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  1. Some KTUL and KOKI from ‘04: KOKI using early 2000s TVBD to its fullest.
  2. Betcha this would’ve been second gen Limerick if Raycom never got gobbled up.
  3. I know that guy. He’s a spammer who does that “Next” thing on my videos. I wouldn’t listen to him.
  4. The first WLKY “Wednesday’s Child” segment from 1980 - posted by Liz Everman herself:
  5. WAAAAAAYYYYYY too flat. Not Tegna flat but still.
  6. November 1997, KSDK promotes its new look and set, graphics by Hothaus:
  7. Looks nice. Actually the red makes it even snazzier. BUT CAN YOU PLEASE DROP AERIAL?!!!!
  8. Wow lots of Texas TV legends here. Ron Oliveira, Gloria Campos, Jeff Eliasoph.... Also how is that the WAVY News Theme? It sounds Tuesday but I don’t think I’ve heard that cut before.
  9. !!! Some WTVK from its TVBD era!!!
  10. I’m starting to think this thread is getting WAAAYYYY out of hand for that guy. I’m no moderator, but I personally feel this is spam.
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