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  1. Said building is previously where the original Big Brother house stood from 2000-2004. They now use Stage 18 exclusively.
  2. Haven't paid much attention to WNT in a while. I used to like the curved video wall made up of flat panels. Thought it was creative. I assume in the left hand side of the first photo, those panels and backlit elements are hiding a pillar?
  3. I seem to recall the broadcast regular admonished them for not having a 10pm news anymore and began push it's start time around while calling it the News at 10 (while some in the press referred to it as the "News at When?". Was handled well, IMO by the Beeb for relaunching their 9pm newscast one hour later.
  4. It's a common occurrence on CTV and Global stations up here. Even before the format change CityNews at 6 in Toronto would begin 30 seconds early (keeping in mind they had a full one hour 5pm newscast). The rest of the City stations start right at 6, no earlier - haven't turned to a Toronto newscast in a while to see if they take advantage of the start time or not. CBC as far as I can recall doesn't do an early start but don't quote me on that. Guess the idea is audience retention - plus the idea that if you start your show early you wouldn't feel the need to turn to a competitor.
  5. CTV Atlantic carried regular updates during primetime, several an hour. It should be noted that CTV News Channel also carried the first hour of the CTV Atlantic late-news special - which was anchored by Steve Murphy, their weeknight 6pm anchor.
  6. TSN is carrying the Packers - Raiders at Winnipeg's Investors Group Field. They're picking up the Raiders feed with Beth Mowins on the call.
  7. Been curious, in the case of the games using the current Fox Sports look or even a fairly recent NBC college look, do they "borrow" the graphics or do they just pay the network to produce the game on their behalf? Either as practice for their regular season crews or whatnot?
  8. I don't think Peladeau is going to ever come back to English Canada.
  9. I could see them literally take the green triangle 'V' from the CTV logo and use that as the logo. As for the news, you are correct. Currently, they offer a program called 'NVL'. Here's the description from their website (translated from French) "News in a dynamic newsletter that offers you a different and effective way to keep you informed about local and national news." The program itself is a 30-minute show broadcast twice a day with news read by an unseen announcer with music underneath. They seem to have some videographers - the show is produced out of house by a company called Attraction Images. At one point, the news output was produced by staff at a company called '@DN5' - they produced 5-minute inserts. They were also a company that supplied news and advertising content to out-of-home locations such as malls and other publicly-displayed screen so this is a step up. They did also do local content but that seems to be gone now. V did have a morning program previously but now it seems to be filled with 3 and a half hours of nature scenes, or as it's known "slow TV" https://noovo.ca/articles/5-raisons-dintegrer-la-slow-tv-a-votre-vie
  10. Technically, Bell Globemedia (a predecessor) held a 40% share of V's former incarnation, TQS (with Cogeco owning the majority 60%). The ownership was lost when TQS filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by Remstar. One would assume that with Bell would restore local news to the V owned-and-operated stations and re-launch an in-house national news department.
  11. Sportsnet will also be producing coverage of the parade - which will be seen on Citytv. Additionally, OMNI Television will also present coverage in Cantonese and Mandarin.
  12. I think the old newsroom was much better. Even when they had those temporary walls behind them on the weekend - I just don't like this at all. Since Jeff Zucker seemingly wants to move CNN to NYC, the roof could be a little higher at the very least!
  13. Citytv ran Paradise Hotel last night. They are apparently going to air the Raptors on Wednesday (in simulcast with ABC).
  14. The Finals have been split by TSN and Sportsnet, regardless of the teams since 2016. By pure chance, every NBA Finals-clinching game for the last two years has been televised on Sportsnet (with TSN and Sportsnet using the ESPN/ABC broadcast). I presume the reason why the NBA allows TSN/Sportsnet to do their own coverage is because of their ownership of MLSE - and the Raptors being granted control of the league's national broadcast rights. Quite frankly, I'm wondering IF TSN/Sportsnet will be required to take the ESPN/ABC coverage because it's the Finals. As for simsubbing the ABC broadcast, I could see CTV doing it. Quite frankly, I was hoping that Sportsnet would've put tonight's Raptors game on Citytv (kinda like how CTV ran a Raptors Playoffs game a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon ). But, I couldn't see it...unless it was Game 7 and Sportsnet holds the rights to that particular game.
  15. There is a Studio C - but who knows what that could be used for (something similar to the news nooks at 30 Rock)? The reason why I suspect why there might be two control rooms/studios...have they kept their local news operation (MI News 26) up and running? Also - where's master control?
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