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  1. Will the font also be changed for the weather graphics? I'm glad the NBC O&Os are still using glossy graphics and not flat ones, even/especially when you consider this package came out in 2016.
  2. I know. But I really wish TEGNA undid the Gannett-Belo merger. It adds variety in a world where the model we're going toward is Sinclair, Nexstar, Gray, TEGNA, Scripps, and the networks only. Question about Dave Lougee: When did he start at Belo? I know he left Belo for Gannett in July 2007.
  3. Maybe Apollo desperately wants to buy more stations so they decide to go to TEGNA (despite that TEGNA is in a "buy anything" mode). What I really want (but seriously doubt would happen) is undoing the Gannett-Belo merger. Spin off the ex-Belo and ex London stations (including KMSB/KTTU) as well as KWES to a separate company, have that company buy KTVK and KMOV from Meredith and KASW from Scripps, call the new company Belo, bring Dunia Shive back as the CEO (or have some other Belo person run it that is NOT Dave Lougee), and it'll make my day and bring stations like WFAA and WWL back to where they once were. Then maybe when Griffin goes under, this new Belo can buy them. This will add on KOTV, which Belo owned from 1984-2000. Perhaps they could even buy A.H. Belo given their really small size at this point not to mention that their stock price and performance is now ridiculously low. Then they can have both TV and newspapers. But one can only wish.
  4. Gannett used Chyron at one point, but that may have changed over the past 5 years. Belo started to roll out Miranda in late 2012; Gannett may or may not have finished the rollout among the by then ex-Belo stations. I'm not sure if TEGNA (or the ex-Belo stations that went to Meredith) is continuing to use Miranda.
  5. I agree. Actually, what would be even better is just calling it what it was before the split (Viacom). ViacomCBS reminds me a little of NBCUniversal (and yes, without the space specifically). As I heard on NPR today, Viacom CEO Bob Bakish would be CEO of the combined company. That tells me that Viacom may be the nominal survivor. I may be wrong though. As CBS is the "old" Viacom and the "new" Viacom is the spin-off, maybe CBS will be the nominal survivor. I don't know (at least yet). It'll be interesting to see what happens to the CBS network. This historically strong network has gone downhill in the past 5 or so years. Will the combined company make it even worse given that many Viacom cable networks basically over the past 9 years have been in bad shape, or what?
  6. I'm a big Sonic fan and find it hard to believe the upcoming Sonic movie is going to be live-action. No way will it be a big money maker if the 1993 Mario movie failed. Even though Disney (okay, Hollywood Pictures) made the 1993 Mario movie, I'm sure Disney of today would know better than to make a live-action Sonic movie, given Sonic's appearances in Wreck-It Ralph. Also I don't like the way Sonic will look in the movie so much. What happened to Paramount? This isn't the same Paramount from 10 years ago and I'm curious if something bad happened that made them worse than they once were. Must a lot of their movies now be performing poorly? Also curious if Universal improved under Comcast, based on the fact that once weak NBC has improved over the past 6 years (and is benefiting from CBS' decline lately) and that under Comcast quite a few Universal movies were big moneymakers (compared to were they were they were in the late 2000s with mostly poorly performing movies). Sony Pictures Entertainment isn't all that great. A lot of their movies are performing poorly.
  7. Coincidentally, The Indianapolis Star used to team up with WTHR until 2014. The paper now partners with WXIN/WTTV. With GateHouse buying New Gannett (and changing its name to Gannett) what are the chances of the existing GateHouse papers adopting that USA Today Network layout? A little funny to see USA Today and all those local newspapers (like mine) owned by the old Gannett, and then the new Gannett, and now the new, new Gannett. Reminds me of Albertsons. New Gannett ruined old Gannett's papers, but at least they and GateHouse (soon to be the new, new Gannett) are not as bad as TEGNA. Maybe the next funny thing will be seeing GannettHouse buying A. H. Belo.
  8. I hope WSMV has a bright future unless someone like TEGNA buys the Meredith stations. Not only do they compete with Sinclair and now Nexstar, but in th past 2-3 years, Scrippsitis has been creeping in at WTVF. Nashville may be a highly competitive market (similar to Pittsburgh and Louisville, and lately New Orleans and Phoenix) but out of the four stations I'd watch WSMV, which seems to be improving right now. It would be a COMPLETELY different story if WSMV ends up under TEGNA...
  9. Geez, TEGNA hiring another comedian. The condition of TEGNA and Scripps continues to get worse and worse. Also they both continue to get bigger and bigger. I won't be surprised if either of those companies buys the Meredith stations. (On a side note, I haven't seen any billboards for KPNX since 2015 (post-split). I did see a billboard for Red Nose Day on KPNX in 2016 but NBC payed for the billboard, not TEGNA. Maybe it has to do with their weak news ratings these days? I have seen billboards for KNXV, KPHO, and KSAZ last year. I have also never heard any radio ads for KPNX (but I did hear one for the then co-owned newspaper The Arizona Republic in 2014, pre-split of course).)
  10. Scripps already has plans to launch a new graphics package later this year.
  11. Conrad

    Out & About

    It won't be long before Cleveland becomes a market that has stations that I'm not sure I'd even watch since basically all the stations in the market are Nexstar, Gray, TEGNA, and Scripps stations. I agree about how similar Scripps and TEGNA are. Scripps and TEGNA (as Gannett) used to be high-quality broadcasters. Now, they are not only shadows of what they once were, but also ruthless driving forces buying anything they can get their hands on. And Belo is rolling in its grave right now. At this rate, the time might come where other than the networks, we would just have Sinclair, Nexstar, Gray, TEGNA, and Scripps for station groups. It is sad just thinking about it, although this is an industry that seems to be dying at this point.
  12. KPNX here in the Phoenix area similarly has #beon12. As for WWL, their ratings are not exactly good anymore. They have gone downhill over the last 4 years and are a shadow of what they were under Belo. And you know why they have gone downhill. Also, I'm sick of all this emphasis on social media (and I'm not just speaking of just TEGNA or just the broadcasting industry) but it's just everywhere. It's also what basically killed Scripps and Gannett/TEGNA, both previously good station owners (and the latter company going downhill is allowing Belo to roll in its grave right now). I'd argue that social media might see a decline in the future. How many of you agree that I'm sick and tired of all the emphasis on social media?
  13. I know there were/are non-Belo stations using that name, too. But I was thinking it was a Belo thing because multiple Belo stations used it. Sort of like how a lot of Hearst stations previously used Bill Ratner as their VO although a lot of non-Hearst stations also used him.
  14. Sorry that I'm late and bumping a thread that is (exactly) 6 months old, but: RIP 2012 Belo Graphics. Gannett was historically good (that can't be said about TEGNA in its current form) but Belo was even better (not that our Belo station was the best, although Meredith took it over and later ruined it, and no, I'm wasn't talking about KMOV, but KTVK).
  15. KPNX was dominant until 4 years ago. In general, Gannettegna is a shadow of what they used to be, of course, and KPNX is no exception. Gannettegna has gone downhill in the last 5 years. The only stations here in the Phoenix area to have "good" newscasts at this point are KNXV and KSAZ as KTVK and KPHO have also gone downhill lately.
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