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  1. TBD is on WWMT .3 which use to be Comet before moving to WXSP .3 kinda surprised that Sinclair did that let a rival air there diginets.
  2. My heart and prayers to the families of the victims so very sad.
  3. Nexstar will have full control in 2024 they got $54 million who wouldn't want to take it I know I would do that deal in a hart beat.
  4. Due to the World Cup WXMI Fox17 will air Jennifer Hudson at 3AM for a few weeks. The other shows will not be aired The List, We The People, ICrime unless they play them on subchannel.
  5. I thought that Chris Cuomo & Bill O'Reilly didn't like each other kinda odd that O'Reilly goes on his show. NN dead last on election night and couldn't crack a million viewers.
  6. All the best Shepherd Smith I always thought that Shepherd was an odd fit for CNBC in my opinion being a business network.
  7. Yeah, I could see Kelly Clarkson Show moving in ATL next year if it stays at 1:30AM on WSB after the runoff.
  8. Whose Line had a good run it was time for it to end. I wasn't a fan of the show and I didn't watch it.
  9. Does that mean Gray can't have CBS in Anchorage anymore and they have to sell it?
  10. I wonder if when this deal gets to a year if TEGNA will pull out of the deal and sue Soo Kim as Bananaman said what Tribune did in the failed Sinclair merger. Which I was kinda surprised that was still pending once Nexstar got the deal done to own the Tribune TV stations Nexstar got $60 Million and got into Lexington KY buying the Fox TV station in the settlement with Sinclair.
  11. Morning Rush isn't on WZPX I haven't seen it anyways looks to be crime dramas mostly what WZPX airs in the mornings other than Fri when they air the E/I stuff that FCC makes them air and all TV stations as well.
  12. I agree it's good for the NBC O&O's to use the Today In LA/NYC, I like the Good Day that the Fox O&O's do as well some Fox stations outside the O&O's use Good Day I wish that WXMI Fox17 would go with Good Day West Michigan or GR than Fox17 Morning News. News Channel3 WWMT since 2007 when Freedom owned WWMT. Wood TV 24 Hour News 8 from 1990-2019 now it's just News 8 I think former sister station WISH also used 24 hour News as well in INDY.
  13. Huge get for WHIZ & Zanesville getting Fox. I'm guessing they get CBS & ABC out from C-Bus.
  14. I can't see any of the Big station TV groups carrying OAN Sinclair, Nexstar is out since they have NewsNation, Scripps since they have Newsy soon to be Scripps News, TEGNA, Hearst, etc. Who is going to carry OAN other than the small low power TV stations that no one has ever heard of.
  15. Wood TV hosted the governors debate I didn't watch it I had no interest in it will be one more debate next week Oct 25 WXMI Fox17 will air the second debate from Oakland U in Detroit since their sister station WXYZ will be airing it. The first debate wasn't aired in Detroit other than WDIV 4+ app not on the main channels in Detroit. I think the stations think too highly of themselves should've been aired on one of the main channels not just an app or a website in my opinion. Nexstar's sister station aired the debate in Lansing was aired on 9&10 in Northern Michigan.
  16. Gray needs to find another ND for KCTV that place can't keep an ND they are out the door less than a year on the job Gray can't get that Meredith stink out at the station.
  17. Soo Kim playing the race card knowing that he isn't going to get TEGNA now which TEGNA should've gone with Byron Allen even know he'd run the TEGNA stations on the cheap. I was surprised that Hearst sold WZZM in the late 90's to TEGNA and I doubt that Hearst wants to buy TEGNA when it goes back on the market.
  18. No ass kissing from Chris and didn't have his bro former governor of NY Andrew on the show LOL since Andrew needs a job after all. I wasn't going to watch Chris's show I didn't watch him on CNN when he had his bro on nightly being on his jock strap with softball questions. His promos suck for his show should've kept news of the day at 8PM or hired Megyn Kelly she would've gotten better ratings than Chris.
  19. Yeah, I think do Fri & Sat nights during the winter, spring & summer for Sat nights. I'd only do 2 nights and not go for 7 as One Chi does quite well for NBC on Wed nights.
  20. I was happy that Nexstar likes Walker & it's spinoff, Kung FU, Superman & Lois. I hope they keep Stargirl, All American, Nancy Drew as Nancy & her Drew Crew have more story to tell. I don't see Fox having a problem with Nexstar owning The CW in my opinion they will get a deal done whenever Nexstar has to renew with Fox.
  21. You have to go to MGM website to get to Ring Nation where they have a link where it is shown across the country wasn't cleared in West Michigan only cleared in 2 markets in Michigan Detroit as someone already mention and Lansing. TMZ renewed for 3 more seasons along with TMZ Live as well that was a given as Fox bought TMZ last year I was surprised that WB didn't sell Extra to Fox as well since I know Extra is on most Fox O&O's in major markets.
  22. Why didn't Scripps just do that last year at this time why now change to Scripps News.
  23. I thought that Gray renewed with CBS last year and that included WGCL/WANF? I read it somewhere on a media website I could be wrong on that. I think they should use different branding when they don't have news hours which I know is few for WANF has now being with Gray.
  24. Dish is the worse when it comes with getting deals done I wouldn't ever go with them for that reason as I don't think they try to get deals done in my opinion. Disney doesn't need Dish as Dish needs Disney more why it didn't last that long as I thought they would get a deal done. Dish doesn't like sports fans either.
  25. I don't see Comcast buying WB/Discovery in my opinion DOJ would say a big fat NO.
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