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  1. I'm guessing that The CW Daytime will end on 13TH or 20TH just my opinion as new shows debut on Sep 13, 20 & 27. Relative Justice will be on CW7 or WXSP, Highway Throu Hell as well. I'm kinda surprised that no promos for Young Shelton yet since that is a big sitcom. For the next 2 weeks Rachel Ray moves to WOTV at 12PM which is always her slot when Wood TV has the Olympics on, along with Ellen at 3PM. I didn't see Inside Edition listed so that maybe off for the next 2 weeks not sure on that thou.
  2. I'm surprised KSHB didn't get the new graphics until now and WXMI Fox17 debut the graphics in late Aug last year, which wouldn't the older Scripps TV stations get the graphics before the newer TV stations that Scripps got the past couple of years? I miss the Eyewitness brand WZZM for decades used Eyewitness news branding got rid of it around 2000 or 2001.
  3. I read that Highway Thru Hell is going to air 5 days a week from B&C article and that Top 10 & SOS How To Survive gets the weekend run. You Bet Your Life is the only promo I have seen for the fall no time given from WXMI Fox17 as I said in the other thread. I also wonder if WZZM is going to air Judge Judy repeats or go with 4PM Newscast in the fall. I'm kinda surprised that Judge Judy's last week isn't going to be all new as I see repeats in the 4PM & 4:30PM on the TV guide for Monday.
  4. Only TV station that has a 7PM Newscast is Wood TV since fall of 2016 it used to be called 7 On 8 now called The Seven has had many anchors Susan Shaw who moved to 10PM & 11PM newscast in 2019, Lynsey Mukomel left a few months ago to work for the AG's office, and now former Fox17 anchor Michelle DeSelms who launched the first 10PM Newscast in Jan of 99 retired in 2017 from the TV station was hired for Connecting For Our Community in 2020. As Who ran it for years was doing it Ava moved to Miami and go to a Spanish TV station. I always thought that Michelle was going to anchor when she signe
  5. Better than In Heat Of The Night not sure on Blue Bloods thou.
  6. WXMI Fox17 has put Friends on at 7PM started last week and has a second EP at 12:30AM, Newsfeed is now in the graveyard at 4:30AM which the morning news is starting a half-hour later at 5AM. It has been years since since Friends has been on early access prime since 2012 when they move it to late nights and has a promo as well for the 7PM EP.
  7. Or air what WXYZ aired early in the day in primetime on TV20 just my opinion. I wonder if Scripps will say what they will be doing with TV20 closer to the Fall? Maybe NEWSY takes over TV20 just have to wait and see not that I care since I don't live in the Detroit market.
  8. The day parts of Fox News is just news other than Fox & Friends, Outnumbered I do miss at least one liberal on the panel & The Five, I like Outnumbered & The Five I watch those Outnumbered daily M-F, The Five every other day 2 or 3 days a week depending on the week this week will be 2. I don't watch prime time opinion shows I will watch Fox News At Night from time to time with Shannon Bream. I don't watch Fox News all day I have other shows I like to watch in the day time. I watch other news channels News Nation a couple of times a week and BBC World News from time to time.
  9. I think CW7 will air just a half hour of the prime time National Desk after the news at 10:30PM. Move the repeat of Jeopardy to 11PM as that comes on at 10:30PM. That will not be known until about 2 weeks when online schedule comes out on TVPassport Titan TV etc. TVpassport is better than Titan TV when it comes to schedule. Which will be 2 weeks before in Mid-Sep.
  10. I think CW7 will have to add a lot of new shows in the fall as MGM is getting out of the court show business Lauren Lake heading to Byron Allen ES for 2022 court show and Couples Court along with Jerry Springer show unless they will air repeats after CW day time ends in Sep. Maybe they take some shows from the rivals I don't which they will take thou and I'm not going to guess will find out come the fall.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Scripps does this for Michigan since they own 3 TV stations in Michigan and have MI News 24/7 as I see Scripps expanding it across the country where they have a few TV stations in many states.
  12. I think that CW7 will just air 30 minutes of The National Desk after 10PM news just my opinion. Maryland AG is butt hurt and sour grapes that WBFF reports on them all the time I doubt The FCC will do anything about it just my opinion.
  13. AT&T should've never have bought Warner Bros that was an epic fail everything that AT&T touches they ruin. And why does Jeff Zucker still have a job? The deal will be approved by the DOJ with rules I think DOJ is going to be tough on this deal just my opinion since the liberals don't like these types of mergers.
  14. That's pretty good for You Bet Your Life getting 5PM to 8PM in 80% of the country and the double run as well having Jay Leno as host helped it get the early & access prime. I hope that WXMI Fox17 gets rid of Newsfeed and puts You Bet Your Life for a full hour moving Modern Family to late night as the second airing airs at 1AM.
  15. I have seen 2 promos one was to be on the show and one promo that you see coming this fall on Fox17 in West Michigan. It's the earliest I have seen promos for fall in syndie since 10 years ago when Big Bang went to syndie in fall of 2011 on CW7 that was late May when promos started in 2011.

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