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  1. From Cincinnati, WXIX-TV (Fox 19) reporter/anchor Michael Baldwin is leaving the Queen City and moving behind the scenes. He's headed to WDTV in Weston-Clarksburg WV as News Director. Both WXIX-TV and WDTV are owned by Gray. Let me share this personal note: I interned for Michael when he was at News 12 Long Island back in 2011, starting only weeks after he suffered a huge personal tragedy. Shortly before my internship ended he moved to Ohio and joined WEWS in Cleveland, then onto Cincinnati five years ago. Seeing where he was nine years ago and where he is now is amazing. He is a great reporter and an even better person. Good luck to him.
  2. The FCC just doesn't care anymore. Neither do the corporate broadcasters.
  3. The seven-year-old, TMZ on TV-inspired news analysis show anchored by Bill Spadea, which aired on WWOR-TV/WNYW in NYC and WTXF-TV in Philadelphia, has quietly been cancelled. Its final airing was last Thursday (June 18). The show's social media pages are also no more. From what I could find from a Reddit forum, apparently Spadea has been using the show as his bully pulpit to spread COVID-19 misinformation. Maybe that was more than Fox Television was willing to handle. As a result, WWOR-TV has made a couple of changes in its late evening lineup as of Monday (6-22): The Book of Sean and Out Loud with Claudia Jordan from the Fox Soul streaming service now run between 11:00p and 1:00a. WNYW has placed a Dish Nation rerun in the 1:00a half-hour formerly filled by Chasing News, and WTXF-TV has replaced its 3:00a airing with a rerun of Extra. EDIT -- Politico has a story on the end of the show: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/new-jersey-playbook/2020/06/23/chasing-news-runs-out-of-breath-489605
  4. How many of those who were cut from the legacy Westinghouse stations were at those stations in the Group W era?
  5. Freaking Warner Music Group slapped a worldwide block on this clip. I was hoping to show this to a curious friend.
  6. A historical clarification is necessary. Fox had four affiliation options in Boston but chose to pursue just one: A purchase of WXNE once CBN put it on the block. They were talking to both WSBK (Storer) and WLVI (Gannett) but cut off negotiations as they came closer to finalizing the channel 25 transfer. So therefore, it was Fox that said "no" to channels 38 and 56 and not the other way around. In retrospect, Fox was better off on 25. Both 38 and 56 were doing well enough and didn't need a startup network to affect their viewership negatively. And WQTV (ch. 68) probably had no shot at landing the affiliation anyway.
  7. And before that, Silverman green-lit America Alive!, which killed The Gong Show and daytime Sanford and Son reruns. It was a talk-variety hour that would be considered "infotainment" in today's landscape with multiple hosts, including Jack Linkletter (Art's son) and Bruce Jenner (before he became Caitlin). It was live from New York, with remotes via satellite from Los Angeles and elsewhere on the East Coast, in front of a studio audience, and was a multi-million dollar flop that lasted just over five months on the air.
  8. The top ten stations to work for in local TV journalism, as per Scott Jones and FTV Live: 1. WLS-TV Chicago 2. WRAL-TV Raleigh/Durham 3. KIRO-TV Seattle/Tacoma 4. WESH-TV Daytona Beach/Orlando 5. WMAQ-TV Chicago 6. KPRC-TV Houston 7. KMGH-TV Denver 8. KCRA-TV Sacramento/Stockton 9. WSVN Miami/Fort Lauderdale 10. WRC-TV Washington DC Thoughts?
  9. Nexstar spun WPIX off to Scripps. They are now in four of the top five markets, NYC being the exception.
  10. The Lighthouse has arrived at 11 WPIX Plaza: https://pix11.com/2019/09/19/wpix-under-new-ownership-for-first-time-in-71-year-history-acquired-by-e-w-scripps/
  11. Or, maybe they could go back to this one, which I think was pretty cool...
  12. That's not what we're talking about. Please read the title of the thread carefully before you post.
  13. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Atlanta Braves/WTBS, the Chicago Cubs/WGN-AM-TV, and the California Angels/KTLA and KMPC and later KCAL-TV. But those situations were different as they were under larger corporate umbrellas (Turner, Tribune Co., Golden West and Disney, respectively). As far as a team directly owning a broadcast station, I can only think of the aforementioned Angels/KLAA and Cardinals/part of KTRS combos. There was also the Polhad family which owns the Minnesota Twins and an FM in the Twin Cities that was the Twins' flagship for a while, though that is no longer the case as the team has moved back (wisely) to WCCO. FWIW, the Boston Celtics also owned WEEI (AM) for a time, alongside WFXT.
  14. Except that FiOS is not traditional cable. And Verizon's agreement with NYC (and RCN's, for that matter) is distinct from the franchises held by Altice and Charter, and their predecessors. And there are still many pockets of the city where FiOS is unavailable for a variety of places, mostly older, privately-owned multi-unit buildings and co-op/condo complexes who have either: 1) no interest in FiOS from their tenants (they need approval from 60% of residents); or 2) property owners/landlords have refused to open their doors to FiOS due to exclusive deals they have with the cable franchisee. I spent a year working at Verizon doing FiOS installations, so I know this from first-hand experience, though i hope this has changed since l left Verizon a few years ago.
  15. You’re all partially right. See the attached map. Charter/Spectrum has all of Manhattan Island, Staten Island, Queens and north and western Brooklyn (specifically Greenpoint to Bay Ridge and points in between). The rest of Brooklyn, and all of the Bronx (including the Co-op City complex, whose system predated Cablevision’s arrival in NYC, and Manhattan's land-locked Marble Hill neighborhood) are Optimum TV. Having cleared that up, I would not want to see Altice/Optimum take over the Spectrum franchise and gain complete control of the city’s cable households. For one, they are horrible at customer service (though TWC was worse from what I heard), and their rates would all but certainly go up. It would also be bad news for NY1 and the upstate Spectrum News channels, which are still recovering from Spectrum’s love-it-or-hate-it makeover. They certainly would be decimated through a merger with News 12, and the cuts that would come with it.
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