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  1. Superb design, color palette, logo, not too crazy on Eric Gordon being their VO.
  2. That was EQ Vance. And I’d say the WDAZ pack was definitely more the knock-off. Very in-house-y.
  3. Here’s some KTSP one month before the call change, during the Northridge earthquake: Coincidentally, CA was struck with another quake today.
  4. Hard to believe the 1994-96 affiliation shuffles will be officially 25 years old on September 3rd. I feel incredibly old. (I say this 3 days after graduating high school)
  5. His name is Jim Morgan. NMSA still needs to identify him along with Bob Perry and Jeff Ellingson.
  6. That’s a neat KDKA open that so far only had the helicopter portion here on YT (6:54): Really it’s odd considering how KDKA was the news leader and WPXI was the ratings doormat, yet there’s more 80s ‘PXI material. Kinda similar to Indy and Cincy - their news leaders (WISH/WRTV and WKRC/WCPO) don’t have as much material as their last placers (WTHR and WLWT).
  7. Some WNYT from 1988 (!!!!) - with We Know What Matters scattered around, and a news brief anchored by a young Benita Zahn and a dark-haired Bob Kovachick. Sadly, no open.
  8. http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/jamburger-sports-promo-with-sports-anchor-tom-suiter/ Ever wanted to hear Doug Paul unleash his inner Scott Chapin? There are also plenty of WRAL promos on this site.
  9. Not trying to get @Ramona even more hyped up, but I think this theme would sound even better with Charlie Van Dyke’s booming voice (WYFF). That music actually does sound like a snippet I heard on a WYFF newscast snippet from 1987 on YT (which I can’t find).
  10. Finally, the FULL version of the WMAZ open uncovered!
  11. This WTVD break from 1984 shows a combination of the then-new italicized “11” logo (with Welch graphics and KING theme) and the non-italicized “11 Together” logo. Little did they know Cap Cities was a year shy of getting sucked up by ABC...
  12. KSL meanwhile is using News 88 a LOT earlier than I thought. Maybe they were the commissioners?
  13. That explains a lot. Maybe WWMT was GO too? Also @scrabbleship during that WNYT weekend news tease in that montage who is the sports guy in the on-set shot? He was definitely Roger Wyland’s predecessor.
  14. I noticed the WFLA GFX had similar vibes to WWMT’s 1996 pack. I believe both were VDO jobs? Take a look at the L3 similarities: They also had that “camera lens” graphic as well that I associate with the 90s.
  15. A WNYT montage from 1986 revealing more of their set from the 1980s. This was the time period when Ed Dague solo-anchored the news and the station was in its stages trying to beat ratings king WRGB.
  16. Phone call for NMSA - it’s confirmed KRDO used the WRAL 1982 Theme!
  17. If you listen closely, (I believe) KJRH used Soundtrack’s The Image Leader before they switched to WWL News: And here’s a KETV news brief that proves it used the KSNW 1985 Theme waaaayyyy past its bedtime: I suspected that. A fellow YouTuber told me that he watched KETV back then and they used the KSNW Theme from 1983 to 1988, and then switched to what is known as the KETV 1989 Theme afterward.
  18. Grrrrr.... Every “Grrrr” indicates another montage I have to update.
  19. I will also mention they have talent bumps again for the first time in around 14 years. They look hideous IMO - still shots of the anchors in front of the new set. The way I see it, Linear Drift is good at graphics but not at talent shots. I kinda WISH they used WISH’s shots:
  20. Speaking of that, I think this is the best WTEN has ever looked since the 2000 VDO look (before they got destroyed in 2005-2007).
  21. Update on the set: I premiered today. Haven’t checked anything yet, except the new logo is up on their site.
  22. I think this is the first time Morris went out of house since the time KARK debuted the VDO graphics in 2002. (Morris sold them off in 2003).
  23. Let’s ring the Discovered Composers thread.
  24. Why? So they couldn’t hear Chapin yell the last names of the anchors? Here’s a KENS intro from 1979: And a WTVR open from the same channel:
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