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  1. The outage began around 530pm ET, with CTV Toronto and Atlantic coming back around 710pm ET - they came back with an episode of The Big Bang Theory with no commercials and the image was out of sync. Things seemed to normalize around 730pm ET. CTV Winnipeg came back with their local news. CTV Ottawa chose to keep producing the show for the benefit of the radio audience on their news talk station in the market, CFRA (who also simulcast the late news). In Montreal, Kitchener, Northern Ontario, the 6 was likely wiped out while CP24 stayed on through the 6pm ET hour instead of simulcasting CTV Toronto. CTV Comedy had no audio for part of the night upon returning. Discovery came back fine. TSN wound up airing the Pats-Chiefs game, they weren't advertised to do so and yeah, it ran without Canadian commercials for a period of time. When the other TSNs came back for Monday Night Countdown, commercials ran locally but were the image was out of sync. No SC with Jay and Dan but it looks like a regular episode of SportsCentre was produced. Their TV Everywhere was affected in various ways - either a black screen came in or, in the case of TSN (and Crave for that matter) it wouldn't even load. iHeartRadio stations also weren't streaming and TSN 1050 (the old CHUM AM) which runs out of Agincourt - with some back office and technical out of 299 Queen Street West - went silent, they did return but not sure if they had to operate out of Downtown or not. The CTV News Channel remained in black til before 8pm ET when they began simulcasting CP24 (without the screen) and did that for much of the evening - aside from a brief mention that the show was being simulcast on CTV News Channel, there were few, if any national stories. However, I'm lead to believe that CP24 produced/packaged the CTV National News with the anchor, Lisa LaFlamme anchoring from the Agincourt parking lot, not to mention it ran on CP24 at 10pm ET (when the first edition of the show is produced and sent to the Atlantic). When it began, it had no opening animation, no graphics and had some awkward throws. The throws and animations were added and fixed for the 11pm show. Likewise, the anchor for the late CTV Toronto News anchored that show from 299 Queen Street West (they changed the lights and the anchor sat in a different with the background monitors displaying the CTV News logo, albeit an old one). Edit: For those unaware, CP24, Bell Media Radio, Much, E!, CTV Sci-fi, CTV Drama, CTV Life and Crave master run out of 299 Queen Street West in Downtown Toronto (299, the former CHUM City Building, aka the house Moses Znaimer built).
  2. CNBC doesn't have the rights to show Shark Tank in Canada so, for the most part we get a hybrid version of CNBC/CNBC World.
  3. Also - before Tamron Hall, that studio was the former home of The Chew.
  4. I read on Variety they haven't figured out what to rename the 20th television studios as. I'm was caught off guard when I saw the 20th Century Studios on a commercial the other day. Makes me wonder where I've been!
  5. Not a fan. This seems like a step down from everything they've done since as far back as 2014.
  6. Any idea if they plan to at least have the anchors in the cities? I mean, it wouldn't be difficult to put a Televator and a PTZ in front of a monitor and fibre it back to the stations. That's what CBC and Citytv do up here (and one CTV2 station).
  7. I saw that too. I noticed that the last few weeks, the late game used the HNIC logo to open the broadcast (it's a lower third that runs usually over an establishing shot of the arena). But I think last night must've been some kind of mix-up. Maybe the truck they were using wasn't the one they usually used, couldn't accept the SN template but had the old one and they decided to go with it. I found it kinda odd that they sent Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson to cover the late game. Wonder how they decided to send the A-crew. Did they really not want to sit through Sens-Habs? Lol. One more thing I've found odd is the scheduling of the Sportsnet channels during HNIC which has been going on since the beginning of 2019. On Jan 3rd, CBC and Sportsnet Ontario/West/Pacific ran the Leafs and the Islanders, Citytv and Sportsnet East ran Pittsburgh and Montreal and Sportsnet One ran a Sens game for the early game. Don't really see a point for it TBH.
  8. Haven't paid much attention to WNT in a while. I used to like the curved video wall made up of flat panels. Thought it was creative. I assume in the left hand side of the first photo, those panels and backlit elements are hiding a pillar?
  9. I don't think Peladeau is going to ever come back to English Canada.
  10. I could see them literally take the green triangle 'V' from the CTV logo and use that as the logo. As for the news, you are correct. Currently, they offer a program called 'NVL'. Here's the description from their website (translated from French) "News in a dynamic newsletter that offers you a different and effective way to keep you informed about local and national news." The program itself is a 30-minute show broadcast twice a day with news read by an unseen announcer with music underneath. They seem to have some videographers - the show is produced out of house by a company called Attraction Images. At one point, the news output was produced by staff at a company called '@DN5' - they produced 5-minute inserts. They were also a company that supplied news and advertising content to out-of-home locations such as malls and other publicly-displayed screen so this is a step up. They did also do local content but that seems to be gone now. V did have a morning program previously but now it seems to be filled with 3 and a half hours of nature scenes, or as it's known "slow TV" https://noovo.ca/articles/5-raisons-dintegrer-la-slow-tv-a-votre-vie
  11. Technically, Bell Globemedia (a predecessor) held a 40% share of V's former incarnation, TQS (with Cogeco owning the majority 60%). The ownership was lost when TQS filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by Remstar. One would assume that with Bell would restore local news to the V owned-and-operated stations and re-launch an in-house national news department.
  12. There is a Studio C - but who knows what that could be used for (something similar to the news nooks at 30 Rock)? The reason why I suspect why there might be two control rooms/studios...have they kept their local news operation (MI News 26) up and running? Also - where's master control?
  13. I've seen the Helvetica box pop up on occasion - but more recently I've seen the box come back but with TSN's preferred font choice. Just for a reference, here's a quick look at what TSN's graphics have looked like since 2016:
  14. Grabbed a few screen caps of TSN's new bottom line. They kept their own font instead of using Helvetica.
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