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  1. This was Cinemagic back in the day, right? Decent stuff for the time and I think they were the only company to put out pricing on their website... and they were dirt cheap.
  2. Looking at the fine print, they won the demo… WRC probably was number one in households so they can still claim “most watched”. Still worthy of congrats though for JLA.
  3. When did WISN cancel their 9p show?
  4. and re-packaged for Nexstar and re-packaged again for CNN New Day Will be fun to see where this look gets recycled and sold to next.
  5. https://slate.com/culture/2021/05/last-week-tonight-john-oliver-sponsored-content-sexual-wellness-blanket.html Here's the full episode:
  6. This is not accurate. She was brought in as a freelancer at KPNX after they parted ways with their art director long after the launch.
  7. Thought you might enjoy this graphic from WPVI’s GM
  8. Here's an article yesterday from the NY Post: https://nypost.com/2021/05/06/tv-giant-tegna-faces-discrimination-accusations-ahead-of-shareholder-vote/ Nothing really all that new in there, and in light of today's news... not sure any of it matters.
  9. It's an in-house job, a mix of their own work and the templates Boston made available to them.
  10. Probably not going to be all that interesting. I know it's fun to rip on TEGNA, and they deserve it for any number of things, but seriously if you open the books on ANY broadcast company, you'll find these exact same problems. I also know we like to imagine that the mom-and-pop-owned Dispatch stations were a haven before TEGNA, but this behavior didn't happen overnight once new ownership came on board. Every single local station I ever worked for had issues like these. You can trace back a lot of those discrimination complaints, like at WTSP for example, to the Joel Cheetwood-era o
  11. Something for you NewsNation haters to read and enjoy: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2021-04-28/nexstar-unbiased-newsnation-struggling-viewers-fox-news
  12. Boston has abandoned this look. Any other CMG stations also dropping this format?
  13. WDJT marks 25 years as Milwaukee's last place news station: https://cbs58.com/news/cbs-58-news-marks-25-years-on-the-air?fbclid=IwAR1PTLD4h5zRwEU6gj0XUrau3zphvSo37rg8t1F90SGva9NTYZtnxqIWqiQ

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