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  1. I wonder whether this will make its way to Rise & Shine on KAUT.
  2. I should've been more clear in my original post as I wondered whether Hearst converted WMTW's news to HD when they moved to Westbrook. ME.
  3. Has Hearst converted WMTW to HD?
  4. Would it just be more practical for Gray to purchase the non-license assets, NBC & CW, and move them to subchannels accordingly?
  5. That makes sense as KTRK is producing KIAH's news.
  6. Upon review, Gray apparently has two CPs in Juneau for stations on channels 15 & 26, maybe Gray will light these up for CBS in Southeast Alaska. https://www.rabbitears.info/search.php?request=owner_search&owner=Gray+Television
  7. I know that KFDX, KAMR, KTAL, KNWA, KSNF, KARK, and KSNW are just some here in the southern plains that I know use the Nexstar NBC package. This is why I see KFOR eventually getting the NBC package whenever Nexstar gets around to imposing their look in OKC.
  8. I've continued to theorized that a graphics change at KFOR, to keep up with their Nexstar neighbors.
  9. For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the NHL Restart, the Hurricanes defeated the Rangers while the Islanders defeated the Panthers in the Qualifying Round.
  10. I believe that Nexstar is in a holding pattern at this time until the WPIX issue is resolved as Nexstar would have to sell should the Mission deal fall though.
  11. Gray will now be the primary voice of reason in each of the five smallest states, by population, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming.
  12. Would it make sense for KTVA to take on the former KYES schedule, including MNT, until its final fate is decided.
  13. Sinclair had four months to rebrand the RSNs as MLB is now underway and NBA & NHL comeback next weekend. I wonder whether a rebrand is in the works or if the pandemic delayed any action on Sinclair's part. Also, Sinclair could've used the time to negotiate new deals with MPVDs who've dropped them in recent years.
  14. In addition to the new set, they got the standard Nexstar NBC graphics package, which is an upgrade from the previous package that they had since c. 2012.
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