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  1. Brisette Shut there news department down, but Sinclair was horrible to WRDC sister WLFL. Yep they only had a 4:30-7am, 6, 7, 11pm newscasts. There was in 2008 weekend newscasts from the NBC O&O days but was later cancelled. The full-hour 7pm newscasts was in there favor it made them unique till they cut it to a half-hour. And weekends was 6,7, and 11 and Sunday 6pm, and 11pm. They were incomplete because media general destroyed there news department from the inside out instead of strengthening it.
  2. No not really they have done really well in this market, since I live there they just need to do better with contracts, like the other 2 dominate stations. They could also use a chopper.
  3. Searchlights already got plans for Univision, including historic plans by expanding a historic Spanish-language morning show that the longest morning show in Spanish-tv. And plans to make history as the first Spanish-language National weekend morning show. Despierta America is expanding to Sunday's in Q4. Kinda reminds me how ABC's Good Morning America, and NBC's Today entered the National weekend morning show landscape in day of the weekend. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/univision-is-expanding-despierta-america-to-sundays/474781/
  4. Wgat he was only there for a year!, WNCN need long-term contracts for it on-air people!!!
  5. Noticiero Univisión is getting a new set for its newscasts, and for its other Noticias Univision programs Univision President of News Daniel Cornell Announced on Instagram. This set had a good history first debuted in 2012, then 2013 they updated the set for Ynivision rebranded new logo, then later that year when Univision's news department moved out of Doral facilites into Newsport, they packed the set into that building 4 studio outlets. Then 2014-2015 there was a weird nearly seven month period where they took the news desk and moved it into the newsroom and started broadcasting there it give me 90s vibes almost. Then in 2015 the same day Obama opened Cuba Embassy in Washington they unveiled the new updated set, which was copy of bare bones of the old set. Now 2021 is gone and so is this this set. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMnlSNLJnLu/?igshid=1jg4zwrvmzshb
  6. Still doesn't answer my question as to why there no Saturday news, in addition to Sunday news on the weekend. There a small market as you, so I like the set for them. Ofc it isn't good but it fits there market needs just like the crappy set at sister-station WWAY. Now if it were in a top 30-market yes I hate it and really hate it but this market so small I can even tell what place it's in the ranking, just as much as most of the TV personalities are fresh out of college.
  7. Not bad for Morris, however whst this thing with only Sunday weekend newscast and no Saturday newscast I don't like that, for weekend WWAY it's ABC/CBS sister station in Wilmington, NC does the same. Why!!! Morris???
  8. Tjey could get WRAZ in Raleigh sicnce that where the Canes are at that would make another close by FOX O&Os like Tampa and Orlando.
  9. A station in my city the Raleigh-Durham Fayetteville DMA, used to that. WKFT (Now Univision Owned WUVC) when was owned by Capitol Broadcasting or maybe before used to produce an hour-long 10 P.M. focused on Fayetteville and lower counties years ago. And a noon newscast in conjunction with the now defunct All News Channel, but it got cancelled it didn't last long.
  10. All I know is Carolina Demographics Raleigh is second fastest growing metro area next to Austin, TX (Where FOX ironically owns a station at). All I know is Carolina Demographics, along with several sources say Raleigh-Cary Metro is the 2nd fastest growing in the nation, next to Austin, TX (Which FOX ironically owns a station in). And with Durham-Chapel Hill MSA most likely to get recombined with the Raleigh-Cary MSA in 2023 could mean some serious growth gains for the Raleigh metro area.
  11. I don't have have Raleigh numbers, where's you source?
  12. Well have too see Raleigh-Cary MSA probably will get recombined with the Durham-Chapel Hill MSA. Raleigh adds at least 100 residents a day. I don't know the metro numbers.
  13. It not accusations it observations, but you totally missed the point. But end of discussion.
  14. Raleigh growing faster bud, but it get it.
  15. Same thing crosstown rival the ABC Owned Station in Raleigh also owns it helicopter or Disney/ABC does.
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