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  1. I wouldn't say "quickly" in the case of New York. Nighttime "Wheel of Fortune" ran on WCBS-TV for seven years (1983-1990) before it moved over to WABC-TV. On the other hand, "Jeopardy!" aired on WNBC-TV for about three months in an overnight time slot (2 AM) before WABC-TV picked it up in December '84 to replace "The Edge of Night" at 4 PM. J! shifted into access two years later. The only other legacy CBS O&O that ran either or both shows that I know of was KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, which picked up the duo from KCOP in the fall of 1989 and aired Wheel at 7 and J! at 7:30. The shows moved to KABC-TV in the fall of 1992.
  2. They were still running that show? Geez what was that, like three ownerships ago?
  3. That was a different show entirely (The Maury Povich Show), before Maury got trashy. WNBC-TV had the early seasons of The Jerry Springer Show as well, thanks to its long-standing relationship with Multimedia (channel 4 also carried Donahue and Sally Jessy Raphael, Multimedia's two flagship talkers). In New York, both programs moved to WPIX around 1998, long after Springer went all-conflict and just as Maury was heading in that direction.
  4. TBN was already Hollywood, both in the literal and physical sense. But in 2016 Hillsong was hot and they wanted to ride the wave.
  5. From what I've been able to cull together (and I don't watch these channels, nor am I religious but I'm familiar with the principal figures) it wasn't just the Lambs, but others using their airwaves. Kenneth Copeland appears on Daystar, and he has made very grandiose claims that COVID was a hoax. And Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the environmental attorney and known anti-vaxxer, appeared on a Daystar program to spread what some may consider vaccine falsehoods, leading to his being banned from Instagram and YouTube. RFK2's hardline stance against vaccines previously caused members of his own family to distance themselves from him.
  6. Hillsong is presently rife in scandal, both in the US and its home country of Austraila. Do a Google search on Brian Houston and Carl Lentz and you'll find out more. TBN had to distance themselves from Hillsong and it probably took them this long to get it done from a legal standpoint.
  7. At TBN, Paul Crouch was grooming his sons to take over. Then came the "Cain v. Abel" battle between them in which Matthew prevailed and Paul Jr. was cast out, with a little help from his two daughters. Matt and Laurie have modernized TBN, though it wasn't until Jan's death (more unexpected than that of Paul Sr., whose health was declining) that the last vestiges of TBN's first generation finally disappeared from the air. IIRC, on the day Jan died was when TBN went live with the Hillsong Channel, replacing "The Church Channel"–which, like their kids network Smile (of a Child) was Jan's brainchild.
  8. As has been reported, the religious broadcaster Marcus Lamb died on Nov. 30 (Mon.) of COVID-19. Lamb was a co-founder of Daystar, the second-largest Christian TV broadcaster in the United States. Aside from proselytizing the "prosperity gospel", Lamb and Daystar have been criticized during the pandemic for spreading misinformation about the virus and vaccines. So it's ironic that Lamb succumbed to the thing he spent so much airtime on his network downplaying. It should be noted that Lamb was a diabetic, and his own vaccination status was unknown. My reason for the post is this: Watch Daystar, and they are still running programs featuring their now-deceased leader. Other than the official statement on Daystar's website, I have not seen much mention of Lamb's passing on the air. Which, regardless of the circumstances, is extremely tacky. **NOTE: I would not want this thread to devolve into an argument centered around COVID or vaccines.**
  9. For years now, WNYW in New York has run its late (10:00 PM) newscast in its entirety following sports... ...but if the game ends at 11:00 or later, the broadcast is pre-recorded. They could easily move the live news to sister station WWOR-TV instead, where I think we can all live without another hour of Family Feud. But really, if the other network flagships in Market One can air live news after late sports, why can't Fox?
  10. Well, it appears that Richard French Live has gained a second life. It now airs weekdays at 7:00 AM, and consists of clips from other liberal/progressive commentators and hosts, such as Thom Hartmann; Richard appears in pre-taped wrap-around segments and offers a brief commentary of his own. The program is now produced under the aegis of Political Voices Network, which features Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, and other like-minded personalities. I suppose this is being done solely to satisfy the FCC mandate for public affairs programming.
