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  1. The FCC Has Ruled in Favor of AT&T In a Bad Faith Complaint Over a Contract Dispute With Smaller Local Broadcasters Stations still in dispute from May 30th and June 10th are: Howard Stirk Holdings WWMB-CW Myrtle Beach, South Carolina WEYI-NBC Flint, Michigan Mercury Broadcasting Company, Inc. KMTW-MNT Wichita, Kansas MPS Media, LLC WNBW-NBC Gainesville, Florida WTLF-CW Tallahassee, Florida WSWB-CW Wilkes Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania WFLI-CW Chattanooga, Tennessee Tennessee Broadcasting WNAB-CW Nashville, Tennessee Roberts Media, LCC KMTR-NBC Eugene, Oregon Waitt Broadcasting, Inc. KMEG-CBS Sioux City, Iowa
  2. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    It was easier for Nexstar to let Eli go as he was essentially the new guy, for all the others, Uncle Perry would need to probably retirement packages for the long time KFOR personalities. Do we hear "retirement" announcements after sweeps?
  3. To Fox: Seahawks & Packers To Nexstar: Panthers I wonder whether this can get approval before February 2, Super Bowl Sunday, as the Seahawks & Packers are more contenders then the Panthers. This deal would leave the Panthers & Saints as the only NFC markets to not have a Fox O&O outlet.
  4. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Speaking of Abby Broyles, she apparently announced today that she'll be challenging Jim Inhofe in Oklahoma's 2020 Senate race.
  5. More specifically, the logo was introduced when the station became KFOR in 1990. You can see KFOR's logo history here.
  6. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Sadly, I'm forecasting a bloodbath at KFOR as several of their personalities, Kevin Ogle & Mike Morgan, have been there for nearly the entire KFOR era and have survived all previous owners, Palmer > NYT > Local TV > Tribune. I see Nexstar making KFOR/KAUT younger and cheaper. As for poor Eli, he took over for Lance West after the latter's forced resignation, thus, it was West's old position that was eliminated. Moreover, Scott Hines depated just before the sake was completed. Current KFOR Personalities Who've Have More then 10 Years Tenure Tara Blume - 1991 Brian Brinkley - 1990 Joleen Chaney - 2007 Galen Culver - 1991 Ali Meyer - 2000 Mike Morgan - 1993 Kent & Kevin Ogle - 1993 Other Questions: Does Nexstar keep Chopper 4? Does Nexstar allow KFOR to staff 5 Meteorologist?
  7. AT&T Inks Altitude Deal
  8. AT&T Inks Altitude Deal
  9. AT&T Inks Altitude Deal Yet, crickets from the Sinclair sidecars.
  10. KARK now has a sister station west of them on I-40 whose logo they can rip off next.
  11. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Sad news from OKC as KOCO 5 News Anchor Abigail Ogle’s house destroyed in fire.
  12. Would there be any scenario where the parties involved could declare the dispute unresolved and permanent?
  13. We missed this one, the Cowles/AT&T dispute has been resolved! That just leaves the Sinclair sidecars to be resolved.
  14. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    If KXAS & KTVT want to provide any excuses, they can say that they're Fort Worth stations and focus on the western side of the market.
  15. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    The tornado happened during the 4th quarter, the game was not in doubt, KXAS could've cut away and referred unaffected viewers to the NBC Sports, NFL, or Yahoo! apps.
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