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  1. I believe that NBC News Daily will be produced from the studio currently in use for the rest of NBC News Now is produced.
  2. The previous FNIA and SNF Logos were in use from its 2006 launch, which probably meant it was time for a refresh.
  3. There are also two LD stations, WECA in Boston and WYCN in Providence, that are currently broadcasting on RF 36 who'll need to move should the WWDP petition be approved. As for WGBH and WGBX, they can possibly move 2.1 and 44.1 to RF 32 by ending the CSA with WBTS, who moves to WNEU's spectrum.
  4. NESN has launched a DTC product, NESN360.
  5. NESN has launched a DTC product, NESN360.
  6. They do that now as both CBS and Fox have the doubleheader in Weeks 1 & 18 and split 2-17 with 8 each.
  7. It brings in an estimated $10B.
  8. From my understanding, starting in 2023, all NFL games will be free agents, dates will be announced first with time and channel later, similar to college.
  9. In some places, there may not be any spectrum available for stations to move.
  10. I was implying that it would be more beneficial for Rockfleet to potentially move WVII to UHF rather then have to find a new home for WFVX.
  11. For the most part, WFVX is a UHF repeater for WVII, with that in mind, Rockfleet can just simply attempt to move WVII to UHF from VHF 7.
  12. NESN Unveils Brand-New Red Sox Studio At Fenway Park
  13. MLB released the Apple TV+ schedule on Tuesday, the slate will begin on April 8 with Mets-Nationals followed by Astros-Angels.
  14. It may not mean anything as it's only Spring Training, yet SportsNet is using the "old" scorebug for the Blue Jays.
  15. I wonder why Gray would want a station in a market where it does not currently have a full power station?
  16. Wasn't KMOV's current home built by CBS when channel 4 was an O&O?
  17. To the surprise of possibly no-one, NBC is still using the 2015 package.
  18. I doubt it, I believe that should CBS ever decide to unload WTOG, it would either go to FOX or Standard, should their acquisition of WTSP be successful.
  19. Nexstar already has a duopoly in Tampa with WTTA.
  20. I'd stay with my network if I had the choice.
  21. Personally, I'll be disappointed should this new package only applies to NFL while the others continue with the 2015 package.
  22. I found a version of the new WAND logo that includes the Peacock, from their Facebook page.
  23. NBCU Taps Valari Dobson Staab as Chairman of Local, DTC Service Planned for NBC RSNs
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