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  1. Kinda makes you miss the days of control rooms warmed by the many cathode-ray tubes... and no salvation under the hot studio lights anymore, they've all gone LED!
  2. It’s not related to the WCCO track. It likely is from the newer stuff, even though it sounds like it’s from 2005...
  3. Dunn and Friend are officially fired. Announcement coming tomorrow evening. Update: My contact at CBS said there would be a statement today, but it was not termination - turns out CBS is launching another investigation and has retained counsel. An announcement went out to staff this evening. One can only wonder if this will result in action against more than just Dunn & Friend?
  4. That's the sad part... they're probably going to get a sweetheart deal to retire and just walk away from this. Meanwhile, toxic cultures like what WCBS/CBS O&Os have to offer exist throughout the industry, not just in top markets. The way the newsroom was run at my last station is what finally drove me out of the business, but I don't know that any station I ever worked for wasn't without some major personality issues or featured some sort of sociopath in charge at some level.
  5. CBS O&O management is due for a shakeup. Dunn, Friend, Brauer... all with a track record of treating people terribly.. especially women. Can’t believe they were kept in place after CBS did their so-called investigation into their management teams after Moonves got the boot. A lot of ego on that team for a roster of under performing, mediocre stations.
  6. I don’t get why he gets off on posting these when his own “stories” are riddled with bad grammar or typos.
  7. These graphics look like they’re straight from the early 2000s. Looking like Gray isn’t a good thing. Come on, guys.
  8. Meredith fired KMOV’s Art Director. Who will be supporting their look? Meredith is going to switch graphics on all stations except KMOV and support them separately from their “hub”? or is this just wild, baseless speculation...
  9. That blue and red look is a bit of an assault on the eyes... those colors don't seem to really play well together here.
  10. That looks alright. Probably the most “modern” CBS News has looked in a very, very long time.
  11. I think they just wanted larger boxes. The ones in this package were still 4:3 safe if I recall and most of these newscasts live in double boxes now. I can’t imagine anything from this current look, which was a pretty lame evolution of the previous look, will show up in their new package.
  12. The Weather Channel has had no problem covering local severe weather remotely for what... 30 years or more now? I'm sure this won't be a huge issue for whatever this is Fox ends up doing.
  13. This is inaccurate... on a few levels.
  14. How dare that commercial station commercialize a commercial during this commercial-related holiday season?! OUTRAGE.

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