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  1. As for who is anchoring the 7:00a webcast... At least for now, it's Kemberly Richardson.
  2. UPDATE: It seems as the failed sale of iMedia Brands/ShopHQ to RNN either created bad blood between the two, or triggered a contractual out clause. Because in a very recent development, ShopHQ is no longer on WRNN in the NYC market. ShopHQ's replacement? The Liquidation Channel, aka ShopLC. One can assume this has been mirrored at RNN's other stations. No announcement of the switch was made on either side.
  3. ...and that would be compensation for essentially handing WMAR-TV the NBC affiliation in Baltimore once again. But here go the conflicts...Cincinnati, Fort Myers/Naples, and Tampa-St. Petersburg. Also, KSBW-TV in Salinas/Monterey has both ABC ("Central Coast ABC") and NBC (on main channel).
  4. Late Show with David Letterman ended in 2015, as did Worldwide Pants' interest in Late Late Show after Craig Ferguson departed.
  5. WKBW-TV is in Spectrum territory also, and they should be lucky they aren't an ABC O&O. But this is/was all about making sure the game wasn't blacked out in Market No. 1.
  6. Legend has it that Pete Rozelle did it a few times when he was NFL commissioner. Maybe Aaron shared some of his magic mushrooms with the negotiators and they "saw the light". One has to wonder what the CBN braintrust is contemplating right now in their Virginia Beach bunker. Gordon Robertson will definitely have something to say about this.
  7. The real question is who blinked first, Disney or Charter. And yes, I absolutely believe Monday Night Football–on ESPN and ABC–and featuring the New York Jets–had everything to do with it.
  8. Much different situation. KMSP-TV was a top-rated VHF independent when it joined Fox as a charter affiliate in '86. But the station (and its then sister KPTV in Portland OR) voluntarily left the network in '88 because Fox's Saturday night schedule drew far fewer viewers than what KMSP programmed independently pre-Fox. Fox was forced to move to a UHF, KITN-TV. Fast-forward to 2001. Fox purchases KMSP and KPTV's parent Chris-Craft/United. Both are now UPN stations with strong news departments. Fox waited until fall '02 to make the logical move and bring KMSP and KPTV back into the fold. Pre-digital transition, but still working with the New World mentality–better to be on VHF in a major market.
  9. This should last about as long as "Dandy", the New York Yankees' attempt at employing a mascot from over 40 years ago. Remember this? I didn't think so. Not that a team like the Yankees needed a mascot to begin with... But Good Morning America has done something like this before. I recall when they started using "You Gotta Be", the song by one-hit wonder Des'ree as an unofficial theme. I don't think that lasted very long either.
  10. More sad news from New York City... NY1 anchor/reporter Ruschell Boone has lost a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. She passed Sunday (9/3) at age 48. This on the heels of the passing on Saturday (9/2) of Dr. Max Gomez, former medical correspondent for several stations in NYC and Philadelphia.
  11. And let's not leave out The 700 Club, which continues to pollute the WWOR airwaves at 9:00a. But I guess that's the only thing better than infomercials or another double-run of Steve Harvey's Family Feud in that hour slot.
  12. New York 55 ("NY55") was a branding used by WLNY in its pre-CBS days, so that's going back in time. But why not keep TV38, TXA21 and K-CAL9? And Seattle 11, Tampa 44 and the rest (except the heritage Philly 57)? Is that the best CBS can do with these generic, cookie-cutter names?
  13. Not anymore. The sale to RNN is off. ShopHQ's new white knight is a company owned by the founder of 5-Hour Energy. More from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. And this guy is just getting started. It looks like he's looking to be a major-minor player in broadcast media.
  14. For purposes of clarification: Not news stations, but local TV stations with news departments. Don't confuse them with all-news cable channels.
  15. And...what does this have to do with the national scene?
  16. My bad, that was a glitch on my phone. The submit button didn't take me back to the main thread page. One more: WNCN is 17, WTVD is 11.
  17. I would hope so, but Gordon Robertson doesn't seem all that much different from his father in that regard. But couldn't Disney simply sunset Freeform as a linear channel and convert it into a streaming-only service? That could be a way to get CBN out of their hair once and for all.
  18. Anyone wanna take bets on which "H" he's headed to? (Both of which are non-existant, but that's my opinion and Schwarzenegger's.) But aside from the polarizing aspects of his political activism and religious mission, Pat Robertson should be remembered as a pioneer of religious television. CBN started with WYAH-TV (WGNT) in Hampton Roads, in 1961. WYAH was all-religious at the outset, though it evolved into a general-entertainment independent with a jones for censorship. The other three CBN TV stations–Robertson launched WHAE-TV (WANF) in Atlanta in 1971; bought KXTX-TV in Dallas in '73, and signed-on WXNE-TV (WFXT) in Boston in '77–followed that model until CBN broke up the group in the 1980s. CBN also owned five Christian FM outlets, in Hampton Roads and a four-station network in upstate New York. And of course, there is the cable channel now known as Freeform, which much to ours and Disney's chagrin will be forced to carry Robertson's legacy, The 700 Club from now until the "Second Coming".
  19. FTV Live says it was his brother's home.
  20. I remember that and the "Fox 28 Kids Club" well during my summers in Columbus. (At least Yolanda Harris made out well for herself. But what happened to Suzy? ) Back to topic: yes, Stadium is like the Wish version of ESPN 8: THE OCHO if that were a real thing. But it's obvious what Reinsdorf is going to do. The White Sox/Bulls (and maybe the Blackhawks) will be on their own network in '25 and Comcast can wind down NBC Sports Chicago (though I'm sure some would prefer the return of those teams to WGN-TV).
  21. Not directly related to Tegna/Standard General, but Soo Kim has a lot of irons in various fires. He appeared on Spectrum News NY1 here in NYC last night (5/17) talking about his interest in getting a license from New York State to build a casino on the site of the Trump Links Golf Course in the Bronx. For those who know the area, the course is at the foot of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, and between a municipal park and a cemetery. Folks around this way would love to see Trump Links go away. For Kim, the odds are better to land the license for the casino than they are to get the Tegna deal approved. And even a Bronx casino is a longshot by itself.
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