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  1. Hearing it was a control room meltdown. Something was recorded for the west coast. I personally experienced the power outages in DC this afternoon but I can only imagine our friends at network have generators... edit: audio board died
  2. noggi

    Out & About

    I worked with a news anchor who battled an alcohol addiction. It's not just about someone having too much fun and getting carried away, there sometimes are much deeper issues we don't know about. My co-workers and I tried to build up a strong support network around her, but she still ended up losing her job and eventually her life due to this addiction. When we're talking about on air talent on this website, I don't think it's a lot to ask that you try to have some kind of respect for the person - as we have no idea what they were going through when they made the decisions they did.
  3. Just want to throw this out there - not to rain on anybody's parade. New graphics could be coming, but also they could have just received a new ticker CG system and this is what they came up with when they had to rebuild their crawl.
  4. It will be coming from the WUSA9 studios this weekend.
  5. This has the shortened version of the Ten O'Clock News theme about 1:40 in.
  6. It's based off the 2019/2020 CBS network graphics package. I've recycled the same pieces for some projects.
  7. Wanted to share this promo which started running last night on air and in digital spaces in the DC market https://www.facebook.com/WUSA9/posts/10159684883884778
  8. Byron Allen isn't going to run the day to day operations of a local station group. If he acquires TEGNA, the corporate management team comes with it. This may come as a complete shock and surprise to you all but local stations are about more than news music, sets and graphics... TEGNA has a large corporate staff to help their 60+ stations run their day to day broadcast, digital and sales ad ops.
  9. It was done in-house.
  10. noggi

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    That... and the Fox graphics hub isn't going to support two different looks, so it only makes sense to make the switch.
  11. Not sure if it was mentioned here, but these were designed by Drive : https://www.instagram.com/drivestudio/ | http://drivestudio.com/ They were trying to emulate video game graphics which kinda makes sense. It does have a Madden feel to it, especially that Touchdown graphic. That said, I usually love Drive's work - this one missed the mark for me.
  12. I really want to know what is wrong with a station trying something different?
  13. noggi

    Out & About

    Not sure if this is the place for it - but if you have a few hundred dollars you can own an old sign from WESH.
  14. noggi

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Right? This look kinda feels dated at launch but is miles ahead of what they had. Good for them.
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