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  1. Did you do your research before you wrote this post? Because Donahue, Sally and Montel were not "conflict" talk shows. Neither were Maury or Springer when they first launched. It wasn't until Jerry took the deep dive into that (obviously scripted) abyss did the sub-genre emerge from the topical talkers. Of course, Richard Bey set the bar pretty low on that. In modern times the closest we'll get to a current events-focused topical talk show (ala Phil and Sally in their heyday) are the first couple of segments of a panel show before they bring out the entertainment guests.
  2. Roland never worked for BNC. He had a morning show on TVOne ("NewsOne with Roland Martin") for a few years before it was canceled. Roland was, however, critical of Allen's decision to convert BNC into another entertainment channel. As if between BET, Bounce, TVOne, Aspire, Revolt and Fox Soul, there aren't enough of those already.
  3. I think the poster was referring to Roland Martin. Again, Martin thought it would be more advantageous to partner with another "minority" who understood those challenges rather than one of those white-owned companies who may have only a handful of POC executives or board members. And remember, all of this is contingent on Standard General getting a firm go from the FCC.
  4. Part of Roland's argument is that media companies wholly-owned by minorities–specifically Black-owned ones–still get the short end of the stick in regards to advertising support. And in that respect he is correct. (Look to the failure of the Black News Channel if you want a recent example.) So he sees this potential alliance as a way to force the mainstream ad community to finally pay attention.
  5. As a sidebar: Remember when I posted about Roland Martin's interview with Soo Kim a few weeks back? It seems that Roland had more than a journalistic interest. He's advocating for the deal to get FCC-approved because there's a lot at stake for him and, in his words, all POC-owned media concerns.
  6. ...to "Paramount+ with Showtime". The suits say it's all about streaming. The New York Times has the details.
  7. And KDOC is no more, having been sold last summer to Tri-State Christian Television. The downfall of KCOP, WWOR-TV and others is all Fox's fault. Maybe it would have been inevitable, but I truly think the former Chris-Craft UPN stations would have been better off had someone else other than Fox bought them.
  8. And now, Tony McEwing announced his retirement this morning.
  9. A big one out of Los Angeles: Good Day LA co-anchor Tony McEwing is retiring after three decades at KTTV.
  10. Her IG post from Oct. 2021...
  11. Soo Kim will be talking with Roland Martin tomorrow (1/3) on Martin's webcast. FYI...
  12. In case anyone is interested... Soo Kim will be interviewed on Roland Martin's streaming show Roland Martin Unfiltered tomorrow (1/3) and will be discussing his still-pending purchase of TEGNA.
  13. My first thought was...Good lord!! Between the illness/death of Chris Bradley four years ago this month, and then the Mike Davis scandal and now this...another sign that the once-mighty 10TV has fallen on hard times. We might need to hold a séance and reach out to the legendary "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes so he can cut a new version of his classic promo just for them...
  14. For the third time in four years, WBNS-TV in Columbus is looking for it's next chief meteorologist. Ashlee Baracy is leaving 10TV for what the station describes as "an exciting new opportunity." She will sign-off this Thursday (12/15). https://www.10tv.com/mobile/article/news/local/ashlee-baracy-leaving-10tv/530-3252e926-2f27-4df5-9f63-ed8ad224f438
  15. What I still don't get is why Jenny left KFMB-TV in the first place. Her style of...well, EVERYTHING seems better suited for a network affiliate and not an independent station with bias and credibility issues. Though we can thank KUSI for expanding her skill set and showing us she can handle serious interviews just as well as belly-flops off of a water trampoline. I also know she purchased property in the SD area so she put some roots down. Perhaps she sticks around, but she's major-market talent. I know her hometown fans in Chicago would love to have her back.
  16. Jenny's gone from KUSI. She made no public announcement of her departure, and her personal statement on her LinkedIn profile mentions KUSI in the past tense. Her bio has been removed from the station's website. Jenny has also been very quiet on social media recently, but she posted this in her IG stories yesterday:
  17. KUSI is adding Rafer Weigel to its news team. It's actually a return to SD for Weigel, who worked at KUSI earlier in his career. Rafer, son of the late Chicago sportscaster Tim Weigel, worked with Jenny Milkowski at WFLD in Chicago. On a public FB post announcing his move came this comment: Later in the same thread... Take that for what it's worth.
  18. When an entity has been using the same font on their logo for about six decades, you'll notice when it changes.
  19. They didn't modernize anything. It's gone. That leaves KPIX and WJZ-TV as the only legacy Westinghouse stations still using the Group W font.
  20. I found those posts on FB, it was from some former 10TVers who worked with him. They said he passed in London at age 78 back in January of this year. It is a bit surprising that there was no obit on him in The Columbus Dispatch or on either WBNS-TV or WSYX. Perhaps that's what Lou wanted or recieved from years of living abroad and under-the-radar.
  21. Dang it! I stand corrected then. Thank you.
  22. Ooo, someone's salty on a Sunday. Just admit you are wrong and say "my bad" instead of being arrogant and ignorant.
  23. You obviously didn't read the OP fully. It says: Titles such as Good Day (Timbuktu) and Today in (Your Neck of the Woods) – with or without the network/channel number tag – don't fall under this criteria. These are common titles/daypart branding which tend to be associated with stations owned by/affiliated with a specific network: Today in... for NBC and Good Day... for Fox (with a notable exception being WSVN in Miami, whose morning show has been called Today in South Florida since that station was an NBC affiliate).
  24. You missed the point of the theme. Please reread the original post.
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