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  1. It depends, I wonder whether Sinclair will allow Fubo to add in RSNs back.
  2. KFOR Chopper 4 crew spots, rescues missing swimmer in an Oklahoma river Nexstar should keep this bird flying.
  3. Courtesy of the Tegna website, here's what appars to be the WOI Tegna logo.
  4. It looks like Ntexstarization is underway at WREG, I see the CBS Graphics in their future.
  5. I don't believe that any of the OKC stations promote themselves as the market leader as KWTV uses its locally owned status, I wonder how much longer, while KFOR claims that they "Look out 4 You." Meanwhile, KOCO & KOKH appear to be among the blacksheep of Hearst and Sinclair respectively.
  6. It's not much, but KLAS-TV named ‘A Proud Broadcast Partner’ of the Raiders, will air the most Raiders’ games.
  7. It appears that Daily Blast Live come on at 12:30 p.m. on both stations while Dr. Phil moves to 3:00 p.m. on WLBZ in order to accomodate the new NewsCenter Maine at 4.
  8. This just leaves KECI, NBC Montana, as the last remaining Bonten station that has not fully converted to the Sinclair graphics.
  9. WTLV/WJXX & WZZM have received the Tegna 2020 layout.
  10. In addition to KGW, WCNC has also received the new design.
  11. Speaking of new website layouts with new logos, here's WTSP.
  12. I hate to burst your bubble on the WKYC logo, but...
  13. You can add KPNX, KXTV, WUSA, WXIA, and KING to the new layout.
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