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  1. Has WPIX ever aired RTM when Tribune owned it or was that only aired on ABC O&O in NYC before the fall of this year.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets settled out of court just my opinion.
  3. So far Scripps have kept Tribune package for WXMI Fox17 in GR haven't seen the packages that Scripps wants so far maybe isn't going to happen until the end of the year. But I don't know that for sure thou.
  4. I saw a couple of weeks ago that Court TV airs FBI Files & Forensic Files on the weekends now saw it on one of those TV guides on the web.
  5. Going to air all of Bryon Allen's TV shows which are too many to name from Entertainment Studios. Bryon Allen all he does is buy channels I'm kinda surprised that he wanted to buy local TV stations which I wonder if he is just going to sell to a major broadcaster sooner or later.
  6. Took until Friday when I saw Scripps text at the end of Fox17 newscast no lighthouse as of yet on TV or the website may take a few months.
  7. That is what they do with the closing with Wood TV Newscast shows the counties and not the city.
  8. I wonder if Scripps & Nexstar will swap a diginet as Nexstar will own Antenna TV for one of the Katz TV diginets in West Michigan. Sorry if this should be in speculatron as for This TV Tribune was getting rid of it in many of there TV markets for Court TV on Nov 1. As I said a couple of months ago can't wait to see the Scripps lighthouse on Fox17. I disagree with Michael O'Reilly that Nexstar didn't need to sell anything which they needed to and Nexstar knew that and did it the right way unlike Sinclair did trying to keep everything and I also disagree with Jessica voting against it I thought she was way off base with the whole localism crap. As that ship has sailed a long time ago before I was born when local TV owners sold to bigger media companies even way back in the '60's etc. Rumors are that Scripps maybe getting Fox for WSFL read that in one of the links that was posted just now about the merger being final in the different article and that WSVN would become big on News like sister station WHDH in Boston.
  9. Why did Gray drop Right This Minute didn't they have a stake in the show once they merged with Raycom early this year. I thought that would be a great deal for Gray but I guess not did they even air RTM on any TV station they own that wasn't Raycom? RTM stays on WXSP for this year if it gets renewed for 2020-21 maybe it moves to Scripps WXMI Fox17 as they will be the owner at this time next year and have a stake in the show. Some more shows WWMT will air NCIS NO early Sun at 3:30AM & 1:30AM late Sun/early Mon, WZZM to air Byron Allan's weather bloopers show at late Sun/early Mon at 1:30AM. WXMI Fox17 airs Business First AM at 4AM M-F which moved Just For Laughs to 1:30AM replacing American Dad, although I wonder once Scripps owns Fox17 in a couple of weeks they replace it with The List. Wendy Williams comes on at 10AM on WOTV it has been at 10AM for years second run of Wendy comes on at 4AM on WXSP.
  10. Is the evil empire that is AT&T going to say no to Disney the mouse no one says no to the mouse. Charter Spectrum & Disney got a deal done last month with no message from neither side and went into overtime as the deal expired on Aug 2 and deal was reached in mid Aug without the channels going dark. Kinda surprised that Direct TV signed a deal with ACC Network in the spring time knowing they had to get a deal done with Disney in the fall.
  11. WOTV moving Access Hollywood from 7PM to 5:30PM which when Access Hollywood made it's debut 20 years ago was on at 5:30PM wasn't until 2001 when it was in 7:30PM or 7PM hour. Second EP of Black-ish will air at 2AM which was Rules at 2AM. Second hour of Family Feud 7PM to 8PM first hour on WXSP 6PM to 7PM. WXSP Dish Nation will be on at 11PM on 16TH hasn't been on at 11PM since fall of 14, Mike & Molly will get a full hour at 5PM to 6PM on 16TH Mom from 12AM to 1AM, Chi PD moves from 12:30AM to 1AM, Cops from 1:30PM to 2AM, Live PD: Police Patrol from 2AM to 2:30AM, Second run Wendy Williams will air at 4AM which starts in a couple of hours replacing a second run of The People's Court which will remain at 3PM, Made In Hollywood will return after 6 years not being cleared in the West Michigan TV market and has only aired 3 years total out of 15 years at 11PM on Sat, Teen Edition has been on longer than the main show ever has been on since fall of 13 or 14. CW7 America Says 4PM & 11PM on the 16TH, 25 Word Or Less 4:30PM & 11:30PM, Bob's Burgers at 12:30AM which the weekend run was on WXSP for years. Jokers show will be moving to weekends only late Sat Night I think.
  12. Yeah, I thought that Nexstar was going to get Tamron Hall or Kelly Clarkson for Wood TV or sister station WOTV. That is what I think as well Sinclair paid more for both shows than Nexstar did Tamron will be on CW7 Kelly Clarkson on WWMT.
  13. I was surprised this didn't close in in July or Aug TEGNA getting Dispatch was pretty fast I thought that Standard Media would been final before TEGNA and Dispatch merger?
  14. I don't ever remember hearing The National Anthem on TV Stations when they signed off ever but then again I was in bed as that was late at night as I didn't have the TV on all night like I do now. I haven't heard it on the Nexstar TV Stations in West Michigan sleeping threw it.
  15. I never remember TV stations playing the National Anthem when I was younger on any of the TV stations although I was in bed sleeping. Wonder if it will be trend as Gray has started playing The National Anthem in June and now Nexstar.
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