  11. Your referencing of "network(s)" is incorrect. You mean station(s). Networks are national program chains. Stations are the local link to that network chain (owned-and-operated or affiliate). Broadcasting 101.
  12. According to FTV Live, News 4 New York at 7 starts tonight (6/7). Access Hollywood moves back down to 7:30. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/6/7/were-doing-it-too
  13. Well, you can now add the flagship to that list. According to FTV Live, the rumours are true: WNBC's new 7:00 show starts tonight as well. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/6/7/were-doing-it-too
  14. That erection has lasted much, much, much longer than 36 hours. Someone may seriously need to consult their medical professional posthaste, because something may be very wrong.
  15. FWIW... Winfrey has a corporate connection to CBS going back to when her syndicator, King World, was purchased by the old CBS in 2000, before the merger with the first Viacom. Her historical connection with ABC was established well before that, starting at WLS-TV in Chicago in 1983. And her early career consisted of stops at (then-) ABC affiliate WJZ-TV in Baltimore, and CBS affiliate WLAC-TV (WTVF) in Nashville.
  16. Byron Allen has made it official: TheGrio.TV is coming to the Fox O&Os next month. https://deadline.com/2020/12/thegrio-tv-strikes-fox-oo-deal-in-11-markets-ahead-of-rebrand-1234653329/
  17. It was the other way around. WRAL-TV dropped CBS.
  18. What has become of the on-air remnant of KTVA? Is channel 11 running anything, or have they gone (temporarily) dark?
  19. I thought this might be of interest to some here... The nonprofit WGBH Educational Foundation is rebranding its radio and television properties, eliminating the "W" (a relic of analog, they say) and going with just plain-ol' "GBH". The iconic drop-shadow logo has been updated with a new color scheme and font for the digital age, while the identifying audio sting we all know and love will remain. Along with its radio services in the Boston and Cape Cod areas, the rebranding will also stretch to the organization's two flagship television outlets in Boston, WGBH-TV and WGBX-TV. It will not be applied to WGBY-TV in Springfield. https://www.wgbh.org/foundation/press/wgbh-rebrands-to-gbh
  20. Those images speak volumes. Same desk, same chairs, same lamp, same portrait on the wall over 30-plus years. It speaks to not only what may have been Mr. Ansin's own frugality, but on two more important themes: Simplicity and stability. With all the money he had, he could have easily upgraded his office furniture and design on numerous occasions. It's safe to assume that the phone was one of the few items there to have changed over the years. WSVN and WHDH were lucky to have a guy like that for an owner.
  21. From Cincinnati, WXIX-TV (Fox 19) reporter/anchor Michael Baldwin is leaving the Queen City and moving behind the scenes. He's headed to WDTV in Weston-Clarksburg WV as News Director. Both WXIX-TV and WDTV are owned by Gray. Let me share this personal note: I interned for Michael when he was at News 12 Long Island back in 2011, starting only weeks after he suffered a huge personal tragedy. Shortly before my internship ended he moved to Ohio and joined WEWS in Cleveland, then onto Cincinnati five years ago. Seeing where he was nine years ago and where he is now is amazing. He is a great reporter and an even better person. Good luck to him.
  22. The FCC just doesn't care anymore. Neither do the corporate broadcasters.
  23. The seven-year-old, TMZ on TV-inspired news analysis show anchored by Bill Spadea, which aired on WWOR-TV/WNYW in NYC and WTXF-TV in Philadelphia, has quietly been cancelled. Its final airing was last Thursday (June 18). The show's social media pages are also no more. From what I could find from a Reddit forum, apparently Spadea has been using the show as his bully pulpit to spread COVID-19 misinformation. Maybe that was more than Fox Television was willing to handle. As a result, WWOR-TV has made a couple of changes in its late evening lineup as of Monday (6-22): The Book of Sean and Out Loud with Claudia Jordan from the Fox Soul streaming service now run between 11:00p and 1:00a. WNYW has placed a Dish Nation rerun in the 1:00a half-hour formerly filled by Chasing News, and WTXF-TV has replaced its 3:00a airing with a rerun of Extra. EDIT -- Politico has a story on the end of the show: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/new-jersey-playbook/2020/06/23/chasing-news-runs-out-of-breath-489605
  24. How many of those who were cut from the legacy Westinghouse stations were at those stations in the Group W era?
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