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  1. CNBC doesn't have the rights to show Shark Tank in Canada so, for the most part we get a hybrid version of CNBC/CNBC World.
  2. I read that they also had control rooms in Ottawa and Vancouver to handle the additional newscasts. But, most feeds probably onpass to Toronto before going to those control rooms - still...they did have options (as far as I know)
  3. Also - before Tamron Hall, that studio was the former home of The Chew.
  4. I read on Variety they haven't figured out what to rename the 20th television studios as. I'm was caught off guard when I saw the 20th Century Studios on a commercial the other day. Makes me wonder where I've been!
  5. Not a fan. This seems like a step down from everything they've done since as far back as 2014.
  6. Any idea if they plan to at least have the anchors in the cities? I mean, it wouldn't be difficult to put a Televator and a PTZ in front of a monitor and fibre it back to the stations. That's what CBC and Citytv do up here (and one CTV2 station).
  7. I saw that too. I noticed that the last few weeks, the late game used the HNIC logo to open the broadcast (it's a lower third that runs usually over an establishing shot of the arena). But I think last night must've been some kind of mix-up. Maybe the truck they were using wasn't the one they usually used, couldn't accept the SN template but had the old one and they decided to go with it. I found it kinda odd that they sent Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson to cover the late game. Wonder how they decided to send the A-crew. Did they really not want to sit through Sens-Habs? Lol. One more thing I've found odd is the scheduling of the Sportsnet channels during HNIC which has been going on since the beginning of 2019. On Jan 3rd, CBC and Sportsnet Ontario/West/Pacific ran the Leafs and the Islanders, Citytv and Sportsnet East ran Pittsburgh and Montreal and Sportsnet One ran a Sens game for the early game. Don't really see a point for it TBH.
  8. Said building is previously where the original Big Brother house stood from 2000-2004. They now use Stage 18 exclusively.
  9. Haven't paid much attention to WNT in a while. I used to like the curved video wall made up of flat panels. Thought it was creative. I assume in the left hand side of the first photo, those panels and backlit elements are hiding a pillar?
  10. I seem to recall the broadcast regular admonished them for not having a 10pm news anymore and began push it's start time around while calling it the News at 10 (while some in the press referred to it as the "News at When?". Was handled well, IMO by the Beeb for relaunching their 9pm newscast one hour later.
  11. It's a common occurrence on CTV and Global stations up here. Even before the format change CityNews at 6 in Toronto would begin 30 seconds early (keeping in mind they had a full one hour 5pm newscast). The rest of the City stations start right at 6, no earlier - haven't turned to a Toronto newscast in a while to see if they take advantage of the start time or not. CBC as far as I can recall doesn't do an early start but don't quote me on that. Guess the idea is audience retention - plus the idea that if you start your show early you wouldn't feel the need to turn to a competitor.
  12. CTV Atlantic carried regular updates during primetime, several an hour. It should be noted that CTV News Channel also carried the first hour of the CTV Atlantic late-news special - which was anchored by Steve Murphy, their weeknight 6pm anchor.
  13. TSN is carrying the Packers - Raiders at Winnipeg's Investors Group Field. They're picking up the Raiders feed with Beth Mowins on the call.
  14. Been curious, in the case of the games using the current Fox Sports look or even a fairly recent NBC college look, do they "borrow" the graphics or do they just pay the network to produce the game on their behalf? Either as practice for their regular season crews or whatnot?
  15. I don't think Peladeau is going to ever come back to English Canada.
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