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  1. That live update open is slick. Love how they kinda echo the ABC Times Square studio exterior.
  2. Why is that, by the way?
  3. For what it’s worth, this is actual reported news… not fanboy speculation that I believe that particular forum is for. That said, I’m sure no one on here will be able to resist adding their own ideas.
  4. Is there a site that tracks retrans disputes and how long they go on for?
  5. I think KMBC is the First Alert station in Kansas City
  6. Now if they only hadn’t fired all of their designers who would be able to help build the 3D models to make this thing worthwhile… Nah. I’m sure that weather guy is a pro designer and can really make this thing sing.
  7. Glad to see Matthew Keys out of prison… again… Several station groups have GMs who also serve as regional VPs. I don’t know that this means they are getting rid of that position altogether. Edit: He just updated his bullshit story. Scripps denied the rumors of the layoffs.
  8. Just a total guess but it’s likely they’re also upgrading CG systems at the same time, which takes time to install and test before going on air with. I think they are a mix of Vertigo and Viz and who knows what else, they could be trying to upgrade stations to the same system which makes transferring templates easier.
  9. This actually looks really nice. Kinda reminds me of the GMA look but not as cheap/sloppy. I thought they just relaunched their look but I checked The Other Site and the last redesign was May 2021… so I guess it’s been a few years.
  10. Some of the stations I have worked for have pre-empted AM newscasts on some of those holidays.
  11. Oof. Kinda looks like a temp set.
  12. Actually, it’s that logic that’s killing TV news… Anyway, here’s an article from Deadline on this: https://deadline.com/2023/06/missing-sub-news-nation-oxygen-remaining-countdown-clock-1235422766/ I think the most interesting takeaway here is that there are people out there who watch News Nation.
  13. The update is… fine. I do like the new logo. The insert graphics, particularly the lower thirds, need some work. I hate the little chip for story content, it feels like a tired old local news gimmick. It and the thin arrow make the banner appear very crowded. The best looking part of the package is probably that repeating N logo loop in the background. It’s nice they updated, but it’s nothing special.
  14. YouTube TV updated the program key art (maybe this has been posted already) with the new logo, but NBC used a fairly old photo it looks like.
  15. Obviously it has real time data - I meant “fake” in a more general sense, just questioning the design rationale behind it. It’s a lot of effort for such a little throwaway design element. I saw this on the NS write up and felt the same - would have made for a much cleaner open. There’s just too much to look at now.
  16. The insert graphics are decent. The opens have a lot going on in them, I'm not sure I need a fake ticker and time/temp, but hey - props for trying something new. It's not the best O&O package out there but certainly not the worst and I think definitely an improvement over what most of the ABC O&Os have on the air now. Odd choice though going back to a very dated-sounding (well, it is dated, it's from the 90s) music bed... clearly they didn't want to spend the $20-30k for a few new opens/bumps?
  17. This is a very naive take on the situation. The folks who were let go were incredibly talented. @Geoffrey is correct in that they’re keeping a select few, the only new hire is the vp/group design. Also - what a shitty move, not promoting from within for that role with a very qualified pool of candidates.
  18. CBS just laid off a ton of design staffers at the O&O level and announced the creation of a centralized design unit. They recently hired someone from outside CBS to be a vp/station group design. A ton of very talented local art directors, designers, and Chyron folks got kicked to the curb today with no notice. Rumor has it the creative services producers are next on the chopping block.
  19. Alternatively, what is the value of making them look different?
  20. Did CNN abandon their bespoke typeface? (They may have done this a long time ago). This just looks like Helvetica Neue.
  21. Contract issues? Money? The WNYW mets don’t want the extra work? Maybe filling in on Fox Weather isn’t as prestigious as a spot as you think it is.
  22. noggi


    This might be the worst lighting job I’ve ever seen on a new set yet.
  23. Everything you read in this thread (and a majority of what’s discussed on this site) is pure speculation. Take it all with a grain of salt.
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