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  1. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    There getting sold anyway. This is the last gift for them at least for now.
  2. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Okay... And most FOX O&O even with the ditching of box kite (now I know what it's called) still are using it reminiscently on there logos and mic flags
  3. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Finally there get rid of the box red and blue with the searchlights just about every station has done it with this new package or earlier except KMSP in Minneapolis for which somehow miraculously was able to put it in the opening title card of the new graphics. CLT never got it except for the website version of it. But yeah every station has dump it finally!!! Goodbye searchlight era red and blue box.
  4. Good WVUE needs it after all there hard times they need it, especially a new set.
  5. I mean KMGH newscast has a 20/20 feel or A Current Affair feel, it's slow pace for a big market like them, the morning sem a little fast pace a confusing it give me The Weather Channel vibes.
  6. Yea I have to agree with ya, KMGH newscast quality remind me of 20/20 newscast magazine or A Current Affair.
  7. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Why just use the clock on all newscast, just about every West Coast major market has adopted the eastern time zone form Logo with Time and Temp bug logo (typically in the middle) and at times the website (maybe in some station's social media bugs) even all the stations in the Bay do it. I think it's ridiculous.
  8. um, okay set surprised they didn't get the Tegna News Desk, um can see the bezeled monitors, um the monitor stand up could be a lot more desired, furthermore I need to see that weather center a little more, im little skeptical overall 6/10.
  9. Um didn't hear about that interesting, that a signature must-run NBC programs regardless of alll the other programs run NBC Nightly News you must air it without agreeing or not it just one of those programs where it needs to be live sired and cleared in it's timeslots it important in NBC in regards to all programing news, sports, entertainment, etc. so no wonder why it got dumped.
  10. That sounds like a Tegna like set!!! It sure looks like it with the faux brick.
  11. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    No it's not Raleigh a big sizeable market it actually two markets or next to Charlotte in the DMA Television Season. We also have Univision and Telemundo O&Os too.
  12. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Fox 35 adopted it with some Orlando flair, what really notice it's that the ticket is a lot more clearer and understandable then it was before when it would have. Sports/ National and that headlines didn't have national sports headlines it was news headlines it was a total disaster. And a lower weather ticket for weather which would be missed for sports and another topics Twitter uhhhh it was ugly here's to a fresher, cleaner, ticker.
  13. But it's Raleigh that was hit the hardest as WPTF was run to the ground there news department was shut down after terrible ratings as a result of the UHF band and then it was news briefs for lie two years before that became dumpster fire, then after 2 years NBC got frustrated. So it's affisltrd Outlaw station NBC WNCN (now the CBS affiliation for Raleigh as of 2016) and became the new affiliate causing a change but Outlet didn't see a lot of success despite increase newscast within a year Outlet ended up selling WNCN along with 3 other stations in Birmingham, Providence, Columbus, and NBC got frustrated and offered to buy it making NBC O&O and that when ratings and resources went good. It kinda a WJZY situation when there were an O&O.
  14. Nah I think they will be put up for sale.
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