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  1. Fox's racing graphics has gotten horrible by each update, I don't know who does the racing graphics but someone needs to be fired because the way it looks now is horrible (worse than the 2014-17 graphics)
  2. I don't see CBS-Viacom happening but based off of what transpired with Disney-Fox anything is possible at this point
  3. Here's my classic WFAA intros from BOTH the 80s and 90s (with the voiceovers in it because I love to do the voiceovers) 1984: This is the News 8 Update. With David Margulies, Midge Hill, Jim Littleton with Weather and Tony Martinez on Sports 1987: . It's 5:00 and this is WFAA-TV, Channel 8. Working in the Spirit of Texas, this is News 8. With John Criswell, Phyllis Watson, Troy Dungan with Weather and Dale Hansen on Sports. It's 10:00 and this is WFAA-TV, Channel 8. Working in the Spirit of Texas, this is News 8. With Tracy Rowlett, John Criswell, Troy Dungan with Weather and Dale Hansen on Sports If you notice, the graphics are the same, the intro is the same but there are noticible differences, oine is the the 84 intro was using the 1984-87 version of TM's Spirit whel the '87 intros used the 1987-92 version of TM's Spirit Also the '84 version had the vocals in it (hence "The Spirit of Texas on 8") while the '87 version has John B. Wells say "It's 10:00 and this is WFAA-TV, Channel 8. Working in the Spirit of Texas, this is News 8." A lot of people though doesn't realize though that for awhile WFAA did in fact had a 4:30 newscast it was known as "News 8 First News" was anchored by the same people who did the 5pm newscast at the time (Phyllis Watson, John Criswell, Troy Dungan with the Weather and Dale Hansen's Sports) I do have that intro on my YouTube channel Also if y'all have any idea of what year that intro was aired in let me know please and thank you.
  4. I could see a divestiture of ABC Studios (I doubt if Disney divests Marvel, LucasFilm or 20th Century Fox) and a stipulation that ESPN cannot pull the RSNs from satellite or telco providers
  5. Still I just can't justify a sell/spin off of ESPN now that not only Disney has bought BAMTech and it's now buying Fox's RSNs but also investing in the direct to consumer streaming service (ESPN Plus), just my opinion
  6. If Disney knew that ESPN was sinking and had a full ownership stake in the network then yeah ESPN would've been spun off but who owns the so called "silent majority" of ESPN? You guessed it, Hearst and Hearst doesn't want to give up their stake in ESPN because if they did that then stations like KMBC, WISN, WTAE and WBAL would've lost their right to simulcast NFL games involving their local team with ESPN. You have to understand that Disney would not have bought BAMTech or even considered buying Fox's Regional Sports Networks if they truly believed that ESPN was a sinking ship to the point of no return
  7. I'll say this, I don't think nor do I expect Disney to dump ESPN because they would not have acquired BAMTech or Fox's Regional Sports Networks if Disney got rid of ESPN, on top of that it would take Hearst to sell their stake in ESPN in order for Disney to spin the network off and that ain't happening either. It would be nice for Sinclair or someone else to buy ESPN but chances of that happening are slim to none
  8. http://deadline.com/2017/12/fox-assets-that-would-go-to-disney-worth-67-billion-led-by-regional-sports-networks-1202221158/ The pricetag for Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox with film/television production, cable channels (like NatGeo and FX Nets) and Fox's RSNs is $67.9 Billion Dollars with $22.4 Billion of it's enterprise value coming from the RSNs, followed by Film/TV production assets coming in at $13.3 billion and the cable channels coming in at $8.7 billion. It's expected that the deal could be announced in a matter of days according to Deadline despite Fox executives "remaining coy" about prospects of that merger
  9. This could be HUGE when it comes to Sports Rights moving forward, not only that but it could be a huge boost for the upcoming ESPN OTT service launched next year
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-12/u-s-is-said-to-suggest-ways-at-t-could-win-time-warner-approval Now Antitrust officials are suggesting a sale of CNN, TNT, TBS, TruTV, etc. to another company then forming a joint venture with that company but they have not discussed scenarios where they either sell Turner or DirecTV. President Trump has indicated that the Justice Department will sue to block the merger saying “it will probably end up being maybe litigation.” Another thing to note is should a case proceed it could take several months to reach a decision, after which either side could appeal, further delaying a decision about the proposed deal, which is already more than a year in the works.
  11. Which means AT&T would have to shed Turner Broadcasting because you can't seperate CNN from the Turner networks
  12. The Murdochs would have to be foolished enough to sell everything but Fox broadcasting itself. If anything, Disney would be better off shedding some of their properties that's hurting Disney's bottom line than to acquire a company
  13. Alright I have a question: KOKH in Oklahoma City uses a different news music package for their opens and teases, but they still do use the 615 Music package for other things such as reopens and teases to weather and sports segments. But what music package KOKH uses for their opens and teases to commercial breaks (not the weather or sports segments but the teases to commercial breaks) they use?
  14. It'll be interesting to see what Free Press, etc. does once the FCC takes the vote and approves it on Nov. 16th they may reply back with the same stuff they've been saying for as long as those advocacy groups has existed.
  15. And if Free Press doesn't challenge any of the proposed changes in court I'd be shocked (knowing that Free Press will challenge anything and everything the FCC and other media ownership group will try to do)
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