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  1. Upon review of Charlotte's spectrum, WCNC will probably have to add 36.5 as there's limited bandwidth, and no presence by Scripps.
  2. I can see Twist replacing subchannel space on stations losing a Katz subnet to an Ion spectrum, or Antenna TV to a Nexstar spectrum.
  3. I believe that no team has an alternative to their current RSN and may sign as more of necessity, not by choice.
  4. From Wichita Falls: Power outage knocks KFDX off the air
  5. If it makes anyone feel better, it appears that WAOW currently has a CP to increase the main stick, RF9, from their current 63.2 kW to 100kW. Here's the projected coverage contour.
  6. With this transaction, are Gray's applications for the Eagle River and Rockford transmitters still relevant as they appear to be keeping WYOW and CBS moving to the WREX spectrum?
  7. Looking at the coverage maps, I can see that Gray uses WYOW solely as a satellite of WZAW (Fox) as WSAW (CBS) already has a repeater in the Northwoods. The WZAW coverage map accounts for WYOW.
  8. I wonder whether NBC will change their graphics package as the current look, except NFL and EPL, is six years old.
  9. Would it be easier for Gray to move the KCBD NBC feed to the KLCW spectrum they just acquired?
  10. What's going on with Cox, they need to hire a new negotiator.
  11. I wonder whether Scripps will eventually launch newscasts on the Ion station in Tampa, Las Vegas, Tulsa, Nashville, Utah, and Milwaukee.
  12. That truce could only apply to KIRO, WHIO, KYMA, KVIQ, and WXVT
  13. Here we go again: DirecTV and AT&T TV Could Lose Cox-Owned Locals Next Week Although the article lists the legacy Cox stations, it also appears that the former NWB stations could be yanked as well. As you remember, NWB was in a prolonged fight with AT&T in 2019 just before the Cox merger.
  14. Now, Sinclair can go try, in vain, to get their RSNs back on the platforms that've dropped them recently.
  15. I believe that should the G4 relaunch be on linear, in addition to digital, it'll either be the replacement for NBCSN, or a possible merger between Bravo & E!, who both show similar programming.

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