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  1. Sportsnet will also be producing coverage of the parade - which will be seen on Citytv. Additionally, OMNI Television will also present coverage in Cantonese and Mandarin.
  2. I think the old newsroom was much better. Even when they had those temporary walls behind them on the weekend - I just don't like this at all. Since Jeff Zucker seemingly wants to move CNN to NYC, the roof could be a little higher at the very least!
  3. Citytv ran Paradise Hotel last night. They are apparently going to air the Raptors on Wednesday (in simulcast with ABC).
  4. The Finals have been split by TSN and Sportsnet, regardless of the teams since 2016. By pure chance, every NBA Finals-clinching game for the last two years has been televised on Sportsnet (with TSN and Sportsnet using the ESPN/ABC broadcast). I presume the reason why the NBA allows TSN/Sportsnet to do their own coverage is because of their ownership of MLSE - and the Raptors being granted control of the league's national broadcast rights. Quite frankly, I'm wondering IF TSN/Sportsnet will be required to take the ESPN/ABC coverage because it's the Finals. As for simsubbing the ABC broadcast, I could see CTV doing it. Quite frankly, I was hoping that Sportsnet would've put tonight's Raptors game on Citytv (kinda like how CTV ran a Raptors Playoffs game a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon ). But, I couldn't see it...unless it was Game 7 and Sportsnet holds the rights to that particular game.
  5. There is a Studio C - but who knows what that could be used for (something similar to the news nooks at 30 Rock)? The reason why I suspect why there might be two control rooms/studios...have they kept their local news operation (MI News 26) up and running? Also - where's master control?
  6. NewscastStudio also has a few photos of Fareed Zakaria GPS. They've taken up residence in the CNN Tonight/Erin Burnett studio.
  7. Would anyone put it past CNN to recreate the New Day/Cuomo studio at Hudson Yards?
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/13/business/media/cbs-news-60-minutes-divide.html Apparently, 60 Minutes offices aren't even in the CBS Broadcast Center - but across the street in the BMW Building.
  9. Sportsnet recently hired a new president, I assume this could be him putting his stamp on the network - more of a "Sportsnet"-first look during the playoffs. I didn't mind it when they used the 'SN' logos on games that didn't air on CBC and even understood why they went to an all-HNIC brand in 2016 and beyond. I even noticed they changed the circular desk's LED board from an 'NHL' logo to a Sportsnet logo. But, I'd rather see them use the HNIC logo for the CBC games. Today, TSN simulcast their coverage of the Raptors on CTV - to their credit they brought the 90's-era NBA on CTV theme song out of retirement.
  10. Lest we forget when CNN actually did use a desk purchased from Office Max (according to Newscast Studio). https://www.newscaststudio.com/2014/04/17/own-cnns-office-max-desk-today/ But in all seriousness, that's probably the most expensive flash camera studio I've ever seen.
  11. Turns out it was 2013 (I must've stumbled upon this site in 2014). https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2013/10/26/5032768/texas-tech-oklahoma-heads-to-fox-news-fox-news-viewers-are-angry Fox was airing a World Series game on a Saturday night and there may or may not have been a rain delay - I think the local Fox affiliates in Texas/Oklahoma stayed to the end while other stations went to World Series pregame coverage.
  12. A few Camping World NASCAR truck races aired on Fox Business in 2017. And Fox News was called into duty in 2014 for a college game (that's actually how I first discovered this site - lurked til about 2016/2017).
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