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  1. The top ten stations to work for in local TV journalism, as per Scott Jones and FTV Live: 1. WLS-TV Chicago 2. WRAL-TV Raleigh/Durham 3. KIRO-TV Seattle/Tacoma 4. WESH-TV Daytona Beach/Orlando 5. WMAQ-TV Chicago 6. KPRC-TV Houston 7. KMGH-TV Denver 8. KCRA-TV Sacramento/Stockton 9. WSVN Miami/Fort Lauderdale 10. WRC-TV Washington DC Thoughts?
  2. Nexstar spun WPIX off to Scripps. They are now in four of the top five markets, NYC being the exception.
  3. The Lighthouse has arrived at 11 WPIX Plaza: https://pix11.com/2019/09/19/wpix-under-new-ownership-for-first-time-in-71-year-history-acquired-by-e-w-scripps/
  4. Or, maybe they could go back to this one, which I think was pretty cool...
  5. That's not what we're talking about. Please read the title of the thread carefully before you post.
  6. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Atlanta Braves/WTBS, the Chicago Cubs/WGN-AM-TV, and the California Angels/KTLA and KMPC and later KCAL-TV. But those situations were different as they were under larger corporate umbrellas (Turner, Tribune Co., Golden West and Disney, respectively). As far as a team directly owning a broadcast station, I can only think of the aforementioned Angels/KLAA and Cardinals/part of KTRS combos. There was also the Polhad family which owns the Minnesota Twins and an FM in the Twin Cities that was the Twins' flagship for a while, though that is no longer the case as the team has moved back (wisely) to WCCO. FWIW, the Boston Celtics also owned WEEI (AM) for a time, alongside WFXT.
  7. Except that FiOS is not traditional cable. And Verizon's agreement with NYC (and RCN's, for that matter) is distinct from the franchises held by Altice and Charter, and their predecessors. And there are still many pockets of the city where FiOS is unavailable for a variety of places, mostly older, privately-owned multi-unit buildings and co-op/condo complexes who have either: 1) no interest in FiOS from their tenants (they need approval from 60% of residents); or 2) property owners/landlords have refused to open their doors to FiOS due to exclusive deals they have with the cable franchisee. I spent a year working at Verizon doing FiOS installations, so I know this from first-hand experience, though i hope this has changed since l left Verizon a few years ago.
  8. You’re all partially right. See the attached map. Charter/Spectrum has all of Manhattan Island, Staten Island, Queens and north and western Brooklyn (specifically Greenpoint to Bay Ridge and points in between). The rest of Brooklyn, and all of the Bronx (including the Co-op City complex, whose system predated Cablevision’s arrival in NYC, and Manhattan's land-locked Marble Hill neighborhood) are Optimum TV. Having cleared that up, I would not want to see Altice/Optimum take over the Spectrum franchise and gain complete control of the city’s cable households. For one, they are horrible at customer service (though TWC was worse from what I heard), and their rates would all but certainly go up. It would also be bad news for NY1 and the upstate Spectrum News channels, which are still recovering from Spectrum’s love-it-or-hate-it makeover. They certainly would be decimated through a merger with News 12, and the cuts that would come with it.
  9. Short of asking Mr. Daly himself directly or indirectly, that is...
  10. Perhaps some of the readers here are aware of recent uploads of clips on YouTube from Rick Thomas, who has been posting airchecks of L.A. television from the early 1970s...including lots of material from KNBC and KABC-TV. Among those clips are two which feature WLS-TV’s own Joel Daly, sitting at the KABC-TV desk alongside one-time WGN-TV newsman John Schubeck. The clips themselves date to around the summer of 1972. No search has brought up anything about Daly having ever worked in Los Angeles. So I pose the question here...Does anyone here know about this? Was Daly at KABC-TV on a short-term loan or for an audition, or did he actually leave Chicago to test the waters in Hollywood?
  11. The Yankees and Mets games on WPIX are time-buys. YES and SNY produces the broadcasts and pays PIX to air them. And it’s a total of 45 games per season between both teams, mostly during the summer months so it’s not hurting anyone. Other than WGN-TV, I seriously doubt that the few remaining over-the-air stations that still carry local MLB/NBA/NHL games are actually paying rights fees to teams. Those days are loooooong gone.
  12. The Michele/J.J. midday newscast was originally at 11:30 AM, from what I recall. It was later moved to noontime before it was scrapped altogether.
  13. Oh...my...gosh...it is really YOU!! I have waited 25 years for this moment, ever since I was a teenager staying up way, way past my bedtime to watch you and Aaron Brown during the first year of World News Now. That show was so much fun to watch and the two of you had such great chemistry. It took me by surprise when you bounced in early '93, but I knew you were on to bigger and better things. And I knew those hours weren't the easiest to work–I learned that many years later when I did overnights in radio. You have come a long, long way since then and all these years later, I'm still a fan! Okay, let me stop gushing... Lisa, thank you for inspiring me to pursue a career in broadcasting. I'll be in the LA area next week, perhaps I'll get to see you on Fox 11 in the morning! BTW: I am the person responsible for some of those clips on YouTube, which I taped from New York while I was sleeping then played back after school.
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