornacki is going to love his new video walls...
  5. NBC News Unveils Some of Its Streaming-Video Plans and Hosts
  6. Yes, they have had it since 2008. Some updates have been added such as this dreadful corner: [GALLERY=media, 1073]Cbs 12 by LivefromNewYork posted Aug 14, 2018 at 6:58 PM[/GALLERY] And some updated blocking.The entirety of the 3:00 pm broadcast is done from this position which is standing in front of the desk: [GALLERY=media, 1074]Suzane by LivefromNewYork posted Aug 14, 2018 at 6:58 PM[/GALLERY]
  7. [MEDIA=twitter]1029295269563834368[/MEDIA] Apparently the studio above ( and set parts) were home to ASN (American Sports Network), Sinclair's attempt of a sports network. It was headquartered in West Palm, next to the news building of WPEC. Per morning achor Suzanne Boyd, CBS 12 will use the ASN set as a temporary set until a new old is built.
  8. Doubtful, their not gonna risk ratings how they are with Savannah and Hoda. Who the hell do they have left to replace her
  9. [MEDIA=twitter]1005192749295992832[/MEDIA]
  10. Just posted something about it here: https://forums.tvnewstalk.net/index.php?threads/fox-news-channel-unveils-brand-new-newsroom.16590/
  11. Any changes to 1A? [ edit to add the following] Saturday Today came from Studio 6A today. I did not watch and do not know if they had an live audience. [MEDIA=instagram]Bflb60kHMz5[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=instagram]BflFhC1nwDj[/MEDIA]

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