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  1. I wonder why Gray made this purchase in the first place.
  2. As per RabbitEars, the new KFVE is airing on Ohau on KKAI-DT2 50.2.
  3. Maybe KSTP wanted to run Dancing With the Stars and The Good Doctor.
  4. Gray can resolve both the Fort Wayne & Mason City conflicts.
  5. It would have either been Gray or Mission that would've acquired KTTW.
  6. News Center Maine’s Lee Nelson will anchor his last broadcast Friday Lee Nelson will become a personal trainer.
  7. I took this off the KFOR webstream.
  8. KDAF is only separated from Nexstar HQ by a mere 4.5 miles of JFC Frwy!
  9. In OKC, ATSC 3.0 is transmitting on Nexstar's KAUT license, RF19, with KFOR, KOCO, KOKH, KOCB, and KAUT. As for KAUT's ATSC 1.0 transmissions: 43.1 is on KFOR's RF27 spectrum 43.2 & 43.3 are on KOKH's RF24 spectrum 43.4 is on KOCB's RF33 spectrum
  10. WLBZ would most likely have to petition to move to UHF, they were on RF25 during the transition.
  11. Tegna Stations Currently on VHF: KPNX, RF12, petitioning to move to RF18 KTHV, RF12 KXTV, RF10 KFMB, RF8 KUSA, RF9, owns KTVD, RF31 WUSA, RF9 WJXX, RF10 WTLV, RF13 WTSP, RF10 WXIA, RF10, owns WATL, RF25 WMAZ, RF13 KTVB, RF7 WTHR, RF13 WOI, RF5, owns KCWI, RF23 WHAS, RF11 WLBZ, RF2 WZZM, RF13 KARE, RF11, petitioning to move to RF31 WTOL, RF11 KGW, RF8, petitioning to move to RF26 WBIR, RF10 KBMT, RF12 KIII, RF8 WFAA, RF8, petitioning to purchase KMPX, RF30 KHOU, RF
  12. I've see this in other threads that there appears to be spectrum hunting going on as station begins the transition to ATSC 3.0. Upon review of Lubbock, I can that in order to win approval, Gray will advise that they'll abandon RF11, which Raycom had to repair in 2015 after a plane crash, and move to RF23 with the Diginet's spread out between all the spectrums involved.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised that Kenny Albert goes to NBC full time for NHL coverage, yet the 2020-21 season is NBC's last on the current deal and may be contingent on a renewal.
  14. Although Lubbock is a small market, this will potentially give Gray UHF spectrum.
  15. ATSC 3.0 is Live in Oklahoma City The five stations broadcasting NextGen TV in Oklahoma City include Hearst’s KOCO-TV (ABC), Nexstar Media Group’s KFOR-TV (NBC) and KAUT-TV (IND); and Sinclair’s KOKH-TV (Fox) and KOCB-TV (CW).
  16. I believe that the only major MVPD who's managed to keep the Sinclair RSNs has been AT&T as they recently renewed with all Sinclair that included the local stations, the RSNs, Tennis Channel, and added Marquee at launch. AT&T also managed to somehow resolve an earlier dispute with Altitude and added SNLA.
  17. From what I've observed, the primary reason that Tegna is buying KMPX is to get WFAA 8.1 onto a UHF stick as there have apparently been complaints of reception issues with WFAA's current VHF signal.
  18. Sinclair better figure something out, and fast, whether that's to come down on their price, or allow the RSNs to be premium channels.
  19. I wonder that should ESPN renew their deal with MLB whether they'll place games on ABC that would include postseason and World Series.
  20. It appears that WFAA can move 8.1 to the KMPX stick as soon as this deal closes.
  21. I wonder whether this will make its way to Rise & Shine on KAUT.
  22. I should've been more clear in my original post as I wondered whether Hearst converted WMTW's news to HD when they moved to Westbrook. ME.

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