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  1. When NBC Sports Philadelphia launched as CSN Philadelphia in 1997, they used the terrestrial infrastructure left behind by PRISM to distribute the channel keeping satellite companies from access. The FCC closed this loophole in 2010, but the issues remain.
  2. NBC Sports could sell its RSNs or make them available on Peacock NBC was apparently ready to put NBC Sports Philadelphia on Peacock in time for the Phillies, but had to push it back.
  3. ESPN+ already shows TSN produced NHL games as they, TSN, are the RSN holder for: Canadiens (English) on TSN2 Jets on TSN3 Maple Leafs on TSN4 (In addition to Sportsnet Ontario) Senators (English) on TSN5
  4. John Davidson, who was an analyst for games on MSG, FOX, NBC, and CBS (1998 Olympics), may now be available.
  5. This makes since as WGEM's only competitor, Sinclair's KHQA, is also applying to move from V to U.
  6. I doubt it, I believe that he may be somewhat retired after MASN took him off Orioles coverage.
  7. I wonder that with these new deals that we'll continue to see occasional games produced by TSN & Sportsnet as NBCSN has done on many occasions.
  8. The big loser in all this, the NBA, who still has four years left on their current TV deal that doesn't include any national streaming.
  9. My question would be, why would AT&T go out and drop $1,575,000,000 on a sports broadcasting package while complaining about their debt?
  10. In 2011, the SCF games on what was then Versus were available in Boston on WHDH.
  11. This would lead me to believe that Fox may be the leading candidate for the second package.
  12. MLS TV Breakdown for 2021 Local Stations (12.5 Clubs) Austin: KNVA/KBVO/KXAN (Nexstar) Chicago: WGN (Nexstar) Cincinnati: WSTR (Sinclair) Dallas: KTXA (CBS) [Spanish: KMPX] Houston: KTBU (Tegna) [Spanish: KTMD 47.2] Miami: WBFS/WFOR (CBS) [Spanish: WAMI] Nashville: WUXP (Sinclair) New England: WSBK/WBZ (CBS) Orlando: WRBW (Fox) Philadelphia: WPHL (Nexstar) Portland: KPDX (Meredith) - Shared with Root Sports Northwest Salt Lake: KMYU (Sinclair) & KSL app Seattle: KZJO (Fox) & Amazon Prime RSNs (10.5
  13. When Nexstar sold several stations to Tribune in order to get approval for Tribune, Tegna kept the Nexstar URLs for WZDX, WOI, and WATN.

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