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  1. I didn't see that one coming with Days leaving NBC for Peacock. I saw old promos when Wood TV was WOTV in the 80s a couple of months ago. I was surprised that they had Sally Jesse which I thought was always on WWMT & Phil Donahue as well which was also on WWMT and also primetime Wheel for 2 years 83 to 85 as I thought that WZZM aired primetime Wheel from the start before moving to WWMT in the fall of 93 along with Jeopardy. I heard that Wood TV didn't clear all of the NBC daytime lineup wasn't until 85 or 86 when they aired it in full. I think that Sale Of The Century was aired on WXMI for the last couple of years before Fox was a network. I knew that daytime Wheel was on NBC in the 80s. Other shows from the promo in 83 & 84 Wood TV aired repeats of Different Strokes kinda surprised by that as I thought that WXMI aired it I watched Different Stroke on WKBD out of Detroit as that was Michigan's Superstation at the time as that was on Cablevision in the 80s & early 90s. Sorry for going off topic.
  2. I thought that Ring Nation was weekend only I see that it will air in the graveyard on WMOR. I see that WOW Women Of Wrestling will debut Sep 17 in 100% of the country on CBS which will be their CW stations, Sinclair, Nexstar, TEGNA, Hearst & Gray TV stations. I think CW7 will air it where ROH was Sat 10:30PM I could be wrong maybe outside chance WXSP.
  3. I was surprised that Karamo went to WCCB in Charlotte as I thought that would've gone to MyNet TV since Nexstar is the launch group for the show. I haven't seen any promos for the shows yet other than Jennifer Hudson. Yeah, I got to believe the staff have got to be tried with all the extra shows and not hiring no one new for said shows which is just cheap filler and pay to play type shows with local newscast & lifestyle shows. Seems that game shows are making a comeback I wish dating shows would make a comeback in Syndication the last big dating show was Blind Date & Elimidate in the early 2000s.
  4. News Nation going with opinion shows from 8PM to 11PM I see. I wonder if the last news anchor will leave NN now that there isn't going to air primetime news anymore M-F when it launched 2 years ago come Sep.
  5. We The People goes to CW7 as they have a couple of court shows to fill & Nick Cannon as well as WXSP has a staple of court shows Judge Mathis & The People's Court along with a few Byron Allen Court Shows along with CW7 as well. WXMI Fox17 will be putting on a weekday show beginning tomorrow Unfitered at 7PM which Friends only EP will be 2:30AM M-Thur as they Just For Laughs at 2:30AM late Fri/early Sat.
  6. Standard should've sold the TV stations that they needed to in the first place with Cox to other stations Deb & Soo Kim pulled a Sinclair in the failed Tribune merger. Maybe they can pull it off if they sell the TV stations they need to get the deal done if they don't the FCC going to deny this merger.
  7. They could've gone news and stopped the programming with the shooting in their own backyard even if it was just WGN in my opinion.
  8. WXMI Fox17 will be airing Jennifer Hudson no time given I'm guessing 1PM may replace Right This Minute or 2PM replacing Daily Mail TV I'm guessing Fox17 will go a full 2-hour block of Dateline in my opinion as I said in the last years thread as well. Sherri will take over Wendy Williams timeslot 10AM on WOTV maybe it moves but I'd be surprised if it does. I'm waiting for what Wood TV will put on at 3PM replacing Dr, Oz/The Good Dish as I think Ellen timeslot will be a 4PM newscast in my opinion.
  9. Schitt's Creek only had one airing as well on CW7 at 12AM weeknights I only saw promos a few times for the show. I knew that it's run was ending when I read that the Fox stations didn't renew it's agreement with the show for syndie. I hope that The Liquidator is cleared this year in the West Michigan TV market not saying that will replace Schitt's Creek maybe Family Guy gets a full hour just will find in mid to late Sep.
  10. I didn't know that Mike & Molly & 2 Broke Girls are ending their runs come Sep both air at WXSP they may get American Housewife or WOTV and move The Goldbergs to WXSP what they did with Blackish this past fall. The Neighborhood goes to CW7 in my opinion I could be wrong just got to wait and see the promos. Mike & Molly & 2 Broke Girls were on CW7 for the first few years before WXSP picked Mike & Molly up in June of 2019 & 2 Broke Girls in June 2020. I didn't see Right This Minute getting canceled the first couple of years wasn't on in West Michigan WXMI Fox17 picked up RTM for weekend only in winter 2014 then was on in the afternoons in fall 2014 2PM to 3PM then moved to the late night hours in 2015, then moved to Media General/Nexstar was on WOTV at 1:30AM in fall of 2016 was moved in Jan 2017 to WXSP to 5PM only aired RTM 30-minutes only didn't air the second half or the weekend either in it's 4 year run largely in the morning hours at 11AM in fall 2017 and 10:30AM from 2018-20. Before it moved back to Fox17 largely because Scripps owned the station and had a stake in the show otherwise would've stayed on WXSP in my opinion. I think Jennifer Hudson may get the 1PM to 2PM timeslot I said 2PM to 3PM now that RTM is ending in Sep I think it gets 1PM. And as I said before Jennifer Hudson was going to Fox17 that they'll double run Dateline as I said when Daily Mail TV got canceled. As for 24/7 news I don't see it happening in the West Michigan market as there isn't enough happening unlike the bigger cities Detroit, Chi, NYC, LA etc. 4PM newscast is about as close as it will get which Fox17 already airs 4PM newscast all to themselves which that ends come this fall as I believe Wood TV will debut a 4PM newscast closer to Sep is when Wood will say it in my opinion.
