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  1. WMTW Newscast are in HD since there move to there current building studio cameras and video are all HD...
  2. Both of these station wiki pages say there in HD 1080i 16:9 that the official aspect ratio for HD!!!
  3. Gavin

    Out & About

    Yea, I remember she anchored all-day coverage. If that till the other sister came. I tell Washington is doing some fishy shit Washington, D.C. the most blackest town in the nation, next to Atlanta!!! Which is The second blackest town. Um Yancy departure, with Allison Morris will do irreparable damage to the Washington, D.C. Market and WTTG FOX 5 D.C.. Yeah, Johansson needed that promotion badly, especially after they did him wrong at WRAL In Raleigh. He was going to embark on the lead 5 P.M. slot and 11 P.M. I think we’re the details and a big salary, but when the anchor who was supposed to be replaced by him David Crabtree wanted to push back his retirement to a few years till 2021 they did wrong. No alternative offer for an extensive salary they paid for and basically wasted money for a contract they never used it for!!!
  4. A Debut New Graphics Package or a refresh of its Opening title card, brings back iconic music theme.
  5. Then they need to mandate all of its stations to be on one graphics system switcher!!!
  6. Gavin

    Out & About

    Nah, it was the other way around, more CBS dropped WRAL-TV they could’ve still stayed CBS for a long time, it was Les Moonves Greed at the time on affiliation fees. To the CBS North Carolina branding yes it was reflective to WNCN the call letters represented that and yes they had an emphasis on covering news from the whole state. Did it cause confusion yes cause confusion yes because people thought it was the CBS affiliate for the whole state and other NC affiliates felt slapped in the face. And it was just a bogus, whack branding.
  7. This is probably the slowest corporate television company graphics roll out ever, It should go in the Guinness Book of World Records!!!
  8. That is a beautiful set from the looks of it. Can’t wait to see the rest of it. Won’t critique it till I see all of it. But looks good it’s like an extension of the 12th street street side set...
  9. Great man, great meteorologist, who could predict the weather for the whole year I remember that. Such a great man R.I.P Dick Goddard.
  10. I mean the set was pretty shitty, and had a lot to be desired the graphical print behind the anchors was trash, I will say it almost made the background look like a monitor, but it would’ve been obvious as a monitor. The red led lights with it made more desirable more look-alike that It was a monitor but with how stale it was and I knew it was printed graphic look square lit would’ve made it look great even better if it had been a monitor, to it but yeah. It was decent but had a lot to be desired like monitors that duration would’ve look great as a seamless monitor with the red ribbon line would’ve made it pop.
  11. Gavin

    Out & About

    Myrka Dellanos is temporarily anchoring Al Rojo Vivo until this Coronavirus situation is until next month!!! With Jessica Carrillo who will be on Maternity leave to give birth to her baby boy soon!!!
  12. Here another pick when my station WNCN CBS17 interviewed the anchor for NewsNation Rob Nelson and Joe Donlon and show an appInteresting part of the set.
  13. What station are you referring to now!!! Oh you mean WTSP CBS Tampa Bay yeah there newsroom set is whack!!!
  14. That desk leaves a lot to be desired there could be more printed graphics, it look like a basic weather desk a lot could be desired otherwise, it’s a nicely wonderful weather center, can wait to see the rest!!!
  15. He cared about the station catering, profitability building it around the view making it the way for the viewer and making the station his way with the viewers not the BIG 3 network (Especially NBC) way he struggled with that cause he didn’t go corporate or mainstream he went the way viewers taste it and made it that way profitable something untraditional with the networks I think that’s what made them jealous and reluctant to work with him. That why they wanted traditional station and they showed that in 1988 with Miami WSVN loosing it longtime NBC affiliation become briefly Ind before become FOX strongest and most establishments and charter affiliate Pickup. And then the Boston situation in 2016/2017 when It came to Boston and they lost there affiliation to NBC so they could create there own station and they became independent.it made him who he was. That’s what made him so unique... Obviously he did someone well with them cause except WSVN switch from CBS to NBC in 1995 he had both major stations on respective big 3 affiliation for 20 years so some synergies had to be good at times where WSVN Miami was FOX and WHDH was NBC it was that way for 20 years until 2016 with the Boston situation.
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