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  1. According to his linkedin profile he left back in May. No word on why he left after only being there two years. On all his social media platforms in the comments section with fans asking his whereabouts.
  2. KGTV did a poor job on that half hour special. It seemed like it was about Kimberly Hunt special and only 1 min bit of the previous on air talents which they did poorly on.
  3. It was weird to see San Diegos indie station KUSI promote 'KUSI CW Sports' last weekend regarding the LIV golf while not fully switched over from CBS affiliate KFMB
  4. Surprised KGTV didn't make the move on Francella Perez for the weeknight evening slot for weather now that Angelica Campos is no longer at the station as of May 26
  5. I was at KFMB at the time when Tuck came from KCBS. If I remember right the new GM came from WABC and took over KCBS and revamped the whole Anchor line-up letting go Tuck and Linda Alvarez. Tuck came to KFMB and teamed up w/ Denise Yamada at 5pm and Sandra Maas at 630pm.
  6. New Set designed by Jack Morton
  7. Searching through the CBS8 website the earliest filing on-air for Anna was April 6, 2022. Lately she has been filling in alot for Marcella & Carlo.
  8. Only watched an hour and they anchor together just like how GMA does it. Seem like John & Leslie were the anchor team & Rachel was the newsreader.
  9. KFMB will be on a temporary set starting tomorrow. https://twitter.com/nedanews8/status/1574931341853937664?s=46&t=dCztM7lM5_COa7jqtA5uyQ
  10. Elizabeth Alvarez leaves the death trap over at KUSI as she crosses the street to where I'm at, at KSWB FOX5 https://twitter.com/ealvareznews/status/1570849642446983168?s=46&t=XBh33AOKbT4TePD_giUcYA
  11. Morning anchor Jim Patton leaves KGTV out in San Diego. I was hoping he was Steve Atkinsons replacement for the evening slot. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/video/jim-patton-signs-off-abc-142759568.html
  12. In San Diego, anchor Steve Atkinson has departed from KGTV ABC10 after 16 years https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/3/11/signing-off-in-socal
  13. Long time San Diego KUSI morning reporter Rod Luck passed away. I was an intern at KUSI and boy he was such a character and something else. RIP
  14. Last couple of nights I have seen Ellen and Jovana taking turns at 5PM and Colleen Sullivan at 11PM
  15. Longtime Newspaper and Magazine Columnist and KUSI anchor Tom Blair has passed.
  16. TEGNA KFMB notifies employees 2 months after finding out an on air talent was tested positive for Covid19 https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/5/22/sweeping-up-with-covid-19
  17. 4am FOX5 behind the scene has been on air since the beginning of may sweeps
  18. https://www.cbs8.com/video/news/local/former-kusi-anchor-sues-station-for-10-million/509-88ca89aa-34fe-4fb1-85a6-7ebc060d3d1c?jwsource=cl
  19. for some reason something tells me its not him its what he knows whats going to happen at a station. unless he pops at KUSI taking over for mathis or pop up at a station as an anchor like Nancarrow did.
  20. Hope she lands somewhere in the SD market.
  21. wow just logged on and seen this. and before i left the station earlier today that was the rumor going on. Also our EP said maybe she'll go to KGTV since supposedly Virginia Cha contract is almost up. but then again what do i know lol lets wait and see what happens in the next few days/weeks
  22. KUSI evening anchor Anna Laurel returned back from maternity leave about a week ago along with the debut today of KUSI NEWS at 4PM with Laurel and Sandra Maas bringing it to 3 straight hours with the duo anchoring 4-7PM. (Apologies if I put this in the wrong thread)
  23. KTLA anchor Chris Burrous found dead in a Glendale motel. Rip
  24. Here at my station on FOX word is Nichelle Medina is out. Rumor was that she was not up for 30% salary cut and maybe heading across the street to KGTV She is the third on air talent to leave this year under Tegna
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