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  1. Good thing that AT&T/DirecTV got a deal done with Nexstar a couple of months ago it's no big loss losing TEGNA WZZM as you can watch ABC on WOTV in West Michigan at least.
  2. At least they did a JFK doc that wasn't about UFO's.
  3. Byron Allen always seems to want to buy something in broadcast TV I hope he doesn't get a TV station in West Michigan WXMI Fox17.
  4. I don't see FCC revoking Sinclair's licenses like Fox O&O in Philly either it will go nowhere. Along with someone emailing FTVLive that the public needs to write their local congress person along with the US Senators and like Weeters said politicians have wanted the FCC to do something with WWOR not having local news the FCC has done nothing been going on for years.
  5. I was surprised that KASW didn't air Coytes from the start and put it on the .2 and not The CW on the .2.
  6. I thought that Dateline moved to the NBC O&O in LA? I didn't know it was still on the Fox O&O MyNet TV in LA.
  7. NWA blowing the deal already before they even debut on The CW sometime in 2024 that will maybe only be on The CW App now than the main channel. Great going NWA you blew it and upset Perry Sook and higher ups at Nexstar. I heard that there were talks that AEW was going to sign a deal with WBD haven't heard anything more about it though. I think AEW does need to get on in syndication or get a deal with another major network for a show maybe Fox or The CW before the NWA deal that maybe off because a wrestler was doing coke on an NWA PPV. But AEW would get more fans if they were on broadcast than just TBS, TNT, & MAX in my opinion. I'm not into wrestling like I once was started getting tired of it in 2002-04 range where I stopped watching Raw & Smackdown weekly somewhat watched TNA/Impact when that was on FSN RSN.
  8. Lawrence is a legitimate 4TH host of Fox & Friends.
  9. I'm not surprised that Judy Justice was going to be cleared for syndication was a matter of time that Amazon was going to sell it to TV station groups across America, I wouldn't be surprised if Judy Justice goes against her older show Judge Judy.
  10. Nexstar oh, I mean Mission didn't need to buy WADL I think Scripps would've taken The CW for WMYD TV20 you think they will rebrand to CW20? It was that or maybe on a subchannel for Graham in Detroit. I knew The CW wasn't going to be without The CW for long.
  11. Why doesn't NewsNation air different news specials than just UFO's I saw last night news special which was you guessed it UFO's on the TV guide I didn't watch it. How much money is the UFO's paying Uncle Perry Sook LOL.
  12. It will be interesting to see if NWA does well on The CW surprised that NWA has lasted for over 70+ years since most of those that were under NWA started to go it alone in the 80s & 90s when Ted Turner bought Crocket out and formed WCW. The only wrestler I know from NWA is Tyrus he's The NWA's World Champion largely being on Fox News.
  13. WXSP .2 will become The Nest in 13 days since they air Stadium since Feb of this year replacing Cozi TV. Unless WWMT wants there .3 to be The Nest they air TBD on the .3. Kinda surprised that Sinclair has let there diginets go on the rivals wouldn't they want to put those networks on WWMT subchannels? What Scripps does with their did diginets?
  14. Ken Jeong talker will be Sinclair, Nexstar or Scripps for the fall of 2024. I watched Popstar Today since it moves when LIV Golf is on the ads are only Poshmark which the host Elizabeth Staton should say brought to you by Poshmark, and also just promos for news and the sitcoms with a couple of buy direct ads.
  15. Been weekend only since spring when NewsNation went news all day/night long M-F.
  16. I wonder who will be airing the D-Back next season in The Valley Of Sun Gray or Scripps?
  17. Not surprised that Steve Bender gets his own show.
  18. Last Man Standing no longer on NewsNation it is all Blue Bloods until NewsNation goes 24/7 7 days a week. Surprised that they don't want to fill some hours with UFO shows after all they are the UFO news station LMAO.
  19. WOTV: Chi Fire Early Sun 4AM to 6AM wasn't cleared last year was on WXMI Fox17 in 2021-22 weekend syndication which in the fall wasn't aired due to football & basketball in the wintertime. WXSP: Chi Fire Sun 10:30PM to 11:30PM replaced Chi PD.
  20. I had a feeling that one of these days that Rupert Murdoch was going to step down from Fox he built an empire with Fox. All the best Rupert enjoy retirement.
  21. Nexstar would be in hot water if they tried to get a deal with Mission with DIRECTV as even know that it is a shell company Mission has to get a deal with Pay-TV on their own. Seems that smaller companies take forever to get done with DIRECTV, Dish with Mission almost a year it has been off both Sat TV. I was without Wood TV for year when Suckyvision oh I mean Cablevision in Kazoo couldn't agree with them in 97 but Cablevision always got Wood TV back on just in time for Super Bowls 28, 30 & 32. I didn't have Cablevision for Super Bowls 28 & 30 although Cablevision found a loop pole in 96 Wood TV returned after a week or 10 days. When there wasn't a deal ever reached why it was off for a year before 2 days before Super Bowl 32 and at the time it wasn't even about retrans it was to get a local weather channel on basic cable which Cablevision refused which became WXSP in Aug of 99 as a general entertainment channel and UPN station. Wasn't until Charter bought Suckyvision in Kazoo when WXSP was in the lineup May of 2001.
  22. I thought that Coach Prime show was on the CBS O&O in Denver I didn't know Nexstar's KDVR had Coach Prime's coaches show?
  23. Aaron Rodgers locked the door and only unlocked it when a deal was reached LOL .
  24. I had a feeling that a deal was going to be reached with Spectrum & Disney and NYC gets to see the Jets VS the Bills tonight on WABC/ESPN would've sucked if they couldn't get the game the debut of Aaron Rodgers as the Jets QB.
  25. Which WGN will get The CW back in 2024 next year at this time when WICU contract with The CW ends. The CW was right to make a deal to air Miss USA always preferred that over Miss America.
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