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  1. JCB4TV

    Retransmission Consent squabbles

    I'm a long time DIRECTV customer and survived the two week Viacom was gone in 2012, yet I agree with Viacom on this one as any American who hasn't been traumatized by Trump & Fox News knows that the THREE things that are driving up cost of pay TV bills these days are SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS. In addition, Viacom is kinda miffed that AT&T is themselves a content provider with the addition of the Warner channels and that they were shut of the new DIRECTV Now packages. For those of you who still want Viacom, the best option I've seen is Philo, which Viacom is a party in this venture. This service is $20/month with the first week free.
  2. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    From The Shores of Lake Texoma, KTEN Chief Meteorologist David Siple announced today on his Facebook page that tomorrow, March 22, will be his last day at the Lockwood station.
  3. JCB4TV

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    In Oklahoma, Nexstar will gain a central station in Oklahoma while being the provider of NBC programming to most of the Sooner State. In the attached map of Oklahoma: Pink - Legacy Nexstar Red - KFOR Sky Blue - KJRH (Scripps) Dark Blue - KTEN - Lockwood
  4. JCB4TV

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    Good news for NBC in the Triangle!
  5. JCB4TV

    2019 MLB Season

    Fox Sports Florida's new Miami Marlins graphics! http://news.sportslogos.net/2019/02/23/photos-marlins-wear-new-2019-home-uniform-vs-cardinals-today/
  6. JCB4TV

    2019 AAF Season

    Apparently, America wanted to check out the AAF and not watch a Tier 1 NBA matchup. TV Ratings Saturday: AAF Football invades the chart, NBA falters As for the NFL Network, all they did, in their infinite wisdom, is covered the Eye with the AAL Football logo.
  7. JCB4TV

    Gray 2019

    I wonder how they decide who gets to be the guinea pig when new GUIs roll out at stations and websites.
  8. JCB4TV


    It's nice to see that Nexstar has apparently hired, apparently, someone who stayed awake in their webpage design class. As for me personally, living on Oklahoma, it will be a better pill to sallow when KFOR joins Nexstar and migrates to the new platform.
  9. JCB4TV

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Should this deal go though, PDX will only have 7 voices: Sinclair, Nexstar, Tegna, Meredith, Oregon PB, Trinity, and Ion. If the 8 test was in effect, they'd have to go with a FSW.
  10. JCB4TV

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Tribune cancel the Richmond produced news that aired on WDCW in anticipation of transitioning to WJLA, but that deal fell apart. Now, WDVM has a chance to get into the District itself.
  11. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Should the Patriots win on Sunday, KDKA should just put up a "Technical Difficulties" slide during the trophy presentation to spare Western Pennsylvania from seeing the Patriots collect their 6th trophy.
  12. JCB4TV

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    It appears that Nexstar will form duopolies in DC & PDX!
  13. JCB4TV


    I look forward to seeing KFOR's Oklahoma's News 4 flag next year!
  14. JCB4TV

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    With the government reopening... for now, we'll get more answers as the paperwork will get a chance to be uploaded to the FCC.
  15. JCB4TV

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    Do they drug test at Tegna?

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