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  1. Yep, here it is!!! Here's the 4P.M. And the 5P.M.
  2. hmm interesting, b Sean!!!
  3. c'mon it's a simple violation it isn't even suspend able, nor is it terminable. could just been a good review of contract rules by the bosses. Sunbeam did something stupid already starting of on a bad foot post Ed Ansin era!!! Good thing will come when good doors closes better doors will open.
  4. Yea the same happened at WTVD in Raleigh, I though they were gonna repeat the eastern/central of World News Tonight. With the special report with David Muir possibly cashing a technical ruckus's with all affiliates across the country they didn't they also repeated a World News Tonight from another time zone where it was uninterrupted Presumably the western or mountain time end of the feed. But yes they did that to. And I noticed cause Johnathan Carl live shot was darker that how I knew they just reaired a west coast edition.
  5. Yea, I remember she anchored all-day coverage. If that till the other sister came. I tell Washington is doing some fishy shit Washington, D.C. the most blackest town in the nation, next to Atlanta!!! Which is The second blackest town. Um Yancy departure, with Allison Morris will do irreparable damage to the Washington, D.C. Market and WTTG FOX 5 D.C.. Yeah, Johansson needed that promotion badly, especially after they did him wrong at WRAL In Raleigh. He was going to embark on the lead 5 P.M. slot and 11 P.M. I think we’re the details and a big salary, but when the anchor who was supposed to be replaced by him David Crabtree wanted to push back his retirement to a few years till 2021 they did wrong. No alternative offer for an extensive salary they paid for and basically wasted money for a contract they never used it for!!!
  6. Then they need to mandate all of its stations to be on one graphics system switcher!!!
  7. Nah, it was the other way around, more CBS dropped WRAL-TV they could’ve still stayed CBS for a long time, it was Les Moonves Greed at the time on affiliation fees. To the CBS North Carolina branding yes it was reflective to WNCN the call letters represented that and yes they had an emphasis on covering news from the whole state. Did it cause confusion yes cause confusion yes because people thought it was the CBS affiliate for the whole state and other NC affiliates felt slapped in the face. And it was just a bogus, whack branding.
  8. This is probably the slowest corporate television company graphics roll out ever, It should go in the Guinness Book of World Records!!!
  9. Myrka Dellanos is temporarily anchoring Al Rojo Vivo until this Coronavirus situation is until next month!!! With Jessica Carrillo who will be on Maternity leave to give birth to her baby boy soon!!!
  10. I don’t know why they block it out anyway... There the home market that’s money on the table that how you force people to go that sounds like an action of a small market would do. That Like if the Green Bay Packers were playing in Green Bay that would be like no one in Green Bay can see it unless you come to the game while the rest of the country sees it. To help support attendance in a city that size for a big sports league that can even fit a city that size...
  11. She has her own TV Social Media podcast and she starting a little black-owned network it’s in her Instagram page. It’s a network skewed towards black folks and it’s black owned.
  12. Yeah uh, man WABC (New York), KABC (Los Angeles), WLS (Chicago) KGO (San Francisco) and for a time WTVD (Raleigh) and WPVI (Philadelphia) we’re doing it for a time, yeah there new to the game KFSN is. All the stations I mentioned were emulating this since KABC and WLS started this years ago. I think WXYZ (Detroit) when it was a ABC O&O was using there own variation of the pins. KFSN in Fresno sure are late breeders...
  13. Not good for WFXT. Fox is cutting back on its station when they have the most worthy stocks!!!
  14. hmm interesting... Wonder if WJZ will follow along if a new graphics package come. Though they had this 4 year old CBS O&O package for 2 of the 4 years wonder what they would do. But the a General Manager is young and fresh there so.
  15. Yup that’s right, not even two years with the station and she’s gonna by Felicia!!!
  16. No Entravisions stations got it just after Univision O&Os phasized it out rolled out the new look in 2019. Still Entravision still has a problem with beating down the package. And ruining it. All there stations need to invest in better graphics processors. That’s probably why the lose money and had to regionalized so many news departments and shut them down. Because of the little mistakes, the little touches (that don’t always have to be full investments) that’s causing them lose money and quality content, and low quality modes again doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul like some of there largest markets (Washington D.C., El Paso, San Diego, and McAllen). some of there newscast are still standard definition. I wonder how this graphics package is fairy for them.
  17. WNCN and Raleigh’s CBS and Nexstar’s Owned Station, Is losing another anchor Felicia Bolton is bolting Raleigh for Nexstar’s News Nation on WGN America as there social media anchor based out of Chicago. She’ll Debut when they debut September 1st !!!Bye Felicia!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CBE34alFgq8/?igshid=ts5d24262wp7
  18. Maybe this is a struggling station. It cancelled it weekend morning newscast in 2017, has poor talent and ratings the ratings are sour. They have newscast that are poor quality Former ABC 11 Sports anchor Drew Smith anchors there but it sucks poor newscast quality and set quality. They might need it to hype viewers and get ratings,
  19. I hope they get a chopper for WNCN in Raleigh. Right our helicopter is a drone. Branded "SkyEye 17"it looks believable but not I feel like Nexstsar might be shredding on news helicopters on big market stations that had helicopters post merger.
  20. They have every right to do this especially if the ad is inflammatory and spreads information.
  21. Yeah I wonder what the News department will look like the scenario that they have graphics. I’m already wondering if Scripps is doing news updates from other markets to WSFL, I know in Raleigh Sinclair did news updates for WRDC side of the WLFL/WRDC duopoly. Since WLFL has it news done of course and produced by WTVD ABC11 in Raleigh at 10 o’clock. It was produced (WRDC Update) by WYSX ABC6 Columbus. So I think that there target date of launching a newscasts on WSFL may be delayed to maybe by late this year or even next year. Probably I can see the newscast from 4:30-9 a.m and 10 P.M. to 11 P.M..
  22. Yeah I know I think I I'll be 10 next year.
  23. And they wonder why there hurting in the ratings, my station CBS Station in my hometown of Raleigh WNCN has had this problem when the anchors left it was on there own volition or new job offer in a market. This team at WGCL can't even keep a news team full on-air for 3 years Mike Dundon ( Whose used to work in my market Raleigh was great until he left, I miss him because I was too young to remember him) He's a great anchor. Jonathan Carlson (ironically, also worked in my hometown of Raleigh WNCN when it was NBC so this is before 2016, he left in 2013 for WXYZ the ABC affilate in Detroit) he's a very tough anchor and investigative reporter. I don't get it why WGCL has constant cuts it like they can't get there act together in talent. That had a nationally accalamed news anchor Thomas Roberts they let him go, they had a star Sharon Reed (who stood up to a racist on-air on s newscast for calling her the "N" word) they let her go I don't get it. I'd be surprised if Rick Falbuam and Shon Gables last 14 months. The only reporter is remember leaving on the only volition was Jaclyn Roselyn for left for Iraq with her husband and was expecting her first child. I don't get WGCL. No wonder why there CBS Weakest affilate ratings why.
  24. True in opens but the Board and FOX allowed there station to be loose with graphics as long they kept the graphics package but changed the opens and customized it. Only KRIV and KTTV throughout the whole last-Gen kept the same open from 2012-2020.
  25. No way like WLS, there more graphical and fast.
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