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  1. I had a feeling that one of these days that Rupert Murdoch was going to step down from Fox he built an empire with Fox. All the best Rupert enjoy retirement.
  2. Nexstar would be in hot water if they tried to get a deal with Mission with DIRECTV as even know that it is a shell company Mission has to get a deal with Pay-TV on their own. Seems that smaller companies take forever to get done with DIRECTV, Dish with Mission almost a year it has been off both Sat TV. I was without Wood TV for year when Suckyvision oh I mean Cablevision in Kazoo couldn't agree with them in 97 but Cablevision always got Wood TV back on just in time for Super Bowls 28, 30 & 32. I didn't have Cablevision for Super Bowls 28 & 30 although Cablevision found a loop pole in 96 Wood TV returned after a week or 10 days. When there wasn't a deal ever reached why it was off for a year before 2 days before Super Bowl 32 and at the time it wasn't even about retrans it was to get a local weather channel on basic cable which Cablevision refused which became WXSP in Aug of 99 as a general entertainment channel and UPN station. Wasn't until Charter bought Suckyvision in Kazoo when WXSP was in the lineup May of 2001.
  3. I thought that Coach Prime show was on the CBS O&O in Denver I didn't know Nexstar's KDVR had Coach Prime's coaches show?
  4. Aaron Rodgers locked the door and only unlocked it when a deal was reached LOL .
  5. I had a feeling that a deal was going to be reached with Spectrum & Disney and NYC gets to see the Jets VS the Bills tonight on WABC/ESPN would've sucked if they couldn't get the game the debut of Aaron Rodgers as the Jets QB.
  6. Which WGN will get The CW back in 2024 next year at this time when WICU contract with The CW ends. The CW was right to make a deal to air Miss USA always preferred that over Miss America.
  7. CW7: Sun Sep 17 Popstar Today 1:30PM to 2PM, The Equalizer 2PM to 3PM, 911 only getting 1EP 11:30PM to 12:30AM. WWMT: Late Sun/Early Mon The Equalizer 12:30AM to 1:30AM.
  8. Was great to see Fox Weather on Fox News when the cane was about to make landfall in FL bend area last week Ian & Jane did a great job on the coverage.
  9. Scripps is adding Scripps News to WXMI Fox17 1PM to 1:30PM & 7PM to 7:30PM starting next week Mon.
  10. CW7: Seems to still have Couples Court with The Cutlers unless that is the new court show shouldn't Couples Court be leaving syndication 2PM to 2:30PM. Mathis Court 2:30PM to 3PM Mathis going against his old show on WXSP from WB at least the second half, Justice For The People Judge Milian 3PM to 4PM competing with her old show The People's Court on WXSP. WXMI Fox17: Drew Barrymore moving from 12PM to 11AM to 12PM, We The People Moves from 10AM to 12PM to 1PM as Fox17 is having morning news from 5AM to 10AM, Fox17 Morning Mix moves up an hour from 9AM to 10AM, Scripps News at 1PM to 1:30PM, ICrime 1:30PM to 2PM second run at 1AM to 1:30AM. 48 Hours & Dateline combo from 2PM to 4PM leading into 4PM news, another Scripps News show at 7PM, Person Place Or Thing 1:30AM to 2:30AM. L&O SVU is leaving after a couple of years in late night. WOTV: Young Shelton double run taking AH 11PM to 12AM slot Sep 16, weekend edition Fast Home Rescue Sun 1PM to 2PM. WXSP: Fast Home Rescue replacing Black-ish late Sun/early Mon Sep 17/18 12:30AM to 1:30AM. I don't get why Nexstar didn't put Jennifer Hudson on Wood TV or WOTV haven't seen any promos for J Hud on her moving. Nexstar not good with airing any promos truth be told other than Wood TV & WOTV somewhat.
  11. I always liked the Eyewitness brand WZZM in the 80s did the Eyewitness News they got rid of it in the late 90s when Hearst sold it to now TEGNA in 98. May have been 98 when Eyewitness News was dropped I'm not sure on that thou as I don't watch WZZM all that much.
  12. WXMi Fox17 moving morning news from 4:30AM to 5AM to 10AM beginning on Sep 11.
  13. Wood TV: Wow I didn't think Wood TV would have replaced Rachel Ray with Sherri at 2PM rest remains the same. WWMT: kinda surprised they are keeping a Dr. Phil repeat at 4PM really thought they do a 4PM newscast although the staff is very thin maybe that is the reason they'll keep Dr. Phil why didn't they pick up 48 Hours at 4PM? WXMI Fox17: Access Hollywood going to air at 7:30PM to 8PM returning in that timeslot after 4 years not in access prime even know TVPassPort has nothing at 7:30PM or 1AM maybe AH repeat at that time. WXSP: Funny You Should Ask moves to 5AM to 5:30AM along with The Neighborhood at 5:30AM to 6AM was 1AM, American Housewife at 9AM to 9:30AM Mom 9:30AM to 10AM, Court Cam at 11AM to 11:30AM, Equa Justice at 12:30PM to 1PM, Karamo moves from 5AM to 6AM to 4PM to 5PM going head-to-head with a Maury repeat on CW7 LOL. 5PM says Jennifer Hudson looking at Fox17 on TVpassPort also has J Hud at 1PM. Then if Nexstar did get J Hud why didn't they air that at 2PM doesn't make sense at all. Seinfeld second run airs at 11:30PM to 12AM, American Housewife at 12AM to 12:30AM, King Of Queens 12:30AM to 1AM, Mom 1AM to 1:30AM. WOTV: The Goldbergs return to a full hour 4PM to 5PM, Funny You Should Ask 2AM to 2:30AM moving one of the EPs from sister station WXSP.
  14. I'm not suprised there will be comments or a hearing, but I don't see it going anywhere as it is just a dog & pony show. Fox has answered MAD's questions they lied saying that Fox didn't answer their questions they just didn't like the answer that Fox gave.
  15. Storm coverage should've been on channel 62 and not just channel 50 both should've been wall to wall for the tornados on the east side of the state. Someone should be fired in my opinion. That is a big mistake and epic fail how can anyone take CBS Detroit seriously when they dropped the ball on Thur Night. In West Michigan Wood TV, WXMI Fox17 & WZZM went wall to wall on the tornado in Kent County WWMT didn't cut-in I believe I guess they feel that they be in dead last only watch CBS programming in that area not the news from them. It's like WZZM for Kazoo/BC don't care about them even know they do show us bottom row on their map cut the MI/IN broader counties 20 years ago.
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