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  1. Since this deal was announced, Raycom, WWNY, KECY, and WVIR have come and gone, among others. Should this deal not happen, my logic says that KCPM along with KXJB should go to Nexstar thus placing the KX stations back under one roof.
  2. From my understanding NBC was banished to UHF in Charlotte as a result of ABC's upgrades in the late 1970s, and in Raleigh as a result of the region's opposition to NBC's pro Civil Rights bias. NBC suffered on WRET and WPTF mostly because these stations suffered from lack of commitment and investment.
  3. I know that DISH has a new agreement with the legacy COX stations from March 2019, thus I'm leading to believe that the issue with the NWB stations either merging them into the COX agreement or making a new agreement with all the Apollo stations. I also wonder whether the prolonged NWB/AT&T dispute in 2019 resulted in a agreement that included all the Apollo stations.
  4. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Florida (29 EVs), Georgia (16), Michigan (16) can be in play this cycle as these states can very well decide the election.
  5. I believe that Disney would only rebrand FX if they plan on placing sports there just like Fox dId bank in the day when they had MLB and some College Football.
  6. JCB4TV

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    That goes back to KTSP & CBS.
  7. JCB4TV

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    Meanwhile, 200 miles to the north, KFOR (Nexstar), KOCO (Hearst), and KWTV (Griffin) have birds.
  8. I believe it would only work should Nexstar ever decide to separate KCLO from the rest of the KELOland and create a western South Dakota specific station. BTW: Gray appearantly still has their proposed purchase of KCPM in Grand Forks, ND still pending.
  9. To clarify, I was suggesting that Sinclair & NPG appear to be in most need for spectrum in Syracuse & Yuma respectively and would need their respective shells to make it happen. The FCC would just issue a new license should any application be submitted and approved. As for KYMA, the call sign change for RF13 is most likely due to the fact the URL is currently https://kyma.com/ although KECY appears to be the primary station.
  10. Fox 29 "interviews" Astros' Trash Can https://www.12up.com/posts/philly-news-station-jokingly-interviews-trash-can-in-wake-of-astros-punishment-amid-sign-stealing-scandal-video-01dyjpqzp84y/partners/40030?fbclid=IwAR06y8v1_xPU7LAzvi92bUUkws73RwXmk7OvJkRQoJiekfpJR8LuLAiXnSU
  11. If anyone needs spectrum in either Syracuse or Yuma, we may have some potential suitors: Syracuse - RF15, post repack for WNYS, to Cunningham, the Sinclair Shell, for use for CW outlet WSTQ, who's operating on WSTM 3.2. Apparently, Sinclair has a CP to build WSTQ-LD on RF14 which is no longer possible as WSYT now occupies RF14. Yuma - RF11, apparently, to VistaWest, NPG Shell, for potential use for KESE as KECY RF9 appears to be crowded with 4 HD channels, FOX, ABC, CW, Telemundo.
  12. I wonder if Gray has KNBN in their crosshairs.
  13. On second thought, Mizzou has a better change of rejoining the Big 12 then selling KOMU.
  14. One America News makes Fox News look moderate. A Trump backed OANN can simulcast Rush Limbaugh.
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