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    In addition to the Susan Collins Senate race in Maine, there's a Senate race in New Hampshire where Jeanne Shaheen will be seeking re-election to a third term.
  2. Remember, It's just a theory and not fact. As for NWB, those stations won't be back on AT&T until they join Apollo, who'll probably discuss a new contract along with the Cox stations.
  3. I just had another theory about this apparent hold up with the FCC, I'm wondering as to whether the feds are waiting for Nexstar to resolve their dispute with AT&T so that no more stations will be blacked out.
  4. It appears, to me, that Nexstar may have to give up either CBS for FOX and take the CW. My guess they would want to keep CBS as they're the primary network for the Colts although FOX his this year's Super Bowl, LIV. CBS will have LV.
  5. I'm waiting to see what they possibly have in store for KXII as their graphics are still presented in the 4:3 safe area on the screen.
  6. I don't have the numbers, but I believe KFOR goes back in fourth with KWTV with KOCO at 3 and KOKH at 4.
  7. The NWB stations need complete makeovers. We've seen their websites, they're crap, and they say that it's "News That Works for You." Moreover, this is probably NWB's only ticket back onto AT&T's platforms.
  8. Personally, I liked it when KFOR's music and graphics were in house, before they moved into their new building. I hope that Nexstar will allow them to do in house graphics once again.
  9. As per the Contact Us section of their website, it appears that WPTZ/WNNE have vacated Plattsburgh as their addresses are the VT & NH offices.
  10. I'm predicting that KFOR will get the Nexstar NBC GFX shortly after Uncle Perry takes over as all the other Nexstar NBC stations in the region already have them. KFDX, KAMR, KSNW, KSNF, KNWA, KTAL
  11. "House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.) today introduced the Modern Television Act of 2019, a bill to repeal outdated regulations of the 1992 Cable Act, including retransmission consent and compulsory copyright license, to increase competition in the TV marketplace and to better address perennial broadcast TV blackouts." The only questions would be: Should it pass the House, will it die on Senator Mich McConnell's desk? Would it have the support of "Dear Leader?"
  12. Here are some dates to watch as to when we can possibly see movement on these current squabbles: August 1: NFL Preseason starts August 24: College Football starts September 5: NFL Regular Season starts
  13. Should Nexstar not be completely satisfied with KDAF being their de facto flagship station, they can come to OKC,
  14. Suggestion to Gray: Since their new upcoming NBC affiliates, KMNF & WWPI, are taking over for out-of-market Tegna stations, KARE & WLBZ, Gray should obtain permission from Tegna to present KARE 11 News & News Center Maine on these new channels even if it's only during a transition period.
  15. At this time, nobody can bring a locally based NBC outlet to Alpena as WBKB is the only stick based in that market and their spectrum is already full with CBS, FOX, and ABC. No CW either.
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