  11. So happy that Live PD is back I was surprised that NN didn't want to air Live PD on Fri or Sat nights as well when Dan signed on with NN back in the fall.
  12. Only Mynet TV Scripps own is WSYM .3 now.
  13. I saw a promo for Jennifer Hudson on WXMI FOX17 many times no time given I'm guessing 2PM replacing Daily Mail TV come the fall. I really wonder what Wood TV will be airing at 3PM come the fall replacing Dr. Oz/The Good Dish combination, Fox17 will not be the only one to have a 4PM news come fall Wood TV will start a 4PM newscast I have been saying that many times on this form sorry for beating a dead horse.
  14. Is Castle ending in off-net come fall of this year? WZZM aired Castle Sun late night 11:30PM to 1:30AM. I wouldn't be surprised if WZZM takes The Good Doctor in my opinion.
  15. Just DC news and forgetting Hagerstown I wonder if viewers don't like it and have complained to management about it, as those that live in Hagerstown don't want DC news.
  16. They can make money with local news or NewsNation Morning since Nexstar owns it I see they do air NewsNation Morning News on select TV stations that Nexstar owns. Better use than paid programming.
  17. I think it is a good thing that The CW get back into sitcoms I did like Everybody Hates Chris that was a pretty good show. It would be good to get youth sitcoms I did also like What I Like About You watched that on a 22-hour delay on WZPX as they wanted to put PAX/I Suck Network over The WB which was a big mistake should've been a fulltime WB station. Only thing that was in pattern was Kids WB/WB Afternoon.
  18. I also didn't know that The Neighborhood was going to be in syndication as I didn't see an article about it. I'm guessing that it will be on CW7 as I doubt that WXMI Fox17 as they haven't put any sitcoms since Modern Family was cleared in syndication. As I believe that Nexstar is taking American Housewife WOTV or WXSP.
  19. Tribune threw a bone to Lin/Media General Wish-TV in Indy trading The CW to them Wish was going to be Indie after losing CBS in Jan of 2015. I believe that Wish will become a CW. CBS will keep The CW in markets they have duopolies in just my opinion. Maybe Nexstar does do switches in markets they don't have The CW that don't have a big 4 network that are duopolies, in West Michigan I could see Nexstar and Sinclair doing a switch as Sinclair owns The CW in West Michigan Nexstar owns MyNet TV WXSP. It could come down to the deals in the contracts and how many years are left maybe if it is only a year they wait it out. Sorry if it now becoming a list and speculation which I already said that in the speculation forum.
  20. I'm surprised that Nexstar doesn't add News Nation morning show on CW's & MyNet TV stations they own 3-hour block I looked at WXSP it is pretty much paid programming from 6AM to 9AM other Andy's Gospel Truth at 7:30AM. I have always been surprised that Nexstar has never wanted to complete with Fox17 morning news from 7AM to 9AM.
  21. I knew Steve Wilkos was going to be renewed for a season 16. Pictionary cleared in 90% of the country Sinclair, Nexstar, TEGNA ETC.
  22. Flint WNEM .2: airing Recipe.TV at 7:30AM, Access Hollywood 7:30PM moves from 6PM, Main channel WNEM is going to repeat the 11PM news at 1:30AM. ROH ended last weekend CW7 is airing Bull at 10:30PM Sat & WWMT is airing The National Desk week in review at 11:30PM Sat. Sinclair being cheap with WWMT in that timeslot.
  23. Does Scripps still air Newsfeed or did Scripps get rid of it I know Fox17 moved it to 4:30AM a few months ago brought back the 4:30AM News from 4:30AM to 9AM. I didn't ever watch it only for a minute or 2 of Newsfeed.
  24. Kris Alred who went as Posman when she was weekend met at WWMT from 04-07 before leaving for WSAV in the fall of 07. When I was in Hilton Head SC on vacation in 08 I saw Kris do the weather on WSAV. I also like that WOTV rebranded to 4 West Michigan than women I wonder if they did that for sister station in Lansing?
  25. I think TMZ Hip-Hop will go national in fall 2023-24 if the test run does well. I haven't also seen so many shows getting cancelled in syndication it always seems just 2 or 3 shows leave, I wonder if Celebrity Page will now go back to M-F strip as Meredith owned the show I think it had to do because of People TV being M-F why Celebrity Page was moved to the weekend?
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