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  1. I thought that WJW would be airing Young Shelton since Nexstar signed Young Shelton to many of their TV stations nation wide. WBNX seems to be the first say what they are airing for syndication in the fall time.
  2. Seeing photos of the KMGH building doesn't look all that of a landmark. I think Scripps is going to build a new building for KMGH just my opinion.
  3. I also saw Byron Allen's 5 networks were added on Charter Spectrum also why Comcast settled as well. I have no interest in them Justice is just his court shows that are on the local TV station largely WXSP carries most of them CW7 airs Judge Ross show. I kinda wonder if Charter Spectrum just added ACCUWeather Network that The Weather Channel deal was coming up before Charter and Byron settled the lawsuit will never know.
  4. I was glad that Nexstar kept WoodTV and didn't try with lame name to the station I'd guess it would've said something with West Michigan in the domain if they didn't keep the WoodTV domain. WZZM went to 13onmyside domain a few years ago I think in the spring of 2018 it was the call letters for the domain. WXMI when it was Tribune changed the domain 11 years ago from the call letters to Fox17Online domain should've kept the call letters for the domain just my opinion short is the way to go.
  5. I'm not a fan of The Now/Newsfeed from Scripps I think they should ditch the format very cheap I hope that WXMI Fox17 ditches it but they aren't going to do that. If they did Modern Family would go back being a full hour as the second run is aired at 1AM.
  6. I think some stations will have double run of You Bet Your Life just have to check local listings on that. CW7 airs a double run of 25 Words Or Less although they don't list the 11:30PM with the promos just the 5:30PM run. Not sure on Judge Judy thou.
  7. I watch a little bit of Newsy late night before going to bed from time to time.
  8. I doubt OAN+ will get a top station in any markerts and be on low-power TV stations, Id sample it just for a laugh as I wouldn't take anything that OAN says seriously.
  9. I thought This TV was already on in LA, NYC & Chi when the deals ran out on the Tribune/Nexstar TV station in those cities? Kinda surprised that This TV is getting a second life with ABC O&O's.
  10. Peter Dunn & David Friend shouldn't get sweetheart deals and should be sued as well what they put staffers through. I saw them getting fired should've happen bsck in Jan what took so long CBS?
  11. I watched Donlon's opening statement when it debut I liked it but I like other things to watch at 7PM.
  12. I see News Nation is down the middle I don't see any bias in there news coverage. Rome wasn't built in a day and I'm sure Nexstar knew that there was going to be growing pains along the way, I watch News Nation a couple night a week largely the last half hour.
  13. I think the only one that has done good was RTM since that went national after a year or 2 after it debut on Scripps, Gray & Cox TV station. DBL from TEGNA isn't that very good I wish that was canceled the other TEGNA shows failed Sister Circle only lasted 2 & half years, Sing Like A Star only had one season maybe it is now just a local show for WWL in N.O. where the show came from Sony bought those shows. DBL has some TV stations that signed on to it Sister Circle & Sing Like A Star didn't. Scripps has The List largely on their stations few outside Scripps airs The Lis
  14. I hope Reelz will air Live PD with new EP's that would be great.
  15. I thought People The TV Show! would get renewed for at least 2 years since it's going national in 2022. I wonder if People The TV Show! will get into more bigger cities for a soft launch in fall of 2021 for NYC, LA Chi? etc. Wow I didn't see a 3 year renewal which those TV station groups that sign on for People The TV Show! will have to air it for 2 years.

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