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  1. I really want to know what is wrong with a station trying something different?
  2. noggi

    Out & About

    Not sure if this is the place for it - but if you have a few hundred dollars you can own an old sign from WESH.
  3. noggi

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Right? This look kinda feels dated at launch but is miles ahead of what they had. Good for them.
  4. The new look has officially begun its rollout today starting with WTVT, home of the Fox graphics hub.
  5. noggi

    WITI New Set?

    It definitely looks like their own take on the last Tribune Fox package... I'm not as familiar with it. Overall it's a nice update. Some rough edges to smooth out. Looks like they switched to Stephen Arnold's Beyond. It's the best WITI has looked in many years.
  6. Great episode today of Twenty Thousand Hertz where Edd Kalehoff talks about the origins of The Price is Right theme. https://www.20k.org/episodes/thepriceisright Also, if you haven't checked out this podcast yet, they have done some great episodes on the history of the NBC chimes, emergency broadcast system tone, and even news music -- featuring (former?) TVNT member Victor Vlam who runs networknewsmusic.com https://www.20k.org/episodes/sixoclocksoundtrack
  7. Have you considered the possibility any of those were handmade designs or modifications of existing typefaces?
  8. This times infinity. Thank you.
  9. They don't carry the significance they once did before social media. Some folks at my station don't have a bio mostly because they didn't get around to writing one.
  10. WJLA has launched - not sure when today, but the new look is live on the 4p show. They clearly have some bugs to sort out but the animations are a big improvement over the previous look.
  11. Thought I'd chime in so you all could save some energy to speculate on other threads: I've wanted to get my hands on Get Up DC since coming to the station in March. I had developed a logo and some boards for a redesign which were well received, we had targeted a 2019 relaunch. Plans changed and we decided in early October to target a November sweeps launch. I was already spread thin with some other major projects and Hothaus had already done some work for WFAA that was similar to what I had in mind for WUSA, so I worked with them to launch this. We worked pretty closely together on the design, they did a lot of the heavy lifting on the motion, I built some of my own elements and shot the photos for the open. This all came together very quickly, 90% of it being completed the day before launch. There's still a lot that hasn't rolled out on TV yet. I've known the team at Hothaus for over 10 years and have been trying hard to work with them since the KTVU redesign stopped dead in it's tracks the day after the Cox/Fox trade announcement in 2014 while I was Design Director there. For what it's worth, I did launch this site as a Yahoo group 17 years ago, brought in many different co-admins over the years, merged with several other media sites and forums, and gave control away entirely about 11 years ago. Nothing good has come from this side project except for some crucial connections in this business and a few very great lifelong friends I've made along the way. Anyway... back to work...
  12. No. They’re all Chyron, some being somewhat recent adapters, switching from old Avid Dekos.
  13. I tried as hard as I could to make that happen, playing with width of the W and the tilt of the stem on the 9 but just couldn't get anything that I liked. Obviously KUSA was the inspiration. I played with a few ideas involving the old square logo from the 80s/90s, but they got a little too "artsy". I'll share them here someday. This was the original color palette I was envisioning before I was award of the colors Troika had picked: A little too traditional - wouldn't work with the direction the look and content was going! Thanks for the kind words.
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