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  1. Imagine if Gray were to lose the ability to build on RF9 in Freeport, IL.
  2. There's technically one holdout left, KNIN, where Scripps also does the heavy lifting, yet, they use the Revrocket platform unlike to other Raycom stations before Gray.
  3. WFIE, WAVE, and WXIX have flipped!
  4. You can add: Hawaii News Now, and WVUE The Mississippi Stations: WLOX, WLBT, and WDAM
  5. With a couple exceptions so far, I've seen NBC produce their own coverage of the North Division playoffs. The commentators have been stationed in Stamford.
  6. It appears that this set will debut for the 2020(1) Olympics, assuming that they're not cancelled, along with Nexstar graphics!
  7. New Articles: Behind the Scenes at Sinclair’s New Media Operations Center Powering Bally Sports, Marquee Sports, and YES Network Sinclair CEO Says Bally Sports DTC with All Games ‘Most Likely Outcome’, Not Surprised if Fubo Adds More RSNs
  8. In addition, KOLD, KPLC, KEYC, KTRE, and KAUZ have also converted.
  9. Update: Apparently, LAFC has allowed their deal with YouTube TV to expire and will move their locally televised English matches to linear TV with new partners KCOP & Bally Sports SoCal. The KCOP matches will continue to be on YTTV for Los Angeles customers. The first KCOP match is May 21 versus Colorado, while the first BSSC match will be June 23 versus Dallas. I have since added a screenshot showing the Station ID and the score bug.
  10. NBC Sports Washington still has the old NHL on NBC score bug.
  11. Marv now joins Doc Emerick, and Dick Stockton as legendary sports commentators who have retired in the past year.
  12. I'd like to see whether Gray will move KXII off RF12. I contacted them several months back, and they said that they had no immediate plans to move to UHF.
  13. I doubt it, I believe that Turner will get a Tuesday game with MLBN and FS1 possibly taking those games.
  14. I'm surprised that ESPN did not get TV rights to the World Series, splitting with FOX. Goodbye beIN Sports.
  15. In OKC, I believe that KOCO will launch a 4:00 newscast as a third such newscast in the market.
  16. WKYC as dedicated their radar tower to Al Roker!
  17. When NBC Sports Philadelphia launched as CSN Philadelphia in 1997, they used the terrestrial infrastructure left behind by PRISM to distribute the channel keeping satellite companies from access. The FCC closed this loophole in 2010, but the issues remain.
  18. NBC Sports could sell its RSNs or make them available on Peacock NBC was apparently ready to put NBC Sports Philadelphia on Peacock in time for the Phillies, but had to push it back.
  19. ESPN+ already shows TSN produced NHL games as they, TSN, are the RSN holder for: Canadiens (English) on TSN2 Jets on TSN3 Maple Leafs on TSN4 (In addition to Sportsnet Ontario) Senators (English) on TSN5
  20. Another person who can possibly work on ESPN coverage would be alumnus Jack Edwards, who's currently working on NESN for Bruins coverage.
  21. I can see Turner showing occasional Sportsnet games, while ESPN shows some games from TSN.
  22. The commentators for Avalanche-Sharks are the regular Sharks team, which means that the game is being produced by NBCSBA/CA.
  23. The banner on the score bug said Wednesday Night Hockey, which could mean it was specific to it, let's see what the rest of the season and playoffs bring as the NHL on NBC comes to a close. From my prospective, I believe that NBC is not in a hurry to update their non-NFL sports graphics as the current package debuted with the 2015 Winter Classic.
  24. John Davidson, who was an analyst for games on MSG, FOX, NBC, and CBS (1998 Olympics), may now be available.
  25. KPNX was only #1 back in the mid 90s as they were the only big 5 Phoenix station that did not change their affiliation, NBC, in the 1994-95 realignment, and was the host station for Super Bowl XXX. As a matter of face, KTVK was almost paired with KPNX in the Belo-Gannett deal.

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