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  1. WoodTV was the first to have a local weather channel that dates back to the spring of 94 which was just radar of the map it wasn't until late 94 when they just added the weather radio to it as Adelphia Commish now Comcast mainly in older neighborhoods on West side of Kazoo county had the channel in 94 which was in there agreement in 93 where cable could've lose the local TV stations. Cablevision which I call Suckvision never did put the local weather channel on and led to a dispute and lose of WoodTV for a year it was pissing match until Jan of 98 a couple days before Super Bowl 32 WoodTV retu
  2. WXMI Fox17 aired Divorce Court for years when it debut in the fall of 99 until 2012 or 2013 when CW7 took Divorce Court which CW7 & WXSP air most of the court shows WXSP airs court shows from 11:30AM to 4PM, CW7 12PM to 3PM. Only Judge Judy & Hot Bench are the only court shows neither has aired. Sony is only bringing two shows for fall 2021-22 season Good Dish & Common Knowledge from GSN, People The TV Show! for 2022 so that wasn't a typo as I thought when that was going national. I see that Dish Nation ratings are counted again for the past couple of months which only
  3. WZZM never aired Four EP's of Judge Judy until this past summer they air it at 10AM to 11AM & 4PM to 5PM like always. I wonder if Nick Cannon was going to air at 10AM before the delay for a year on WZZM.
  4. I saw it on FTVLive I thought it was funny I wonder how that got on TV for all to see?
  5. I think that People The TV Show is going national in the Fall of 2021-22 season I believe it was a typo just my opinion. I think that People The TV Show will go to WXSP or CW7 just my opinion I could be wrong, also People should get a better name when it goes national like People Now over People The TV Show when it was just a weekend show on Meredith TV station it was called People Now.
  6. I thought that This TV was done after losing the Tribune/Nexstar TV stations when they went with Court TV last year. I wasn't ever a fan of This TV when it was on WXMI/Fox17 .3 from 2010 to 2019 was it's .2 for one hot minute before Antenna TV that Tribune created at the end of 2010/early 2011.
  7. I thought that the LA car chases were on broadcast TV on KCAL, KTLA etc.
  8. KOIN kinda looks like the Scripps package from what I saw of the logo on social media.
  9. I watch News Nation from time to time I catch the last half hour of the newscast at 1:30AMET a couple of days a week.
  10. Wood TV has Sports Overtime which debuted in July of 96 it has been off since March when sports were on a break on Sunday's at 11:30PM only station to air a sports highlight show and studio guest it is a 30 minute show. Sports OT is off when during SNF Nexstar started that in 2018. Fox17 did have the Sports Ticket but that got canceled in 2009. I remember the first year that the Lions went to WXYZ for the pregame show it was an hour for Detroit but only a half hour for the rest of the state of Michigan whoever had Lions football during preseason, but after that the Lions pregame sh
  11. I think KUSA & TEGNA is going to get sued by the victims along with the security guard company as well.
  12. I hope it over in a day or 2 and not weeks like what happen Bush VS Gore in 2000 at least no hanging chads this time around I don't get why they didn't use paper ballots during the 2000 elections. I'm not going to watch the results since all the states will be decided other than a few swing states.
  13. WXMI Fox17 doesn't air second half of Modern Family when TNF is on I don't get why they don't just move it to 7PM and not air that lame newsfeed for a day I'm sure very few watch Newsfeed just my opinion, and no one would notice anyways.
  14. Would explain why I saw Dateline on 2AM late Thur/early Fri and Law & Order late Fri/early Sat on WXSP.
  15. I think a lot of these rules are outdated and I hope that the FCC rules for the NAB & the FCC.

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