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  1. That means that WMBF can finally live up to its callsign, W Myrtle Beach Florence.
  2. Gray may be planning on using these stations as UHF repeaters for: K19MZ-D Arriba, CO - KKTV K32OG-D Pueblo, CO - KKTV W19FA-D Bangor, ME - WABI W36FM-D Etna, ME - WABI W31FD-D Beaufort, SC - WTOC W29FR-D Lebanon-Nashville, TN - WSMV, which RabbitEars already shows as W29FR-D as repeating
  3. It appears that Packers-Ravens is now a full national telecast unless the Broncos blackout KDVR, and the 49ers blackout KTVU.
  4. I just streamed KITV's newscasts on their website as they still have remains of the Hearst graphics.
  5. It appears that a change to the COL would be warranted as a review of the signal contours indicate that the station's service area is nowhere near Calhoun County.
  6. I wonder whether Gray is enforcing the Non Competes for those they let go for not getting vaccinated.
  7. Has anyone noticed whether TV & radio commentators have resumed traveling to their team's road games, calling games on site and not remotely?
  8. The Baseball Network launched with the 1994 All Star Game on NBC with ABC showing several regular season game thereafter. The strike hit before NBC could show any games. In 1995, ABC & NBC split the World Series. After the 1995 season, TBN was scrapped resulting in a new deal with FOX and NBC.
  9. Were any Sinclair FOX stations able to show the Broncos-Browns game on TNF? Will they be ready for the World Series?
  10. TNT is using a virtual Power Play clock, similar to their virtual Shot Clock in NBA.
  11. Does anyone know whether Sinclair paid the ransom, or are they trying to recover the hard way?
  12. Sinclair has no choice but to put lipstick on an ugly pig as they know this, along with the RSN fiasco, could spell the end of them.
  13. Watching WGME, PWM, online, there are no L3, but the weather appears to be fine.
  14. No SOG tracker, yet, on the MSG or AT&T/Root scorebug.
  15. Bally Sports has apparently found a new place for SOG on the Bally Bar.
  16. Apparently seeing the writing on the wall, the Red Wings and Tigers resign with Bally Sports Detroit.
  17. DISH could lose the Morgan Murphy stations at 6:00 p.m. CDT on October 13.
  18. WJLP is licensed to Middletown Township, NJ, with that, maybe Weigel can make it a New Jersey centric station and take the heat off WWOR.
  19. In San Antonio, it appears that CW is moving from KMYS 35.1 to WOAI 4.2. 35.1 is apparently airing DABL.
  20. Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will host Jeopardy! through the end of the calendar year, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Thursday.
  21. We get this when clicking on the DISH link on the websites of Sinclair stations. This one is from KOKH.
  22. I'm bumping this thread to show the Fox Sports score bug for the Field of Dreams game.
  23. For those of you looking for the Toledo-Notre Dame game on September 11, the game will be exclusively on Peacock. All other ND home games will be on both NBC & Peacock.
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