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  1. With Fox and Scripps soon to really jump on the flat trend, that will leave us with NBC as far as standardized looks go. Cox also has some stations who have not gone on the flat trend (WFXT (former Fox O&O), WSB, WJAX/WFOX, WHBQ (former Fox O&O}, and WHIO (their opens even still have the HD mention)). On the other hand, the new Cox Communications logo is flat, and KIRO, WFTV, and WPXI have jumped on the flat trend. I don't like flat design. I've said it before. Also, a decade ago when it wasn't as ubiquitous I was okay with it. The world kinda sucks these days.
  2. People will watch the newscasts and find that they are no good. First we had CBS dropping Nielsen (they already use comScore). Now this.
  3. Funny knowing Gannett/TEGNA these days, but then again this might have only been by virtue of WIS now being owned by Gray instead of Raycom, and the fact that already WIS has been declining since I think 2014, from another post I read on this site. Gray might make WIS even worse if they haven't already. Raycom was not much better overall. Maybe they finally managed to dumb WIS down to typical Raycrap quality in the mid-2010s. Raycom ran things on the cheap for a while with many of their stations and they have not improved. And speaking of Gray, and going back multiple posts, I also agree that Gray could buy Meredith's stations, but like an acquisition by TEGNA, it would also be a sad day. (Yes, I know I'm late; sorry.)
  4. Do they have a 4am newscast? If they don't, why not add it? Oh and add a 3:30am newscast and become the first station in the US to do that. Maybe on weekdays they could end up have 9 straight hours of news only, from 3am to noon. They never stop adding on news, don't they? (or maybe not, with Nexstar's cheapness; as I typed what was before these sentences in parentheses, I forgot that WJW is no longer owned by Tribune)
  5. Conrad

    Out & About

    When did Advance/Newhouse started to decline? With all those newspapers they're buying up, GateHouse (soon to be the new and improved (not) Gannett) seems to be becoming the Sinclair of the newspaper industry. Well, I guess the Gannett name will become damaged goods because it is going to be associated with some evil driving force buying newspapers large and small and ruining them, not what it was in the past when the company that was called Gannett was a company that owned TV stations (and ran them well) as well as newspapers. Soon, you will have this horrible, evil Gannett that is the worst of all newspaper owners, and the mediocre-at-best and buying-any-station-they-can-have-their-hands-on TEGNA that we already have now. Who will want to read USA Today 5 or 10 years from now, between all this and the fact that the newspaper industry is already dying? Will USA Today even exist in 10 years? Looks like GateHouse is a total joke. It will soon be called Gannett but that won't change it. This company is so bad that Advance/Newhouse would look like Belo in comparison.
  6. Conrad

    The "3" Thread

    I'm not a big fan of the layout of the new graphics when used on an American TV station. I'm okay with it being used in Europe, though. Older viewers might think "are you sure this is still WKYC?" Especially after two modifications to the old logo over the years. The logo was basically used for 26 years. As with many others here, I'm also not a fan of the new logo. In typical TEGNA fashion these days, it's too bland. Semi-related, but what are the exact dates for when WKYC got each of their graphics packages? Yes, I already know or previously knew some of them. Also, there's no website that describes the exact date for when every station changed graphics and music packages. I'm really interested in that. At least I'm glad KPNX here did not change its logo lately.
  7. Is the TEGNA logo now appearing at the end of WATN's newscasts, is the Nexstar logo still appearing, or what?
  8. Conrad

