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  1. They’ve had those on the 4pm already.
  2. We talking in the vein of “FITZ! SANCHEZ!”
  3. Or maybe cuz their rival station had what we like to call “serial killer” opens?
  4. 37 years ago, Pittsburgh was frozen over:
  5. Wow! Exactly a year before I was born! Interesting our birthdays are so close! Im guessing they had a period dumping CVD?
  6. You like ONE FULL HOUR (and a bit over) of NewsActive3?
  7. Was not expecting the Times New Roman-esque font on the talent names and the titles at the beginning. Looks out of place for the rest of the look. But still quite the find! Heres Maurice DuBois in Sacto:
  8. A month afterwards (10/9/1995) WTKR reverted to its “News Channel 3” branding and completely shed its tabloid look, including a new set and an outdoor weather spot.
  9. WROC directors track, 1989: You may observe a certain network logo was erased from the station ID due to an affiliation shuffle in effect two months later.
  10. Some WLWT (and other Cincy stations) snippets from May 1998, featuring EQ Vance-ish L3’s:
  11. Possibly the oldest footage of an Ed Hopkins-voiced FULL open on a station (the January one got cut off): (Go to 1:00:19) By this point WNGE had phased out the GE ID in prep for their call letter and ownership change a month later.
  12. Guy Atchley! In OKC! Also some KTUL from 1979:
  13. Not classic video related, but I believe i might actually be related to Tim Lake. He grew up in Ellisburg, a rural town up north in NY by Watertown, which is where the majority of my family came from. Don’t know for sure. I do know for sure that I can add this to the Houston bandwagon: https://youtu.be/jKpmtR3EzSo
  14. Guess they thought Chapin was too obnoxious? I don’t blame them. ‘BBM made lots of bad decisions in the 90s.
  15. KWCH commercials from 1984: https://youtu.be/65D4EDAR6Xg
  16. WTVF’s last open using the Palmer pack:
  17. WLNS in 2000: https://youtu.be/n1OjMVY058k
  18. A commercial break featuring WJLA’s This is Your News promo, must’ve been the first day using this then-new package:
  19. Brand new KTBC open!!!!!! Also KHOU used that “ei8ht” logo for their morning news?
  20. WTVC’s Tennessee Valley Tour, 1998:
  21. WRGB circa May 1986: Later that year, they would upgrade their set, graphics and hire a new meteorologist (John Cessarich).
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