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  1. No doubt the late, great Roger Grimsby was rolling over in his grave laughing. If he was still alive anchoring he would have joked about it after they got back to normal.
  2. Great to have her back. On a different topic, Sonia Rincon from 1010 WINS did a story on Friday. I was curious if she made a switch but she was on the radio Saturday. So she was working freelance for Ch. 7.
  3. Beutel didn't like her, and he had a lot of power as the lead anchor. No chemistry. The specifics never came out. Probably internal behind the scenes office politics.
  4. Sort of wondering if Craig Allen gave up the weekend gig on PIX 11. He is getting no younger and he already works M-F on WCBS Radio, albeit from his home.
  5. FOX5 has a revolving door of news people.
  6. This departure came "out of the blue"? Correct?
  7. I just wish this thread would be locked. Whatever can be said has been already said. The only thing different are the names of the posters.
  8. Absolutely. Becoming too repetitive, nobody can possibly have anything new to say that hasn't been said already.
  9. And I said in my post that Bill just left TV a few months ago. Why would he want to come back so soon while he's helping his wife build a radio station they recently bought?
  10. I said this in the past and got shot down. Finally there is someone here on my side! Folks here have to get out of fantasy land. Bill Evans is now involved in radio. He and his wife bought a radio station recently. The location of the radio station is in far eastern LI. No doubt they live out there too. Bill is part of the radio talent. He can wear rags to work and can shave whenever he feels like it. Maybe he said he wants to get back into TV someday, but for goodness sakes, he just left ABC7 at few months ago. Let him enjoy radio for awhile. The radio and TV businesses go thru cycles of change. Look at Channels 2/4/7. All 3 AM M-F weather reporters have or are about to be turned over. If you don't like Elise, watch another channel! If you don't like Sam, watch another channel! If you aren't going to like Cimino's replacement, watch another channel! Do you really watch a given station in the morning solely based on who does the weather? I hope not! I look at the anchors. John Elliott is not a young guy. Does anybody know when his contract expires? No! Do we know if he asked WCBS TV to cut down on his schedule? We don't know either. Yes, I know John Elliott is on the radio with Scott Shannon, working 7 days per week. Why? You'll have to ask him. That is not for me to speculate about. We don't know how long John Elliott will be on the radio, or on Ch. 2 S/S. If so many people here want to know why, why hasn't anybody written him a fan mail-snail mail letter yet for the answer? For goodness sakes, can we please allow Bill Evans and John Elliott to live their professional lives the way they want to without this constant second guessing?
  11. LOL. It seems to me Liz gets a lot of time off vs. Sade. IJS. Today, Friday, Ken & Lauren @ Noon.
  12. How do we know this was done by a request by John? He is not a young man. Perhaps it's his first step of easing on out to retire?
  13. I doubt it. Bill Evans now lives far away from NYC and owns & runs a radio station where he is also an on air personality. I would be shocked too for the reason I stated above. Lonnie had better like getting up in the middle of the night for that to happen.
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