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  1. I'll watch FBoy to see if it is good or not glad that The CW is bringing back some dating shows. I haven't watch FBoy as I don't have HBO Max I wonder if The CW will air season 1 & 2 before season 3 debuts?
  2. Not surprised that Karomo got renewed for season 2 as I thought it get a second second season.
  3. Not surprised that Judy Justice is going into syndication this fall or 2024 WZZM would pick it up since they have aired Judge Judy forever. I'm not surprised that TV station groups want barter time for Judge Greg Mathis & The Peoples Court and don't want to pay for repeats.
  4. I get the contracts I wouldn't be surprised if those shows will only be in the late night hours 2 or 3 hours at most on Sat & Sun where it's news all day & most of the night in fall 2024.
  5. I see JTV going to ION in West Michigan WXMI will take Defy TV or maybe Scripps News .4 as Fox17 took TrueReal WZPX ION had Defy TV. JTV is on CW7 in the overnights.
  6. I think that when Fox Weather when there is a weekend outbreak of server weather should have co-anchors not someone doing solo which Kendall Smith did last Sun & late Thur/early Fri couldn't they have gotten Kelly or Katie from Orlando to be Kendall's co-anchor? Kendall did a great job doing it for 6 hours with some breaks in between that is why they should have a co-anchor for those types of events in my opinion.
  7. Even know they say by the end of 2024 that they will be 24/7 news network I think it is more likely fall of 2024 when the election starts to ramp up for the Nov election in 2024. Blue Bloods Sat in marathon and Last Man Standing marathon on Sun since those are the 2 syndication shows they run most on NewsNation.
  8. I think Wood TV may put a game show on at 2PM or try and get Tamron Hall's talker to fill Rachael Ray timeslot. I know Fox test TMZ Hip-Hop last year in March guesing that isn't going forward Who The Beep Is That sounds good saw a promo on B&C for it I hope it does well. Seems like WJBK the Fox O&O in Detroit never picks up any of the test they try and seems that TV20 or WKBD CW50 air the shows if they go national. Karamo was just added on WXSP in the grave yard at 5AM M-F replacing the Judge Greg Mathis repeat.
  9. Byron Allen waiting in the wings to buy TEGNA and will sell how many TV stations to get the deal done, I don't know how many Allen would have to sell to get deals done the only one I can think of is Fort Wayne IN. Soo Kim blew it sell the TV stations you needed to from different TV station groups than Cox.
  10. I like Ian Oliver he's pretty good not surprised he got his own show.
  11. NewsNation GR which I don't see happening Wood TV has too much history around that name and the News8 as well I miss 24 Hour News8 brand from the LIN/Media General Days I don't get why Nexstar got rid of the 24 Hour News8.
  12. Media Matters doesn't matter to them since they don't go after CNN or MSNBC they are left wing and very bias and I don't believe them and what they say about the news side of Fox News anchors Bill Hemmer & John Roberts they don't inject right wing opinion in the newscast. All cable news has pretend news other than breaking news or a major event like what happened in Ohio train and toxic being released in the air and water. I don't watch primetime opinion shows only one I watched was The O'Reilly Factor his last few years I'd only watch Bill's Talking Point Memos & viewer email as it was same old same old to me, I'd watch Hannity & Colmes from time to time Colmes did keep Sean in check once Sean went solo he had no check Alan was his yin to his yang in my opinion.
  13. With Nexstar cutting to end of Accused it happened in the fall of 2017 Lions VS Steelers on SNF a close game the Lions needed a stop to get the ball back. And Wood TV puts in an ad once it returned the Steelers got the 1ST Down to end the game Wood TV apologized for the error which came from WXIN in INDY where it is hubbed at, I saw it on Twitter about there apology.
  14. If both The Peoples Court & Judge Mathis remain in repeats I think WXSP will keep it as is on in the afternoon. I see Steve Wilkos being cleared in West Michigan as it hasn't been cleared since fall of 2021 and Karomo if NBCU renews it, which I'm kinda surprised that neither talker is cleared for syndication in West Michigan.
  15. Decades is on WLLA's .5 I believe, the only subchannel that Spectrum has from WLLA is METV which was Retro when they added it. Through The Decades would've been the only show I'd watch from time to time if it was ever added. Nextar promoted SportsGrid when that was added to .3 before they removed it for TheGrio in late Oct than they do for Rewind TV.
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