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  1. WTVF’s last open using the Palmer pack:
  2. WLNS in 2000: https://youtu.be/n1OjMVY058k
  3. A commercial break featuring WJLA’s This is Your News promo, must’ve been the first day using this then-new package:
  4. Brand new KTBC open!!!!!! Also KHOU used that “ei8ht” logo for their morning news?
  5. WTVC’s Tennessee Valley Tour, 1998:
  6. WRGB circa May 1986: Later that year, they would upgrade their set, graphics and hire a new meteorologist (John Cessarich).
  7. Those WTVT opens have resemblances to KETV’s 1983 graphics package: Definitely the same company. Also at the end of the first open you can see that WFTS is being broadcast on the first monitor behind Terry Casey (their “28” logo intact).
  8. Goodbye KRON Instant Classics? I hope not!
  9. Rest In Peace to an actual legend in the weather business.
  10. Not gonna speculate in this thread, but I think that’s gonna hurt both 7’s. Ansin was a god when it came to tabloid television.
  11. Wanna hear Bill Ratner get REALLY excited?
  12. “Safe. Informative. Connected.”
  13. It was owned by Scripps. Same “5” and open style as WEWS. Their own sister on the same channel (WMC) used an old-style “5”.
  14. uwtitanfan is back with two gems:
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