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  1. http://www.judgejerry.com Judge Jerry will be on at 12:30PM surprised not putting it at 2:30PM for 90 minutes of Jerry Springer as his talker is on at 3PM. 25 Words Or Less 9AM & 5AM saw it from the website http://www.25words.com I'm surprised that Mario Lopez is still on Extra I thought that he would've already left the show for Access Hollywood since Sep 9TH is coming up. I think that Renee Bargh & Tamika Ray can do the hosting duties for the few weeks until Billy Bush is on Extra Extra in Sep just my opinion.
  2. I don't see any hold up I think the merger will be approved after Labor Day sometime in Sep as I thought that was going take until Sep for the deal to be final just my opinion.
  3. Court TV will air 37 Doc on the OJ Simpson Trial what happened behind the scenes that no one heard before a original doc OJ 25 makes it's debut Jan 2020. I may watch that not all 37 parts but some of it.
  4. Yup clean deals get done fast as Sinclair & Freedom merger which was a clean deal got done pretty fast March of 2012 was when Sinclair took over WWMT from Freedom.
  5. I was surprised that Face The Truth didn't get a second season as I thought for sure 9 lives The Doctors would've been canceled but yeah I believe that 2019-20 season will end it's run. Update: Tamron Hall will be on 11AM on CW7 replacing The Doctors in that time slot which will move to 6AM or 9AM. Wood TV aired LatiaNation at 4AM & American Latino TV at 4:30AM early Sunday mornings could clear Made In Hollywood which hasn't ever really been in the West Michigan TV Market other than CW7 when it first came on the air in the fall of 06 then went off from 07-10. When it returned to Fox17 in the fall of 11-13 then Made In Hollywood hasn't been seen since in the West Michigan TV Market but Teen Edition has been cleared since 2013 or 14 on WXSP Sat at 8AM, or they could go with Byron Allen's Entertainers which WXSP airs late Sat/early Sun at 1AM.
  6. Yeah I have a feeling that the lawsuit will be dropped once Nexstar & Tribune merger is final what would be the point for Tribune to keep that lawsuit going VS Sinclair when they aren't a company anymore. I also agree that DOJ should just do what The FCC does about owning 2 Top 4 stations make it case by case just my opinion. Can't wait to see The Light House at the end of Fox17 Newscast once Scripps is the new owner soon although I say that Scripps is defacto owner now along with TEGNA & Nexstar as well. I have always liked The Lights House from Scripps.
  7. I saw a promo for Mel Robins no time was given but saw it on Sony website 10AM which will replace a Steve Wilkos double run will be aired at 12PM which was just a repeat and Mel will also get 2AM I'm guessing that True Crime Files either moves to another TV station or gets bumped to 3AM replacing Dateline second run. Saw a promo for Judge Jerry which will be on CW7 since well they air his trashy talker so it's fitting I was wrong I thought it would be on WXSP. Haven't seen any promos for new EXTRA EXTRA with Billy Bush WOTV never airs promos for Extra which airs at 1AM.
  8. I remember in 98 for couple of years Extra would report on murders and other events it wasn't about celebrities or Entertainment News when Maureen O'Boyle was host of Extra when Liza Givens took over that is when it went back to the celebrity interviews and Entertainment News.
  9. Surprised the DOJ dragged it's feet on approving this deal as it should have been approved last year in the fall time just my opinion.
  10. I didn't notice the change it's still the same from watching Wood TV guessing they are holding off for now. Nexstar should just give Fox what they if they want WJW then they should sell it to them I have Fox buying Seattle as they have wanted to be in Seattle for many years for Seahawks that is what Fox really wants is Seattle that would be there cherry on top with whatever they buy back Denver, Cleveland etc. I guess that the DOJ has no problem with Nexstar owning 2 top 4 TV stations in Indy with WXIN/WTTV combo which I'm fine with since Indy has a lot of media voices since it seems like anyday now that the FCC & DOJ is going to approve the deal.
  11. I was totally wrong I saw a promo for Kelly Clarkson talker and it will be on WWMT which surprised me as I thought for sure Nexstar was going to put it on Wood TV or WOTV. Tamron Hall doesn't get a double run as I thought and I wouldn't be surprised if Judge Jerry & Protection Court will be on WXSP but knowing them will have to search for it on TV Titan for the time as they don't do many promos for shows. I think some NBC O&O's are replacing Extra with Judge Jerry I heard that is what is happening in LA that NBC will be putting Judge Jerry in access prime got that info from another message broad/forum.
  12. I saw promos for a few new shows for 2019-20 Syndication season. Tamron Hall which is getting a double run on the main WWMT Ch: 3 & CW7 no time was given, America Says & 25 Words Or Less will also air on CW7 no time or date was given.
  13. I thought that all TV stations that signed up for CBS have to air the whole 2 hours of CBS This Morning. WWMT use to put news on at 7AM than CBS This Morning in the 90's I think in 2000 they aired the full 2 hours.
  14. I thought when I was this topic having new messages was that DOJ approved TEGNA spinoffs from the merger. I had a feeling that Fox was going to get some TV stations from Nexstar as Fox wanted Seattle I wonder if there getting the MyNet TV as well doesn't Tribune own that in Seattle as well?
  15. Not that AT&T & DirecTV viewers can see the message that Nexstar has running on Wood TV, WOTV & WXSP telling them to bring the TV stations back. Which if the TV stations go dark don't run a scroll 24/7 use the stations website for that. AT&T has message on those channels that are effected saying how Nexstar is wrong.
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