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  1. And he fly back in fourth from NY to Miami.
  2. The Sunday morning program "Enfoqué" doesn't air anymore. Or at least it's been on hiatus since since the moved into there new building Telemundo Center.
  3. And if Lester retires, He'll probably be replaced by Savannah Guthrie since most breaking news they co-anchor together. Tom Llamas think Cesar Conde gonna help him as a fellow "hermano" The NABJ will put a stop to that.
  4. Let's go knew this was gonna happen!!!
  5. He just ended the broadcast with his goodbye!!!
  6. Yes I agree, would be a waste of time it made since after the Capitol riots cause he was there since 1pm and so it made sense to do the prime time coverage from 8pm-11pm after showing Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune to it ABC Owned Station like my ABC Owned Station in Raleigh. And during the moment in prime time Trump was impeached the first time. But doing the Parkland Coverage, and the New York Truck Attack that could have been done by David. Cause he's nightside dude.
  7. I don’t even see why it’s George and not David who anchors breaking news coverage. I never understood not having the evening news anchor be the lead anchor for braking news. I don't either I think the breaking news roles, should be split. Because When Biden made remarks on the day state capitals certified there state electoral votes David should've done that special report. He had just did that World News at 6:30. Then cut in 7:30 he should've done the special report. With George in the mornings he has to be rushed from his place down to the uptown headquarters. I think they only did it cause they felt bad about passing over George for World News Tonight Anchor and managing editor job, so they gave him that thought I felt David would get it he did deserve and earn it. He good with breaking news, but David is too.
  8. Nah I can see Tom Llamas being maybe weekend anchor on Sundays, he respect Jose-Diaz Balart to much to replace him on Saturdays, and maybe maybe get a show on the network maybe afternoons to compete against GMA3 on ABC. That's Depends on Network programming and yes some Telemundo collaboration if he's fluent in Spanish, Like Morgan Radford is.
  9. James Goldstein just announced he's stepping down as president of ABC News. https://deadline.com/2021/01/abc-news-president-james-goldston-to-depart-1234682695/
  10. But he's been in remission for some time now right!!!
  11. Give it to Lindsey Davis, get it to her she needs it!!! That lol basically really David Muir dreams come true, with the World News Tonight Music Theme back and Peter Jennings weekend counterpart was Carol Simpson in the 1980s until 2003. When she was unfairly latinolized by the terrible Elizabeth Vargas. Carol and Peter Jennings got along together well. And I can see it with David and Lindsay they've known each other for a long time now.
  12. My station which is an ABC Owned Station in Raleigh WTVD ABC11 is called "ABC 11 Together" based of the "11 together" brand in the 70s and like KGO there being done by regular reporters.
  13. Now WLFL started there newscast in 1991, you're saying when WRAZ got the FOX affiliation in 1998 the deal Gad been already sealed? Yes that's right and they were competitive, but when Media General got them several dozens were laid off, a bunch of newscasts were cancelled, the failed 7pm news experiment, and people rating went down. Media General drove WNCN to the ground instead of strengthening it.
  14. Gavin

    In Memoriam

    Wow she broke the barrier for African Americans in that market my hearts and prayers go to her family.
  15. Well the news desk on Sinclair stations like WLFL might boost it, but I've been wishing forever for Sinclair to sell WLFL/WRDC and they want too but they damaged the value of the station with the News central thing that shut down there decent WB22 News At Ten product in 2006, and just running the overall value of the station to the ground for low production values made the station so much low value it killed the station chance to get sold, that's why they've had a hard time selling it! The only high production is my ABC Owned Station also in Raleigh producing ABC11 Eyewitness News 10pm on CW22 seven days a week through that news share agreement that cause its an O&O, which a good thing cause ABC wouldn't allow low quality production on ABC Owned Station like WTVD. Especially in a big market like the Raleigh-Durham market Number 24 DMA.
  16. BNC now on AT&T U-Verse!!!
  17. Good it about time the 2012-era set with the 2011-era set was disorganized and couldn't keep up!!! The background behind the anchors was even lined up right!!! Next KYW!!!
  18. Its a beautiful package the only thing most stations used the red and blue. Like that's not WFSB's color scheme it always been blue. But did take advantage and customized it was FOX 5 Las Vegas KVVU which customized for it red themed style like the old Graphics package.. And they used Live as a beginning stinger. Same thing with WNEW in Saginaw, They did the syndicated look but you can see they opted to customize the color scheme with the Blue & Yellow they had the prior package, WGCL Atlanta could've gone that route!!! And also added the own beginning stinger "Coverage You Can Count On". But Overall its a hit package, I just don't like how some station ART Departments didn't interpreted it for there local needs.
  19. She must been from Hawaii, as I'm seeing in comments she's young retiring in her 50s, she must have a lot of money in the . To last her the rest of her life!!!
  20. Yes... Yes it is part of there centralized graphics hub, part of a cooperate rollout!!! Though yeah they should have control over color cause KVVU is completely red, so i'm sure WFSB could revert to all blue again!!! And it makes it easier for stations to handle, making promos, and stuff without switching graphics terms. Meredith isn't alone ABC O&Os, are jumping on board its not cost-cutting its just cheaper and easier to do while making graphics promos to maintain balance and no switch up!!!
  21. I know right, screw Pat Robertson, he airs on WRAZ FOX 50 in Raleigh or he used too they now air simulcast sister-station WRALs Noon News. No one watches and want to hear his racist-gospel rants
  22. There be irreparable damage, I mean Sinclair learned the hard way and there collapsing right now, I'm kinda happy about it cause pushing agendas is something for cable. And local people kept it local, non-biased community faith, and now local news is endanger!!! Now I don't live in a Tegna market but imaging WFMY 2 News with Huckabee racist views.
  23. You know this reminds me of pastor Kenneth Copeland when he said "The media says Joe Biden is the next President a bursted out laughing" well this reminds of it but it's at people like him and his faith!!! This is never gonna happened not even Aj Ptat (A Republican himself) wouldn't allow this to happen TBN is a joke the only one I know who watches it is my grandma on my dad side (she's strictly Christian). And that would cost a huge rapture and it would be the largest mass affiliation rupture since 1995 with the FOX/New World deal. Cause no network is gonna wanna affiliate with that cause they serve the audience of America which is diverse, multicultural, and multi-religous also they be the ones to clear network programming for stuff not all religions would do not be happy with. This article is comedy cause it's never gonna happen!!! They even pre-empt the network evening newscasts, specials it just wouldn't be good for the business!!! And in Markets like Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, Portland, Washington D.C., Phoenix that just wouldn't slide there.
  24. Well, she was being quietly pushed out in the evenings with Lisa Sylvester. And demoted to noon so I guess it was a sign but if it was hers that understandable too...
  25. Nah just David Muir just wasn't in and there were several big stories tonight news that happened. Because the tease is taped a half-hour early. There was breaking news in that half-hour after Qusuuem Solemani death and the revenge attacks happened that was after there tease and just second before the show started!!!
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