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  1. Nice WNEU is the lucky ones the get to debut from the new building first lucky. In the move that NBC/Telemundo's done to new facilities it's been NBC that debuts first Telemundo a day later KNBC moved into Universal City first months later KVEA would follow suit.
  2. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Great open!!! Is wonderful I look the "Better Journalism" look on the open make them look more aggressive along with the " Just One Station" look. It very nice another thing is that really the 3d logo is under the title card name "Fox 11 News at (time) _____ " . Other stations that had the package did that, KTTV shows it before showing the newscast name, in the red/white mixed lines it's very pretty. And cool really looks 3D and the customized it really well with an LA flare to this new opening graphics card. It's really nice
  3. Good set for a small market complexed Nexstar design with local flair, and still shows Nexstar will go all the way, even know in small market and give them a modern big city look.
  4. I see another Tegna like set maybe a little tweaked but there one of the weakest station in Charlotte so...
  5. Hmm. Finally NECN won't have to share a studio with Telemundo Boston, and they won't have to when Telemundo Boston is on the air or when NBC Boston on the air simulcast there shows nice. Yea but this will be the first real set for NBC Boston cause really that refresh they got when they luanch was nothing since it had been a Telemundo/NECN (which they both would move into smaller and secondary studio) set when they were just two a sharing a studio fit with there needs. But then NBC came in and kinds killed the quaint vibe.
  6. Already no it gonna be a Meredith set, just like the ones in Phoenix and Nashville it's look like no Las Vegas taste to it much very standardized.
  7. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    My favorite is WNYW's cut of the Beyond Package I like it. I wish I could get and hear the full track of it, hopefully they keep that cut and the rest of the package when they get the new graphics at the end of February.
  8. It about time they at Fox in Indianapolis KSWB Fox in San Diego more got a change and flatter graphics package, also WXIN Fox 59 needs a new set.
  9. I have no idea maybe viewers won't see it in that shot so, maybe it excusable. Maybe they might change it to "Centro Del Tiempo".
  10. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    I really like it kept the good graphical open with a flat later L3 and OTS it's pretty good likeable better than Scripps. Just the way I saw it they keep the non-flat graphical opens and look but change over everything else. It's an incomplete package or two packages or just one with a different intro card it makes fox look unique.
  11. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    You have screenshots all I see is a sharp logo time-and-temp bug is it like FOX in New York Graphics Package.
  12. WTVD ABC 11 still uses Eyewitness News WRAL uses "Action News" back in the 70s until the mid 80s. ABC 11 has used it on and off longest stint is right now 2001-present, before that it was News Channel 11 ABC for 5 years 1996-2001 then before that News Channel 11 from 1994-1996. Then WTVD 11 News from 1983-1994 then before that was there first stint at Eyewitness News.
  13. I could imagine WPIX with these new Scripps package they were just sold off at the wrong time. I'm sure they didn't predict to be getting WPIX when this package was in development, and when they got PIX of course they were gonna buy along with the other stations that were sold off cause it's a big deal and its a big market and they're getting a station in the nation's #1 market so that get that number #1 piece of action that probably every broadcasting companies dream. (since the network owns everything in terms of stations there) is to have a presence in the #1 or #2 market, they were just a little late graphics wise.
  14. Nexstar graphics, and there a variety because of affiliation and station are 2x better than this. Nexstar graphics packages (and it varies based on station and affiliation) are 2x better than this.
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