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  1. This screams Peters at the top of its lungs:
  2. It is June 1989 and WTSP has not switched to The Hour just yet...
  3. Some WTEN and WNYT commercials from 1991: The WNYT stuff is from the tail end of their “News 13” era - includes slides for their anchors, a news brief, and a promo for “Buy New York First” sponsored by Evergreen Bank (now TD Bank).
  4. WMC did the renovation in 1986. It was the last to get the standardized Scripps set:
  5. From the Remembering Atlanta News From the 80s Facebook page, a WSB report opening with Catch 5 as the theme: https://www.facebook.com/111168876222642/posts/513792899293569/?vh=e
  6. They used the WPXI theme! Makes sense. They’re both Channel 11.
  7. Makes sense, because both stations had the same owners a year earlier. Maybe this was commissioned for WLKY under Gannett?? Oh wait a minute..... Its possible WLKY and WBTV both we’re commissioners, or both were different firms altogether.
  8. Hey voiceover dude. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! Unless the news makes you that bored?
  9. WHEC in 1989 touting the switch to NBC:
  10. WLKY in 1984!!! Featuring their Gannett/Combined set (this was a year after they were bought by Pulitzer): Funny... Bob Vernon is the VO and this was after he left the station.
  11. I know this is a thread for sets, but.... Geez! Four weather people in the span of two years?! No wonder WKYC wasn’t going anywhere!
  12. KXLY in 1994, tail end of Making the Northwest Difference:
  13. At the beginning of this Donahue episode is a WTVG promo for the 1980 election featuring a long cut of the “13 Strong” theme that was heard on the 1981 clip uploaded to the same channel: https://youtu.be/OgCsxak5UKg
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