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  1. KOAT got the floating logo graphics around the spring of 2008, a few months before getting a new set. And they began broadcasting in widescreen SD in the summer of 2010. I think 2017 was when KOAT started broadcasting in HD.
  2. A few years ago, I remember seeing a video of a WPBF newscast from around 2006, and they were still using the camera graphics. But by that time almost all the other Hearst stations were already using the rings graphics. Perhaps WPBF was one of the last stations to receive the updated graphics at the time (most stations continued using the camera graphics into 2005 but got the rings graphics later that same year). WPBF also debuted the floating logo graphics rather late; they were introduced in September 2009 on the same day they rolled out a new set.
  3. WCVB's set looked somewhat similar from that time
  4. WBAL updated its set around May 2000 I believe
  5. I thought the WLWT set was from 1999. The design is similar to WAPT, KOAT, and WTAE.
  6. I did a thread on the previous Hearst mandated graphics, but this thread will discuss the old mandated set designs Hearst stations used to have. In particular what fascinates me are the sets Hearst stations used from the late 1990s/early 2000s until the late 2000s/early 2010s. Those sets usually had blue backdrops with red beams on top (seen when the camera shows the entire set and not panned in on one anchor), matching the then-current graphics package. Some even had day and night photos of the city's skyline behind the anchor desk. But keep in mind, not all Hearst stations used that particular design at the time. For instance, KMBC continued using their 1980s set (refreshed in 1994) when they used the 2nd generation camera graphics and the rings graphics. They didn't update its set until around 2007 when they began broadcasting their newscasts in HD (they also switched to the "floating logo" graphics at the same time). WLKY, KCCI, and WGAL didn't get new sets when they transitioned to the camera graphics either. Anyways, I am curious to when these sets debuted. Some debuted in 1999, some in 2000. WTAE debuted the then-new look in September of 1999 and lasted until 2007. And I thought it was the first H-A station to use that set design. KOAT also rolled out a very similar looking set that same year, underwent a refresh around 2007 and lasted until 2008. I've also noticed that WAPT and WLWT debuted new sets in 1999, and read an article about the former debuting the then-new set in April of that year. Could it also be possible that WLWT rolled out a new set the same time it moved into its current studios in June of 1999? And when in 1999 did WESH update its set?
  7. Found a WCVB newscast from early 2004 from when they were using the camera mandate with the Newsmusic Central package.
  8. I know right. At least KMBC could've simply put its circle 9 logo in red and not gone with the box. Last year, KOAT slightly tweaked its circle 7 logo to make it a little less 3D looking (it's still in blue and not put into a box); and its newscast name was put in a yellow non-italic Effra font (previously it was in white italic Effra), though the call letters are still in Bank Gothic to this day. Other Hearst stations didn't tweak their logos when they upgraded to the new graphics this year; so I am surprised KMBC did so.
  9. Now it only leaves KMBC and KHBS/KHOG (I anticipate they'll get the new graphics next week).
  10. Still leaves us with WAPT, WTAE, WPBF, KMBC, WJCL, and KHBS/KHOG still using the old look. Like I said about WMUR, it's going to use a modified graphics package to avoid overlap with WCVB. Anyways, this rollout is the fastest one I've seen as rollouts of previous packages took over a year. The second generation camera graphics took two years to roll out, partly because Hearst bought out Pulitzer's broadcasting division in 1999, and those stations didn't start using the mandated graphics until 2000 (only KOAT and WESH switched to the mandated graphics in 1999; had Hearst's buyout of Pulitzer occurred in 1998, all the stations would've transitioned to the mandated graphics in 1999).
  11. WMUR is going to get a modified package to avoid overlap with WCVB, as they always have been. And chances are they’ll still be using the “Hearst Classic” music package, perhaps with newer cuts.
  12. Nothing new on KOAT, but perhaps they'll debut the new graphics on the 5 pm newscast. Also I assume WCVB still has the same set they've had since 2007.
  13. Bank Gothic is a holdover from the camera mandate, and yeah I would like to see it go. But I know some stations already ditched the font after switching to the rings graphics, floating logo, or even the first generation diagrid. WGAL, WBAL, and WXII dropped bank gothic once they were using the rings graphics. Other stations like KMBC and WCVB did so when they used the floating logo graphics. Last but not least, there are some stations that dropped Bank Gothic when they switched to diagrid 1.0 (e.g. WISN and KOCO)
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