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  1. That will look amazing on some big tacky 3D poorly textured random shapes with some lens flares.
  2. There's a lot to unpack here... but not really worth anyone's time. But seriously... all you have to offer is "more hours of news"? Yikes...
  3. Gonna go out on a limb and say the station with the "Minnesota's most-watched station" moniker probably has the highest HH. Those taglines usually are HH-centric, not demos. Hard to say if the HH align with the demos, but I don't think it's out of the question here. I'll ask around.
  4. ...says the guy posting on a forum mostly about the aesthetics of local news...
  5. It’s worth noting each CBS O&O has a design team and an art director and can pretty much do whatever they want with station looks (within reason) and KCNC has been copying graphics from network for years. That said, a group wide change is not going to originate from Denver so just calm yourselves. Also - if you’re interested in applying - both WBBM and WCCO have art director positions open right now…
  6. I’ll dig it up… he did a great interview on a podcast a few years ago about how he got screwed out of royalties for The Price is Right.
  7. WRC launched the new look today. Same studio, same music. Looks nice.
  8. There's plenty of other options in town for local news at 11 on a Saturday. Why do the same thing with the same stories as your competitors? Why not try something different as a lead in to a popular network comedy sketch show? Local stations used to produce all kinds of programming... comedy, music, etc... why not go back to that? Why does a local station just have to purely be a news operation? If audiences and revenue are shrinking why is it such a bad idea to try something else?
  9. Looks like his behavior finally caught up with him… and hopefully the GM learns a lesson about only hiring friends.
  10. In their defense, people don't exactly jump online to praise anything that they like.
  11. This morning they are teasing an in-studio interview with Monica Lewinsky for next week Tuesday and they have said a few times “in Studio 1A” specifically.
  12. New graphics in this promo look interesting... wonder if they will translate into the show's look. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-mornings-nate-burleson-gayle-king-tony-dokoupil/
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