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  1. She also announced it nationally on Tuesday on World News Now. I could see her going national at some point she definitely has the credentials of doing it.
  2. How Bizzare!!! And my opinion on Entravision graphics they interpret them so wrong. They need a graphics team for there Entravision stations.
  3. He's from El Paso, WFDC's weather is framed out of El Paso. So that means El Paso has the new weather package. Also El Paso produces news for New Mexico, Midland-Odessa, Nevada.
  4. I think ABC would get it. ABC trying to be number 1 again...
  5. Thry also used WTVDs Steve Stewart one weekend for weekend evening show. He isn't ready for New York I know his children personally I went to school with them here in Raleigh!!! They flew him up there to New York I was visiting family it was a surprised since id seen him 24 before in Raleigh!!!
  6. Just updated the post to Norwood, all her accounts on Instagram are gone Instagram is private, along with her Twitter page Facebook her page is removed. Her LinkedIn is still there. They do it in a lot of markets, here in Raleigh too. For the early evening news like 4 P.M. and Noon
  7. I thought they syndicated the graphics package it to other Nexstar Fox Stations, it would've gave Nexstar FOX stations big and small a good look make feel them feel in the big leagues. I thought KTVI the first non-FOX O&O station owned by Nexstar as one of Nexstars FOX O&O would get it then Indianapolis but they all ended up adopting the Nexstar FOX graphics package. I did in-vision them getting the Nexstar FOX Graphics Package, after getting purchased didn't think it take this long. They need a new set badly I thing they only built it for good day and other newscasts couldn't suit the
  8. No I'm serious who in control!!!
  9. I hate it, who's in charge of set modifications on the show. I hope it's not George Or Robin. Like how David had control over the graphics and look of his show. I hope Robin or George aren't in charge of the Good Morning America look cause this desk sucks it looks awful and lights everywhere and it's all over the place!!!
  10. Weekend morning anchor, she started this Saturday!!!
  11. Gavin

    In Memoriam

    Her death was so unexpected and sad, I loved seeing her on TV, always serious never got to see her serious side all the time. However she was great you could see in WNBC-TV anchors them trying to hold back tears while going on with the news they wish they've could devote the whole day on it you could just tell. but of course and the other news stores gong on you could wish the world would pause but that's the way it is. Rest In Peace Kat...
  12. There be another studio he be in that in fact Lester sometimes would be in for teases or special report an monitor with a repeating loop of the NBC 4th floor newsroom. But he be in New York all the time!!!
  13. Again, now he's does but before COVID-19 he was in New York!!!
  14. No that's cause of this pandemic, he be going to New York before all this COVID Stuff happened!
  15. And he fly back in fourth from NY to Miami.

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