    The "3" Thread

    WKYC would be better off using the logo used in the Troika demo video from 2018 that is similar to the current (soon-to-be-former) logo, except that the 3 is unitalicized and there is no line. But the new WKYC logo that's coming out later this month, right when the 2019-2020 television season starts, is/will be by far the worst logo I have ever seen. It just keeps getting worse and worse with every new logo coming from TEGNA. What's next, KPNX changing from 12 News to just 12 (i.e. 12 at 6)? Oh wait, they already did that with 12 Today. And WTLV had "12 at Noon" and "12 at 11:00" pre-First Coast News. Back during better times for Gannett, of course. You never know what TEGNA will do these days. I've seen bad. The new Circle K logo. The new WEWS logo. The new WXIA logo. The new Save Mart (supermarket chain in CA and NV) logo (at least the green and orange colors help an otherwise bad logo). Save Mart's sister chains Lucky and FoodMaxx also have new (bad) logos. And I saw the new Pizza Patrón logo. It was horrible and I miss the old one. But the new WKYC logo makes all those look okay to great in comparison. Have you seen the new Save Mart, Lucky, FoodMaxx, and Pizza Patrón logos or even heard of those chains? What are otherwise bad logos seem more tolerable than this crap that is coming out of TEGNA.
  9. You don't have to get used to TEGNA's style of news when there are better options. For example, in the Phoenix area why would you watch KPNX when KTVK, KNXV, and KSAZ have a better product these days? Frankly, in San Diego I would rather take the chance watching KNSD than KFMB or KGTV (Scripps' style of news these days is similar to, but not as bad as, TEGNA's). KNSD has been weak historically, but I expect them to benefit from the downfalls of KFMB and KGTV and stronger NBC ratings than a decade ago. KFMB (and WUSA, WWL, in the case of Scripps WTVF, etc.)'s current situation isn't helped by weaker CBS ratings than a decade ago. How are KSWB and KUSI these days? They were weak stations; is that still the case?
  10. Why does this thread even exist? I created another "slow death" thread that was going to have to do with WTOL, WUPW and KWES, but it got closed. San Diego is not as large of a market as New York, LA, Chicago, or Philly. Is there something special with this station that other TEGNA stations don't have, or what? TEGNA is ruining the station the way they ruined the other stations.
  11. Will the font also be changed for the weather graphics? I'm glad the NBC O&Os are still using glossy graphics and not flat ones, even/especially when you consider this package came out in 2016.
  12. I know. But I really wish TEGNA undid the Gannett-Belo merger. It adds variety in a world where the model we're going toward is Sinclair, Nexstar, Gray, TEGNA, Scripps, and the networks only. Question about Dave Lougee: When did he start at Belo? I know he left Belo for Gannett in July 2007.
  13. Maybe Apollo desperately wants to buy more stations so they decide to go to TEGNA (despite that TEGNA is in a "buy anything" mode). What I really want (but seriously doubt would happen) is undoing the Gannett-Belo merger. Spin off the ex-Belo and ex-London stations (including KMSB/KTTU) as well as KWES to a separate company, have that company buy KTVK and KMOV from Meredith and KASW from Scripps, call the new company Belo, bring Dunia Shive back as the CEO (or have some other Belo person run it that is NOT Dave Lougee), and it'll make my day and bring stations like WFAA and WWL back to where they once were. Then maybe when Griffin goes under, this new Belo can buy them. This will add on KOTV, which Belo owned from 1984-2000. Perhaps they could even buy A.H. Belo given their really small size at this point not to mention that their stock price and performance is now ridiculously low. Then they can have both TV and newspapers. But one can only wish.
  14. Gannett used Chyron at one point, but that may have changed over the past 5 years. Belo started to roll out Miranda in late 2012; Gannett may or may not have finished the rollout among the by then ex-Belo stations. I'm not sure if TEGNA (or the ex-Belo stations that went to Meredith) is continuing to use Miranda.
  15. I agree. Actually, what would be even better is just calling it what it was before the split (Viacom). ViacomCBS reminds me a little of NBCUniversal (and yes, without the space specifically). As I heard on NPR today, Viacom CEO Bob Bakish would be CEO of the combined company. That tells me that Viacom may be the nominal survivor. I may be wrong though. As CBS is the "old" Viacom and the "new" Viacom is the spin-off, maybe CBS will be the nominal survivor. I don't know (at least yet). It'll be interesting to see what happens to the CBS network. This historically strong network has gone downhill in the past 5 or so years. Will the combined company make it even worse given that many Viacom cable networks basically over the past 9 years have been in bad shape, or what?
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