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  1. Early 2000s TVBD at its finest here at WYOU:
  2. WBBM in 1991 before they went tabloid:
  3. WNEM did have a knockoff for a hot moment, lasted about 2 months: https://youtu.be/Auqc0g4QcM0
  4. WNAC news, 1980: Why am I posting this? Because today marks 40 years since the April Fools prank where they reported that the Great Blue Hill ski resort was erupting.
  5. Got more Albany goodies, here is a commercial break from February 1994 from WNYT, making me assume the now-current logo design debuted much earlier than I thought:
  6. WXXA pre-the-logo-they-used-for-way-too-long:
  7. From the 518, news coverage of “Hurricane Bonnie,” featuring Neal Estano just before he ended his second tenure at WRGB, and WTEN before the beginning of their decade long run using the WJBK graphics:
  8. Maybe because KWGN and KDVR both have separate identities and imaging... for now.
  9. KWWL from 1983, featuring one of the earliest Jeff Ellingson VOs and a theme I’ve heard but I don’t know where.
  10. It isn’t. It’s the WJW package with some slight updates.
  11. Here ya go: a demo reel of 90s TVBD featuring some WAGT, WNWO and even some of their work at WBAL:
  12. From that WRGB channel, not news-related, but posting because it was a huge staple of my childhood: Also notable: This was when John Gray filled in for the late Ed Dague after he retired. THIS was the WNYT I remember. Couldn’t have subbed to that channel any quicker.
  13. KSHB in 1996, I’m gonna guess this was an early Hothaus Design?
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