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  1. Website updates: WANE KSNW WWLP KXMB WCMH WPRI
  2. Who knows, should Griffin cashes out KWTV and Uncle Perry trashes KFOR, KOCO and KOKH might have a shot.
  3. I believe that one point, back in the day WCAX & WPTZ each had sales offices in Montreal and used said city as one of cities in their legal ID. WCAX - Burlington, Plattsburgh, Montreal WPTZ - North Pole, Plattsburgh, Burlington, Montreal
  4. New logo for WTEN Albany!
  5. KGET's website has been updated!
  6. It appears from the image, KFSM will be getting Trubine's CBS graphics... for now.
  7. Just weeks after AT&T and Viacom entered into a peace treaty, it appears that Ma Bell and made peace with A+E Networks as the AT&T TV Promise website has reverted back to their all is well look. I am watching Live PD as I type. Meanwhile, DIRECTV is missing the channels owned by Northwest Broadcasting.
  8. I believe that in order for Nexstar to get what it wants in Indianapolis, I see the following: WTTV: Independent* WISH: CBS WNDY: CW WXIN: FOX *We all know that MNT stations are for all practical purposes Independent.
  9. Personally, I believe that WISH & WNDY need to stay together as MG placed them on the same stick following the auction as I still wonder whether CBS would have to return to WISH in order to make this work. As for the NWA, it boggles me that Nexstar would want to keep KXNW as it appears to be of little use to them.
  10. Should Sinclair be taking over the RSNs, I wonder whether this would lead to them being re-branded under the Stadium name?
  11. Possible new logo for WSMV? Look at the NBC affiliate mug on Seth Myers' desk from Monday's installment of Late Night.
  12. WCIA, soon to be WGN "Illinois General Assembly!"
  13. When the markets are closed, CNBC has little use, as such, NBC uses it for sports overflow, NHL, EPL, etc. This leads me to wonder whether FOX would ever use FBN in a similar way since FX & FXX are now with Mickey.
  14. JCB4TV

    Out & About

    Is there another school in America that owns a commercial network affiliated television station in America? I'd would also wonder whether Mizzou has contemplated selling KOMU whevever the budget scissors come a calling. Moreover, their competition in Central Missouri is Sinclair & NPG.
  15. WOW! It only took Tegna three months to change the on air look of WTOL & KWES. I wonder how long it'll take to change the websites to the Tegna layout. Whereas the stations Scripps took over in the Graycom deal not have the websites, but not the on air look. Moreover, the Boten Stations, the last group that Sinclair acquired before the Tribune fiasco have the Sinclair websites, but not the on air look.
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