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  1. Cause there to biased, that's why you'd really have journalist and staffers going to right-wing media organizations really its biased and they'll really lose there jobs. Just for the fun of it. Embarrassing the Network.
  2. You mean KTRK??? Replacing her with Lisa will be fine, I'm gonna miss her face and those chubby cheeks.
  3. They hav scooter branded "SkyFox" on air. Don't know the model but it's there own. Pix even had one the shkw it on the air a news helicopter.
  4. Nah maybe the next month or 2. WRC did it I think had ratings success during last years government shutdown.
  5. Not her, Taniya used to work here in Raleigh, I knew her the only reason for her move to Texas Houston was to follow her fiance. She had an excellent paying job that sad not even a year. Ironically at WNCN it wasn't even a year. I gonna miss watching her in Houston from Raleigh she a good salary and following. It was so stupid she left.
  6. The just re-did the website to better fit the logo. And now it's a news page
  7. Good WVUE needs it after all there hard times they need it, especially a new set.
  8. I mean KMGH newscast has a 20/20 feel or A Current Affair feel, it's slow pace for a big market like them, the morning sem a little fast pace a confusing it give me The Weather Channel vibes.
  9. Yea I have to agree with ya, KMGH newscast quality remind me of 20/20 newscast magazine or A Current Affair.
  10. Nah I think they will be put up for sale.
  11. I could imagine WPIX with these new Scripps package they were just sold off at the wrong time. I'm sure they didn't predict to be getting WPIX when this package was in development, and when they got PIX of course they were gonna buy along with the other stations that were sold off cause it's a big deal and its a big market and they're getting a station in the nation's #1 market so that get that number #1 piece of action that probably every broadcasting companies dream. (since the network owns everything in terms of stations there) is to have a presence in the #1 or #2 market, they were just a little late graphics wise.
  12. Nexstar graphics, and there a variety because of affiliation and station are 2x better than this. Nexstar graphics packages (and it varies based on station and affiliation) are 2x better than this.
  13. They look so graphic and bland. It look so laid back and textbook bland. I hate it and that theme is annoying. I know Stephen Arnold could do better it looks and sounds like Andy Zulia theme for Fox 5 News in 2002. Hopefully maybe KMGH in Denver which had a customized open keeping the look but rolling the graphics slowly.
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