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  1. Meanwhile in Denver, Rockies games will be televised on AT&T SportsNet — for now I wonder whether Altitude will get to acquire the Rockies and Jazz.
  2. The article is paywalled, yet, Astros, Rockets negotiating to take over AT&T SportsNet Southwest.
  3. As per the CW website, it appears that the CW stations owned by CBS and Tegna are the one's not airing LIV Golf, they've posted a list of alternate stations.
  4. JCB4TV

    In Memoriam

    Tim McCarver, champion catcher turned famed MLB broadcaster, dies at 81
  5. JCB4TV


    It takes 6 months to construct a new studio in a microscopic market?
  6. We may have missed this, yet KXII appears to be on a temporary set.
  7. If Nexstar want you to pay to watch their live newscasts, they can just place the live stream behind a paywall.
  8. I wonder how much, if any, push back this will get from viewers and advertisers.
  9. Not yet. Also, DIRECTV is also in dispute with another Nexstar shell, White Knight Broadcasting. Is it just me, or do disputes with Sell Companies take longer to resolve?
  10. Pat Callaghan announces retirement after 43 years with NEWS CENTER Maine. His final newscast will be Dec. 9, 2022.
  11. NBC lost millions in ad revenue by how the 1983 LCS's were structured as WMAR aired local advertising, O&O WMAQ, at least O&O KNBC had Scully in their back pocket, and the signal of O&O WRC reaches Baltimore. In Philadelphia, viewers probably turned to Harry Kalas and stayed away from KYW. Had WGN been able to televise the 1984 NLCS, viewers would have probably tuned to Harry Caray over Don Drysdale.
  12. 1983 ALCS National: NBC Orioles: WMAR (NBC) with Orioles' Broadcasters White Sox: WFLD (Independent) superseding WMAQ 1983 NLCS National: NBC Dodgers: KTTV (Independent) superseding KNBC Phillies: WTAF (Independent) superseding KYW
  13. The SportsNet broadcasts may have been specific to the Blue Jays, I have not seen any indication that games were on Bally Sports GL, Sun, MW, or SD, SNY, ROOTNW or NBCSP.
  14. I believe that most of us on this forum can see NBC moving Nightly News to 10/9c and formatting it similar to CBC's The National.
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