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  1. No, not that I know of!!! The news broke out in the middle of local news for most stations. My station WTVD the ABC O&O in Raleigh had there own report on it. Same on other channels.
  2. On top of that there number 1 the most watched television program in the nation!!! Regardless of time slot cable or satellite!!! But obviously it cause David Muir the managing editor of the program Olán out the show blocks strategically correct, with a news intensive A-block with an exciting, news-intensive, dramatic eye-catching news block!!!
  3. Well, she was being quietly pushed out in the evenings with Lisa Sylvester. And demoted to noon so I guess it was a sign but if it was hers that understandable too...
  4. Nah just David Muir just wasn't in and there were several big stories tonight news that happened. Because the tease is taped a half-hour early. There was breaking news in that half-hour after Qusuuem Solemani death and the revenge attacks happened that was after there tease and just second before the show started!!!
  5. Sometimes I think they have a graphical mess, glad and hopefully and forcefully am glad with this standardization they're gonna take this graphics package, cause Rob Elmore has returned from KABC he ain't playing that!!! The original new graphics was made in house it was nice flat and started the trend but when they went KABC in 2018/2019 it was a little sloppy they should've just went the whole way graphic package wise!!! But there gonna have no choice but to do this and Thst the only thing I'm happy about this it's being forced upon all stations, Eve WABC in New York was too sucky and blocky
  6. And WTVDs is about 7 years old it's basic bones and the 2018/2019 update is about 2.5 years old!!! The new opening title card are a year old!!!
  7. Well all we can say is we'll see, next month if not q1 next year correct!!!
  8. Will my ABC O&O WTVD in Raleigh, among others adopt them and debit them on a certain day!!!
  9. Rumor has it WTVD in Raleigh getting a new set for its Durham facilities!!! Its main facility. After that KDFW FOX 4 Dallas will be the only O&O out of all the big 4 network O&O combined that have not gotten an new set in 12 years since they great new set boom in 2007.
  10. I don't know if there a specific page for this station but today, or yesterday cause it's 5 in the morning where I am. But anyways WWSB the ABC affiliate in Sarasota, Florida debuted a new set today. Here some pictures from ABC 7 and North Carolina native Jacqueline Matter Facebook page!!! Its long overdue for them. There old set was something out of the 90s something you'd see in a smaller market or college TV studio then they are a small market. But I mean the monitors every time they updated the old set it looked like a crappy like PowerPoint presentation of on-screen graphics and I was won
  11. Yeah, just about to post that I can confirm new set is coming!!!
  12. Cause it's produced only for ABC Owned & Operated stations like my ABC Owned & Operated Station WTVD in Raleigh.!!!
  13. They did but not all FOX affialtes carried it after there 10pm newscast at least my FOX station which news is outsourced WRAL didn't. I'm gonna ask them about it and show them I have recording of them airing special reports outside of programming prime-time to expose them!!!
  14. Wonder why Big FOX isn't just airing Bret and Martha, their both worthy of Special Reports on Big FOX I would think... I think FOX did it in Election 2000. They simulcasted on All FOX affialtes and of course 9/11 Fox Affialtes simulcasted FOX News Channel for 6 days + FOX News Sunday extended hour. Now I agree cause I remember Election Night 2016 my FOX Station WRAZ in Raleigh aired it the first two-hour on prime time but after the WRAL 10PM News, they didn't continue with it I think all FOX stations regardless, of a local news operation or not or outsourced to another
  15. Nice clean look, fresh, it’s dominance, it can comeback to the way it was kinda like how my Nexstar Station WNCN in Raleigh did it. Making the changes trying to be competitive and emerging even if they don’t change ranking ratings wise but they made noticeable gains. And have quality news product and have newscasts at times the other news stations and give the 100% regardless who watching it great they will get noticed. It worked for WNCN so far there getting competitive and doing well in the ratings, and become more noticeable, can’t wait to see that in New Orleans!!! WDSU been HD in

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