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  1. And here is the weekend KVUE news from 1989 - with Robert Hadlock!
  2. As late as November 1986, WESH had still not yet used the new NBC peacock:
  3. A KLAS report from 1992 featuring an open voiced by Jeff Ellingson.
  4. I was specifically talking about Tribune itself, the other owners was the names of the guys acquiring Tribune.
  5. Any-hoo, what Tribune/Nexstar/Tegna/Scripps station is next for a graphics change?
  6. Love the custom version of the Classical Gas open, with the football footage and all. Betcha NO ONE was watching WIIC then.
  7. Considering the changes that just happened at 13 now, I definitely want to feel nostalgic. It hasn’t helped that this is the week I’ve moved into college. Sticking with more KUTV, here’s a rather creepy promo on them going stereo in 1986:
  8. My thoughts on Steve Stone is he’s a bit TOO excited. The way he says some of talent names such as “Jerry Gretzinger” is a bit too fast. Can’t wait to hear how he says “meteorologist Reed Kisselback.”
  9. I recall at one point speculations on here that WFLA used Hello News. Possibly they were mishearing this package. The fact that we just found out this was a Gari job makes lots of sense.
  10. @Samantha This KUTV commercial break has a slide (5:56) with a clearly audible glimpse of a news theme. And in this break uploaded by the same guy is a slide for WTHR’s John Stehr (23:07) which is animated EXACTLY the same as the KSNW/KSNT open.
  11. Wow. Their implementation is actually very good. Maybe it’s the gradients, but these look a lot slicker than the other Gray graphics.
  12. Nexstar needs THIS for its stations!
  13. A KOCO presentation on the OKC bombing aftermath in 1995. The “Special Presentation” slide is voiced by then-Gannett VO Lisa Malay, since KOCO was owned by Gannett back then.
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