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  1. KUSI is adding Rafer Weigel to its news team. It's actually a return to SD for Weigel, who worked at KUSI earlier in his career. Rafer, son of the late Chicago sportscaster Tim Weigel, worked with Jenny Milkowski at WFLD in Chicago. On a public FB post announcing his move came this comment: Later in the same thread... Take that for what it's worth.
  2. When an entity has been using the same font on their logo for about six decades, you'll notice when it changes.
  3. They didn't modernize anything. It's gone. That leaves KPIX and WJZ-TV as the only legacy Westinghouse stations still using the Group W font.
  4. I found those posts on FB, it was from some former 10TVers who worked with him. They said he passed in London at age 78 back in January of this year. It is a bit surprising that there was no obit on him in The Columbus Dispatch or on either WBNS-TV or WSYX. Perhaps that's what Lou wanted or recieved from years of living abroad and under-the-radar.
  5. Dang it! I stand corrected then. Thank you.
  6. Ooo, someone's salty on a Sunday. Just admit you are wrong and say "my bad" instead of being arrogant and ignorant.
  7. You obviously didn't read the OP fully. It says: Titles such as Good Day (Timbuktu) and Today in (Your Neck of the Woods) – with or without the network/channel number tag – don't fall under this criteria. These are common titles/daypart branding which tend to be associated with stations owned by/affiliated with a specific network: Today in... for NBC and Good Day... for Fox (with a notable exception being WSVN in Miami, whose morning show has been called Today in South Florida since that station was an NBC affiliate).
  8. You missed the point of the theme. Please reread the original post.
  9. Off-topic, but when did Lou Forrest pass? I couldn't find anything about it and as far as I know he's still with us.
  10. I personally know one of the anchors/reporters at said station in Cleveland. At some point, I hope to ask this person how they feel about these titles and current (soon-to-be-former) ownership's continuing efforts to dumb-down the news...
  11. I'm surprised no one has mentioned The Scene, which WSM-TV/WSMV in Nashville used for many years. And also Pulse, used by WTVT in Tampa and CFCF-TV in Montreal. Wait, I just did.
  12. That still leaves out Lima, Toledo, and Zanesville. Not to mention Marietta, which is covered in the Parkersburg WV market.
  13. Or, the 1992 New York Mets. The worst team money could buy. I'm in Ohio right now and I watched it on WCMH-TV. Where did it air in the non-Nexstar markets?
  14. We're talking one market here. And perhaps WMAR and NBC worked it out so that network promos scheduled during the game broadcast were made-good after the pre-emptions.
  15. I think WCBS (AM)'s future path will be determined by whatever Audacy decides to do with WFAN (AM), its other 50 kw, non-directional signal emanating from the single tower in the Bronx. The WFAN 660/101.9 FM simulcast is closing in on the five-year mark in November 2022. Audacy has spent the last year de-emphasizing 660 AM as part of the FAN's brand, as per its usual M.O. And several of its sports-formatted AMs have been converted to either CBS Sports Radio and/or the BetQL/CBS Sports Radio hybrid that KGO San Francisco just switched to. I've seen several posts on this board and elsewhere suggesting that WCBS will go the sports-betting route, but I expect that that is 660's future path. Audacy doesn't need a third sports signal in NYC, and we don't need essentially a fourth sports station (counting WEPN [AM] and WEPN-FM as separate stations), so in this scenario maybe WCBS goes to news/talk, maybe in the KMOX vein.* (*Funny, but that was speculated two decades ago after the first Viacom-CBS merger)
  16. It depends on where you are and what your preference is. WINS has long been tops within New York City and the immediate suburbs as it has traditionally been a headline-based station with a tight NYC focus. WCBS did more LI/NJ/Westchester County NY/Fairfield County CT stories as its 50kw non-directional signal got into those places easier than WINS. And back in the day, WCBS was heavy on sports and other CBS Radio Network features. Of course, all that has changed in recent years (the presence of baseball on WCBS over the past two decades notwithstanding.)
  17. That was Peacock, not big NBC Sports.
  18. "Superseding" is used incorrectly here. That implies that the ABC/NBC affiliate did not carry the games and deferred to the local station, which did not happen. In '83, NBC's ALCS coverage wasn't aired in Baltimore because WMAR-TV chose to do their own broadcast. So to clarify: 1983 ALCS National: NBC Orioles: WMAR (NBC) with Orioles' Broadcasters (NBC broadcast was blacked out in-market) White Sox: WFLD (Independent) complementing WMAQ 1983 NLCS National: NBC Dodgers: KTTV (Independent) complementing KNBC Phillies: WTAF (Independent) complementing KYW In '84, the Mets were contending for the NL East title along with the Cubs. And if they made the postseason, WOR-TV would have faced the same issue WGN-TV was staring at, and that WTBS did deal with in '82. So MLB did this to codify their broadcast partners (ABC and NBC). A straight money grab.
  19. ...not since 1983, the last year that LCS games had dual regional and national TV coverage.
  20. We should point out that it isn't THAT Dennis Miller, the former comedian and SNL alum turned conservative commentator.
  21. Please see my above comment.
  22. Quick history lesson: when KYW-TV launched Eyewitness News, the station was in Cleveland and an NBC affiliate. Networks have nothing to do with local news branding, at least back then.
  23. Former tv news director and executive Al Primo, credited with conceiving the Eyewitness News format for Group W in Cleveland and Philadelphia, and then perfecting it at ABC in New York, has passed at age 87. Here's the story from WABC-TV, where Primo served as ND and where his creation attained perhaps its greatest and longest-lasting success. (Note [9:52 PM ET]: the story contains an incorrect reference to Stu Nahan and Bill Bonds launching Eyewitness News in NYC in '69, which they did–but in LA. I've already reported this to WABC-TV and hopefully, they'll dig deeper into their own history and make the necessary corrections rather than cut-and-paste from another source.) (EDIT [12:35 AM ET, 9/30]: Said corrections have been made.)
  24. I haven't seen anything in this thread about Boston. But, Scott Fybush at NERW.com posted this tidbit yesterday (Sept. 5)...
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