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  1. Weather Centers are dated… make the set more versatile by not locking in on such a wasted space. As for the overall design and how it looks when you see the whole thing - how often does that’s even happen anymore? Shows happen in double boxes and 2-shots and in front of giant monitor walls.
  2. WABC is currently hiring a new creative director of design https://abc7ny.com/31669/
  3. They will. I was interviewing to be WPVI's Art Director about three years ago now when ABC started on this package... was told it "was like nothing you've ever seen before". I have to imagine Covid, the departure of Wendy McMahon, and changes with the design agency probably tabled this project for awhile. It's all being managed out of Chicago - though I'm sure that's no secret now that the weather look launched. That said... this looks exactly like "everything I've ever seen before", so... I'm guessing they started over at some point and went down a very safe path with the design.
  4. Wow! This is really bad! Congrats.
  5. WETA will make PBS NewsHour live coverage available to member stations.
  6. I’m thinking back to logos I’ve done at stations, I don’t believe Fox had guidelines. I think ABC is the only station that has any sort of attempt at co-branding guidelines. I’ll be honest though, there’s really nothing stopping a station from doing whatever they want (for the most part).
  7. WCCO’s Jason DeRusha says he will leave the morning news anchor desk on June 23. He will stick around for the occasional special project. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2022/05/24/jason-derusha-announces-transition-to-new-role-at-wcco-tv/
  8. Hope Austin gave OP a buck or two for his effort...
  9. From the press release: “WISN 12 News at 4:00 p.m." has a distinct focus on breaking news and the very latest on stories and events happening in neighborhoods across Milwaukee and all of Southeastern Wisconsin.” So… what the hell are they doing in their other shows then?
  10. Yeah, because WBBM is known for its stability…
  11. Where's the impressive part? Did I miss something??
  12. A lot of stations are setup with a flash cam in the newsroom that can be punched up directly by master control in the event of breaking news but no production staff onsite.
  13. Two hours of watching someone drink gallons of Pepsi for breakfast just to find out in the last 30 seconds they died. It’s not a bad show.
  14. There were at one point standards for production that the industry was somewhat holding themselves to, but those have long since been thrown out the window. A one man band with a YouTube account, iPhone and a ring light pulls in millions more viewers than most local newscasts ever will. And good for them. Here's an unpopular opinion: local news doesn't have to be exclusively delivered to an audience via over-the-air television broadcasts. Fresno seems like a journalism desert, a great place for a digital local news startup. It would be much easier to churn out a few local stories daily for a digital presence than trying to figure out how to make 60 minutes of engaging television. There are fully-staffed newsrooms across the country that can't even pull this off. Honestly... it would probably be easier to find too. Meet your audience where they are. I don't think it's 8pm on MyNetworkTV. But if this is about rebuilding a personal brand, getting one's face out there and building a reel, or having a sandbox to play in - why not? No reason to be jealous about it.
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