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  1. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Former KFOR “In Your Corner” reporter Scott Hines is among those stranded in Peru as part of that nation’s COVID-19 induced lockdown.
  2. KFOR has apparently reverted to their Tribune L3.
  3. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Couldn't Gray, or anyone else for that matter, attempt to apply to build a brand new station on the channel 27 allocation?
  4. Should KFOR migrate to the Nexstar NBC graphics, it would match their "neighbors" KFDX, KAMR, KSNW, KSNF, KNWA, and KTAL, all use the Nexstar NBC package.
  5. Opinion The more I read about this, I strongly believe that neither the FCC or DOJ will be able to approve this potential deal even with the large number of stations that would need to be divested. At least with Cox, the most complicated market would be Jacksonville with other divestitures required in Atlanta, Charlotte, Memphis, Seattle, and Spokane
  6. Gray/Tegna Conflict Markets Huntsville - WAFF & WZDX Tucson - KOLD & KMSB Tampa - WTSP & WWSB Boise - KTVB & KNIN Quad Cities - KWQC & WQAD Louisville - WAVE & WHAS New Orleans - WVUE & WWL Bangor - WABI & WLBZ Charlotte - WBTV & WCNC Cleveland - WOIO & WKYC Toledo - WTVG & WTOL Columbia, SC - WIS & WLTX Knoxville - WVLT & WBIR Memphis - WMC & WATN Midland - KOSA & KWES Tyler, TX - KLTV/KTRE & KYTX Waco - KWTX & KCEN Let the Speculation Begin!
  7. Based on what's transpired with the Fox RSNs since Sinclair took over, I'm now surprised that they were able to renew with AT&T, which also included the local stations. I also wonder whether Sinclair will lower the asking price for the RSNs at some point or possible wait until the contract for the local stations comes up for renewal. If you want to point fingers: Fox for selling the RSNs in the first place DOJ for making Disney sell the RSNs instead of allowing them to become part of ESPN Sinclair for being completely stubborn
  8. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Tegna's News Center Maine, WCSH, was off the air briefly on Tuesday as their building on Congress Square had to be evacuated. https://www.newscentermaine.com/article/news/local/news-center-maine-building-evacuated/97-622a2f7f-e626-4df4-b3e4-59fccff31c45
  9. I'm surprised that Fox took the time to update WJZY's graphics with the sale pending. Nexstar hasn't updated either KCPQ or WITI's websites.
  10. Apparently, unlike WKYC, WCNC took the time to send an updated mug to 30 Rock as was seen on Thursday's installment of Late Night With Seth Meyers.
  11. JCB4TV

    The "3" Thread

    Apparently, fellow Tegna station WCNC took the time to send 30 Rock an updated mug as demonstrated on Thursday's installment of Late Night With Seth Myers.
  12. New website and, apparently, a new logo for WQAD. See for yourself.
  13. JCB4TV

    The "3" Thread

    This was on Seth Myers' desk last night on Late Night With Seth Myers.
  14. Apparently, DIRECTV (AT&T) has WDVM in test mode for the entire DC market. http://iamanedgecutter.com/showthread.php/825-Transponder-Maps-Data-2-12-2020/page173
  15. DIRECTV (AT&T) customers can take a sigh of relief as the satellite service will apparently place Marquee on channel 664 and not on 666. NBC Sports Chicago occupies 665. http://iamanedgecutter.com/showthread.php/825-Transponder-Maps-Data-2-12-2020/page172
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