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  1. This is kind-of how I feel about WGN. Their music as well as the graphics during intros and title cards like "Breaking News" and "Developing Story" are fine and suit the station, but the lower thirds look very cheap and almost Sinclair-ish (right down to using the same font as Sinclair stations). KTLA's graphics and L3s look way better, and their L3s actually have animation to them! It looks way more professional and modern.
  2. Gretchen Carlson, her replacement Elizabeth Hasseback, Heather Nauert (who left to accept a job at the White House),and Maria Molina was the show's meteorlogist that Brian Kilmeade guessed was Mexican and the other guy said she was Colombian (she's Nicaraguan) and left to do Fox 2 Detroit on weekends while getting a PHD, if I remember correctly. Good choice, going to school is better than being involved with that shitshow.
  3. Probably because it's obvious that they only have themselves to blame. Support from Trump, and a Trump-appointed FCC chair who was helping pave the way for them, and they still screwed it up.
  4. This article mentions that it was specifically two markets and part of why Sinclair changed the merger agreement last-minute (besides trying to appease the FCC). If that's the case, then it looks like WGN may have been one of those stations directly involved in this.
  5. Considering it's this FCC that actually helped them even get this far with this deal, the shock and disappointment is probably genuine.
  6. So given today's news of what Pai thinks of this deal, what are the chances of the deal still going through at this point? Can everything still go off without a hitch, or is it looking like this is basically done between Tribune and Sinclair?
  7. WBBM, for instance. I don't know anyone who regularly watches CBS 2 in Chicago, but for a long time in the late 90s/early 00s you could hardly receive the station depending on what part of the city you were in. Their signal was absolutely terrible for years, and I hear that there are still problems even on digital. It wouldn't surprise me if this played a part in their lower viewership.
  8. Now you know for sure, management and others are truly afraid for their jobs in the event of a Sinclair takeover. I and a couple of others I've seen have noticed that a few stories they've run (this one which aired on the Evening News, for instance, which a few people on Twitter even called out as feeling more biased towards being pro-armed teachers), as well as this one instance on Facebook where they titled a video with a quote that went something like "This is clearly a good example of a good guy with an AR-15 stopping a bad guy with a knife," lean a little more to the right and felt kind of Fox News-ish or Sinclair-ish. Would not surprise me at all if it was an effort by some to curry favor with the future bosses if they're afraid of losing their jobs.
  9. Honestly, I used to think "Maybe they won't mess with the morning show," but given what's happening now as well as what Sinclair has done with anchors in the past, I would not be one bit surprised if they started getting rid of some of the Morning Show hosts, or trying to lower their pay by a ton to the point that they just quit. This would also cause a big loss in viewership, which is something Sinclair has also proven that they don't care about.
  10. I feel like Sinclair is already going to try to fire him, and they don't even own Tribune yet, lol
  11. Cheesy music and vocals (the latter of which they ended up dropping), graphics that are slightly better than the 3d view on Google Earth (surely they could have afforded to get drone or helicopter shots), and an overly loud rooster sound effect to start your all-American day.
  12. So basically, for on-air talent, they'll be given a choice to either stay and accept a lower salary, or not accept it and leave?
  13. If the merger fully goes through, would Sinclair want to mess with a top-rated morning show (other than tacking on their right-wing must-runs throughout the show, which would get annoying fast)? Then again, it is Sinclair, so who knows.
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