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  1. It’s 11:00! Al Schottlekotte News time!
  2. And here is a full history on the network:
  3. Guess who uploaded it first!
  4. The graphics are the KPTV pack, but red.
  5. Brave New World and WISH graphics? No wonder why they were last place...
  6. A full newscast from WYFF, late 90s JCBD in all its glory: The pitch is a bit lower, FYI.
  7. The car commercial in the second one before the news is voiced by Ernie Anderson! KXTV in April 1992, this look probably just had been rolled out: I can possibly assume this was the same company that did KRON’s and WOWT’s 2D graphics due to the former being in nearby San Francisco.
  8. June 21 was a day unlike any other in the ATL:
  9. Still waiting to find some WCHS during their Giant Octopus era.
  10. Some early Xmas gifts for @Samantha:
  11. A KETV weather snippet from 1985, just after Michael Scott had joined:
  12. Alan Krashesky weather???? Must have been his first gig at 7.
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