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  1. Gavin

    Out & About

    Not good for WFXT. Fox is cutting back on its station when they have the most worthy stocks!!!
  2. hmm interesting... Wonder if WJZ will follow along if a new graphics package come. Though they had this 4 year old CBS O&O package for 2 of the 4 years wonder what they would do. But the a General Manager is young and fresh there so.
  3. Well he works at FOX now with FOX O&O station KTTV also in Los Angeles. I’m surprised FOX hasn’t picked him up to be a FOX News Correspondent.
  4. It falls under a ABC News Umbrella it was under ABC Entertainment Until 2015 to get prepped up for the election. But now it’s under the ABC Umbrella.
  5. That was a very interesting article, you know ABC looks so great on the outside, but not on the inside. So it not always peach and creamy at the network. It shows that Kendis Gibson a rising anchor had to switch to MSNBC which when he left I thought was very fishy, and suspicious. I’ve seen how ABC and Kendis Gibson, had some trouble because even with Diane Macedo leaving later to do general reporting it’s show, something I’ve even after ABC paired Kenneth Moton and Janai Norman together, I was happy an all-black news team to inform me. They were even named by the announcer at the beginning of the show open, but further in Janai’s pregnancy she somehow stopped appearing and I felt suspicious of that. Yeah maybe a few days with an Indian (can’t remember her name) anchor filling in for a few days I smelt something fishy after various replacements were filing in for months at a time and now the regular daily fill-in is Mona Kasir Abdi. But anyways she wasn’t on the desk for major news events like George Floyd’s killing and Coronavirus Covid-19 (a major Emmy seeking news event for journalist at the local and national level) And I thought hmm now I knew she did the what’s POP News segment that Lara Spencer does on the weekdays (and Lara herself hasn’t been very alright herself with the Prince George and ballet Controversy), on GMA Weekend or whatever weekend segment, but she would also do World a News Now on the weekdays it just didn’t feel right. Now I know she was on maternity leave but not that long average 3 months, maybe 6 months she might be still pregnant. But I smelled something suspicious because they were even an established team for 6 months. Only had the voices announced only maybe I could count 14 days when they announce the names at the beginning of the show. That smelled fishy but even though I’m warming up to Mona Kasir Abdi. I felt weird about it why isn’t she there and I assumed is in charge of diversity and news team pairings why did she not keep them on the air to establish themselves before any medical or personal leave happen. My point something smelled fishy for once and now it coming out in a time of a white awakening, and it’s happening at ABC News and now there failing victims to behind the scenes chaos exposure. I’m excited for what comes out in the coming days on this I got my popcorn ready!!!
  6. Gavin

    Out & About

    Yup that’s right, not even two years with the station and she’s gonna by Felicia!!!
  7. No Entravisions stations got it just after Univision O&Os phasized it out rolled out the new look in 2019. Still Entravision still has a problem with beating down the package. And ruining it. All there stations need to invest in better graphics processors. That’s probably why the lose money and had to regionalized so many news departments and shut them down. Because of the little mistakes, the little touches (that don’t always have to be full investments) that’s causing them lose money and quality content, and low quality modes again doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul like some of there largest markets (Washington D.C., El Paso, San Diego, and McAllen). some of there newscast are still standard definition. I wonder how this graphics package is fairy for them.
  8. They burnt that crap down hard. High unlikely they get caught cause there were thousands there. Probably what’ll happen everyone in that area they can identify will get questioned. But it’s hard to see there face due to the bright light of that other car. I bet Scripps KSHB parents may sue the city and there get some money off it, or perhaps the City of Kansas City will settle it.
  9. Gavin

    Out & About

    WNCN and Raleigh’s CBS and Nexstar’s Owned Station, Is losing another anchor Felicia Bolton is bolting Raleigh for Nexstar’s News Nation on WGN America as there social media anchor based out of Chicago. She’ll Debut when they debut September 1st !!!Bye Felicia!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CBE34alFgq8/?igshid=ts5d24262wp7
  10. Maybe this is a struggling station. It cancelled it weekend morning newscast in 2017, has poor talent and ratings the ratings are sour. They have newscast that are poor quality Former ABC 11 Sports anchor Drew Smith anchors there but it sucks poor newscast quality and set quality. They might need it to hype viewers and get ratings,
  11. Gavin

    Phil Lipof

    Ya, I could see her getting back at WABC maybe to be there 5pm first all black-woman anchor team in New York okay. I could see Eyewitness News at 5 P.M. with Lori Stokes and Sade Baderinwa I could see that happening. However now that Bill Ritter currently doing the 5 P.M, newscast along 6 P.M. and 11 P.M. newscast. They just started following treads of other ABC Owned Stations, like WLS (In Chicago) and WTVD (In Raleigh) and KABC (in Los Angeles) and KGO (In San Fransisco) in doing all the newscasts or having all there lead chief anchors anchor all the main evening and late newscasts on weekdays. However with Bill Ritter doing the 5 P.M newscast they have no talent for Bill and Sade in fact when Diana Williams was in it they rarely showed the talent opens, just like how don’t do it or rarely for the 11 P.M.
  12. Monica Pearson got interviewed by Jorge Estevez.
  13. I hope they get a chopper for WNCN in Raleigh. Right our helicopter is a drone. Branded "SkyEye 17"it looks believable but not I feel like Nexstsar might be shredding on news helicopters on big market stations that had helicopters post merger.
  14. Gavin

    Out & About

    They have every right to do this especially if the ad is inflammatory and spreads information.
  15. But on top of that Telemundo to it. They’ve been on the rise it be sad to see there downfall like Univision.
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