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  1. Strive by InTheGrooveMusic isn't being syndicated as far as I'm aware; I believe only the Hearst stations are using it. But I could do a threat about that package.
  2. A few years ago, I found some article online (probably copy and pasted from Wikipedia) about "Image News" by Gari Communications. It's one of my favorite news music packages, especially the 1998 cuts; and KOAT (the ABC affiliate in my area) used the package from c. 1999 until 2004 since it's a Hearst station. Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty. As most of you know, Image News was introduced in 1995 along with Hearst's first mandated graphics package (camera 1.0); WCVB, WTAE, and KMBC started using it towards the end of that year. Around 1997 I believe, Gari marketed Image News t
  3. I don't see Hearst doing a second update to the diagrid graphics (or diagrid 3.0). If anything, I'd probably see a new package from scratch being rolled out, and that won't be for another few years at least. Also, by the time Hearst does introduce new graphics, I see a different music package coming with the new graphics. I say this because I've only seen one update to an existing graphics package before an entirely-new package gets rolled out: • Camera 1.0 – introduced in 1995, Image News package • Camera 2.0 – an updated version of the camera graphics introduced in 1
  4. I think it could've been a short-lived variation of the v1 L3s, originally meant for V2. If you notice, the blue area looks a bit more "3D-ish" and it's a different shade of blue (looks kind of lavender blue) than what v1 used. I suggest watching the entire clip, not just look at the thumbnail.
  5. In the case with KOCO, only the L3s and weather graphics were from camera v1; all other graphics such as news topics, split-screens, and other graphics were from camera v2. And this was pretty much the case with any Hearst station that started using camera v2 in 1998 or 1999, as the L3s that would eventually be updated for camera v2 were introduced around 2000. But here's an interesting case with WESH.
  6. I saw that newscast, and only the opens and talent rejoins were from camera v2; all other graphics were from camera v1. I believe WCVB completed the transition to camera v2 around 1999, although they didn't get the updated L3s until they debuted a new set in March 2000.
  7. And I even found out that WTAE received the updated L3s for camera v2 sometime in January 2000. Perhaps some stations like WAPT received these L3s before WTAE got them.
  8. Here's part of KOAT newscast from October 2004, so my guess is they started using the rings graphics around September of that year (about the same time as WESH).
  9. Here is part of a KOCO newscast from 1998 back when they first started using camera 2.0 Correct me if I'm wrong but could KOCO have been the first HA station to use camera 2.0 and not WCVB? And here's another KOCO newscast from September of '98
  10. All I know is that KOAT started using the rings graphics sometime in the fall of 2004, but its website still used camera 2.0 until April 2006 when it was rebranded as koat.com (it was initially thenewmexicochannel.com)
  11. Did you find it in the videos section? Also, we should look for dates for when KOAT and KMBC started using the ring graphics.
  12. To answer your questions: 1) WCVB added the hashtag in front of the call letters in 2014. 2) I think it was the middle of 2003 when WCVB slightly modified its "Coverage You Can Count On" slogan by adding "Local Live" before CYCCO; it was months before the station switched from Image News to the NewsMusic Central package. 3) There was one KCCI newscast from 2002 where Image News was used in the open, but the rest of the broadcast (commercial outros, talent opens, and the close) used the B Package. 4) And yes, KOAT did use talent opens between 1999
  13. I also remember seeing a promo for WPBF news from around 2004, and while they were using the Newsmusic Central package, they still had the camera v2 graphics. Camera v2 I think actually debuted in the fall 1998 on WCVB, and then WTAE, KOCO, KMBC, WLWT, and WBAL switched to those graphics later that year. KOCO and WLWT debuted B Package (now revolution) at that time as well. WISN and WPBF switched to camera v2 in early 1999, then followed by WESH, KSBW, WPTZ, WAPT, and KOAT in late 1999/early 2000. Most of the ex-Pulitzer stations debuted camera v2 in the fall of 2000. Interest
  14. Here's an article about the new set in DC; Norah got a glimpse, but it's still under construction. So I suppose the CBS Evening News is going to move to Washington next month sometime probably, if not the end of this month. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2019/10/19/cbs-evening-news-dc-studio-preview/
  15. KOAT got the floating logo graphics around the spring of 2008, a few months before getting a new set. And they began broadcasting in widescreen SD in the summer of 2010. I think 2017 was when KOAT started broadcasting in HD.

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