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  1. You do have a very vailid point in Raycom's shells, some of them were carried over when new ownership took over (Tucson is a prime example of that) But at the same time the reason why we don't criticize companies like Raycom who plays the same shell game as Sinclair is because we tend to view companies like Raycom as "good villian" while we view a company like Sinclair as a "bad villiain" and I think if we're going to be harsh on Sinclair for playing the shell game, we should be that harsh on Nexstar, Raycom and TEGNA as well because they're just as bad when it comes to playing the shell game as Sinclair.
  2. And even now Sinclair thought they could get away with owning 2 top four stations in Harrisburg (WPMT-WHP) turns out it took the DOJ ordering that market to be divested before Sinclair realized that they couldn't do that in Harrisburg. For almost 30 years (since the creation of the sharing agreements) Sinclair has shown time and time again they don't want to play by the rules and regulations as set forth by the FCC and the reason that Sinclair is able to not play by the rules and get away with it is because none of the FCC Commissioners from the time Sharing Agreements was created to today have put a stop to Sinclair's efforts to evade FCC rules. You might say that this merger should not be approved but it will be approved anyway, why? Because Sinclair thinks they can get away with every rule and regulation in the FCC handbook, that's why.
  3. I think Fox and Sinclair is still negotiating to acquire a few more stations (including stations such as KSWB) that's why the Fox deal with Sinclair hasn't been made official yet
  4. I'll put it this way, if Sinclair pulls a WHTM on Meredith (what I mean by that I mean Sinclair giving Meredith KDSM and KOKH instead of WHO and KFOR) Meredith can and will prove Sinclair wrong by turning KDSM and KOKH from 4 to 2 while WHO and KFOR falls to 3 or 4. Chris Ripley needs to be careful about which stations he chooses to sell off and if Meredith wants WHO-KFOR instead of KDSM-KOKH let them have it and if not, the same consequences that occured to WHP will occur to WHO and KFOR
  5. That might explain why Sinclair didn't bring up the Dreamcatcher stations at all, I guess Sinclair should just "merge" Dreamcatcher into own of their shell companies (either Deerfield or Cunningham) that part can be discussed elsewhere
  6. That and they also omitted NorfolkVirginia Beach/Hampton Roads and it involves 3 stations (WTVX and the WTKR-WGNT duopoly) so I don't know if Sinclair is ignoring the Dreamcatcher stations on purpose orif gthey're waiting until they absolutely postively have to address both Scranton and Norfolk
  7. My biggest question becomes why does Sinclair want to break one of the OKC duopolies up? Because that's a lot of infastructure that both KOKH and KFOR built that's gonna be torn down and be rebuilt. But if there was one OKC duopoly I would prefer to see get broken up it would be KOKH/KOCB because the only things that KOCB would take to KFOR/KAUT would be their operations (as they don't do any newscasts other than a repeat of the 9pm newscast and occaisionally airing the 9pm newscast whenever Fox Sports runs into the regulary scheduled newscast on KOKH)
  8. I think WSFL could be a MyNetworkTV O&O meaning that at some point Fox could acquire WSVN. But at the same time, if they're willing to build an in house news department for WSFL and turn it into a Fox O&O, then I could see them being a sucess. I'm not sure how successful it might be but it'll be intresting to see what Fox does with WSFL and what happens to WSVN and WBFS as well
  9. The reason why there hasn't been anything coming out of the Justice Department with regards to Sinclair-Tribune is because Sinclair STILL has not submitted it's plans to divest stations to either the DOJ or the FCC. And until they do that, we won't hear a word from the Justice Department regarding Sinclair-Tribune anytime soon (which is also why the FCC hasn't restarted the 180 day shot clock as of yet)
  10. Fox's racing graphics has gotten horrible by each update, I don't know who does the racing graphics but someone needs to be fired because the way it looks now is horrible (worse than the 2014-17 graphics)
  11. Meanwhile according to recent FCC filings, Sinclair may be requesting waivers to own more than top 4 rated stations in a single market http://variety.com/2018/film/news/sinclair-stations-tribune-merger-fcc-1202687573/
  12. Which could come as early as sometime today to sometime next week according to Broadcasting&Cable and sources close to the DOJ, etc. http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/washington/sources-doj-close-okaying-sinclair-tribune/171391
  13. He should've done that before Lockwood sold the assets of WCWG to Hearst a year ago, too little and too late Mr. Williams
  14. So Armstrong Williams wants WCWG LONG after Hearst announced they were going to acquire it outright? What on earth is he thinking?
  15. I'm starting to think that the former KDVR/KWGN's News Director's decision to leave when this deal was announced was a bad decision, if he knew that KDVR/KWGN was getting sold off to someone else NOT named Sinclair, he would've never left KDVR in the first place. Oh well, he bettted on Sinclair keeping KDVR/KWGN and it's looking like he lost that bet.
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