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  1. Got 3 Court TV Mystery as well WXSP. 3, WXMI Fox17 .4, WZPX .4. All the Katz networks are on Charter Spectrum as they carry Nexstar subchannels from Wood TV .2, .3, WOTV .2, .3 Grit is .3, WXSP .2, .3. For a day had 2 Court TV Mystery on Feb 1 sometime on Feb 2 Court TV came back on.
  2. I'm surprised I thought that Nexstar would've bought KTTW I didn't see Gray getting Fox in SF they own that market owning ABC, NBC & Fox while Nexstar owns CBS. I thought that Nexstar would've had Mission taking KTTW.
  3. I thought that Byron Allen was going to buy Quincy I didn't think Gray would but Quincy.
  4. Nope I don't see Daily Flash in the West Michigan TV market. I see that WWMT for a couple of weeks have out Wheel at 1:30AM late Sat/early Sun which has always been on at 7PM on Sat with J staying at 7:30PM putting paid programming at 7PM.
  5. ACCUWeather finally got rid of local feed I see not many TV station groups carried it anymore I don't think not many carried it when it launched in the mid 2000's. I see that Laura Velasquez is returning home to West Michigan she was the weekend weather met for Wood TV from 2007-14 then went to Denver for one hot minute only stayed for a year then in 2015 went to ACCUWeather I saw her from time to time if I was up in the morning and wanting to get the local weather. I know that Laura is suing ACCUWeather for breaking her contract because of COVID no one else was let go from ACCUWeather but her
  6. Prime time was when WNDU became Wood TV on Adelphia cable now Comcast from 8PM to 11PM in the 90's but there was no syndex it wasn't blacked out. Had WNDU & WSBT out of South Bend, WSYM Fox47 from Lansing, WWOR in NYC was taken off on New Year's Eve in 1994, WGN everyone in the midwest had WGN Superstation. I was surprised that Adelphia cable didn't have WKBD out of Detroit which was Michigan's superstation in the 80's & 90's Cablevision had it on channel 10 I think in 93 or 94 they may have gotten rid of it. I think I remember Time Warner Cable was in a dispute with Hearst
  7. I think they shouldn't rebrand News Nation until all the offnet shows are off the channel and it becomes a 24-hour a day news network just my opinion. I wonder when all that offnet shows contract expire on WGN America?
  8. I bet once Ellen ends Wood TV will put news at 4PM the only one that does news at 4PM is WXMI Fox17. Once Dr. Phil ends WWMT has a 4PM newscast as well I wonder if WZZM will air a 4PM newscast come the fall when Judge Judy ends her run this year or if they will keep the repeats going. I'm surprised that The Doctors hasn't gotten canceled yet that show has 9 lives I tell you must still be making money for ViacomCBS still?
  9. Peter Dunn & David Friend should be fired and shouldn't get a sweetheart retirement package either and staff at the CBS O&O's should sue Dunn & Friend for making there lives a living hell that isn't right.
  10. The List is now on WXMI Fox17 Sundays at 11:30AM I watched last weekend it was just alright nothing that I would watch every week thou. When no pregame for Fox Sports is on next fall will move since Fox17 airs Lions Gameday Live Sundays at 11AM when the Lions are playing in season or when they don't play on Sundays they air Fox NFL Kickoff at 11AM. Right This Minute also airs weekend afternoons now before or after sports.
  11. WWMT didn't air Wheel & J at 7PM Wheel & J at 7:30PM on Wed kept the CBS News coverage on, WOTV aired Family Feud for the full hour at 7PM to 8PM, WZZM kept ET on at 7PM I don't know if DBL was at 7:30PM may have been a repeat. Which DBL should be on in the afternoons just my opinion. Wood TV kept NBC coverage which they put the newscast on WOTV in 5PM hour no Black-ish or Access Hollywood at 5PM or 5:30PM. Fox17 kept the Fox News coverage at 7PM. Touching tribute to Alex final show on Fridays J which I don't ever really watch and I got some of the questions right this week
  12. I wonder if CBS would try and get the Big 10 football package after 2023 when they lose the SEC football package I wouldn't be surprised if ESPN tries and buys out the remaining years of the CBS contract. Maybe in 2022 is when ESPN buys out CBS contract with SEC football?
  13. I wonder when Antenna TV will leave WXMI Fox17 for Nexstar's Wood TV, WOTV or WXSP subchannels. Antenna TV has been on Fox17 subchannel since day 1 a decade ago wonder if it was a for life deal since Tribune owned the Antenna TV before the merger with Nexstar as Nexstar owns all of the Katz diginets that Scripps owns. Once that deal ends with Nexstar all of them goes to WZPX ION the stations that Scripps doesn't want will go to WZPX Scripps does air a couple of the Sinclair diginets Charged on .4 & TBD .5.
  14. Looks like News Feed that Scripps airs on Fox17 at 7PM M-F.
  15. Yeah I see People The TV Show! Getting a soft launch in fall of 2021 as Sony wants to get it into a few more markets before going national in fall of 2022. Which if I was Sony get Sinclair or Nexstar to soft launch it on some of there TV station which if you get Nexstar you could put it on WGN in Chi & KTLA in LA or you could maybe get an O&O to sign on if they own more than one station in NYC, Philly etc.

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