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  1. It all has to do with flatness, that's all in Europe, England, Latin America they love this package its viewed as modern and revolutionary. We just have in America great 3D blocky dimensional and now with these flat graphics packages, its like we're saying to our graphics package designers "You can do better" I think the reason for these flat graphics packages is for organization in heavy-loads of information.
  2. Reminds me straight of the CBSN New York set. Except their's no people behind The CBS-eye designed Plexi glass. I will say this the Dallas TV stations always tries to be New York sometimes no originally it's stupid.
  3. Yeah but U think they focus more on CBS. Because sister KCBS-KCAL, and WCBS-WLNY and KTVT-KTXA all the sister duopoly station either don't have sets or have outdated sets or there sharing a set with there sister-in-law CBS counterpart. But the KMAX set needs to be renovated it would be good for them to share the set with them KMAX for CBSN Sacramento. Cause KOVR set is small connected to a newsroom behind the monitor, furthermore the old KOVR you wouldn't see the skyline in the background but another angle with the rotating desk had the newsroom.
  4. Yeah I had a feeling she going to News Nation she said a "National" anchor position on the "National Level" so I guess she's gonna be the founding anchors of Nexstar's News Nation!!!
  5. So she basically have to move to another state, because the Salt Lake City is the only Television market in the state. That's tough.
  6. Wow hopefully its not a lame quick open. like the last 2 graphics package.
  7. Nancy Loo is now departing WGN-TV Chicago to become West Coast Correspondent for this new "News Nation" show. She'll be based in California.
  8. Gavin

    The "3" Thread

    New graphics coming soon nice.
  9. Plus there deal a blow because of the suit the FCC has made them pay. $43 million fine for failed Sinclair-Tribune deal. Sinclair might sell some stations cause of this and the post COVID World which seems broadcasting very sleak. Advertising-wise.
  10. Well if the denying it then it kinda means they did. Especially if they removed a portion of the segment. Sounds suspicious!!!
  11. Gavin

    In Memoriam

    It was a horrible day when he passed away. No pun intended but I was like JFK or MLK dying to that station it was horrible. Serious lost WJZ it changed them forever and they still haven't gotten over it. Sad irony it that he became lead anchor after Jerry Turner death and Denise Koch did after Al Sanders died it was sad. Denise still kicking she real trooper of that generation.
  12. Dallas/Fort Worth absolutely. Like New York and Los Angeles they have a doupoly they should've been had it one of the first ones to have it.
  13. Jovanna will be his replacement... She has a nice relationship with Leslie Sykes. KVEA is number 1
  14. Wow that departure from California she was national OAN. Then the late XETV CW6 she was there till the station literally shut down the news department. She immediately bounced to FOX 5 KSWB, and now Dallas-Fort Worth, wow she was sports anchor at FOX KSWB btw.
  15. I thought Eyewitness News. Was dropped. When the original Scripps Graphics the 2013 debuted it was WKBW 7 News.
  16. Cause there to biased, that's why you'd really have journalist and staffers going to right-wing media organizations really its biased and they'll really lose there jobs. Just for the fun of it. Embarrassing the Network.
  17. You mean KTRK??? Replacing her with Lisa will be fine, I'm gonna miss her face and those chubby cheeks.
  18. They hav scooter branded "SkyFox" on air. Don't know the model but it's there own. Pix even had one the shkw it on the air a news helicopter.
  19. Nah maybe the next month or 2. WRC did it I think had ratings success during last years government shutdown.
  20. Not her, Taniya used to work here in Raleigh, I knew her the only reason for her move to Texas Houston was to follow her fiance. She had an excellent paying job that sad not even a year. Ironically at WNCN it wasn't even a year. I gonna miss watching her in Houston from Raleigh she a good salary and following. It was so stupid she left.
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