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  1. I'm with you. The rumors have been out there. I was secretly hoping Ritter would retire and Phil would take his place. Obviously not happening. I don't watch NBC4 news much, but I very well may now with Phil coming. I don't want to start a "war" wonder if Chuck is retiring soon but hasn't announced it yet? I expect them to fit Phil into a prominent anchor spot, but where? Time will tell.
  2. They try to "lighten things up a bit" weekend mornings, therefore some stuff may come off as downright stupid. With that said, weekend mornings haven't been the same since Phil Lipoff left the building.
  3. IMO there seems to be a revolving door of the news team over there lately. Poor working conditions? Pain in the ass bosses? Poor pay where the pay is better elsewhere when contracts expire?
  4. Morgan Radford works for the network. Would she want to leave? Maybe she like to travel?
  5. I find it highly unusual that CBS2 chooses to have a solo anchor (Cindy) on weekends. I believe that Andrea Grimes is out on maternity leave, but why not a sub? I guess it's easy to blame Covid, but if CBS2 can have dual anchors socially distanced on weekdays, they can do it weekend mornings. I don't compare this to the weekend evening newscasts because they are only 30 minutes long at 6 & 11. I just feel their news department is very low budget, even lower than channels 5 & 11.
  6. I was stunned that the story of Jack went down the way it did with Ritter. I saw it live and started shaking the cobwebs out of my brain. Sade''s comments after Bill's apology softened the blow. My question is "Who gave Ritter the news Jack passed?" But credit to Ritter in owing up to it (as if he had a choice). I'm sure it's just as embarassing to Michelle who did the original story. Despite it all, Jack's family and friends won't be watching Ch. 7 EWN till at least the time Bill retires.
  7. Honest to God fellas, I didn't mean to start a war here! Can we please agree to disagree without being sarcastic to each other? This has turned into a Twitter like war.
  8. I don't think management was happy how it turned out.. I watched Lee at home during the 5 o'clock hour and the sound was bad. At 6 they had Jeff do the weather from the Weather Center. Friday Lee was back at the station.
  9. IDK how long ago this happened, but Ch. 2 seems to have cancelled the 12 Noon newscast. They are running Entertainment Tonight or one of those other gossip shows instead. Bad job by Ch. 2. if this is permanent. In a time when NY needs more news/information than ever due to this Covid-19, this is a completely irresponsible move. As it is Channel 2 is last place in the 3 station news race, to my knowledge, and will certainly stay there now.
  10. Where in the world is Liz Cho? I notice she was not on at least part of last week. Missing Monday and Tuesday so far. Vacation? Maybe, but I would think one that was scheduled would be mutually postponed because you can't go anywhere......unless she doesn't want to come to work and wants to be sheltered in place at home with Josh and the kids.
  11. No doubt the late, great Roger Grimsby was rolling over in his grave laughing. If he was still alive anchoring he would have joked about it after they got back to normal.
  12. Great to have her back. On a different topic, Sonia Rincon from 1010 WINS did a story on Friday. I was curious if she made a switch but she was on the radio Saturday. So she was working freelance for Ch. 7.
  13. Beutel didn't like her, and he had a lot of power as the lead anchor. No chemistry. The specifics never came out. Probably internal behind the scenes office politics.

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