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  1. Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will host Jeopardy! through the end of the calendar year, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Thursday.
  2. We get this when clicking on the DISH link on the websites of Sinclair stations. This one is from KOKH.
  3. I'm bumping this thread to show the Fox Sports score bug for the Field of Dreams game.
  4. For those of you looking for the Toledo-Notre Dame game on September 11, the game will be exclusively on Peacock. All other ND home games will be on both NBC & Peacock.
  5. With the exeption of a pre-recorded interview with Simone Biles, Hoda was not on the Wednesday, 8/4 edition of Today as she was enroute to New York and will apparently join Savannah on the Plaza on Thursday. Craig was still in Tokyo.
  6. Savannah and the last three Olympics: 2016: She was unable to travel to Rio as she was pregnant and there were concerns over Zika. She remained in New York and was newsreader. 2018: She had to sub for Lester after he returned to New York then became ill with flu. 2021: Returns to New York after one week of competition to have fun on the Plaza As for Al, why did he go in the first place? He was in Tokyo for a week and probably did not leave the hotel.
  7. At least they can have an audience at Studio 1A.
  8. I doubt it's COVID as they'd be in quarantine in Japan had they tested positive. NBC may want someone back in Studio 1A.
  9. I spoke about this briefly with @dman748 and believe that once the Warner/Discovery deal closes, HLN could very well be replaced with an US version of Eurosport, which is owned by Discovery.
  10. Should this happen, I foresee Tirico calling these games.
  11. According to the Deadline article, Allen plans on investing $10B to acquire more stations. My question would be, where are these stations going to come from?
  12. It's over, with the Lightning defeating the Canadiens 1-0, the NHL on NBC/OLN/Versus/NBCSN has come to an end!
  13. Looking at the setup Gray has in Anchorage, per RabbitEars: CBS is on KTUU's spectrum as 5.11 RF22 is now KYES-LD with CBS on 5.1 RF7 is now KAUU with 5.2 Antenna TV, 5.3 Circle, and 5.4 MyN I did not see it in the document, but could the FCC force Gray to give CBS back to GCI, who'll have to resume operations on KTVA?
  14. Fox tried that in the early days of FSN in the late 1990s/early 2000s, as a matter of fact, this deal would reunite Bay Area/California, Boston, and Chicago with the Bally RSNs. The ones I can see Sinclair wanting most would be Boston, Bally Corporation's HQ is in Providence, and Washington, Sinclair's home market.
  15. NBC's announcing team in physically in Montreal for Games 3 & 4 of the SCF!

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