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  1. Who worked in the newsroom in TV3? When I was at ABC there was a separate World News Tonight newsroom during the Charlie Gibson days.
  2. If he loses his job, there's a pipeline to WDJT from WITI via their new GM... put money on it.
  3. I can tell you the most likely scenario - a producer somewhere felt it "needed to be special"! That is how stations go off-brand 99.9% of the time. (The other .1%, well actually considerably larger than that, is when sales sells something and doesn't let the creative team know so now we need to shoehorn a massive heating and air company logo into a 7-day forecast banner or ticker design... and you won't even be able to make it out... but hey, it's added value so... )
  4. Trust me, we know. I bet this industry would stay stuck in the early 2000's if TVNT had its way.
  5. So much exciting insider info, very impressive guys.
  6. Imagine being one of the many reporters who were offered weeklong tryouts for the spot on Get Up and getting slapped in the face like this. Really poor news leadership over there. Absolutely pathetic.
  7. You’re saying KUSA conspired to murder the protestor?
  8. Not sure why I feel the need to waste my time chiming in here, but just want to add onto the "you're wrong" group of folks in this thread. Will someone try to throw KUSA/TEGNA into some sort of litigation? Sure, probably. Will a judge immediately throw it out? Of course.
  9. Yeah, no argument that she's talented. Just disappointed in what I am hearing from friends at Meredith on how poorly they are being treated by corporate, especially the ones who are now left behind. That said, I can't really think of any station group who has a ton of respect for their creative / marketing side... I can't imagine Meredith is going to pump a ton of money into this creative hub, it feels like it's set up to fail much like any of the graphics hubs out there.
  10. https://blog.welldunnetalent.com/september-20-2020/ Here's something... Meredith fires a lot of their creative services people and chooses to bring in someone from Nexstar for a corporate role. There wasn't one creative person amongst their ranks they could have kept and bumped up the chain?
  11. Well, if Wikipedia says it...
  12. NewsNet didn't blow millions on a studio, newsroom and marketing and they pay their talent a fraction of what Nexstar does.
  13. This guy is disgusting. Most of his stories are completely made up. After running into him at a bar in Oakland a few years ago and seeing how he behaved, this all makes sense. Glad finally someone is saying something.
  14. Scott Jones also seems to have a personal vendetta against this station.
  15. Feels more like some bitter employees or malcontents than a cover up. I think a lot of pieces of this story are missing.

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