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  1. Yeah but this station isnt owned to neither of those companies. Its privately locally owned
  2. They can speak English, or do it in Spanish with some translation in the bottom.
  3. Where Telemundo and Univision???
  4. It kinda complicated, WTVD wins in some timeslots WRAL does too. WTVD wins Mornings, Noon, 4PM and 11PM while WRAL wins the rest, WRAL also cheats simulcasting the morning and 4pm news on WRAZ while independently produce news for then 7am-10am and 10pm. WNCN is tryna fight WTVD for second place (they've been tryna do that for a few years) but it's unlikely. WTVD takes weekend mornings at 6am, 7am, 9am. Not sure about weekend evenings I'll have to contact my acquainted who local news for our local paper the News & Observer for a complete and I'll give you it but that's all I know.
  5. T There go to hatin' each other again whenever this stops.
  6. Not just that some stations have local morning news before the national news. so it a slap in the face to viewers.
  7. Music sounds like a speed up of what WRAL in Raleigh has.
  8. KYTV doesn't have news in those time-slots.
  9. In the Raleigh-Durham market it's a unique situation, they are practicing social distancing, AT WTVD (The Market Leader and ABC O&O) with its two studios in Raleigh and Durham the Durham studios both anchors are apart on different sides of the desk or are in the "Breaking News Center" or another side of the set doing the news. For its Raleigh studios a little smaller desk but there separate on both sides, where the 3x4 monitor is shown instead in the smaller center. Weather pretty much being done out of Raleigh on all newscast. Since the Raleigh edition are the Morning, Noon, and 4 P.M., and 5:30 P.M. While Sports is being done entirely out of the Home Office of Mark Armstrong (Former WLFL sports anchor, who was laid-off by those monsters art Sinclair shuttering there news department. They used to be crosstown rivals). WRAL/WRAZ, (The NBC/Fox Duopoly) nothing new there farther apart on there oddly shaped European-style desk with there European style set. But as the anchors demonstrate there in arms length of each other the hand still touch so there far apart, and six feet even with the weird desk. Oh WRAL have its sports anchors reporting on the field now with general news. WNCN (The CBS last place station) I managed to get some info from them looks like there anchor at the another on a side of a desk on a small table usually by a monitor, they've got the smallest news desk in the market. the Sunday Night Sport overtime thing they do Sundays at 11:35 P.M, they did segment different part of there small studio while at the end of the show they were split ion both side of a big monitor wall. WUVC, (The Univision O&O and only Spanish newscast in the market compared to it's Spanish-language competitor WRTD-CD Telemundo O&O in the market) they've completely have there staff at home with an anchor in studio and the newscastr are pre-taped with it airing at 6 P.M. and repeated 11 P.M. They usually both live in those time slots. There pretaped very few times every once in a while, or may even take a day off. I have some photos later, when i update this post to see what i'm talking about.
  10. Hmm, interesting, sad to hear they shut down KSPR news department and consolidated it they were both equally competitive. Even under the same ownership.
  11. Maybe just a pushed back update. Maybe All the station will do a refresh roughjob like what NECN has, then that be a preview to perhaps a new graphics package, next year.
  12. The just re-did the website to better fit the logo. And now it's a news page
  13. Yea my ABC-Owned Station in Raleigh market has doing something like that. Except all ABC-Owned Stations are using extended tripods.
  14. She used in work Raleigh, very sad. WRAL was the station of her start, Charlie Gaddy, Bob Debartelation (with Weather) and Tom Suiter (with Sports). They were the second best team to ABC.
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