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  1. Laura Velasquez leaves WXMI Fox17 after just 8 months she joined the station in Feb of 2021 she is a native to West Michigan as she worked for Wood TV for 7 years before leaving for Denver to work at KDVR and then ACCUWeather Network before she was laid off in March 2020 and is suing them. I thought that Laura would've stayed for at least a year & half to 2 years I didn't think she would be gone after just 8 months. Ever since Scripps took over Fox17 2 years ago a lot of talent have left the station either to other TV stations or getting out of the business as Fox17 lost 2 of t
  2. You Bet Your Life is bumped up to 7PM on Thur because of TNF on WXMI Fox17. I think WOW will be paired with ROH on CW7 next fall just my opinion I don't know if WWMT will air it as well like they do with ROH.
  3. From Page Six Nick Cannon maybe taking Wendy Williams timeslot if she can't come back they also stated in the article since both are syndicated and not on same TV station group that could cause problems. Since Wendy has always been on WOTV since day 1 in July of 09 It's on a Nexstar TV station Nick Cannon is on CW7 Sinclair owns that which that is a no go in West Michigan. I think what Nexstar could do is pick up Steve Wilkos if Wendy Williams doesn't comeback since Steve Wilkos isn't cleared in West Michigan anymore.
  4. WXMI Fox17 Steve Wilkos will not be cleared in West Michigan TV market as Right This Minute is staying at 1PM to 2PM it was only on late night for stop-gap for L&O SVU at 12:30AM beginning late night Mon. CW7 Jeopardy will air at 5PM on Sep 27 moving from 10:30PM for The National Desk which will air 10:30PM to 12AM which I think 30 minutes was enough just my opinion which Family Guy at 11PM & Bob's Burger at 11:30PM was just stop-gap Family Guy will remain at 12:30AM & Bob's Burger at 1AM. Macgyver will air Sat Sep 25 at 8PM & Bull at 9PM 1 week before The CW take's
  5. Some change on WXMI Fox17, as I said The List will air at 12PM, You Bet Your Life will air at 12:30PM second run as the promo only said 7:30PM, Steve Wilkos gets bump from 12PM to 1PM to 2PM, Dateline 3PM the second run will be no more at 3AM, Friends 7PM & 2:30AM, Two & Half Men 11:30PM & 2AM, Modern Family 12AM & 1:30AM, Right This Minute 12:30AM to 1:30AM was on at 1PM to 2PM, Drew Barrymore 10AM, second run bumped form 2AM now on at 3AM. Top 10 Late Sun 11:30PM. CW7 MacGyver late Sun 11:30PM, Seal Team 12:30AM would've been Sat at 8PM & 9PM if The CW didn't
  6. I don't get why CW7 just uses court shows for stop gap until Sep 27 when Nick Cannon debuts they will air Jerry Springer then on Sep 13 it's court shows. Maury will move to 3PM on the Sep 27. TV Passport has Relative Justice at 2:30PM when the website says 12PM to 1PM. Storage Wars will be on weekends on CW7 Sat afternoons don't think it will be 3PM to 4PM thou since there putting Detroit FC soccer at 4PM Sat as they have aired a few of those games this year largely Sat night at 7:30PM. WXMI Fox17 The List will air at 12PM saw that on The list website guessing Sep 13 even know TV P
  7. Sportgrid will replace Laff on Wood TV's .3, Charge will be on WOTV's .3 Sep 1 was on WXMI Fox17 .4 until Feb of this year when the deal ended which Fox17 added GetTV which was WOTV's .2 until Feb which Dabal took over the .2 also on WLLA .6 as well. I don't know if WXSP .3 will be blank or they will have another network on .3 once Court TV Mystery is gone on Sep 1.
  8. You Bet Your Life gets access prime on WXMI Fox17 at 7:30PM that is a first time they have aired a game show in access prime as that has always been where sitcoms have been on. Modern Family will only be seen in lat-night I don't know if it will still air 2EPS or just 1 second run of Modern Family is on at 1AM as I have said many times. Relative Justice CW7 will air at 12PM to 1PM. I thought that CW Daytime would run until Sep 10 from TVPassport has Jerry Springer at 3PM which must be syndie edition Maury is moving to 2PM if TVPassport is right.
  9. I wonder if WOTV .3 will become the radar and the radio audio from weather radio on Sep 1 as that is when Katz Networks end with Nexstar only network that ION from WZPX didn't take was Bounce which is Wood TV's .2 which will become Rewind TV on Sep 1. It's WOTV .4 now with weather loop as I said Spectrum doesn't have that. I hope that Nexstar adds new networks to Wood TV. 3, WOTV . 3 & WXSP .3. Sorry for rambling and on and going off topic somewhat.
  10. I thought that a Little Late repeats were ending in Sep? Wood TV is airing TMZ at 1:30AM as someone already said, which is run at 10:30PM on sister TV station WXSP. CW7: As of Aug 30 25 Words Or Less will be on for a full hour 5PM to 6PM, Family Guy 11PM & 12:30AM, Bob's Burger 11:30PM & 1AM I'm thinking there just place holders if CW7 gets the lesser shows Highway Thru Hell, The Liquidator will not know until I see it on TVPassport when mid/late Sep comes. Those shows will either be on CW7 or WXSP I'd be surprised if WXMI Fox17 aired those shows.
  11. I'm surprised that WOIO is taking Rewind TV I thought that WJW would've taken it I see they have Comet & Charge TV as .3 & .4 why not bump both down to .4 or .5. I knew that Rewind TV was going on either Wood TV or WOTV when Kratz network deal ended will be Wood TV .2 which is Bounce TV ION didn't take Bounce on any of the subchannels so Wood TV was the only station to air Bounce. Yeah. kinda surprised that they didn't change anything up on the weekends kinda surprised that Antenna TV will air some 80's shows on the weekend once Rewind TV goes live on Sep 1, Sliver Spoons,
  12. WXSP has always been branded The X with Mynet colors since 2006 launch. When Nexstar did a preview of News Nation they would put an hour of My Net shows at 2AM or when they aired Griffin's games in the winter as well since the fans couldn't be in the stands or not many they aired more Griffin games this year than they have since WXSP signed on the air in the fall of 99. Only time they ever really aired Griffin games was when they were in the championship game otherwise they don't air Griffin hockey all that much as they want fans in the stands.
  13. Young Shelton on WOTV at 5PM & 2AM which Black-ish will be moved to a single run or move to sister TV station WXSP or The Goldburgs move to WXSP or that just gets a single run on WOTV. No Young Shelton & Big Bang pairing would've been a good pair on CW7. I wonder when You Bet Your Life will have the timeslot up on the website?
  14. Nick Cannon 4PM on CW7 which may bump Maury to 3PM replacing Jerry Springer talk show since it's ending CW daytime that was the only time Springer talker was on. I haven't seen any promos yet for Nick Cannon on CW7.
  15. Dr. Oz moved to 2PM on WXSP because of the Olympics no Inside Edition which I'm surprised that Nexstar didn't move it to WOTV for 1:30AM which is a paid programming. Judge Mathis only run is 5AM will return 2PM time slot Aug 9 second run always been 5AM for a couple of years now.

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